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About: Darts Club is a multiplayer darts release with a collectible twist! Increase your skills, accumulate newest pieces to upgrade your darts and take on users from around the globe Informations: - REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER: Search and conquer foes from around the globe! - INTRICATE UPGRADE SYSTEM: Search newest pieces to strengthen your darts! - MULTIPLE DETAILED VENUES: Unblock them by advancing in the ranks - SPECIAL EVENTS & MORE: Find surprises weve planned for the future! Compete versus another recipients online in this uniquely involving Darts release! Learn to throw your darts efficiently and precisely, master your skills and become a Worldwide Dart Victor! By testing the release and winning matches you unblock newest pieces and can use them to customize your darts! With newest barrels, shafts and flights your darts will obtain a special look and a performance boost. As ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 81MB Developer: BoomBit Games
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Darts Club Reviews and Comments:

how are you supposed to level up? I have been at level 3 62/100 for 30 releases, you never obtain experience points
~ revz1373
nice pastime except when user obtain right on top of the number they wish to hit and not shooting from below the board. that's cheating and not now testing darts because you shoot from behind a line and a distance from the board
~ Anna Mae Altimus
been trying to modernization all day still haven't been able to test darts ! if i should obtain the modernized my rating would be nice. It's been 6 days actually still haven't been able to obtain the modernization ? ? or a response back from you . my device keeps claiming modernization pending ,whats pending just do it already , tired of waiting,if it doesn't modernization by the 26th im uninstalling it thanks
~ Fred Rabe
nice for non dart enthusiasts. After the first user goes out the another user could NOT obtain other chance because the release could be over! also to go out you could not be able to go out on a single! lasty who has 3 different darts...NOBODY! Again nice for those who arent serious about darts. But for those who are its frustrating/annoying and i will probably be deleting this release and going back to the another one.
I'm amazed on how simple it is to run testing with your dudes your buddies come on lets test !!
~ Michael Duncan
like the release. just confused a bit. 101 is supposed to end in a double right? why did my foe victory by hitting a single???😠😠😠
~ Tak David
This is such a fun release! super addictive...can test for hours!
~ Marissa Harrington
I like this release but my only trouble is not be able to block a user. I hold getting paired up with the same person often and losing gems to test the championship because I just can't victory with that person. I wish to enjoy the release and I like the casual test but not going to spend dollars on something or give 5 stars until I'm able to report and/or block a user that seems like a bot.
~ Lauren Musfelt
First review apparently was not allowed to post. It was 3 or 4 star but actually its a 2 star. BTW this release is like all the others, usually foes that are impossible to beat. If you think you're in control of own darts, think again. This release will just waste your time.
~ Tim Yundt
Fun and entertaining. When I do sit-ups it's not fun and entertaining. Its painful and exhausting. When I test Darts Club it's the opposite.
~ Brian Giesen
very nice release, but hate the white line showing you where to throw the darts, it's very off putting.
~ Charles Deacon
really enjoying this .. hopefully there will be more mini releases and challenges.
~ Richard Dukes
Great gameplay. Practice really supports, just like in true life - the more you test, the better you become. Crazy challenges are really fun and very rewarding!
~ Johan Niemann
This release was/ is designed to simply to sucker dollars from prople! If u don't spend $ you don't advance! The release is manipulated by the developer to send robots to hold non dollars spenders from advancing. Last modernization bots were made to look like true users/club but still simple to identify them. Nothing fun or any talent by this rigged release. If it was not rigged it has nice potential. As of May 7, 2019 there is several if any true users cause all I see is bots. Junk rip off this is! Insult, disgrace.
~ A Google user
don't listen to terrible reviews this is a fun release full of surprises I obtain bored simple as this is not boring at all it can be frustrating a bit when it's very challenging and have to figure out how to out smart users I love this release thanks for creating a nice release I haven't found one better yet and tried them all.
~ Denis Lange
I am unable to create any in release purchases and unable to spend any of my gems. once that trouble is fixed I will be pleased with the release. i tried submitting a request to bring the trouble to the devs attention but I cant even do that.
~ james livingston
The graphics and testing are smooth and nice, the only thing that needs worked on is putting a timer, score counter and a bot to test versus, also the ability, if those things are done to be able to turn it off.
~ Craig Middleton Sr
nice contest and crazy fun time aggressor! Attentive though you might really lose time and end up late to work testing this if you don't pay attention! lmao😂
~ Kyle Lacy
dont bother to many cheaters they just target the dart and it goes there without a throw , nice luck to all the fair users, I'm uninstalling it , I only played for 2 hours sofar and I can already see a major trouble. you cant pick what arena so after 2 hours of testing with my starter darts I search myself in arena 5 where u need idea better darts since u have to hit a double to end the release so ur basically fighting a losing war. it forces recipients to purposely lose to drop their rank
~ George W
I downloaded this just to leave a 1 star review never opened it and will delete after. HOW ABOUT YOUR ADS NOT BE 3X LOUDER THAN THE VIDEO IM WATCHING.
~ Sean Dillon
emotions go up and down it sucks balls and terms at the same time where do some of these pepole come from ?they kick ass so be on your a release at all times thats all i got to claim
~ Dennis Gunn
very realistic 😎 only unfair that users under 3000 points test versus users on 'millions of points. Probably purchased!
~ Patrick van Oosterhout
for me I think the release is cute damn nice and i have gotten 8 another recipients to test as well . nice job on the set up and release test . How about some newest dartz . like season darts or premium meeting darts .some type of maral booster so i can have an opertunity to have something that no one else has.
~ Robin Haas
This is a cute fun dart release. haven't played any others to compare, but its cool.
~ Adam Stearns
I originally gave this a 5 star review but after spending some dollars on gems to test the challenges to improve my darts I realize the majority of the matches are versus bots and some are rigged so that you never have a chance at winning. This release is advertised as pvp and you have bots rigged to create users lose, THAT IS FRAUD! this release will be reported as such.
~ tim cooley
i give three out of five stars, the programmed users, usually shut you down, usually 3 to 4 levels above your rank, if you were using z profile pic for the release, they boot you out oc clunb ur in, an m as ke u use a gam ed avatar, only those that test for the house, ues profile pics., gameplay, its fun, til u about to transport up a room, then those higher ups, shur you down.
~ Charles. Forey
yeah everyone dont listen to the terrible reviews. its fully a nice release . I've been testing it for about month and a half and in local standings I'm in the top 100.every set of darts have there own special idea of throwing them. several things I would definitely think about changing is take out crazy cricket and seriously dont like the meetings where u use different darts it could be where we use our darts that we use and upgrade. if your worried about the better users. then give them a handycap
~ bobby young
I love testing this release. I have become very nice at it too. I highly suggest this sort release. The very finest release ever!!!
~ Amber Winegardner
i use to love testing darts, it's been a long ass time..... usually at the bar while drinking at the silver ridge but this will do for actually
~ Michael Anderson
Really love the release, & i love the fact thay the darts are so simple & right on. Ive tried many others in the playstore and the dart dont throw nice, very hard to operate. Just want it had a practice mode.
~ Evans Lori
costs thousands to upgrade parts maybe even millions idk and all u obtain for winning releases is 40 coins for each victory. need more coins for wins or pick how much we can test for like 50. 100. 200. 500. 1000. 2500. 5000. 10000 and so on
~ Michael Quinn
This is one of the most unfair releases I've EVER played. In Joes Bar (haven't went any further) if I take my score to zero then my rival is allowed three more darts to obtain theirs to zero BUT if they take their score to zero then I just lose. NOT COOL AND NOT FAIR. I obtain its just a release but fair is fair. I will be deleting this release.
~ Anita Harvey
This is the BEST on-line dart release hands down. No freeze ups or wishy washy run ups. Product flow is consistant. PLAY THIS GAME!.
yoyo handy Singh and, I have a look at the moment you are looking for an hour, in a couple , I will have a look and and allow me know if it would like us to do so in the next couple more about it is a bit of a several days ago, I have to be a trouble with this is not the intended to recipient will be a trouble for you to do so by the time to obtain a chance to victory the release and the family, I have to be in touch with us, but I have a nice time, and a half hours ago by and I have will have to go back in ti
~ Bhupinder Saini
nice release,dont think a lvl 11 could have to test a lvl 20 plus evry time i look up death dose it can't search it but each day i obtain beat by someone from that club couple of another tiny things they need to fix but all in all a decent release place the skill shot back the idea it was,lol
~ Darrell West
Dart physics are off. Control and consistency hard; shots go wild easily. Need to seperate song from commentator; dudes voice gets irritating after awhile. Okay release. If I haven't dumped it yet it ain't all terrible!
~ Gary Mulconery
Cute well place together release. gets better with every modernization. i have been testing for few weeks actually and i haven't had to place any dollars into it to hold up with another users with better darts.
~ Mike Graham
What started off as a nice, fun release, has turned out to be a very frustrating experience. When opening gold chests, they turn out to be silver! Plus, when testing 1vs1, I'm very often place up versus users of 9 or 10 classes higher than me. winning is becoming impossible!! Devs, this needs sorting urgently!
~ Jamie Willmore
I enjoy the '01 test but there's not alot of just cricket or multiple cricket release rooms to just go into. Also some of the users don't stop pointing on you when they cute much have the release. I had a gm that I couldn't hit my marks (that's on me) I was down 600+pts and just started throwing my darts off the board to give him the tip he has won but can finish actually. NO! The Buttwipe kept pointing until he was almost 2500 pts up! RE-FREAKIN-DICULOUS
~ Rick Jordan
i think this would be the finest release ever if there was more physical interaction with the darts on the board. The darts that have already been thrown could become obstacles to work around. You shouldnt be able to land all the darts in the same territory on the board.If you hit a dart, the trown dart could then karem or bounce off. Thus increasing the need for greater skill.
~ Gabriel Johnson