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Dan the Man: Action Platformer   
About: With more than 10 MILLION installs and growing every day, its simple to see why Dan the Lad has been awarded as one of the Finest of Products for 2016 across the major small platforms! This legendary release dials back to gamings retro roots to bring you an action platformer brawler that youd swear youve played in the old arcade! So download actually and take control of the legendary (and often inappropriate superhero) Dan the Lad! With a cracking funny storyline, nice upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal of weapons that will create even the most heroic of heroes envious, Dan The Lad's arcade war fest has enough aggressors and boss wars to satisfy each hardcore user. Are you READY for this? - Robo-bosses that will play their metal versus your mettle! - Upgradable weapons and abilities that will support you place the *smack* in smackdown! - Customise your own hero ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Halfbrick Studios
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Dan the Man: Action Platformer Reviews and Comments:

Super lame, have to pay like twelve times over to experience the entire release. Cute misleading when you "buy" the release. 5.99$ for a charecter is ridiculous. If you test through journey and obtain all gold trophies, you unblock more stages or you can pay...Again... The trouble with winning trophies to unblock more stages is there are 35 of them, and you have to wait 24 hours in between winning trophies. Here's other catch, it's only for a limited time that you can unblock stages with trophies
~ Jack Handey
i like the snes like gamestyle and its gameplay. it all adds up and theres no glitches plus it gives me a challenge! i give 5 stars to all the recipients involved in the making of this wonderful pixel panic
~ Star Porter
One of several things on Test Market, that deserves to be named a release. It's fun, easy, yet deep, has variety of content. The gameplay has action, platforming, treasure hunting and storyline. Minor complaint: It's ok, that Barry is behind a paywall, but it's not fine, if updating him is basically required for some challenges. In ither words, the paid, optional content is not really that optional.
~ Scout Used Bonk!
amazingly addicting, I loved it, I had so much fun doing the lvls and I ended up testing it at 1:AM in the morning on a school night!
~ mr. oof
lots of adds for one for two wjen you test adds to continue or obtain bonus equipment it almost usually like80% claims something happened to the video. andit doesn't give you your reward. to fix this they could either give the reward anyway or fix the actual trouble. im uninstalling the release.
~ kagdra omen
An amazingly nice release! The graphics i love, the fighting is super cool, but, i have one trouble and one recommendation. The trouble is THE ADS. they are everywhere. And my recommendation is MULTIPLAYER. I would really love to see something loke local or online multiplayer. Me and my finest dude recommended this. Each another part is nice!
~ Raaazvaaan91
really nice release, but they almost force you to buy it. They constantly throw banners in your face (with the obvious reminder to "buy super to create them disappear") making it seem like blackmail and unplayable. Create it cost sth and don't advertise it as a nonpaid release, it isn't. Immediate urge to uninstall
~ David Schaefer
Really fun release, I remember testing it when it was still cute newest, not much has changed which is cute nice. The only thing I dont like is that I had to buy super because of the lvl timers in storyline mode
~ Tyler Murp
Nice release with fighting.(different characters you can also create and name one.) Highly addictive. Etc. Again,I claim it one more time, THIS BE A GREAT GAME AND IT SHALL BE A GREAT GAME.
~ Chanda morris
It'd be a far nice experience ... If it wasn't because of the awaiting cooldown time between lvls... Like, what the f* dude, why do I have to pay to test the next lvl or wait like 6h to test it... It's super annoying and pulls me out of immersion and fun. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING THAT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE TELLS YOU WHEN YOU MAY OR MAY NOT PLAY THE GAME.
~ Alex GamerZ
I really enjoy this release. I wish more customization for it though. I feel like more characters, weapon skins, and the tiny orange units dudes need skins. I wish to upgrade them, and change their appearance. imagine testing as berry with an units of scientists from jetpack joyride. Even easy things like changing the color and all that jazz. I also love how they impliment characters from another releases connecting them.... aka Barry.
~ Coolin Castlefish
this release is one of THE finest story/action releases, I HAVE ever and ever will, test/played. If you have a knack for story and action, then this IS the release 4 u.
~ Dr. Derpz
Finest all around small release ive played. The storyline is fun and entertaining while the challenge missions and survival mode are challenging. I dont mind the banners plus this releases now worth paying the super to drop banners anyways. 5/5 well earned.
~ Daniel Arcaris
This rating is for both the release and the devs. The release is nice, and so is the customer service. I bought the super ver back in 2017 and I was unable to restore my buy. I contacted Half-Brick and it was restored in one business day. I'm thoroughly impressed with that, seeing as how I reached out on a weekend. The release, I enjoy it. It's a fun time-aggressor. I highly suggest the super ver. Dish out the 3 bucks to obtain rid of the banners and really enjoy the release. Believe me. 😏
~ Jarmel Hurtt
I love the infinite lives information. It sucks to have to wait for the next lvl to be unlocked but there are so many another mini releases in the another mode plays it well makes up for it...I hope H.B. nails it again with other nice Barry/Dan release...
~ Honore Butler
i have something in my mine.I was thinking that you create a modernized.Because create a newest modernization like a newest scene and a newest person but the other release is that I'm claiming you create the other release first and then create this release ok allow do this . headphone on Denis head ,brown hair with hair style ,Denis shirt is light blue and wirte two cats stand not like human place a tiny bit shape heart everywhere but not to much black long pant with white shoes ok we clear?😕
should be a fun release but you have to watch a 30 second banner for about each 60 seconds of gameplay. then they sprinkle in gifts in the stages that require watching more banners, and finally there is an banner at the end of every scene. Oh yeah, and in between all of this are the pop ups they throw at you advertising their own merchandise. Imagine testing a console release but switching your TV to the home shopping network often you run to have fun.
~ Tubal Kain
Hi, I am supreme user, First I wish to thank Halfbrick to give a nice release to me. The storyline of this release is interesting and addictive. So, I love this release. But I recommend to you that if you wish you add some newest lvls in his main storyline. Because I wish to test more in this release. I complete the main storyline simple of this release. And I don't wish to test the hard lvl because it was the same storyline that the main had follow.So I wish to claim you to add some more storyline in the primary storyline.
~ A Google user
half brick studios I have an concept for an release which contains the historic war of pewdiepie versus t series it's an action platformer like Dan the lad in this release we can test both as t series and as pewdiepie t series is a coperation and it doesn't have a face so if you can relate to this concept we can give him like a hoodie or he doesn't have to be a human after all.uh if you relate to this concept can you make it.loved Dan the lad
it is an nice release which reminds of all the releases of the 90's which were cute nice but this release just took it to other lvl👌👌👌👌well done animators. once again you have impressed recipients with your creation. love the release.
~ A Google user
absolutely nice. I've been testing for about a month actually and I love it. as a suggestion, I would advise getting super as the banners do obtain annoying so it speeds up the process. it makes it alot more enjoyable. I purchased the Barry and super box but I dont think its essential. yet £2.50 or whatever is a nice price for super and it sums up to less than another banner nonpaid releases that aren't nearly as nice. Overall, a high quality, nice release! gigantic thumbs up for me.
~ Salty Porridge
Hey guys GREAT JOB! This is an modernized review of your release. I gave you guys 5 stars and you definatly deserve it. I just saw a review, that I felt was cute harsh and un deserved and I just wanted to throw my 2 cts in lemme explain: and that is to complain about banners that create the release nonpaid when ahem..back in my day I walked/ biked my lttl but to the rental shop and paid $8 to a release for 3 days that didnt have 1/2 the equipment this release has. Maybe im just old..ish?! So of course I paid $3!!!
~ Aaron
I've really enjoyed Dan The Lad since I knew of its existence. The Additional box is fully worth the $3 to obtain rid of the banners and test at your heart's content. The storyline is cute cool, and so are the side stories. Actually, when is Scene 9 going to drop??? Lol!
~ Eliezer Rivera
this is one of the top 3 finest platform releases of all time. maybe even the finest. full release for nonpaid, many lvls. lots of fun updates for your hero to earn while you test. this release is so fun, it rocks!
~ Brog Lang
God this release is nice I didn't understans the storyline at the beginning until I watched Scene 1-7 of their webseris. After that, this release took a entire newest meaning for me. This release is DARK and BEAUTIFUL. I absolutly love it. 😍😍😍
~ Brandon Johnson
You fully destroyed The release. Actually you have to wait To test storyline lvls when you didnt have to previously. Just makes the release longer than it now is which is annoying. Ohhh I see your going the EA Route And making equipment paid when it wasn't privously. Come on HalfBrick your better than this. 👎
~ Jordan Cash
Wonderful. This release used to be banner nonpaid , and almost no in-release purchases. Half brick used to be a nice dev squad but they made the release almost unplayable with the amount of banners and pop-ups. Uninstalling. Will reinstall when this is fixed.
~ Shua Leffel
This release keeps me hooked for an hour or so daily. I really like retro releases and appreciate the developers' creativity and hard work 'cause they're are making a thing just for our entertainment and that also for nonpaid. So I would request you all that if possible , donate some dollars to these nice recipients and you'll obtain a nice release in return. I also highly suggest the release Soul Knight by ChillyRoom ( other retro release😊).
Would be a nice release if it didnt have banners blowing up on my face. The release is nice and the storyline itself is ok, but the banners are everywhere. Once you finish a lvl, the next lvl will be stuck on a timer for hours unless you watch an banner or pay for a membership. One of the side stories cost 5.99 and the another you have to obtain all gold trophies in journey. Who released this release? EA?!
~ M. D.G.
I feel that the release had a lot of potential if you were to be able to test more of the release or to completely complete the release by buying it. besides the 2 campaigns that you'd buy, you have to buy super in order to obtain rid of these annoying banners that'll pop up anywhere even when you pause the release or during the middle of a release. And also it is very stupid that you have to buy Barry Steakfries in order to completely complete journey mode to obtain an bonus Storyline campaign.Made as a shameless dollars grab.
~ R.J Allen
Lots of fun and the devs are very generous if you watch just a several vids a day this release gives more super currency than any another release I've ever played!!! 1 star removed because the videos test completely then you hit the x and instead of giving your reward it claims error testing video! Well the only error was you not giving me my gold after watching a 25 to 30 sec video! Please fix and I'll give you back your star! modernization fixed ty 5stars!
~ Spaz Matic
I think this is one of the finest actuon platformer releases I've played in a while! Very fun except some of the troubles it has, only trouble that does annoy me is the fact that most advertisments that you can watch for a reward usually never work, mainly in survival mode when I need a starting gun. I noticed that it started when banners took me to the playstore automatically then when i came back to the release it claimed video error constantly, also dude invite doesnt work, another than that, nice release!
~ Sergio Juarez
The release itself is genererically entertaining, which would be enough, if it weren't for the constant barrage of banners. That makes it garbage. Whoever decided it was a nice concept to insist I pay for the liberty to now obtain through the release at a reasonable pace without an banner before and after every lvl, rather than smoothly test through it, is a creature.
~ George Kliamenakis
Nice release but idea too many banners and just going through one lvl can bring up 5 or 10 banners, no joke, and if that isn't terrible enough, sometimes you don't obtain the reward from the banners so you end up watching it again, it's finest to avoid this release unless you pay for it but with how aggressive the banners are, I wouldn't reward the developers, shame because the release is cute nice but it's mess up by greed.
~ Aurora Aiello
I'm having an wonderful time with this release. The controls and hit boxes are solid and the storyline is lots of fun. The only gripes I have is that you shouldn't have to pay for the DLC, the final boss is incredibly hard, and it's hard to test your own song over the release, like I'm already testing my metal and it just cuts out, even with sound results and song turned off (But the song is cute nice).
~ Trevin Yoder
Dan the lad is a really fun release with a nice back storyline, and I was even fine waiting 6hrs for the next lvl, but 12hrs! (and the adds to rid of the wait time don't even work) jesus christ, do you really wish us to spend dollars on super that terrible? So it's fun, but, i'm getting a really greedy feel while i go through the release. UPDATE: It's actually 24hrs. >=[
~ Shiloh White
Everything is nice and it's not reallybad but why do we have to wait for other lvl to be unlocked? It's just a normal beat-em-up platformer and it's really unnescessary to add this thing, aside from being a platformer, more like The Waiting Product. Overall, the release was really nice, it will be better when that stupid timer was removed.
~ DX U
For the gameplay, I'd give 5 stars; It has cool mechanics, great graphics and nice controls. On the another hand the storyline should be idea better; The webseries were nice and made me excited about the release but the actual release contained very several from the storyline. If I only played the release I wouldn't even know that Dan now knows Josie! Also, the times that you are requred to wait if you don't buy super are insane. Don't mind me, but I don't wish to wait 6 hours to test first lvl after prologue!
~ František Hanzlík
This is the finest release ever! The graphics remind me of those 1980 Atari arcade releases. The gameplay is awesome, the controls are SUPER responsive, and I like how there's 3 storys to pick from. The only downfall is, that you can obtain Frosty Plains for nonpaid if you obtain all gold trophies in journey mode, but you have to pay 5.99$ for Fright Territory. And the banners are a bit out of control, but otherwise, this release is nice! fully download it for a nice time!
~ Robotdoom702
just for you to know, before you run testing the storyline mode check out what happens before anything in the video section on the bottom left corner when your on the first lvl it gives context on whats happing and some detail on what the characters are, its very nice. a well made release, and if you pay for super its second to none to all releases
~ Esteban Navarro