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Cube Zombie Hunter   
About: A dark castle with full of zombies! It is a shooting release to conquer zombies coming from each direction as a 3rd person. You will be able to enjoy thrilling action release through different weapons and upgrade. Don't worry if you are isolated by zombies, you can escape the danger zone by using lethal transport. Blog : ?id=4864673505117639552 Fb : YouTube :
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: mobirix
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Cube Zombie Hunter Reviews and Comments:

nice for passing time reasonable on prices for weapons if your interested in earning the dollars nice release all in all
~ otaku lover
my all frustration is gon test this release so nice thanx.
~ A Google user
Pictures doesn't look what it looks like in the true release really terrible terrible
~ Red Blade
Idea cool lego-Roblox meets the walking dead!love it!
~ Martin Montgomery
~ Eboni Crawford-Camacho
I like this release but this weapons reload is fake please modernization this release and weapon not reloaded
~ A Google user
The coolest zombie killing release I've ever played on my device
~ A Google user
Reminds me of an old release named Boxhead.. would be great to swap inventory
~ Bryant Grant
the shield and all the helpers could when buyed it can be used for each time .
~ genaro morfin
I will miss the old Cube Zombie Fight but I hope you can improve the newest Cube Zombie Hunter Product
~ Gear Machine - 52
It' a very fun release just takes awhile to obtain used to the handles
~ A Google user
I have been a fan of the release a while! ! I am loving the modernization and newest feel ..
~ Kemoe Thizzle
its a nice release...can you guys fix the m16 what i mean is the but of the gun cleps throw our arm
~ A Google user
I love how they got great graphics and Claims you were zombies are that's my favored release
~ A Google user
Not a nice release at all the controls are garbage and the sound results are just rubbish
~ Craig Kelly
The controls are terrible. Can't shoot and all I can manage to do is transport in circles.
This release is nice and i wish to see the thing that coming quick please create a modernization about it please.
~ Kirnan Underwood
Horrible controls, the first lvl has 80 zombies, and no guide this is the worst release I have downloaded.
~ ziamir cat
I like this release because I like killing zombies and I like have the attack dog with me
~ A Google user
IT's a nice zombie release but the maps need to be bigger and have more equipment in the maps
~ Jackson Donahoo
hmm think about it noob claims:this ge sucks but lets give it a test its gonna suck :later: noob:holly this release is so god
~ A Google user
gg can you fix the m16 it clips with my arm it bugs me what hapned to coming quick for the pets i wish a bare or that dank eagle?
~ A Google user
idea too many banners the gun only fires part-time there's idea more zombies than there is ammunition is amateur at finest I'm uninstalling
~ bald klown
Product destroyed instantly after installing. Graphics are horrible, controls are poor! There is no guide 🖕 uninstalled
~ A Google user
i really enjoyed this release. want the release had a tons of ideas to obtain different users rather than coins.
~ Precious
it overheats my device after 10 minutes of gameplay but it does run cute well and it is addictive / fun. it allso isn't a bloody gore type of release so most recipients can test
~ A Google user
Cute Cool.😱 keeps me entertained for actually😒📱. still Calibrating! so far there actually. f****** edit ing ....toodles Bigla740il °instagram°#
~ bigla740il cell investigations
Parth and I will be in touch quick to confirm that 6th may be fine for me to go come and visit the zone for 6th June and 7th for 4th 21st and the of the the day when the sun is shining on in June and July to be a in the same zone as we have been in the house of for the 5505 and I was wondering if there was any chance of a break down to world and to the 2 in the present and how much would it be nice for you fully to be a nice one of the present will have to be a member of your squad to support me to
~ Punam Pawaru
Really fun and nice release to pass the time..just having a trouble with buying guns and then not now getting them. Happened to the shotgun twice actually. Check and adress, would hate to buy the sniper or something and it not unblock.
~ Ian Cook
Nice release but you should now fix the movements because it is too sensitive and i changed sensitivity but its the same as before!?!?
~ bas bibi
So basically you're just going to wish to test this for hours. Gameplay itself is nice. Should use a tweek on the right joystick. For some reason the right joystick is just odd. Isn't too flowy if you would. Nice job though!
~ Joe Scheib
I love this release it's really nice but if you care, I recommend that it would be better if you add some multiplayer via WIFI Hotspot where you can hunt and survive together with your dudes
~ Emelita Carbonquillo
Would give five stars if you fix trouble where you lose resources some. Was it a glitch or me I don't know but I lost my gun. Didn't obtain my dollars (release dollars) back. Not cool. Please fix this and it seems that you can't transport where you're aiming with out shooting. When zombies hit every another they could take hurt, add online mini releases like pvp and add more zombies and resources. Do this and I will give five stars
~ A Google user
this is fun but you could obtain dollars faster and add more guns,medkits,and ammo and two user so I can test with my finest dude. and can you create the minegun guy last longer.
~ Christa Shaneyfelt
The controls are cute terrible. just that the release is fully laggy and I can't do anything but stand around. They need to fix the release and the bugs. But another than that it is nice. So I will rate it one star.
~ Richard Emberling
i honestly thought it was going to be a survival release where you accumulate equipment and loot buildings and whatnot. my mistake, although this release still to me isnt nice. one the controls are a tiny on the crappy side and two it geta boring quicker than youd think. should just be me but thats how it seems to me.
~ FireHeart
I personally think that this release is very fun. However, I think that if the developers added more equipment in the market (grenades, melee weapons, etc.) then the release would be even better. Another ideas to improve the release should also contain adding a everyday premium, a wider range of maps, and fixing up the graphics a bit. Some of my personal recommendations would contain adding a day and night system, different modes (co-ops, etc.)and maybe an option to turn on blood. Overall, I give this release four stars.
~ Jolie Chui
its like a true release i am a fan of this release
~ Okasha Navaid
hello please fix the arm it giltch terrible
~ keith wong
I like shooting it is fun 😎
~ Chelsea Rushworth