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About: When the infamous detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in an ominous room without any recollection of his past, he quick finds himself part of a bizarre release orchestrated by an old foe. Dale gotta solve increasingly challenging puzzles to escape the room and recover his memories. Cube Escape: Paradox Informations: - A special, never-before-seen, release/video crossover experience - The absorbing gameplay, atmosphere and wealth of puzzles lovers would expect from the tenth Cube Escape release - A ton of connections and interactions with Paradox - A Rusty Lake Short Video - There will be two different chapters available (one for nonpaid and one super) with multiple endings - Pretty paintings handmade by Johan Scherft - Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar - Impressive voice-overs by Bob Rafferty and lead actor David Bowles - Helping 14 different languag ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 91MB Developer: Rusty Lake
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Cube Escape: Paradox Reviews and Comments:

Nice for a target-and-click. Like most P&C releases, the plot is just a device for multiple puzzle-solving, but I enjoy it most when the puzzles are closely tied to the narrative. Some of the puzzles here were either random or unintuitive. That claimed, it was still a fun diversion.
~ Jay Quibodeaux
As the last chapter of cube escape. Situation 23 is finally closed. Or is it? I mean the series is really bizarre but in a really cool idea and that's what I absolutely love about rusty lake releases. 1487 out of 5!
~ Laura B.
Have played a total of 5 Cube Escape releases. This one is my favoured! Fun, challenging, and there was enough equipment that went together without the need for researching the answers. Took me about 7 hours total.
~ Destiny Armstrong
The release was nice... I was searching for a random escape release and end up downloading this...But this was one of the most unbelievable thinking release i have ever played.. Somehow i started thinking i was stuck in the release.. Seriously the developers and the concept providers had made a nice leap.. I purchased chapter 2 and finished that one too.. Going to download all the series of cube escape releases one by one.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Hold going guys.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Other nice 'Cube' release but maybe a tiny too smart for its own nice. I got stuck halfway through chapter 2 and it took a while for me to wish to obtain going again and when I did, I required support and had to use a walkthrough in a several territories.
~ Sylvain Dicaire
Probably one the finest puzzle releases I've ever played. The mysterious storyline and thrilling atmosphere keeps me testing and testing. I'm curious for what happens next since I've just completed chaper 1. Nice release!
~ Mychik Phan
Other classic from cube escape. I simply have to test every and each one. As usually a dark, and emotional end which lives up to it's name. Thanks to the squad who deliever a heavy amount of nonpaid content to us too.
~ Gavin King
awesomesauce release and interesting storyline. testing this alone really gives me the creeps and the puzzles aren't too simple, but are possible when u rlly think about it. absolutely love it! the art style is nice too. looking forward to buying another rusty lake releases :)
~ hi
One of the finest of the Rusty Lake Cube Escape series. The graphics work perfectly and the sound results make an nice atmosphere. The video puzzle got me, I didn't realise it was, now, part of a puzzle. Like all another releases in the series, it gives no answers to the main plot.
~ Cyberknight Massao Kawata
Horrifying, Nice, Artistic, Interesting Back Storyline (if you can understand), Intriguing Puzzles which really do require quite a bit of thinking and time, ..... Words fall short to describe the magnificence of this Product!!! I really enjoyed testing this release, for the first time I stumbled across the right Murder Mystery Puzzle Product!
~ Chaitanya Singh
Some of the clues a bit tedious and I used the walkthrough to complete. Also, wasn't impressed with ending. Still a lot of thought gone into it and given the price can hardly deduct a star. Will be sure to check out the next one.
~ neil holmes
I got a bit emotional when there were references of the previous cube escape releases (which i also enjoyed) only then it made me realize that these are all one large storyline and thought that all mystery of this will unfold on Paradox so i was type of upset that there was not much that was revealed on chapter one. -1 target since chapter 2 is paid for. but I gotta claim, I was very impressed about the video and even suggested the release to my dude.
~ Marcy Lee
Pretty. Haunting. Mysterious. Cerebral. This release coupled with Rusty Lake's Twin Peaks-style short video is a mesmerizing Lynchian work of art. Several releases affect me like this. Beyond words. Test the release. Watch the video. You'll see.
~ Josh Clements
Nice experience, this is a nice target and click for weird escape room lovers. Loved the storyline even though I admit I had to use the walk-through video (btw, really nice concept to incorporate that), but it's only because I lack patience.
~ Marine Arsac
Love this release. An escape release with a bit of blood and NOT KNOWING THE PLOT OF THIS DAMN STORY. What is the lore? None of the less, nice release but what is with the storyline?
this is nice. I watched the video, then played the chapter, and purchased chapter 2. I think I'm going to pay to test all of the another releases by you guys that cost dollars after my paycheck. Chapter 2 of Paradox has convinced me i gotta test them ALL! I have to claim as far as escape releases, series releases narratives, and mystery to a puzzle release goes, Cube Escape releases are tied with the Submachine series as my all time favoured!
~ kylie skinner
This is my first time trying such a release, fully randomly and fully fell into the nice atmosphere, release design is nice, complexity of the troubles is challenging enough to spend a nice anount of time thinking and trying different things. Such a joy and feeling of accomplishment every time you solve one and can transport on to the next. I did not expect to enjoy it so much, but should not resist to buy chapter 2. Going through it right actually and hoping there is a hidden chapter 3 later!
~ matthieu malaisรฉ
I absolutely adore the cube escape series, I happened upon it by accident and fell in love. suggested for lovers of the odd and unusual, as the release draws powerful inspiration from Twin Peaks. Can't wait til payday so i can buy the paid releases from Rusty Lake
~ rachel wood
Exellent! I am quite demanding when it comes to this type of releases and this certainly has everything I expect in a release! It's addictive and not too simple, yet not at all impossible if you place your brain working. Nice gameplay too and quite an interesting storyline. So it's clear how much I love the release: usually, when it comes to device releases, I avoid spending dollars on any information at all. But this release, it's so addictive and well made, I didn't even think twice about buying the second chapter.
~ A Google user
I am a long time fan of the cube escape releases, but holy expletives. This release was by far the finest experience rusty lake has ever given me. Paradox gets a definite 5 stars. The only thing I didn't like about the hame was that half of it was paywalled.
~ JimiJenkins
This is perhaps the finest escape release I have played asides from "The Room" series. While I enjoyed the previous cube escape releases, this represents a gigantic jump in quality and production value. If the devs were to create more super cube escape releases, which are this sort of quality (but longer), I would be interested in buying them.
~ Explore Games
Certainly a head scratcher. I did have to use the walkthrough a several times for some of the puzzles, but it did hold me entertained. On a seperate note, with regards to other Rusty Lakes Product. Rusty Lakes Roots. I can't seem to leave a review for that release so I'll do it here. Quite enjoyable but a lot of the lvls, particularly the last one, create no sense whatsoever! How recipients are supposed to work out some of these puzzles is beyond me.
~ Ben King
fun release. but stuck on chapter 1 unscrambling memories. I cant obtain the lever to launch. the first time overtime I pulled the lever it would close right away. I restart the release and started over. 2nd time reaching the same spot. I press the lvl and actually it wont launch at all. disappointed at the letdown. seems like it will be fun if I should continue.
~ Tatyanna Beal
I've played quite a several "escape room" kind releases and this is one of the finest. The UI makes it obvious what equipment are now interactive and which are just decoration. The story is dark and gruesome but pushes you to search out just what happened.
~ Kenton Henry
The gameplay is easy and fun, the puzzles are challenging but create sense if you think about them and most of all, I'm too terrified to sleep. This isnt a "Oh look zombies aaah we're all gonna die!" kind horror; this is psychological. Dont test this at night.
~ Ethan Power
I have usually been a fan of Rusty Lake releases. Each gameplay is ingeniously incorporated in the detective's storyline. Like this one, Paradox. The puzzles are not too hard, too, that you'll eventually give up and look for tools and that makes testing their releases all the more fun and addicting. Kudos to their squad again for other nice creation. Please hold it coming.
~ Keijo kjo
OH. MY. GOD. I LOVE these releases and series. I've been so excited for Paradox. I've played each single one in suggested order and I really hope you guys hold up the nice work! Fully addicting and worth each single second played. Thank you!
~ Ashley G
This release is nice BUT there is a trouble in "escape the mind" in the room with the glass and the lever. the lever DOESNT WORK so, i can not go ahead with the release !! i have restarted this 2 times and the same trouble usually, please fix it !! i test on mobile :(
~ Juan Carlos Susa
Loooooove Rusty Lake! I came across this set of releases a while back and really struggled to obtain into it the first time around and gave up. After testing loads of escape room releases that were inane and boring I came back around to these mainly for the artwork and wasn't disappointed. Brilliant atmosphere, musically pretty and just the right amount of creepy to hold it interesting. Plus nice that the walk-throughs are nonpaid via the apps settings and there's no banners! Paradox doesn't disappoint.
~ Claire Coulthard
Pleasantly surprised, word of warning it can be a tiny spooky. I only played chapter one. Necessary a several tricks to obtain going. Very solid puzzle release. They even got a tiny storyline going on in it. You have to buy the next chapter. You'll need sound for a several puzzles but i think there are subtitles for anything important. I suggest it.
~ TheBladeintheMist
Very interesting release but too often moving forward is next to impossible without giving in and watching the chapter video. I hate resorting to the video but as it is, am glad that it's there. if not for needing the video (after many attempts to transport forward) I would have given 5 stars.
~ Eleanor Kendrick
Very nice release! I started by watching the video which, in a idea, summarizes all Chapter 1 gameplay. I didn't know that at first and I was expecting a different turn in the release, so I was a bit disappointed. However, I don't know if I would have been able to solve all the puzzles without watching the video. Some of the puzzles were quite challenging. All in all, about two full hours of satisfying gameplay. I'm seriously considering buying Chapter 2.
~ Monica Voinescu
After testing all the another Cube Escape releases on my pc, I was ecstatic to test the small release versions too. Paradox is the only part I haven't played yet. But after starting the release I sure got very disappointed. The release has hung 6-7 times in the last 30 min. I even tried to place up with the glitch, by restarting it each time it destroyed. But the last time it destroyed, ome of my progress got lost too. I love Cube Escape but the hanging up of the release is too much.
~ Anvi Chonkar
this release has exceeded my expectations! what a brilliant suspense thriller puzzle release top it all up with a very interesting and mysterious storyline. awesome! for anyone who isn't aware, this is only one of many cube releases. test all of them. I'm downloading the another releases right actually
~ nero vanguard
I love this release, such atmosphere and amazingly constructed puzzles. The extent of the brain puzzle in chapter two made me really glad, it was so well thought out. I encountered a several tiny bugs: the box puzzle in chapter 2, even if i had solved it the box didn't launch until I moved a piece from its zone and moved it back again. The birtday banners in chapter 2 and the ebooks in chapter 1, when you rearrange them, they sometimes obtain stuck on top of every another. Another than that, 10/10
~ Hedvig Schmocker
Sososososo nice!!! I love the rusty lake releases. They have a very powerful David Lynch feel to them. Very creepy and eerie and scary. The puzzles are very well thought out. They all gave just the right amount of difficulty and they usually create sense. I can't praise this enough!
~ Connie Davidescu
So, so nice. I didnt even notice three hours had gone by. Difficult enough that it had me really thinking, but I didnt need tricks at any target, which was really fulfilling. The storyline is chilling and had me really paranoid nearing the end of it, I was afraid enough that the final section of chapter 1 felt truly true and I just wanted to obtain out. Extremly well done release. Loved the intricate puzzles, they were on a fully different lvl to the another "escape" releases with lots of 3d thinking needed.
~ Rachel Lau
What a nice release this is. It is engaging, smart, challenging, and riveting from beginning to end. I feel like I was rewarded each time I solved a puzzle and worthy of the next challenge. This release is a labarynth within an escape room. This is my first rusty lake endeavour and I should not bring myself to place it down. Nice delivery on an original idea. The atmosphere this release creates is a momorable experience I won't quick forget. Im proud to have escaped... for actually...
~ Tim Tiley
Nothing can compare this release ever...The finest mysterious, adventurous, detective release ever...The beauty of it, the idea it is made, the brilliance behind the release is just nice... Everything is nice, the characters, the song, the gameplay, just marvellous....I am just flabbergasted by this release, loved it....Eagerly waiting for next releases๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜... Congratulations and all the finest ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
~ Harshal Luniya
I was really enjoying this release but I should not progress past the recalling memories part of Chapter 1 because, in the room with the glass, the lever didn't work no matter how many times I pressed it. I even restarted the release to test again and followed as per the walkthrough. Very disappointing as all the another Cube escape releases have been nice
~ Alison Hooker