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About: [Season 2: Inheritance Modernization] Classic retro RPG that will bring back your childhood memories! Crusaders Quest Season 2 launches actually. Our pretty retro pixel art will take you back in time! Immerse yourself in the beautiful pixel graphics and flashy action gameplay of more than 700 different 8-bit Heroes!" Enter the vast globe of Crusaders Quest flush with captivating stories that will engage you to no end! Defend the land of Hasla and its Goddesses from the forces trying to bring it to crash! Some may even search hidden stories about the Haslan Heroes from the library!" Exciting Skill Block Test! Enjoy the easy, yet strategic match-3 skill block controls. Turn the tides of war with the Goddesses' skills in critical moments, as well as figure out the unlimite synergies between the hundreds of Heroes! Break the limits of superhero growth through Inheriting a ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 75MB Developer: NHN Entertainment Corp.
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Crusaders Quest Reviews and Comments:

Finest small release I've ever played. Product deserves much more love than what its already getting. encourage everyone to at least test it.
~ John B
insafe. acter installing the hame willninly work if i consent to have my date processed iitside thebeu, which i dont. uninstalled
~ Guy Keshet
fun to test the release, and I never imagine that anime hero series will be here.
~ Christian Cacao
It's very beautiful. Should use some more mechanical things to do. mostly it's a grind of gacha pulls combined with superhero leveling. I have only started the 2nd chapter so maybe more unlocks quick.
~ Kody Lees
I love it so far!, it's very addicting to me. thanks 😊 hold up the nice work
~ LMQ HongKong
So far it's fun, but maybe there can be more in-release walkthroughs for newbies!
~ Kate Lee
I've been stuck at the downloading screen D: When it reaches 98.856% it goes back to 98.813% then it loops after a several minutes it will claim unable to download because of connection, I have a powerful connection but it keeps looping and error, pls support
~ L хιɴιѕтro
I cant obtain past guide, when it has me train a hero it freezes up and won't allow me do anything.
~ Chris Main
cant even finish download. hold having the error network lol tf is with my network . its your release that have trouble.
~ Lame banana
the release is nice but it wont load when im using wifi if im connected to small time it runs, i tried it many times but i think theres a trouble
~ Giannjhie Mendoza
im usually stuck on the loading screen. it never finishes loading. what do i do?
~ 지여니
ERROR I'm getting error when i tried to make a newest profile, I can't login with my another profile, i might stop testing if this won't be fixed before the collab meeting ends.
~ Angel Carl Calleja
wont even test it. i absolutly hate it when a release has a cute tiny download in the release shop but when you load the release it's self, it wants to suddenly take up 400mb of zone. so your sitting there waiting until it's done downloading once, then have to re-download? no thanks.
~ G G4ming
I love the release so far, I only just actually defeated the golem boss, thank you developers and please hold upgrading.
~ The Crying Mask
It's now cute nice the pixel graphics are very great, artwork of the characters are even better, and the gameplay and storyline is entertaining and interesting.
~ Michael Gutierrez
really like the release. tad slow loading on a Galaxy S7. another than that fun. idk if its in release but guilds would be cool
~ Michael Decker
Okay, so I was expecting that the release would be done downloading 200mb worth of bonus files, which I can obtain behind, after that I was expecting it to run smoothly, then it crashes a bunch of time from loading so I was like large deal, a several bugs here and there and then suddenly, it wants to download other 500 mb file, the release itself WAS already massive, actually it's too massive.
~ Jude Dy
only writing a review so it stops popping up. but like it. not 5 star worthy wont know until i check out the pulls.
~ Josh Choi
Hands down my favored small release. I played it for over 2 years before having to run a newest profile when I lost my previous one on an older device, and testing it again has brought back so many memories. It's got variety of content (no joke, create sure you've got the storage zone) but all the time I've place into it has given me so much enjoyment. I can't guarantee everyone will enjoy it as much, but to me its the great amount of everything I should hope for from this category of small releases.
~ Charlotte T V Fernandes
i cant login to the release it hold claim internet trouble, please support fix it. thanks developer squad.
~ Xshao Sean
I used to test this release about 4 or 5 years ago, this release isn't as exciting as it used to be. Too much hand holding, the release back then was extremely hard and it was rewarding. Actually this release just gives out extremely powerful troops like they were nothing, its too simple. I tried to create a newest profile, but my newest name wouldnt be accepted. Apparently, english id considered"invalid characters." I still appreciate you didnt remove it off the shop and are adding more equipment.
~ Star Whale
So far, the gameplay was nice. Still don't know about exp farming but i guess it's rather simple. Storyline overall was cute generic, but doesn't mean it's terrible. Overall, i like this release from the run and i can see myself absorbed to this release
~ Samuel S.
Looks shady, the thing you're agreeing to when installing is agreeing to your PERSONAL time to be processed and sent by the release to south korea. Don't install.
~ Ugandan Knuckles
The release itself is nice but it won't allow me test anymore. It claims something like network error. error code:4001
~ joonbeom suhr
This release is really fun. But recently, The release keeps claiming time file error and connection error often I hold logging in, please fix this
~ Chew Jian
Unbelievable release! It really is easy. I'm still a beginner but I think the story is decent, the graphics are nice (adorable artstyle(s) too). It still has a several errors (i.e. some text not appearing or lagging) but it still is a unbelievable release to spend your time on if you're bored.
~ August P.
This release brings be back to the days of S-NES and with an simple interface. I can also do a chapter and walk away for a bit while enjoying a decent storyline.
~ Creative Generations
Nice Product and Simple To Test, but my only trouble is that the in-release currency is a bit expensive can you lower the price? 😬
~ Justin 25
Honestly a really nice release with no greed and/or hard wall. Sure theres a stamina system but they practically throws stamina at you and is very generous. Theres no hard wall to stop you from testing for 48 hours straight if you wanted to. Also the art is very great.
~ Trenton Frye
When I saw Goblin Slayer collab meeting in progress, I started throwing dollars at my smart device screen and nothing happened... just kidding XD, but I did throw dollars at the release anyway, would consider doing so again.
~ Rafeeq Alexander
I'm just gonna rewrite my review. I love the release and have been testing non stop, but I have a tiny inquiry. How do you change your profile picture/default storyline hero? It's usually Leon for me, but I see another recipients with different heros on their profile picture. Thank you!
~ { Starye }
I've been testing this release off and on for years. The combat is special and fun, and the amount of depth this release offers is unbelievable. Couldn't ask for a better small rpg.
~ anderson mcgee
it's a fun release, the graphics are very well done, while still keeping the oldschool dungeon crawler feel. the gameplay is a bit too simple right actually, as I progress I'm sure the difficulty difference will be more noticeable, so I will modernization when I obtain there. but until then I'm having fun with this release.
~ Nevin Davis
WHY I NEED ALWAYS TO DOWNLOAD 650MB FILES ?? Hello admin why i need to download 650mb files each 24hour ? Seriously it happen to me 3x already . I love the release but that i usually need to re-download 650mb files . Fix this so i can do a 5star review . Thanks . btw my device is gr5 2017 and i have 10gb nonpaid storage .
~ Because Im BATMAN
I love it! It's cute fun and I like the pixel art a lot. I've never played a release like this before. One thing I search annoying about this release, is the speeches. I barely have anytime to gaze upon the scenery or characters because the screen usually goes dark then a speech box shows up. It's honestly getting annoying. I suggest putting speech bubbles over the characters. I wanna see the release more and less of the same hero art and dark screen with a bland speech box. It got rly boring..
~ Cqllel
Overall it is great, but the main loading screen is still taking too much time upon retreiving player time. Moreover, there are some minor bugs such as error text (but no damage). It's still a nice release though!
~ Hyper Novae
GOOD GAME but hv VERY SLOW progress, it will better if can modernization storyline each 4 months, coz 6-8 months its too long, or just create storychapter for some heroes, u guys need to inventing "fish net/trap"just like arjuna's exploring so recipients still can obtain fishcoin if offline, also add more fishing spot. how about ring can be slotted for sigil? Oda's storyline need to modernization or change it with newest content like "infinite turret"or something, for bonus same heroes can used for unblock lv 100 superhero will b nice
~ Meister Owlart
Thanks for the speedy fix on salvaging and selling weapons but I already use gems to expand the storage. Sorry for using the review to report bugs. This developer is probably one of the finest in quickly fixing bugs unlike some releases I know. That alone makes it nice release. Oh! and for doing collaborations and rewarding meetings.
~ Hiryujiteri X
used to be nice, actually ask to connect to google profile EVERY, SINGLE, LOADING TIME, FFS. Should you please stop it, it more than annoying, it suck. I already connect with FB profile and I dont wish to connect with my google profile. So please, allow me test this release, and STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT CONNECT WITH GOOGLE ACCOUNT. Thank you.
~ bukan jono
Honestly, I'm surprised. It's better than I expected and I'm loving it. I'm a fan of pixel things and the art of the release is right up my alley. The storyline and gameplay is also nice. Just started testing recently and somehow got myself a Sword Maiden from my 1st pull from the GS summon. Definitely will hold testing.
~ Blitz