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About: **As seen on the Today Present!** From the squad that brought you Words With Colleagues comes Crosswords With Colleagues - the first everyday crossword puzzle thats written for todays globe! Play your brain power with a newest puzzle each day thats relevant to entertainment, pop culture, and sports news happening NOW! Enjoy recent puzzles everyday with a newest themes each day of the week - Video Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Lover Friday, Smartypants Saturday, and Sunday Funday! Crosswords With Colleagues presents the globes BEST crosswords for you 365 days a year. Led by co-editors Trip Payne (co-star of the crossword documentary Wordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (originator of How to Defeat the Newest York Times Crossword), our everyday crosswords are created by some of the globes most published crossword writers. Receive ready for a top-notch cros ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 67MB Developer: Zynga
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About: Word Battle is an exciting and addictive, real-time, multiplayer word game. You can choose your opponents either from friend and family cycle or wide Facebook user audience. Gameplay: each user is given the same 9 random letters where each letter has some value assigned. In 40 seconds, you need to come up with a word, which gives you as many points as possible. It is up to you what strategy you choose to win a battle. The one with the highest word score wins. Word building is really fun! More...

Developer: SIA Fufla

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About: Help cute kitty to find hidden words - discover them on the board with letters. Use hints, search the words on the board and swipe through them to open! Invite your friends and play together. Addicting and fun gameplay So many exciting and challenging word puzzles! Connect to Facebook to share your progress and receive bonuses! Log in often to receive prizes and beat the puzzles Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master Become word expert while enjoying Kitty...

Developer: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.

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About: Escape to the world of farming with Word Farm! Harvest fresh word crops while improving your vocabulary, intelligence and spelling skills. Word Farm is an addictive anagram game where you need to shuffle and arrange letters to form as many words as possible out of a pile of jumbled letters gathered from common words or words we have regularly used in daily life. Swipe the letters, find out the hidden words and collect bonus coins! Word crops need your help to come to life! Unlike cross...

Developer: Wixot Limited

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About: If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, Word Search Puzzle is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge as you identify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard, you can choose them freely. Need more challenges? Try the Blitz mode and Marathon mode and enjoy time pressure. Here's what we have: - Easy choosing ...

Developer: Word Search Puzzle Games

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About: Penny Dell Logic Puzzles are now available in electronic form. These classic English-language magazine puzzles are for the true logic problem fanatic! Try before you buy with the first ten puzzles included free with all features enabled and never any ads, nags or spyware. If you like it, nine more volumes are available for purchase, each with thirty unique puzzles, for hours of puzzling fun! Keep your mind sharp with these stimulating logic problems that will exercise your brain muscles a g...

Developer: Egghead Games LLC

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About: Word Saga is a crossword Game for you , and it is easy to play and challenging! DOWNLOAD the Funny Word Puzzle Game for FREE Try to Search and Find all hidden words in given letters ,then link& connect the letters anyway you like to build the word! It starts off as an easy word game and becomes challenging! You will have fun improving your vocabulary and spelling skills. Youll never experience a dull moment after you try this most addicting word puzzle game! Your brain will thank you for t...

Developer: Word Puzzle Studio (TipTop Game)

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About: ADDICTIVE! CHALLENING! EXCITING! How to play: Easy to learn. Swipe, connect and spell. Flexible to control. Connecting words can be in all directions. Word Cookie is more than special: Simple, easy, and addictive puzzle gameplay! 2000+ levels! Infinite word puzzles to connect! Daily bonus for FREE! Enjoyable graphics with all kinds of lovely cookies and cakes! No need to rush, just take your time! WiFi free! Play whenever, wherever you like. With so many deli...

Developer: Duoni


Similar Games Like Word Games Around the USA - Brain Puzzle Crossword  Alternatives
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About: Addicting Word Game that all your friends and family have! Gradually begins easy and gets challenging as you get immersed in traveling the USA! Can you finish the game? Over 800 Word Games! Fun puzzle game set amongst the top USA States & Cities like New York, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Colorado, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando and more! Stimulating Brain Word Puzzles! Super addicting, fast paced and never boring! C...

Developer: Purple Jam Labs LLC

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About: Help Wyatt the weasel on his explosive word search adventure! Fuse dynamite letters together to form words and detonate them. The more words you find, the more adventures you can have with Wyatt at the mini-game carnival! Extra words give Wyatt raw ore he can smelt into valuable rewards. How To Play 1. Swipe letters in any direction to form words. 2. Find all of the missing words to complete the level. 3. Find extra words to earn valuable rewards. 4. Keep moving! If you get stuck: use a h...

Developer: Exceptionull Games

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About: **SOON to be the number 1 word game! WRD FINDER** New challenging word game to sharpen your mind, and test your vocabulary skills. Do you have what it takes to find all the words?! WRD FINDER is a NEW AND IMPROVED word challenge game that strengthens your vocabulary knowledge. Complete the levels to progress to more challenging levels. Show of your knowledge by competing with friends. Collect achievements as you progress through the game. NEW levels to be added regularly for non-stop e...

Developer: JCS Mobile

Similar Games Like WordFarm Crossword  Alternatives
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About: The new Wordfarm Crossword brings together word search and crossword style games! Connect letters, find the complete word and fill the blank boxes! The most addictive and the most exciting word game is here! It is totally FREE and is packed full of many word puzzles. Enjoy barin twisting word puzzles! Harvest fresh word crops while improving your vocabulary, intelligence and spelling skills. Wordfarm Crossword is an addictive anagram game where you need to shuffle and arrange lett...

Developer: Wixot Limited

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About: In this app I created some super moves for Street Fighter, information about characters from street fighter. A very helpful guide for those who wants to make their own strategies, I recommend you for this app it's is a guide made by fan not a real street fighter game I don't want to fool anyone, please support us to improve it for more people who love street fighter 2, I will add more info about street fighter 5 and more games in the future....

Developer: VirtualSpaces

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About: Download Word Connect Word Find & Words Puzzle Game and embark on an exciting and addicting word quest now! Find the words among the alphabet soup on the screen, unscramble the letters, connect the alphabets, complete all levels, and improve vocabulary! This is more than just a kids words game, even intellectuals with wide vocabulary will enjoy this words hunt and find something new to learn every day! There are many ways to spend idle time. People love playing casual games, especially puz...

Developer: Tec Games

Similar Games Like 160 Word Towers Alternatives
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About: In each level find the words, crush the letters and clear the board. Features: Many challenging levels. Play in English, French, German, Russian or Spanish. Hints to help you through tough levels Fun new way to play word search. If you like word games, this fun new game is for you!...

Developer: Nebo Apps


Similar Games Like Crossword and Puzzle Image Alternatives
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About: ***** Best of 2018 Google Play store ***** -> A brand new crossword experience -> Improving your pronunciation with PRONUNCIATION FEATURE -> A hundreds of levels for you to solve Be smarter with Cross n Puzz Hope you have a good time! Thank you! "Cross n Puzz" collection currently has: 1. Crossword Section: - Helping your kid learn all the names of numerous pet, farm, zoo, vegetable and fruit - Helping your kid improve pronunciation with our native speaker by only touching on the i...

Developer: CAAG Studio

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About: Live Craft : Crafting and Survival Game, your goal is to survive. Feel like a square head ghost buster. Experience fear an deep horrifying atmosphere in Live Craft . Exploration of randomly generated cube abondoned, craft and build , create amazing and perfect things from the simplest of creepy homes to the grandest of cube fortresses in Live Craft . Cubic world of endless possibilities and exciting adventures. Easily place the building blocks you wish to place and build anything you can imag...

Developer: Suras Crafting 3D Building Games Inc

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About: How in touch are you with current trends? Find out by playing with up to 5 friends or against the computer to see which words are googled most with other words. Inspired by FunHaus' Trends Show. In Trends with Friends you can play themes from the show, random themes, or create your own in the themes editor!...

Developer: David Spears

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About: Crossword puzzles game with 100s of top topics and 1000s of puzzling pictures >> Play 1000s of Crossword Puzzles with pictures for clues ...

Developer: Poptacular

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About: Do you like original word games? Then check out our new word search guessing game Guess & Find! Guess & Find is a combination of guessing and word search game, in which you must at first guess what word is explained by the definition shown on the screen and then you must try to find this word on the board of letters! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores? Don't want to play under pressure of time limit? Then check out our relax mode (pro version)! How to play: 1. There will be a ...

Developer: LittleBigPlay - Word, Educational & Puzzle Games

Similar Games Like Word Designer: Country Home Alternatives
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About: Come solve these FUN, ADDICTIVE, and RELAXING word puzzles in your own country home! How many words can you design? TWO WAYS TO PLAY! In ANAGRAM mode, combine letters to form as many words as you can! There's no wrong answer! Every word earns you points! In CROSSWORD mode, use your found words to solve a crossword and unlock pictures! TAKE IT EASY! Can't figure out that last word? We've got you covered! Hint Tokens get you over the hump in this stress-free word game! FEEL LIK...

Developer: D3 Go!



Crosswords With Friends Reviews and Comments:

Was testing with a Fb dude, and thanks to the modernization to fix bugs in late March, actually no dude just making me invite device contacts and connecting with FB. I'm already connected with FB!! Had this trouble last fall too! Tested with my dude and she's having the same trouble. That stinks!!! Developer, obtain your act together!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: PROBLEM NOW EXISTS FOR OVER 6 WKS!
~ A Google user
used to love this release but actually I can't even test it anymore!! Usually I test it claims something about ver needs to be modernized so I hit the modernization button and still nothing!!!! So I give it NO STARS TILL THEY CAN BRING MY ORIGINAL GAME BACK
~ Sandra Boles
the wrong letter tap isn't working, it's not showing any mistakes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the release but no change. I love this release/release but it just needs fixed.
~ Sharon Horr
cute nice. puzzles often use the same answers over and over. mandatory upgrades rarely work the first time and usually cause the release to fail to load. Upgrades are needed annoyingly often.
~ Rebecca Ryan
This is a fun release but it crashes idea too often. I have to run my puzzle all over and also the coin management is flakey. I've lost lots of coins that have just disappeared. Stop addibg informations and create it more stable.
~ Ronnie Knight
this newest modernization to IOS ver has made the release almost intolerable. they seem to be cute damn slow about fixing it too.
~ Donna Turrell
Can no longer send or obtain presents. What happened? I reached out to Zynga explaining the gift icon is gone & they sent me a generic correspondence response. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling- still no gift icon. If not fixed quick, I'm permanently deleting the release. Stinks cuz I test daily & enjoyed this release up until this happened. If fixed, I will bump up the stars.
~ Danielle Uzzo
I was doing nice, amassing nonpaid points, etc., then I lost all my nonpaid points when I tried to sign into Fb to obtain more nonpaid coins. Another than that slight disappointmet it has been a nice release.
~ A Google user
I realy enjoy this release Exciting My most favoured release! usually enjoying this release! Usually anxious for the next Crossword to appear! l just love this release. i am getting better at it too. By fsr, my favoured release!
~ A Google user
banners repeatedly pop up during gameplay even though i dont hit the banners at top of screen. like they have a virus. needs to stop ASAP and fix trouble. this has happened in the past.
~ Fabio Pento
I love this release, it makes you think. I just want we should obtain more everyday releases every day or place in more release boxes. I've used up most all of the release boxes. I've even started going back to before I started. But at 10 coins per release... they obtain a tiny pricey. Especially when I should do upwards of 10 or more puzzles a night.
~ Dee Keith
Does not ruin as much as it used to which is nice. But please fix the watch for nonpaid coin option as most of the time it does not work.
~ Rachael Cohick
i have been using this release for over 4 years (ever since it was celebrity crosswords) and have had no troubles until recently... will obtain about 1/3rd of the idea through a puzzle and it'll restart the release... no saved progress in the puzzle... very frustrating...
~ Jeffry Voss
Fun release when it works. I used to test this on some of my previous devices. After recently installing it on this device, I search that the puzzles frequently become very slow to reply or are unresponsive. Forcing the release closed seems to be a workaround, but I shouldn't have to do that.
~ Jason Ullmo
after getting 64 in a row, started just stopping & starting over while I was working the crossword, not saving any of the words I had figured. Today, same thing, 4x this afternoon 12-1pm. I just finally got to complete it.
~ Toni Davis
As a senior citizen Crosswords with dude keeps my brain active. Also, it supports transport the time along especially at night when a lot of foolish is on the media. I really look forward to the challenge of completing the puzzle every night.
~ Patricia Leach
It crashes and erases all my work. Also I can't send presents. FIX IT PLEASE, fix it or I will claim all my followes to stop testing
~ Big Bri Corliss
Product is stuck. Half idea through down it runs all over not saving one respond. Did it twice this morning. please fix it!
~ Larecia Hampton
constantly destroying and restarts. often it does that.... It's stealing my coins for tricks already payed for aka See wrong letters. It's becoming past the target of being disgusting
~ G4mer B1tch
I would absolutely love to be giving a 5🌟 rating for this release, because I absolutely love it!! Not only am I gaining newest knowledge that I can use for random useless facts 😂 but my spelling is more on target actually than it has ever been. What is really grinding my gears here tho is this; more than once when I've went to kind my I KNOW THIS ONE respond, I accidentally hit the "Present Word for 10 Coins" tip... i just spent 10 motha flippin coins for it to claim me the word I was already trying to kind?!
~ Melissa Hart
Has started destroying constantly, erasing all my work on a given puzzle. Dropped from 4 stars to 3 until the trouble is fixed. (Huawei P20)
~ Rica Night
i love doing these puzzles and used to not miss a single day but lately ive not been that into it because its been kicking me off half idea through the puzzle and makes me run all over
~ Amber Wheeler
l like this release. I want we should obtain more of our dudes involved..I do like doing the puzzles and the premium releases. wondering why recipients I invite on Fb cant join
~ Sheila Robinson
This release can only be accessed via Fb, as I no longer possess a Fb profile and do not want to re-join this seems unfair. Sadly I shall as a effects actually uninstall.
~ M G
this release should be an simple 5 stars if they took it simple with the banners. banner banners which are okay, but then they have to throw in an banner after each solved puzzle. im also constantly having TERRIBLE lag!! it takes a several seconds for what I kind to register, which causes so many incorrect fills even though I know the word!!
~ Bro Seidon
I love all the puzzles. But everything is too many coins and tiny to no reward coins so you have to pay true dollars just to test. Also when you buy the puzzle boxes it still charges you coins for every puzzle....
~ Kayla Sanders
Nice release!!! You can pick what lvl you wish to test. Simple to switch from horizontal to vertical and back. Clues fit the genres correctly. Lots of puzzles!! Fun Product!!!
~ Alicia Ramos
Loved this release, but newest modernization causes it to ruin. Whenever a newest puzzle is started, about 3-5 mins in the entire release restarts and youve lost all your work. Waiting for an modernization to see if it fixes the trouble.
~ Wes Smith
The release will create coins disappear. Had this trouble a year ago. An modernization fixed it. I took a newest modernization my coins are disappearing again. BOO!
~ Barry Martin
I love the release, although they are really simple. And I hate the fact that it crashes and does not save any work. I test to refill the answers and it crashes again. If it doesn't obtain fixed, I will most definitely be uninstalling it speedy.
~ Kelly Tee.
Super repetitive. Clues won't advance - gets stuck alternating between 2 until you manually pick other. Gift option has disappeared since last modernization. Adverts won't load for coin rewards. Product gobbles coins if you accidentally brush tip tab - no confirmation option. The respond is probably "oreo".
~ Michelle Trewartha
Keeps destroying since the last modernization. All my progress is lost, must run over. The paid informations are in the worst possible zone such that I hold spending the in release dollars by accident and actually have to buy that dollars if I need to use it.
~ Hugo Provencher
have been testing this release for years and actually it constantly crashes and runs puzzles over and uses up my coins that I pay for to see when we got answers wrong. The wife and I test this nightly but I guess we will have to search other release. its sad.
~ James Kennedy
I downloaded the newest upload only to obtain ALL the previous glitches again. How VERY disappointing! You had the tool fixed and actually I am back to square one again. NOT HAPPY!!
~ Carolyn Funk
They finally fixed their destroying troubles, so I'm changing my rating to five stars. Changed my review again. Destroying troubles are back. Be sure to exit puzzles often or you'll lose progress when it crashes.
~ A Paul Muller
Love the release but hate the release. It slows down as you test until the release doesn't reply at all. After that the release freezes up and locks the device. I have to turn the device off just to create it work. None of the another releases I test does this. Please fix this speedy or I'll end up erasing the release fully.
~ Joseph Bryce
I used to love testing this but for whatever reason actually it continuously crashes. I will be just about done a puzzle and the entire release will reload and lose all of my progress. I started over the same puzzle twice today and then just gave up, which in turn makes me lose my streak and lose rewards. VERY frustrating!!
~ Candice Duff
Nice Soft.. Only two recommendations that would create recipients use the release more often: 1. Give nonpaid access to older "archived" puzzles 2. Reward more coins through releases or watching banners.
~ Chris Gauthier
What is going on? For the past two weeks there's been a glitch. When I obtain the puzzle almost finished, it takes me back to the home page and the puzzle is fully cleared or half wiped out and I have to run over...AND it takes more coins...sometimes as many as 40 or 50 when I have to reenter the words. Please fix this quickly or I'm outta here! I'd also like to obtain my coins back!!!
~ sarah winters
Very poorly designed release. The home page is a jumbled hot mess. The puzzles are ridiculously simple. Unlike most releases, instead of encouraging users to hold testing, this release flat out ends. You can only solve one puzzle per day, which takes only 5-6 mins. Then you have to wait until the next day to test again, unless you spend coins. Moreover, my coin balance went from hundreds to 10 overnight. Not sure what happened, not sure I care. uninstalled.
~ Jill Z