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About: Are you ready for a no-nonsense, action packed first person shooter? Critical Ops is a speedy-paced FPS that will play your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience an intense CT operation. War for domination alongside your dudes or present the globe your skill by leading the individual scoreboard. Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS! The release currently informations three challenging release modes: DEFUSE Two squads, two targets! One squad trying to plant and defend the bomb until detonation, the another one trying to defuse it. Dominate the battlefield! TEAM DEATH MATCH Two opposing squads war it out in a timed deathmatch. Create every bullet count! GUN GAME Two squads war versus every another with individual users working their own idea through all the weapons in the release. Gear Up! Critical Ops is still under development, but you ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 53MB Developer: Critical Force Ltd.
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Critical Ops Reviews and Comments:

I have been testing four plus years, and I gotta claim it has got idea better. The operating system has changed for the better. I just claim should add voice chat should create this release the times better and more competitive. Just a thought, just a thought.
~ Ryan Zbuchalski
i am testing this release , from last 3 years , and from the couple of days , i am experincing screen stuck troubles like ( anyone facing screen swipe troubles in release ( like screen not responding to swipes) . And i ask it to many of them , and its happening with everone . so please fix the squad. Facing Aim lock issuse
~ High Tech Indians
this release is really fun to test has a really nice release test really nice controls and really nice graphics but there's one thing you need to work on is getting easier idea to obtain credits because it is so hard and I can't buy any gun skins so just work on that in this and this release will be nice. PS please create these changes thank you
~ Jeremiah Daniels
it is the finest release of life please download it , its graphics are nice it is better from pubg and fortnite i am claiming plesee download it is so nice in my dream thinks about only this release thanks from Prateek for uploading this finest release my name in this is Prateek1525 Thanks you to read this BYE Please Download this Product and Please send Me Colleague Requests to me if you test and my name is Prateek1525 please send
~ Tardeep Kaur Kochhar
I have been testing this release for the past 3 weeks. Really having some fun. Just one trouble if the devs should accelerate the user's movements it'll be nice and an option to pick maps and some more newest guns. Add these and you're golden.
~ Mohammed Miran
This release is a fun, and addictive release. But there is one thing wrong. The graphics. Although the release is nice (I suggest it), the graphics aren't the finest. Please fix the graphics. Sometimes there are aggressors right in front of me, but I can't see them because they're camouflaged with the graphics. Please fix this. Another than that, this release is an nice release.
~ G H X S T R A H I M
This Product Is Nice but when you find for a rank match It takes So Long.But Its So Cool Because I like Call Of Dudy And it's like that release.Also When I Go To a rank match it claims room Is closed But My name is C a y d e n In The release.THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!
~ Critical Pro
I really like this release it now improve my reflexes and I can transport speedy with my fingers and thumb I really like this release so much that I wish this to be the #1 leader board Thank you so much developers and I hope you all obtain paid well have a nice life love you all
~ A Google user
im so pro in dis release maybe i should have some dudes?? i have full!! simple to obtain weapon skins i training mah dudes to test like my its so nice release i ever played!! i should trust that everyone needs dollars but they need to test better and better then they gonna earn credits... i should believie giving you 5 stars to this nice release :)
~ Edgaras Gustys
the release is awesome. its graphics, modes and load out makes the release look at a idea. its seems that the glory is in the gun but reason for not giving all 5 star is that the user in the release are not enough which is why the player feels boring to test this release.
~ Sakina Mohammed
rfjdewwfgjkkhresssfghhhghy and I am not sure if I tre the finest idea in the back of my mind I was just iyttree the finest zone for the wishes and the another one is not well I'm sure you will be able to obtain to the bottom of this correspondence is in regards to the another side of the house is a very nice job of keeping them in the morning and then I have seen it before but it tum beech it was a pleasure to see you guys again today and I am not sure how to obtain the stats to the art museum of art that I can
~ Sheetal Jain
This Product is an nice one.It is better than PUBGM and yes you need a lot of time to learn this release.This release has the real HP system (NOT LIKE PUBG, YOU NEED TO SHOOT LIKE A 10 TO 12 BULLETS)...This release is a better one and they could RESET the credits gaining system
~ Soham Sharma
this release gets worse each single modernization. First, FPS wise, from 0.7.0, qualcomm 425 chipset, HD screen. full settings, never experienced below 60FPS dips. 1.0 425 chipset unplayable, so i got a qualcomm 636, FHD+ screen full settings. Consistent FPS. actually again the newest modernization made the release unplayable even with weak settings. Quality Wise, the models are just copy and pasted all over the zone without attention to detail. and without reason. CMON who puts trashcan on the middle of the walkway?
~ Google Gaming
its a nice release dont obtain me wrong. but actually when i wish to test rank, me and my dudes cant tap the approve button for rank its affecting us as we have schedules when we wish to test with every another. please look into this. -Vynn
~ Verxill
This release is nice, the customization is a gigantic plus. The graphics are flawless, I only lose frames in canals for some reason. But I have a recommendation, can you give us the option to test defuse mode in practice. that would be nice. also please increase the anti mod, it's getting out of control
~ Toku Fire
Overall this release is nice but the troubles are the ranked match takes so long for matchmaking and whenever we victory or lose the match iot never bring me to the home screen its hold showing the territory of the map and there are so many another bugs and it is happening since 1.6.0otherwise this release is so nice. Please fix this
~ Jyoti Sharma
SUCKS . recipients are testing this release on PC versus small users . This is not a small release . Download it only if you wish to be slaughtered by those sitting on PC with gigantic screens and keyboards and mouses . SOON TO BE DEAD GAME . Also has a lot of hackers in it . REPORTS NEVER WORK . Have reported a million users and nothing happened . SUCKS BIG TIME .
~ Om Shree
I had given 5 stars earlier but after re installation i fond out that there's no idea to earn credits in order to buy elite pass. Developers are forcing us to buy credits by paying them. Extremely terrible walkthrough to create dollars. I would give 5 stars if they give an easier idea to earn credits. Previously it was possible by completing missions but actually we obtain xp instead. I really wish a idea to earn credits in the release.
~ muhammad anas
it will take care of this communication and any attachments may contain confidential.Dr jopon and the turtle creek into the office and glitch the release!!!!!!!just a speedy question 2 what do you think of the first step of my app and what is your deadline to obtain the full contract out so I don't need the full contract to the council to create sure they have been place forward on it ASAP to create
~ jenny hughes
One of the finest FPP shooting releases I have ever played, Deathmatch, Defuse, Gun Product and Ranked Defuse, these modes create the release more funfull, Lots of guns to pick! You can test with dudes, make your own Gild or join one. This release is like CS:GO. smooth controls, lovely graphics. Improvements that could be done:- we could be able to talk with our teammates it will create the release better.
~ Aditya Dutta
I hold getting kicked from Ranked for literally no reason. In 3 days I have gotten 2 Leaver penalties and it's annoying. Ranked test is cute much unplayable.
~ D r e
Overall Nice. The only thing is the server.... sometimes my net is very powerful but it does not connect during load.... then changing the servers takes time to connect.... the release crashes during Situation openings.... recently i opened a super topic in ehich i received a tier 5 ak koi skin. But release destroyed and it did not apear in loadout....i have chcked the loadout often properly but no success. Facing many hackers and the newest modernization is not appreciated by most users. (1.6.0)..
~ Shalini Joshi
I have been testing for a year actually , i love the releases go but there is something i really think that the release needs to improve with . what i think is too stop glitches and bugs , hackings and toxic words . thank you .
~ Rachel Aliyiana
Critical Ops is action packed. it kills time and it keeps me on my toes. there's different gamemodes like deathmatch, defuse and gun release. by far the finest online first person shooter I've ever played. In my opinion though, you could add a Capture the Flag release mode where you have to capture the flag and bring it from target A to target B. or from target B to target A
~ Kamikaze
It needs more Product Modes like Capture the Flag , Boss of the Hill , Zombie Mode , Unpaid For All , and Another Gamemodes and also can you create More Crates? like Knife Crates , Other Crate where they have there own Skin Types like Standoff and also add Trading in the Product were we Trade skins i would like this release and give it a 5 if you add this! ≤3
~ NooBZy YTBurr
This is an all out nice release in general and is runs smoothly and i havent seen any hackers. But one thing thats bothering me is that each thing is too much dollars. The war pass is like 10$ and if you wanted to save up for the war pass, you'd be doing it for weeks! So please fix this and if anyone else agrees, write a review about this too.
~ Story Time
The release made me feel like I am testing CS:GO but on small! I really like this release. But one flaw, the balance during a Ranked Competitive is not nice. Most of the times my teammates are lower rank than me and the opposing squad has a higher rank than me. Anyways, hold up the nice work! And please create Ranked Competitive better in making balance better.
~ Khaled Pangcoga
GREAT GAME! and I love it!! The graphics, shotting style and the challenges are nice! One of my most favored release of all time, thanks to the developers! If anyone is having aby problem, maybe (I would suggest) that you could delete and download, or maybe it's because your Wi-Fi is slow, etc. Or another wise, maybe your device isn't compatible....😅but I am sure, if you can't test, you will obtain to oneday and you'll love it!
~ Swiftie _
This is the most rigid release.First target is,this release have very less maps and very less active users which cause wrong natchmakings.The worst thing is if you are testing a ranked release,sometimes it will obtain disconnected in between and your release will run again and whoops,you are not in the match anymore!
~ Utkarsh Kumar
Well this release is nice,but there are some errors . Allow me explain. One is that Whenever you crouch you have to press the button twice so I usually Delete the release and login again . Second is that I dont really like the release because of the Fps,but I really enjoy it. Lastly There are some hackers in the release too . I have experienced hackers in ranked releases , Deathmatch , Defuse , and gungame . I hope that these explanation helped you to improve much more better .
~ -ICE Tea
Been testing this for about a year or so, with a couple of long breaks. Each time I came back it was so nice, they usually add a several newest weapons, and the skins on offer are really great (although you will have to pay to obtain them more easily). Overall, gameplay is fun and usually not too broken, but sometimes it does feel very unfair in gunfights and certain weapons are definitely unbalanced *cough* ak47 and sg-551
~ Eliot Peck
After the modernization it has got some bugs like the user doesn't spawn on the mark of 8 minute and I really loved the previous starting screen after the release when you obtain XP screen and I have also noticed that when I press the firing button it doesn't give instant response. I will be grateful for a positive response.
~ random person
i hate the release. ever since your recipients place ranked releases its harder for recipients to test and it would be better if you place it to were everybody in your match was as nice as you. there needs to be nonpaid weapon skins for noobs like me. this release needs to be improved pls.
~ A Google user
Actually it's ok...But I have a Trouble . You guys Upgrade this release tring to create it more and more nice and cool. But it is only enjoyable for IPad users for 60 fps or 120fps. Critical ops have better compatibility on ios devices this is my trouble. I have a nice device One plus 5t but still Cops does not help 60 fps...sometimes it goes below 50. Why? Please I request Critical Force to improve release performance on Mobile devices too. I am sure you guys will not allow us Down. Thank you
~ A Google user
Honestly, this release started getting worse after the newest shotgun modernization. it takes too many shots too slay someone with it, and its just getting annoying how you headhsot some with it and it doesnt count as a headshot!
~ A Google user
So terrible. I test hard on my profile, then i got banned without reason.I just made a newest profile again , and i cant test the release due to server error , and after i report this , they claimed i violated TOS . I dont even know what im wrong . So sad to test this release . Dont test this release , it is just a waste of time for testing this release
~ A Google user
I've been testing it for a month actually. I really like this release. However there are some things that needs improvement. I think its better if there are ct and t exclusive weapons it adds more depth to the release. And also more maps would be better. I've only have seen 1 hacker so far. I think some recipients exagerrates when they claim hackers everywhere. But if thats real, this could be the top priority for critical ops dev squad to fix. And lastly, we could have newest release modes.
~ Tophee
This release is currently not that nice working. When I run my ranked releases more than half of the times I obtain kicked out from the ranked release with my entire squad. Please fix this trouble. It happens a lot of times. Please look forward at this trouble. Also you claimed you have added anti tool improvements but it doesn't seems so ! We faced hackers 2 times after the modernization. Please claim me Are you going to fix the hacker trouble ???😡😡 Well In Product lags are back again please fix them !!
~ Siddhesh Patil
Been testing this release for a long time actually and have racked up over 20,000 kills, however I own a castle and cannot easily claim who no longer plays the release. A nice solution for this would be to present when a person was last online but for actually the newly added ranked seasons present who hasn't played since they started so give me a rough concept. All in All love the release but would love it even more if there was easy ideas of knowing who no longer plays to make more room for newer users. :D
~ Cooldudeboy
great release and graphics but I can't test bcuz of the hackers the users could be banned for hacking. I'm tired of the hackers but I still love this release. My favored release was other one but actually this is my favoured release and I didn't like this modernization at all sorry to claim. In the Regular Target it gives XP instead of credits I think it would be better if y'all give credits back again. It's hard for me to obtain skins. I loved the before modernization. And I can't obtain the critical pass.And I love the updatnow
~ Dark Girl