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About: Criminal Situation - the #1 nonpaid hidden object release! Are you ready to solve murder topics? Download actually and search who killed Rosa Wolf... Join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of murder topics in this captivating hidden object, journey release. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the aggressors. Are you ready to prove your detective skills? FEATURES: Investigate crime scenes in a grim and corrupt castle Test with your dudes to be the finest detective ever Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence Interrogate witnesses and suspects Bring the aggressor to justice PLEASE NOTE Criminal Situation is fully nonpaid to test, however some release equipment can also be bought for true dollars. If you don't wish to use this information, please disable in-release purchases i ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Pretty Simple
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Criminal Case Reviews and Comments:

at first i like this release so much. i feel like I'm a true investigator...haha... but actually the release is not functioning properly anymore. I can't spin the wheel, cannot send a live to another recipients, cannot launch the sticker box.
~ baby aida
really nice release very enjoyable and well done. my only trouble is it's so energy hungry and the energy takes a very long time to come back. you obtain 110 energy and every lvl takes 20 a test and you only regain 1 energy each 2 mins it takes about 4 hours to obtain full energy and only about 5-10 mins to use it all.
~ Sam Shell
addictive, the release has changed a lot over the years I have been testing. getting better again. just want the time to wait for effects weren't so long. I can't afford to pay to reduce the time. so I wait it out.
~ Debra Edge
It's terrible enough that the devs have started shoving banners down your throat, but when you have to watch an banner just to dismiss an banner? I'm on the verge of uninstalling again. Permanently.
~ Ken A
I give ita one I would give less of I was able to. When you transport up a lvl it doesn't give you 110 lightening bolts unless you have zero lightening bolts available at the time you advance. How cheap can you be,?
~ Victoria MacMillan
It's a nice release.. I don't pay dollars in releases for fuel or energy and I started this about a 3weeks ago.. It keeps u entertained for about an hour before you run out of energy.. but each release is like that at first.. You eventually figure out how to obtain more fuel and can test longer.. One TIP don't test to figure out who is quilty FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE 100%.. It should cost you stars.. SO FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE!!
~ A Google user
Used to test this on both fb and small and just reinstalled it on small... but what I saw was irritating... watching banners for more spins or energy is fine but single or even double banners after every round is absurd... this used to be enjoyable, actually it is just sad... microtransactions too... if not for the story, immediate uninstallation..
~ SoneMeister
So far things are fair and fun at lvl 3. Stopped for a long time but just came back to the release and quickly picked up where I left off, really enjoying it so far but I'm curious to see how hard things will obtain in a several lvls time
~ Jenny Simon
it's a really great release I love it its very interesting I 've got to claim it's nice and wonderful. it supports you think more.but I don't like the fact that we only have 110 energy and each time we use 20 of them on one zone but it's okay.
~ Oluremi Ayodele
before this date, i really loved this release and felt "yuss it’s just a splendid one,it deserves ★★★★★". But actually, although trying again and again, I can't download the next topic and it made me WAY frustrated :( what the heck is this >:( I'm gonna uninstall :'(
~ Adeys Anann Airaf
very nice release intersting but you have to download different albums,different lvls or topics. On 3rd lvl you have to download so many things. I think not nice for childrens because it will be boring and hard for them.
~ A Google user
Like the release. HATE the banners. Gimme a break. Is it really essential to throw yet other banner at me just because I finished a stage? And by the idea, hold the banners short, like five or at most TEN seconds! With that I rate this release 5 stars for release test ZERO for ridiculous amounts of banners. Average overall. TWO stars.
~ Mark Youngers
fun release but I want you didn't run out of energy. In order to process clues you need stars, in order to obtain stars you need to process the stage, in order to process the stage you need energy. This means you can only test for 5 mins tops and then have to wait a couple of hours. frustrating and honestly I'm almost ready to un install it because if that. it just takes idea too long to test one lvl. if it wasn't for that 5 stars for sure
~ Sammy Jones
This release is fun. If you like spot the difference or memory releases, then this is for you. Sometimes its frustrating as you run out of energy, but you can create in release purchases which can give you more. You can also speed the investigations along by making purchases as well, but that can create it cute expensive. If you should use the coins gained to buy energy that would be nice.
~ Patryce Percival
I have been testing for a couple of years. I solved all the crimes that there were right to the end will you take the plane to Pacific Bay. I did not lose my stars or my dollars or my animal helpers or my dudes or my detective lvl when I went to Pacific Bay. I finished all the crimes in Pacific Bay and had to fly to the next zone and that was save the globe. here I lost my dollars my animals all my dudes and basically had to run all over again. That was disappointing
~ Heather Woodhouse
Now I liked the release. The only thing that I don't like is the charging of energy offline. How should I test the release if I am lack of energy and you have to wait few mins for it to refill? Please resolve this... So that I'll rate you five stars.
~ maychrissy bautista
this is my absolute favoured releases to test is all 5 of the criminal topic releases. i only have one complaint... i just want it didn't use so much energy. otherwise it's a great fun and simple release to test. if you like hidden object releases you will love this one.
~ Elizabeth Slater
just download release several days ago it's like the shows on t.v. except you obtain to solve them. it's fun and sometimes you think you have the right person and the last item shows no not his. so you go back double check again. you will have fun and I enjoy testing the release it's relaxing and it supports calm me down and distress me, never thought this would be a fix for that 😄
~ Jane Dempsey
nice release!! very interesting.. the most nice thing about this release is that it will not let you to waste all your time... feels like you are a true cop!! gotta test...
~ Yash Vats
I've played this release for a long time. I completed Pacific Bay and was flying to a newest globe, which ended up being a entire newest release. In order to continue, I lose all my dudes, my pets, my lvls. I know the release can be played in the original release because my husband still plays all worlds in his Criminal Situation release without downloading other one, keeping all his dudes, pets, lvls, and gifts.
~ Aimee Yunto
do not download because you will waste your time and be upset when it doesnt launch and runs claiming this isn't an official copy to download official copy from google shop to be connected to the ver you have. hit launch after years of me testing... it won't launch.i emailed the develpers no respond. .. smh.
~ SweenyBlaque-ToxicMomVlogs
Started testing this the another day. Actually I'm an addict and have all five downloaded. I love how some follow on. Like, for example. #5 Conspiracy is back in Grimsborough where it all started. You've made a fan out of me. I highly suggest ALL the episodes. Esp love Save the globe, and Mysteries of the past gives us a different take from another episodes. I surely hope there will be many more episodes (Tools) to follow.
~ leanne dovey
This release is nice. I can learn anything. When I am Installing the release, I was already excited. I test this release when I was 6 years old. And this is my second time. I see my sister testing I install it but my cellphone couldn't install it. And when I delete some releases, it still doesn't install. That is because my sim card is having a virus. And when I am testing this. I think I am a detective. I test the another Criminal topic it was a Pacific Bay Please enjoy it. It is realistic.
~ Marcus Ondoc
I'm cute pleased with this release, nice graphics,proper idea,and formalities of the topics with creepy things ,it makes you feel exciting about the next topic and the aggressor which we have to search by solving the topic. It's a great release ,nice work done.
~ Nikhil Choudhary
Incredible release, finest hidden object release on Google Test! But... The energy required for puzzles is really high when balanced with the fact that there is a lvl system but the energy limit doesn't increase with it? Please add this, an bonus 10 energy each lvl? Would be nice!
~ A Google user
Love the release but hate the fact that the wheel for gifts at the run is controlled to stop by the release and isn't random. Why do you care what premium I obtain by myself? It's a noting and no fun.I would give 5 stars if you would allow me obtain a jackpot.... it's fixed and rigged to only land on certain ones. weird.
~ Leslie Anthony
I love this release, and the whole series. I also love how connected they made the releases' storyline/characters, but that's off subject. The design and gameplay are nice. It isn't incredibly hard to search the hidden objects in the scenes, solve the topic, and enjoy the storyline. 5/5 rating.
~ Lori Hickman
ive been testing this release for years! Love It! only thing id claim is some things take idea to long to process and cost a bit to skip.. being able to watch an banner to speed that up would be nice! all in all 1 of my favoured releases ive ever played!
~ Sarah Dunn
This is one of the most intriguing, simple to test, and enjoyable releases I've played ever. Just completed Situation 5 and I'm still testing the multiple times a day and enjoying it. It doesn't seem like I'm going to obtain tired of this release like I often do others. It is creatively written, and the graphics and control are awesome.
~ Laura M
their help squad is HORRIBLE. ive been having trouble with my release. when i contact the help squad they send an automated correspondence back claiming check the FAQ and that thats the only correspondence youll be receiving. but none of my question were on the FAQ list. im so frustrated! this happens often i test to contact them!!
~ Toccarra Martin
don't waste your time on this release. it crashes constantly and you lose energy points. plus, don't send any feedback when it does ruin, no one lets you know if they are working on it. it has gone downhill in the crapper since they force you to watch banners.
~ Manda72 Davis
I loved the release. used to test it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. finished many series but when I changed my device to Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the release crashes as quick as I press test.i tried reinstalling it few times but no luck. trouble still persists.please support in resolving the trouble.
~ Amol Parker
I have been testing Criminal Situation for years. I love this release. Also, I have met many unbelievable recipients/dudes from all over the globe. They are actually my partners in solving crime and nice FB dudes. If I should give more than 5 stars, this release would be on the top. Criminal Situation supports me with my memory, which is nice as I obtain older.
~ Rita Niles
I don't like this release because you gotta pay for "energy" once you run out of it. it also is so expensive. The only another idea you can obtain only 40 energy( you can only do 2 topics) with signing in with Fb. One hamburger is 5.00 with true dollars!!! It dose'nt even give you enough for one topic with the energy it gives you. I tried and it took me a couple of tries before it wod give me 1 energy.
~ Katie Roberts
The amount of banners is just insane. Energy/stage ratio not well planned, at least not for the user, all focused on making you buy more. You can test for nonpaid for 5 mins, then you're out of either energy or the lab is on a timer or your partners are on timer. Everything costs something, and usually those non stop banners... I was going to test also the another criminal topic releases since i saw nice reviews but no, not fun really. Just plain annoying.
~ Erika Johanning
Nice release! I am not newest to this and it has been awhile but it is one of my favoured releases online or offline to test. I like mysteries and realistic interactive storyline releases where I obtain to solve and decipher things, or do the DNA analysis, figure out codes, detonate bombs, match fingerprints and identify the guilty party and then arrest them. This release allow's feel like you are really doing something! Very realistic release and story, graphics are nice and premium results are nice too!
~ Tonya Bailey
Only on the second lvl, but so far seems to be a nice storyline line that keeps you interested. Also plenty of ideas to continue release test, with video's and rewards for completing tasks or dudes sending you certain equipment! Excellent to test when unwinding before bed, but interesting enough to create me wish to create sure I test each night
~ Krista Shields
seriously I have tried to like this edition, unfortunately I do not like it. The releases are the same for each edition, so that's not it. It has to be the topics. They do not keep my interest or capture my imagination. My son Claims me things pick up around topic 50. I am just starting topic 20. I hope I can last until topic 50.
~ Tara Ganaway
I have been testing this release for a month actually. Actually at lvl 18 I like it a lot. Recently I am not able to view banners to obtain coins or energy. When I click the watch banner button for both coins and energy, the screen goes dark for a moment and then returns back. Sometimes after trying couple of times I am able to watch an banner. My net connection is 40 mbps so dont worry about any latency and equipment. Would appreciate if this annoying trouble is fixed.
~ Aritra Chatterjee
I like this release. First I played it on fb and I was addicted but then couldn't test anymore cause there was trouble with my laptop. Actually I test it on my mobile and the feeling is still the same. It even comes out in few series. I'd like to test another series as well. So there's no reason not to download this release. There's one thing though, instead of downloading the next topic why don't we just unblock it? Or we can also give in our reward coins.
~ Rinekasari Anantya Kartini