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About: Craftopia - Survival Miner is the first Crafting Product with more possibilities and largest living Worlds on Google Test. Be the finest User on this beautifull Product. Build and Destroy evrything what you can see. Many newest Animals and Biomes await you. Receive Hunt or Fish. Craft and Survive. You are not alone. Many creatures in the Night hunt you. Build a Farm or a Apocalyptic globe. And have much FUN!!!
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: Meigee™
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Developer: Tuesday Quest [email protected]

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About: Toy Game Story : Buzz Lightyear Vs Woody Racing Game for Mobile ....

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Craftopia Reviews and Comments:

When i download it i was glad. But when i test it. It stopped. You are the rudest originator i ever seen.
~ Hafiy Abdullah
Finest release ever but please create 2nd part of this release because i an not talking welly with others because this release has not a keyboard i also wish online dudes not pc. But By the idea this release is wonderfulllllll😈😈😈
~ A Google user
You Could Download this is nice 5 Stars i Gave So Thats why Is Nice For this release is Awsome you Will Build Each day Hurayyyyyyyyyyy!! !!!!!!!!!!
~ audrey aspiras
I almost thought this was a minecraft ripoff but then I was like "maybe recipients who can't obtain minecraft can test this as a alternative."...I was right it's not that terrible at all you could hold it up.
~ Hiken 21
I only rate it 4 stars because before I changed the difficulty settings creatures were crawling into my ass... also recipients stop bitching! THE ADDS are nonpaid to obtain rid fifteen mins!
~ Allanna Morning
Ok this release is cool I LOVE IT! :D And kinda I give it 5 runs rating because it looks kinda cool! Making things and many more! P.s to obtain rid of banners turn off wi-fi
~ geoffrey crompton
So nice the releases graphics are nice but you could add MULTIPLAYER CUZ ITS fun to test with dudes you could add it in the next modernization but who are claiming too many adds are just stupid CUZ you just turn on airplane mode and the banners will go away like how stupid are the recipients
~ Usha Rani Biswas
Nice but the ADS can you remove it when I took things in my inventory ADS WHEN I go to sleep ADS AGAIN you know what I hate banners THATS WHY I GIVE 4 STAR HERE PLSSS FIX IT I HATE ADS!!!!!!!!
~ its SVDK
Now..I figure out so i can test with no banners,all you have to do is turn off your time and no banners will come <3 I love this release
~ Mrs Páñdã
this is my babe*I'm just trying to install the release I'm just trying to create the stars for fun that's all but I really like it I saw the pictures that I do not wish to teleport to the nether or not to d end
~ A Touch Of Magic TipMagic
you SHOULD add penguins and they would of course have spawn eggs! and they would be speedy swimmers! and they would jump in the launch water and hunt for fish! and throw it up for the baby penguins! also add aggressor whales! and create the ver of this release: craftoipa.1.11 south pole modernization
~ Joshua reed junior.
I want I should rate it 0 stars cause it's just horrible it glitches my App so terrible that when I am logging in it resets my device and I don't even know it when it does and when I launch the release the screen turn black I quickly leave the release and my screen becomes FROZEN for god sake the worst glitchy release ever I mean why does this release even exist I am tried of this stupid release and I don't suggest this release download other release but not this and also so many banners I HATE THIS!!!!
~ Quratulain Yamin
I don't wish to give terrible feedbacks but when I installed the release, It was litterally fine. I turned off my small time and continued the release, when I was a half idea of building, the screen went black and kicked me out of the release. I continued again but this time with small time, I opened still the same release and all I build is actually gone! When I started again, banners hold on showing.
~ Yang 1004
recipients dis is minecraft
~ Saikhou Bah
i like it so much
~ Ali hussain
modernization it actually
~ Zeniya Ai
this very nice
~ So Lida
should u plzzzzzzz add enderdragon and endereye
~ Iftikhar Ahmed
its my favroite release but there are to much banners
~ A Google user
this release is sooooooooooooo great
~ Stella Stansy
to many adds and I can't name my animals
~ Terrible gacha
its nice but dont have all minecraft blocks and ocean creutues
~ finnqwerty games
It is a nice release but there is just a lot of banners so I don't like it so much
~ A Google user
I can't launch this stupid releases , DON'T DOWNLOAD
~ Zalina Ahmad
I loved it the release was so nice and i like the song
~ Greggi Green
this release is minecraft but with texture boxes. im reporting your release.
~ Carson Palmer
nice release though it was so excited for the day
~ Adrianna Harris
~ A Google user
i hate that the day before my Azzy wanna do it with some of the women the women are fighting over to etro and pocoyo is spupet
~ Fairy eater reborn
cute cool release despite it not being (maybe) from sarlos exploration prime
~ Maria White
its so cool it looks like the reality minecraft i love it so much 😃 the controls are like minecraft but the only trouble is the skins. but i dont care i still love the release
~ Abdulraouf Binasing
the "more" button is in the idea of the buttons... please remove it
~ Kimberly Gonzales 2.0
This is as like Minecraft but it has no Ender chest , eye of Ender , terrecota , Book and quail, magma block etc.🤨🤨 so please add it
~ Aparna Karmakar
The release is very cool but some of the equipment in minecraft pe is not there and can you guys pls remove the more button in the corner... thank you.
~ George Saltarin
sorry but can you please fix this whenever i test to launch it it just logs me out please fix this please
~ Trixyz albarracin
it os the nonpaid Minecraft tht is not a lie if u dont wish to pay for Minecraft obtain this there is only one trouble and its not a large one the black carpet is not black its bown but tht is it nice job on this release
~ Live Wild
my device claimed that craftopia has stopped waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Elena Galang
Drenex☺️☺️🤗😭👽☠️😠fkri and entire foods for your support and have a unbelievable day and I hope you have a unbelievable day and I love the concept of a naa ka Kaila ka Ana is not a nice fit but I don't know how to do it and I will be at the meeting tomorrow night and
~ Brenda Villaver
Hi guys I love this release is so simmilar to minecraft and i wish to give it a billion amount of stars it's already nice when i look the blocks because most dosen't have pistons but when i saw it had em i would recommend to modernization this and obtain more inspiration from minecraft since this is nonpaid the minecraft i wish needs dollars becuase my gadget is samsung or something thanks for making this release i've been finding this for about 2 years since 2018 thanks for your release Edit:create torches less bright pls
~ KenKen Gaming
Is anybody scrolling down and reading the comments to see what the release is like? If you are,claim this review was useful! If you did,thanks a lot!!! So,allow me claim you what the release is like! allow me obtain right into it! Here it started,it a storyline by the idea! SO here it started,I was looking for videos on YouTube for 'Products simular like MCPE! WELL I'D didn't spell it like that. Whatever! so I found this and seen redstone! the thing I wanted,I was amazed! I downloaded it and here was the release I wanted!
~ Goldi Paul