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About: Counter Terrorist - Gun Shooting Product in this classic hardcore FPS releases that lets you complete combat sniper stealth missions. Search 30 stealth shooter lvls with 3 themes like Desert, Port and Snow. Be the top shooter commander and hunt all who are hiding in strategic territories. You are a trained hunter SWAT premium counter terrorist attack forces agent, your job is to slay the suspects right actually with the attacks. As the lvls progress, the target gets tougher and the rewards obtain higher. So equip yourself with the finest gun and hunt them down to be the top shooter. Explore for goals based on radar instructions; completing missions within a specified period of time. Use your gigantic reward to unblock your favoured from a tons of options like Shooting guns, fight weapons, assault rifles, main / auxiliary weapons and Sniper rifles. The battlefield is full of crisis, ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 55MB Developer: Million games
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Counter Terrorist - Gun Shooting Game Reviews and Comments:

ha ha ha,for testing the release its asking to me 6400 rupee, 😃😃
~ A Google user
I wish too see you my gun how to slay the terrorist...
~ Sunny Deogracias
this release is very faltur I will not give any star for this release
~ Mukesh Kashyap
i have been looking for this type of release its awsome
~ Will Afolabi
it did not launch in my small how much RAM required to test it
~ Shan Rasool
why the direction control is moving more than needed it makes the release total worse
~ uday nayani
waste release, not like pubg, worst release ever
~ Rama Tummala
Needs to be a tiny less sensitive
~ Janus Boshoff
its very great release .From this release i laern how to slay and my shooting is becaming very great
~ A Google user
no modernization has been given to my device
~ Akita Mathew
plz don't download this release. very terrible control s. and weak graphics........
~ Suryakant Kanase
l like this release very much. my brother claimed me about this release
~ nisha tiwari
waste release i never seen this type of release who invented this release west fellow you not have shame maadarshod
~ Chintu kandlapelli
can you please change the sensitivity. The release would be much better if you do so
~ Kayden Lam
The Control Is Too terrible And I See Glitch That I Already Headshot But The Bullet Goes Through It In The Last Hit Like Slow Mo. Thing
~ Paul Morallo
It is a disgusting release. It has no control. Very hard to control. Terrible release👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
~ imdad mirza
Stupid gameplay. Just don't like it. Don't waste your time.
~ Rethi R
its really fun but its hard to aim the aggressor but i guess i will used to it i had so much fun
~ A Google user
nice but developer have to increase the lvl of release. it's not sufficient.
~ Arul Kumar
the release is to touchy mooves idea to much when you look around or aim the gun another than that it's a fun release
~ Kevin Miller
Stupid release indeed, you have to buy first weapon with true dollars even before you obtain to test release
~ Mbuyiselo Mkololo
there are too many bugs i don't know why i got stuck in the walls plz fix it nice release Add some newest guns and create the bots powerfull
~ Shaukat Zaman
needs more excitement to it. Moved a tiny stiff enjoyable release slow pace
~ Billy Williams
Idea too many banners the release needs to be upgraded so it should be enjoyed. The banners are killing the vibes
~ yusuf olayinka
worst release ever, the camera speed to speedy and can't slow it down
~ Khang Le
Nice release and I am waiting for next season 2 and 3.
~ payal priya
worst appp.. controls can't work properly. gun aiming not working properly... pls remove this release from test shop
~ Balaji Prt
in your after someone is died then we will Press life button then it could be started from there only then it will be a nice release
~ Himanshu Narang
Too many adds. very frustrating. uninstalling it right away. don't install it.
~ Indrajit Sarkar
i don't know but i look i don't test release but i making prediction this 😍 release is very nice to test the recipients... I'm Pereira see you next release😉👉
~ Tania Pereira Belo
if there is a chance i would have given 0 rating.. nothing is nice..
~ m.satya Narayana
worst release ever...asking me to buy the materials as quick as I opened the release not even letting me experience the gameplay.. I will uninstall the release
~ Bomken Tatu
it is sooooooooooo great pretty person who has been designed for those peoplewho test ......????.
~ Shilpa1123 Shilpa
without paying any rupees you can not able to run release. Product runs from Rs. 6300/- . worst release ever seen
~ Viraj Gandhi
I love this release I test this release each day because it's really entertaining its better than another shooting releases if someone wants to pass the time so you can test this release
~ unicorn clouds
Garu to obtain the finest to obtain the finest to support with the newest house and I have a look at your earliest convenience of a newest one, but 556 teu4yree for your correspondence and we'll do it is a nice concept to create a difference, but I have to be able to do with it, but it would like to know about it is a bit like to be a nice concept of 8 to the finest to be able to do with the newest year to you by the end of the finest to obtain the finest to obtain the finest to obtain the finest to obtain the finest 55tq63t of my favored colour isgood
~ naveen kumar
Bro Bro Bro... Right Actually 8z nothing but a trash... How funny!!! to unblock all lvl the price ws 6.4k haha 8z like u r stealing... One can sue you for that... please test to improve a tiny bit n chrge as mch as u wish... and plz place a sensitivity setting im a left handed n it ws too hard for me to control... Im giving a comment after the 1st lvl n lso m gona uninstall it right Actually... hope u do better.
~ Akum Lusang
mom mom is the most known with the newest year to you by the idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest idea to obtain the finest of all of us who is in my job is posted in a newest job in London on a everyday rate is the first Andrew Smith is not rated player 9not and a bit more than a several weeks of a trouble is a nice deal on a everyday rate is the first one of our own home page of your life with my bit like this for you can on a everyday rate is not nice deal on 9not I will j
~ Krishnandu Paul
aiming is extremely unstable and continues to coast once released. however if you stay on the fire button while drifting all over the zone you will hit your goal. hold the weakest gun that idea they dont die instantly and one of your shells will hit them in the head and you obtain head shotbonus. I have scored 100% on all goals in head shots. also once they have targeted you they will come, just hide behind something and obtain those floating cross hairs stabilized at head lvl, they present fire.
~ jeff M
This release is all about MONEY..I think Devs don't know how to obtain the users,Dude you are from India you could know recipients don't buy anything without experiencing it,Was so excited to test but As quick as I launch the release it was asking me 6000 rs to unblock the gun and lvl..,Terrible run dude your release won't grow like this....