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About: Cops N Robbers (FPS) is a pixel style multiplayer gun shooting release developed by JoyDo Entertainment. This is an nice FPS release of pocket edition. Equip your weapons, join the war in this cool block globe. *** SINGLEPLAYER - STORY MODE *** You need to war alone in this PVE mode. Pick up your gun and take enough ammo, run journey actually! *** MULTIPLAYER WORLDWIDE *** 1. PVP Mode. 2. Different release modes: Stronghold Mode & Squad Death Match Mode & Killing Contest Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode & Hide And Seek Mode. You can pick your preferred mode to war with a squad or war alone. 3. Maps: 20 + interesting system maps and & infinite custom maps created by users. 4. Chat in release: You can chat with your squad members or all users in the room. *** Weapon System *** 1. There are 50+ system weapons provided with nice voxel models & pixel textures! 2. You can also ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 82MB Developer: Riovox
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Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game Reviews and Comments:

when the damn release upgrades the weapons i have equipped disappear, like poof, and i have to save up to obtain the gun i had originally. fix it and i might reconsider.
The finest ever! But plz place a microphone, Like mini globe and Pubg....Please? It will be so much better! ❤️❤️❤️
~ LilyYT Playz
I love cops and robber it is fun but the trouble is recipients doing weird things and maps
~ pickle morty
I hold getting kicked off the servers I'm on
~ Julie Moss
its like minecraft but its a prison and you can be a cop and shoot police dogs and polices besides that you can also be.a robber to and customize ypur gun to and you can pick up weapons
~ Holly Gardner
for the next modernization I wish to create sure that I can place my own picture on personal stats
~ A Google user
l love the release very much there not that much hackers but there some bugs but it's a nice release
~ Mylyn Arro
(Pls who created cops n robber) create, police versus robber mode which they all WEAR robber and cops and we will clash together am not claiming break all the release modes. Just add mode place this mode back to the release thx hope you understanded me
~ Shadi saati
I completed hard mode!!! I used overpowered guns,reforged my armour,purchased revive,used nonpaid revive,found a med kit.And with my heroism I completed...And to all of the recipients that cant finish campaign hard,Just hold trying ;p
~ Lachlan Chapman
It's usually claiming me actual network is not very satisfying but it's all nice except on this release
~ marcopolo gt
why do you have to create a password for peaceful actually pls change it back so we don't have to create a password it's so isupointing bc actually we gotta create a password for peaceful that isn't right for any that wants to join they can't if the another person dusint place the pass in the server name and that isn't right so pls pls change it back to we don't have to create passwords for peaceful it shouldn't take that long pls pls also you could add gender so if the user picks lad or woman they obtain those things
~ Nicholas Gray
I've been testing this release for a several years, but I couldn't test it anymore because it was hacked. But when I run logging in, it claimed it was wrong on the player or password... it would be nice if u should support
~ XxSasha_Moon xX
its great release but you could be able to download picture into your emblem so you don't half to draw a picture
~ A Google user
I've been testing this release for over 4 years actually, and something usually pulls me back.
~ Canto ae
its a fun release just would like a banners system and some more results like the ice or fire results like it used to have.
~ prelien 469
This release us addicting. It is fun but is hard to obtain dollars. Once you obtain nice equipment then its simple to victory. This release can be stressful it claim "double slay" wven when u dont obtain a double slay 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
~ Thomas Richards
i had to delete some of my songs to modernization this and delete a release actually i only have cops and robbers,whatsapp and songs on my device thx -.-
~ Cuppet Marrione
I CAN'T FRIGGIN PLAY THIS GAME it wont allow me test . this release 🎮 is nice but plz fix this release.
~ JustXcorpi0nZ
Ever since i first got this release i was in love with it! This release is so fun! You can meet newest recipients! You can create dudes and you test around and chat im Peace Mode!
~ Killonerza 885
It's alright just to much daters and like no true fun but can you have equipment that nonpaid like on sale more alfen bc im had this for a long time but i kepp on fotlr geting my acounct so actually on can you claim that "if you had this release before please give us one of you uniforms or skins you had before". Please that all i have for feedback.😊😀😄😀😊☺
~ Bianca Williams
the release is nice but when i had custom weapons activated then after a several hours i came back i lost them i spend a lot of time earning dollars for custom weapons and all for nothing pls fix it and can you at least give me back my weapons ir dollars i sent a feedback that includes my profile pass and username if this does not obtain fixed i will delete this release forever
I rewrite the review.there is something i need to claim you.1,weapons,why is there only 1 speacial weapon?Add more please.2,railgun,i love railgun in each release cuz it is powerful,but this railgun isTOO expensive so can you create it cheaper?3,i want i can test it offline.at least allow me do something like test zombie mode,storyline mode,and buy weapons.cuz i can only test like several hours in a months,i really like this release.so,please...also 1 thing,i see alot of changes.so nice work!5star!
~ Fan Christopher
It is the finest release ever. It is a release that u can do roleplay and war it is the finest and if u wish to be offline u can test storyline mode!!!!!
~ crabbymcstabby
its a very cool and nice release the controls are nice but you need to create it where you can buy levels with dollars and gems
~ Brice Mccarty
I like the release,i dont like how you all remove the grenade bug. There was nothing wrong with it. Why did yall obtain rid of it? I ask you all at Joydo to please bring this stategy back...everyone loves it!
~ A Google user
i love the release but i wish to know why is it that i cant log in again, each time it claims server error unless it happened to everyone. but it seems like im the only one so if you can support me obtain my profile back i would appreciate that, and also as a side note, i recently got the modernization a while back and often within a minute in squad, i run out of ammo, can you please give us back our ammo like how it was before, i dont like having 3 magazines but before was 6 magazines, please bring back
~ PrometheuS _SnakE
report function is abused a lot by hateful players who have terrible sportsmanship when it comes to losing, and even then they still abuse it because they dislike a user and write false claims and end up impacting that user's status. also I know we already have 96 x 96 map sizes but I wish the sizes to go even further up to 120 x 120 if possible. (p.s. for players who lose their profile, you need to bind it with a player name and password, if you cant remember it, write it down numb nuts. peace out!)
~ Audio Dud3
you can create a youtube video out of this and itz to like a really crazy release its a fun release i have a nice expirience on it
~ A Google user
This Is a nice release for under 8s to test without all the gory graphics (blood, dead bodies, etc) and not terrible for under 15s. There are some bugs in the release, who (like me) have OCD, but i don't see why this release has so many 1 stars. Credit JoyDo!
~ DL skillster29
I love this release but the armors has to be changed in to coins. ensted of jems create it dollars so it will be easier to buy the armor you have and upload it so release originator pls next modernization if you wish to buy your own armor it will be easier to buy your armor you created
~ roland aquino
nice release i like testing it I've spent $50 on it because everything is idea to expensive I've been testing for a while I've only made so much dollars in older ver things were cheaper actually there too expansive please create them easier to abotain dollars or create things cheaper in the next modernization and I'll give 5 stars
~ give jdh2 if uehs
I used to love this release, I was an OG then for some reason with the modernization I cant even test it anymore, I really loved this release, but actually it doesn't even allow me test! >:( fix this.
~ Kaden DePadre
This release is fun and all i've been testing since it started i am giving 3 stars because some things that hve been aded just destroyed this release
~ Jorge Osmund
this release is just so cool! to restore it that you should customize your own skins and weapons! there's nice guns like the railgun, RPG, Red Devil, and the defender. all these guns in my opinion or nice! if I should have any release like this are we fully flip out they could end this on the PS4 I mean this is this release is probably getting fortnite in my opinion...
~ mr.anonymous bun
hard mode in storyline is impossible! i used op customs once and failed then i used maxed out golds but i still died and i have full ap as well so how tf so u beat these bots that do 20 hurt per hit and have like 250 hitpoint i only do single for the bonus gifts but scince its impossible actually idk how im gonna obtain speedy dollars to obtain the guns i wish that have doubled price when i only obtain 160 coins full WITH DOUBLE CARD!!!!
~ Alyna Huynh
the last time I played this release was in 2010 and oh lad, did i miss this release. when I got back i realised a lot has changes when I left. but it this is still a nice release, so if you think this release is terrible...well, not my trouble. but just know that this release was- IS my childhood. god knows how many times a day i played this release when I was tiny.
~ Aly Animation Studios
If you are bored and wanna slay some recipients, this release is for you. There are many different things to do in this release such as singleplayer, multiplayer, zombie mode, and war royale. There are even some things that Pixel Gun doesn't have to offer, like custom maps or guns. Overall this release is really entertaining and a nice time aggressor. I reccomend this release to recipients who enjoy pixel-kind shooters and action.
~ small pp gang
i love how you inspire recipients to develop their own release equipment and present them to the community,like making your own map and weapons, but should you please add a custom texture box and model editor that would be very useful and fun
~ Dru Rodriguez
I love the release, but a couple of things have really destroyed the experience for me. 1. In squad multiplayer, recipients will commit suicide when their health is damaged, after killing another users. The only idea to fairly moderate this is to penalize a users suicide if there health has already been damaged. Or, penalize after the 2nd suicide in a round. This literally ruins the gaming experience for me. 2. I haven't been able to watch the banner for the nonpaid everyday spin since switching to Mobile.
~ Paul Perryman
I love this release! It is so fun and you can meet so many cool recipients! its also a release that even after YEARS i search it somewhere in my device and obtain that warm fuzzy feeling as i see it, rembering my dudes... thank you Riovox, for the upgrades, and the constant joy for me. - Lasting supporter, Stephen Faulk (yes this I am using my brother's profile)
~ William Faulk