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About: Cooking Urban Meal, a newest cooking release idea in which you can cook, train your waiters, upgrade your cooking softwares for faster paced cooking releases and earn coins by becoming the finest chef on different islands. All restaurant cooking releases lovers will love the practical and speedy paced gameplay, but also the possibility to upgrade your kitchen softwares and your waiter's speed, tricks chance or waiting time. Test like a professional top chef and create delightful way meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner ! Unblock a newest meal truck each couple of lvls, learn newest way meal recipes like burger, sandwich, donuts and more but also make the most pretty platings in these addictive restaurant cooking releases. In this newest restaurant release, we've gathered some of the most appreciated way meal recipes in the globe, which we've combined with pretty graphics and ju ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: TWIM STUDIOS
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Cooking Urban Food Reviews and Comments:

nice release except for one thing. if you use the immediate serve lightening bolt, it serves but then freezes the screen. please fix this.
~ Kerry Michael
it was entertaining enough for these kind of releases however th limited amount of coins ur able to create against th updates makes it impossible to pass as u gt to lvls 23 & up. gave up n deleted. rediculous
~ Tawanda Stevens
Please install this release is so much
~ Silvija Razmoska
I like the release. It's easy yet so fun.
~ Missy Melliza
Am on lvl 115. doesn't give option to pick restaurant to pass the lvl. fully impossible to pass. Really disappointed
~ Denize Ibrahim
it's a great release I liked it really
I like that you "Don't have to " use your credit cards, just watch banners!! I'm okay with that! Fun Product!
~ Sharon Socoloski
Actually I like the release but often you obtain to a certain lvl you got to wait a month to test the release again. Im on lvl 156 been waiting for over a month to continue to test...Very annoying...
~ Precious Alexander
very adictive and fun to test for all ages
~ Bestprice Realty
It was fun till I got to lvl 32 & actually I'm done. Can't obtain anything any more. I played all lvls to the full & the customers come waaay too slow! 😥
~ Debby Videto
i reached about lvl 8 & even won 1 1/2 hr. infinite release test. i redeemed something after watching claimed video & the doggone screen froze.....what in the ham sandwich (🐽🥪) hemoglobin & haberdashery is going on here !!!!😤
~ sunny ville
this is a very great release a suggest downloading
~ Tayser Monef
nice release, makes me feel so addicted!
~ Hanny Hunn
i just started test so far it's ok
~ Michelle Taylor
too hard...don't allow Mr obtain enough points to upgrade
~ Michele Curtis
I don't know what to claim about this release I love it soooooo much
im only on lvl 4..i like the tapping instead of dragging the meal. the graphics are beautiful. but.. the toppings are so tiny i can barely see them . if it gets any worse i wont be able to test. ok.. doing an modernization. im on lvl 31 and have everything up dated. the donuts still cook ridiculously slow and have lost this lvl for 4 days. the customers leave idea too speedy. uninstalling.
~ A Google user
exited but i just need to be patient for up grade the softwares hate that
~ Andara Kemalasari
its fun, but takes to long to up grade!!
~ Patricia Bristow
I've had no troubles with release until yesterday I played as usual but when I lost a heart on the lvl I'm on (148) I wasn't given the option to replay or add 30 seconds bonus time A several mins ago I clicking on the lvl I'm on it showed me available jobs from previous lvls After I lost all my hearts I waited until they were restored & actually I'm able to test the lvl I'm on Once again after running out of time & didn't reach the target I couldn't replay unless exciting to map
~ La'Toya Jones
loved this release but can't test actually, full of bugs. not working properly.
~ Becky tunstall
they wish u to use out your dollars on the second lvl already and they allow u spend out your mkney and hold claiming to upgrade this and that
~ Camille Phillip
I like it because it gives you more stars and coins on every lvl
~ Kyra Marlow
just started testing it but so far so nice
~ bigmama11kidz
it is very interesting yesterday i downloaded it but i completed so many lvls and i am in actually lvl 8 i was very glad by completing it was enjoyable release in my life
~ Priya Kumaran
its a fun cooking release that switche things up. geind tonget coins ornoay for them. still fun
~ Denice Marrujo
fun release. simple to obtain the hang to testing speedy.
~ sandra long
Love the Taste of the release it's enjoyable if you like cooking releases.
~ C'Della B
alright so far should give more stars and coins though short timer and hero transport slowly but it's cool and challenging
~ Charlene Williams
This is the finest cooking release that I have ever played.. Well done Dev's : )
~ Sheila Davis
the release so far is nice! i really am having a nice time. cant stop testing since i started🙌 i hope it continues!
~ June Morris
why wont lvl 55 work for me often i click on it, it takes me back place of the whole release and bavk to my home page!!!!!!
~ Amelia Tahapehi
nice release but each time i upgrade the release becomes unplayable and i have to uninstall it and re download it very frustrating
~ Rosemary Gilkison
i absolutely love this release. but how do i go back to the guide when i launch a lvl
~ Crystal Bowling
this is a nice cooking release. I like testing cooking releases. This is one of the finest.
~ Stephanie Davis
very fun and addictive. i test this release few times a day. i love it.
~ Santiago Fernandez
I like the fact that the stages hold changing restaurants and different types of meal. Need more dollars thou to buy equipment especially the pizza one. I am modernization my chefs. But actually I need 30 stars every. sigh. I HAVE UPDATED and my noodles froze can't serve them. restart my device etc.
~ Diane Brrhh
So, it's been a several weeks and I want I should give the release 5 stars. Its glitchy. I've had days where it's so slow you cannot test (despite having wifi AND time) so I leave and it eventually magically works. Currently unable to test. Each lvl claims its guide mode. But no customers come. The clock runs out. You cannot cook anything. I do like the release, and I hope all troubles are resolved eventually (that'll be a day I 5 star review it).
~ Elsa G
This is honestly the finest cooking release I've ever played!!! I have it downloaded on each single device I have!!! Thank you so much originator(s)!!!
~ Sukhdeep Sekhon
I'm at lvl 173. When you finish a lvl tbe screen won't launch properly to go to the next lvl. The display is true tiny and you can't press any buttons to continue. I have to close the release and launch it again to test and test the next lvl and that doesn't usually work. I might have to stop testing this release and delete it. It is becoming frustrating.