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About: A family-friendly cooking release loved worldwide! [You'll learn to love cooking!] Slash, bake, stew... Cook tasty meals with simple touch controls! Check out this special cooking release. The yummy meal you'll make will definitely create you hungry! Allow's Cook! Cook meal by testing fun mini releases. More than 30 kinds of recipes are waiting for you. Do your finest, Unique Chef! Satisfied Village! Serve your cooking to everyone at your restaurant. Make a large and unbelievable restaurant that's all your own. Harvest lots of things by going Fishing, growing plants in the Fields, and raising animals in your Ranch. Gather up lots to exchange for Satisfied Foods! Product Plaza! Test non-cooking releases like "Support out," "Test Shopkeeper," and "Exercise your brain." More than 30 kinds of mini releases are waiting for you. Aim to obtain high scores! Challenge R ... Show more
Genre: Educational Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 55MB Developer: Office Create Corp.
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COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! Reviews and Comments:

I absolutely loved this release it was really fun and the controls were nice I test this so often, the only thing I don't like about it is that it keeps destroying and I want I should test it offline. But the graphics are nice and it's just like the Nintendo ver. It's such an nice release, thank you x
~ Becki Holmes
I really like this release! It is nice fun,and is soo addicting! It is very speedy and it is very hard to read reminders,but I don't mind!
~ •Mint Chipiee•
Please! I love this release so much and I spent actual dollars on it, I got a newest device and actually it won't test!! I'm devastated 😭😭 I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
~ Hannah Jones, LMT
I got to test the release now once, but the next time I tried to launch the release, it would usually freeze on the home screen. from what I played was nice. So I'm posting in order to obtain some support, so I can test it again
~ A Google user
honestly i love this release everything is ok, because equipment comes up cute speedy, but i mean just the fact that this release is nice i loved cooking and making all babes of meal.
~ Paloma Queen
I love this release I'm a master and guess what no banners it's so nice you could obtain it I love is so you could
~ Milly Chandler
I really love it! because it trains me for being a chef what i really love is that they have cooking vids and the things that i would wish even my sister test it too i really love this release!!
~ A Google user
I loved the release so much but everything happened idea too speedy. The fact that it applied actual cooking techniques was really cool to me and everything seemed so glad-go-lucky and friendly, but like I claimed before, everything was so speedy and popping up left and right. Still love it.
~ Random Tsuki
This is unplayable. The release spams the screen with so many things I don't know what the hell is happening. That sucks, because the actual cooking part is fairly fun, but understanding 90% of the garbage happening all over the screen is a headache.
~ Christopher Niewiadomski
its nice fun! as usually with the series, but the release is not letting me achieve targets when i combine meals. lots of banners but i do need a breather during harvesting.
~ Lori Collins
It was easy, educational and yet fun at the same time. I'm 20+ years old and still enjoy testing this release😂😂😂
~ Ann Sharon
This release has the most aggressive microtransactions I have ever seen. Testing this is an exercise in avoiding payments. Saved from 1 star by the fact that the essence of the nice old Cooking Mama releases is still in there. You'll have to go through a lot of frustration and annoyance to search it though.
~ Angus Cook
Nice But one trouble I caught when I usually visit the item shop all of a sudden when I buy an item with a color it won't allow me buy other one an it got Worse When I went to the clothes It claimed sold out which I knew I did not buy it and ear rings as well. Please fix this sold out trouble If you do I will modernization the review on this release to see if it's fix.
~ Bao Tran
Cooking the recipes step by step is fun, the rest isnt. I dont wish to buy more recipes with true dollars, I dont wish to test "design your own restaurant", I just wish to cook the recipe with the same graphics this release has. anyone know any another releases like that??
~ Kiley Walker
It is a wonderful release!! I really like how it makes you wish to hold testing! It is adorable and smart!!! I am just in LOVE with this release!!! I would give it millions of stars!!!! It's nice how you can also test offline!!!!
~ Domo
Nice release overall but it needs to be more challenging. Turn off the indicator (where slash, direction of the hands, etc) in the 'Create' scene and only create it available in practice scene is a nice concept.
~ Nila Kurniasari
idea you too many pop up banners. I couldn't even obtain a chance to search my idea around the release without getting bombarded with pop ups
~ Grace Perez
The release has more content and is cheaper than the most actual mainline cooking mama releases (assuming you buy all the recipes). It has varying lvls of challenge so even seasoned (pardon the pun) users would enjoy it. There are no super currency, gacha, or consumable microtransactions. The learning curve is great for babes and adults alike. Highly suggest.
~ Nick Arnett
This is a very fun release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍◌⑅●♡⋆♡LOVE♡⋆♡●⑅◌ So cool and So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Cj Yu
This release is confusing and does a terrible job of explaining itself to newest users, I am also quite upset at the amount of ads that I was instantly pushed to watch. The cooking segments were boring rather than satisfying like the ds ver. Very busy visual design, I found it hard to navigate.
~ Clouded Dreams
Cooking Mama Allow's cook, is a unbelievable release for babes, teens, and adults to learn how to cook and the importance of cooking.
~ Chasity Tolson
Some of these create me claim what the heck because of the obsticles. Like, what's with the idea you have to sauce the hot dogs? And who puts cans where you're trying to quickly chop things like fruit? Who puts cans in a fruit slicer while using it to slash?! Fruit, fruit, fruit, CAN!! And bones while frosting donuts?! Not a smart person...
~ Serena Martin
I have usually loved Cooking Mama, and I cute much grew up on the Nintendo ver. I think you guys seriously missed the mark with this one. I was really dissapointed when I found out that all but four of the recipes costed dollars. Since when did it become all about the dollars? It really takes away from the wholesomeness that I have usually loved Cooking Mama for. Not only did all the recipes cost dollars, but they made it so much more complicated than the Nintendo ver and it's not as fun.
~ Peachy
This release has a fishing simulator, a farming simulator, a restaurant simulator, and an amazingly translated ver of the Cooking Mama interface. There are no compulsary banners, and you obtain in-release gifts for each banner you do watch, and the shop where you buy 'recipes' for true dollars is a very understandable idea to help the release. I will be paying for the bonus recipes, and hopefully the only major changes will be bug fixes.
~ Mallory Risto
This is one of my favoured releases but I sadly I have to rate it 1 star because of the following reasons. I had to restart my device (suggested once a week) & it logged me out of FB. That's okay but it lost all the progress I have made this far. I played a lot yesterday & my glad foods & coins I was supposed to obtain 2day vanished in the Ranch,Fishing,Satisfied Restaurant,Orchard & Fields as if I didn't test at all. I also lost 200 of my coins. Many another things I lost so I will be uninstalling.
~ Cassondra Lynn Krause
This release is both cute nice and type of frustrating at times. I like the mini cooking system, since it basically makes the release nonpaid to test. There are a LOT of pop ups, which can be annoying/overwhelming; and some of the apps were nearly impossible for me, since the instructions were unclear. I ultimately still like testing, though, because there is just so much to do. I did end up buying a gigantic recipe box, and I do not regret it at all.
~ Kendra Rajic
I loved the cooking mama series on nintendo. This one is close to it but there are WAYYYYY too many banners. There are TOOOOO many offers to watch banners. Things happen idea too quickly. That is not claiming that it is hard though. At any given time it seems like there are 15 different things going on on my screen. It is idea too busy. Revamp this release please. Take cooking mama back to what she was.
~ Chrisanna Daye
the finest cooking release ever!!🤩If you are obsessed with cooking,then you better download this release😍😍😍😍
~ Latha Moorthy
Please simplify the screen I'm getting nausea and headache by looking at the screen that has so many animation and words 🤮 the graphic design (?) is just terrible...
~ T. Fany
My 7 year old sister liked it. She even copied it in true life to bake a cupcake! Thank you, dear developers for making this release!😁😀😊☺
~ [0000cc] BOOMBURST
i hate it because i cant exit the market! I love cooking here but i also hate having a canteen. But modernization the release and remove the canteen. It would be better for me. I uninstalled it because of the canteen. But im missing it so i download it again hehe.
~ Kookies n' Cream
i have a lot of patience, so the abundance of banners doesnt bother me at all. i grew up with cooking mama, so a nonpaid release ver would of course catch my attention Overall, a nice release
~ Team Z // Animations
love this cooking release so much, I like how there's so much to do & it definitely keeps me interested! I'm so addicted to testing this release! I give it 5 stars!!
~ Jennifer Demopoulos
My wife loves this release.. Shes usually sending me her recipes shes made, and stealing my device when her device dies from testing. she made me write this review because she really likes the release but would rather test then write a review. if she enjoys it, I enjoy it.
~ Connor McDaniel
EDIT: The newest modes and the different nonpaid recipes are nice. The ones for cost are reasonably priced too. Contain more nonpaid recipes, or a series of unlockable recipes separate from the paid recipes. It's a solid release, runs fairly well, but not that appealing to be locked at 1 recipe.
~ Rebecca Wright
There are idea too many banners that it's overwhelming. That's the only major trouble I have for it. There were tiny troubles, but nothing to worry about. I wouldn't claim that they are a large deal, but still a complaint. Overall, the release is cute fun and I do test it from time to time. I would like for the banners trouble be fixed on the next modernization. Anyone that's interested in downloading the release, if you can't handle the banners, I recommend you don't. If you can handle it, go ahead. Be my guest.
~ hoang le
This release is addicting! I even search myself testing for 2 hrs. The cooking is just like the Wii ver. And i also love the another things you can do aswell. In the Wii ver of the release Mama would obtain furious when you do it wrong. actually she just seem to sympythize. i know this might not be a large deal to you but from the perspective of a person who's played it for a long time it matters alot with each detail.
~ Aubryana
Nice release, lots to do. I enjoy it, BUT... There are a lot of banners. You do obtain rewards for them, and you can ignore them if you wish. There are some banners that shouldn't be in a release geared towards babes, as I saw other person bring up. The achievement system is bugged. If you are an achievement hunter, you will obtain frustrated when you repeatedly fulfill the requirements and don't obtain the reward. I prefer testing on my device, so it would be great if you should sync across devices.
~ Sulien J
Advertisement Simulator !! NOT Pegi 3 !! The release seems purposely hard to force users to watch ads!!!! Finished a lvl? Watch an ADVERT to obtain your coins! An advertisement thats asking my 4 yo daughter to check if she has an STI !!!! For true !? Reporting this release, could not be displaying adult banners on a babes release! Clearly just other greedy corporation trying to heavily monetise off babes.. disgusting. It also becomes very frustrating having to watch banners all the time instead of testing!!
~ Michael B
Loved testing this as a babe. I remember it being relaxing at times. BUT this small ver is so packed with pop ups that it ruins the exprerience. Tried ignoring it all, but it's such an eye sore. I was enjoying the gameplay, but I will be uninstalling due to the sheer lack of subtlety and obnoxious walkthroughs.
~ Abby Wood