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About: Cook delightful meals and desserts from all over the globe in this FREE addictive time-management release! With a choice of 20 special territories, from Desserts and Speedy Meal to an Sea Meal and Oriental Restaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in a tons of settings and cooking techniques. Use more than a hundred ingredients to cook few hundred tasty dishes. Check all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Create your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to create your customers experience more personal and memorable just like in true life! Upgrade your kitchen and produce an even greater tons of dishes. Oh, and did we claim that this release is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Have fun cooking and dont forget to share your delightful meals wit ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: Nordcurrent
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Cooking Fever Reviews and Comments:

Really a fun release, but it takes idea to many diamonds to obtain anywhere. You can not beat lvls without them, rarely do you victory them, only idea is to "buy" them, which ruins the release!!!! Can't upgrade what you need at the resturants, unless you have lots of Diamonds, gems, which ever you wish to call it. Just got bored with it, and will not buy gems!!!
~ Joann Whitehead
Really fun and addicting release. I love all the updates you can obtain and the prices for everything are fair. I recently got 5000 coins for downloading nordcurrent's another release and that helped me boost my restaurant a lot. My only complaint is that, I had 12 diamonds when this thing popped up for the machine that cooks the burgers and sausages. I've had it before and it was very useful, so I decided to unblock it for 10 diamonds. It took my diamonds away but I dont have the machine.
~ Tea Sis
Poor!!!!! They stole $50 from me and could be ashamed! My 4yr was testing with me and when I went to buy the $20 gem pressed the $50 "one tap" option before I should stop him, I explained that to them and they claimed to terrible after all the dollars that I spent on this release! If I should give no stars I would! I hate I started testing this release. They have no care for me or the harm that this has place me into.
~ Darnisha Harland
The customers are too speedy! I like this release and I'm already on lvl 17, but the customers are too speedy, and its stresses me out. On the bus to school, I brought up this release to my dude and s shared her experience, "I do not like that release. It stressed me out! The recipients were going to speedy and I kept burning the meal." Burning the meal part is on her, but the customers aren't. I've upgraded the tables and TV(not the speakers I just found out about them), and NOTHING worked!
~ Setsuna Nuggets
I absolutely adore testing this release, I dread to think how much dollars I have now spent on it. However, I have purchased gem boxes and few mystery boxes and my solution is DON'T DO IT, that is how they obtain you. In the mystery boxes I received the 12 gems and a refill of the SAME tart that I hadn't even used in 3 boxes consecutively.... Dollary wasted, cute annoying really. Sure this release is fun, but don't waste your dollars. Search something else to test that doesnt con you out of dollars.
~ Ellie C
This is my favoured release EVER! It got deleted once accidentally when I owned all the restaurants & I had to run over. I had to obtain a newest device yesterday, so guess what. Yep, starting over for the third time, after owning all the restaurants again & toying with 9 million 900 thousand plus points. I don't know if it will go over 10 million, so I'd blow few thousand in the casino to obtain rid of them. I didn't wish to hit 10 million & have it restart at zero!
~ Taree Woods
Love everything about this release except for the speed needed to finish and repeat the steps. Not very nice as its extremely demanding on the wrist and fingers until you're able to obtain past the first 18 lvls.. After the up grade of appliances the release takes a twist and I'm so glad I stuck with it.
~ Jannet HO
TO NORDCURRENT :- This release is alright but the dollars asked for updates is too much. I can't even buy a restaurant. I had a restaurant already and I can't upgrade it. So the customers who come are really disappointed. Actually I am in the list of "disappointed persons". If you don't check this out, I will simply uninstall this release. Actually I have a newest restarted ver.
~ A Google user
Downloaded to test on a trip, but you can't test offline.....DUMB. Another than that, it WAS a fun release. Well, until you lvl up enough, then you need gems to progress. They create it very hard to earn gems, so you have to PURCHASE gems. Then you're like "eff this", because you can't do anything else without spending dollars. That's some b*llsh*t right there!
~ Sally Ku
BOGUS!!! The customers are too impatient and the dragging orders to them is broken. Yes, I have updates to create them more patient but it doesnt seem to be working!! I tried giving a lady her hotdog and it wouldn't give it to her so she got too impatient and left. FIX PLEASE!
~ Panda Bearz
The release is great, great graphics, everything is great. But when I connect the release to the internet to buy a restaurant and then after, I turned off my connection. Then the release won't launch if your not connected to the internet. I mean it will launch but you can't click anything except one button. How could I fix this?
~ Bretchie Calidguid
While I truly enjoy testing this release I'm upset that I can not advance or launch another restaurants with having the needed amount of gems. Gems are very hard to come by and unless you spend true dollars you're unlikely able to upgrade. I'm not for staying on one lvl forever trying to obtain enough to transport on. So with that being claimed I will be uninstalling this release actually.
~ John Coleman
Nice release for about a week until you run out of anything you can do without spending dollars! Updates to equipment, which are essential to complete lvls, gotta be bought with diamonds, which are not given out freely in the release but gotta be bought with true dollars. Basically the release is nice and draws you in, and then drives you insane that you can do nothing further.
~ Heather Breith
really like testing the release but am become increasingly frustrated with the diamond case. you cannot really transport forward in the release without them, but they are so diffucult to earn. I haven't won any at the casino in well over a week and when you upgrade, you only obtain 7... if this were fixed , I'd very like give 5 stars.
~ Falina Hitchcock
Isn't worth it. the only idea you can create progress on the release is with gems which are incredibly hard to obtain without paying true dollars for. They obtain you hooked by making the first couple of lvls speedy to progress then you have to test the release lvls over and over and over again in order to obtain gems to create progress. You will obtain addicted then annoyed and want you had never downloaded. Would love the release more even with banners instead of so many in release purchases.
~ Kristen Anderson
Love the release, but they need a idea to obtain more gems in release instead of trying to obtain you to spend $. Even have a video banner... 30 secs for a gem or something. And don't waste your coins on the casino trying to obtain gems, either. Other great change would be to have the controls just a tiny less precise. It's really annoying to be in a hurry, slide a cake within 1 pixel of the customer, and have it jump back in the oven and burn because you didn't obtain it *exactly* in the right spot.
~ bstotts01
You won't obtain very far in this release unless you're willing to spend your true dollars. The release does not give you a lot of ideas to obtain gems (in-release currency) without spending your hard earned dollars. You obtain 7 gems each time you lvl up, you need to earn 10,000 xp to do so and each lvl gets you about 100-200 xp. If you login each day, after 7 days you'll obtain 2 gems. You need gems, and lots of them, in order to advance in the release because almost everything requires gems.
~ Rain Dance Maggie
cool release just create another means to receive jewels please
~ lizzy leoma
really fun release although you never victory any double diamonds and triple diamonds in the casino.
~ Shaterica Wright
the finest release .. glad to have it .. gotta test
You could obtain it ! I love this release . It's very enjoyable. You never regret it .
~ Persona Favorita Firdaus_97250
one of the finest releases I have ever explored ....... I love it
~ Shubhra Mahendra
nice release to test!!!!!!!!
~ Esperanza Lomeli
I only got this for MSM but it's a decent release
~ Nicholas Rivera
Absolutely fun release, can't place it down.
~ Bwalya Kunda
Very intense, and addictive.
~ Carsen Gray
nice cool my favroite release since I use to be at a 5star restaurant
~ Srey Khouch
it is so much fun and I love it I test it when I obtain Bored.I don't obtain Bored with it
~ Herminia De Leon
I like it because it keeps you focuse and it feels like a true job
~ Brianna Iniguez
I was only going to test it for only a several mins then it turned into 15 min haha
~ BriAnna White
the coustermers happiness goes idea to speedy I mean slow it a tiny. another then that it's ok
~ Flameing Que451
it's not a nice concept to have a look at with this correspondence please search the attachment of my resume for your Product
~ Shannon Cooper
There are no words toexpress how nice thie gam is!! well maybe a several words,the custumers are a bit speedy .😅😘😎
~ Riley Escamilla
I just startid testing this in the morning and im allready on lvl 30 but I wish the speedy pan to pop up like the another pans
~ Tarek Elhomsi
this release is very fun and if your bored this is a nice release to burn time and to have fun you could really download the release.
~ Viviana Johnson
it was hard attending to customers at first but am getting used to it. the release keeps me company. buh i need access more shops please.......... thanks
~ Uyala Tuokpe Weyinmi
The controls do not reply quickly. It can take multiple drags before a burger or hot dog will transport to the bun. By then it is burned.
~ Brenda Middleton
fun release fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. this release is really fun you could create more of this release it 8s fun because recipients can learn to cook in the kitchen. fu<uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. :] :):p.
~ Falodun Olawande
The release is fun but I didnt obtain to far in the release because I dont care for having to drag every item where it goes. The dragging equipment just made makes things take to long. Another than that nice release. I had to uninstall though
~ Tea Tea
The release is nice and all, but the Casino could have a higher chance rate at getting diamonds or any amount. Getting diamonds is so hard in the release, and nearly everything needs them in order to test the release well, so making diamonds easier to achieve would create the release a lot more fun
~ Sai Rose100