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Cookie Jam Blast - Match & Crush Puzzle   
About: Cookie Jam Blast is a delightful newest match-3 puzzle release filled with hundreds of yummy dessert themed lvls and candy-like treats that are sure to satisfy your craving for fun! Hop in your airship and embark on a newest bakery journey with Chef Panda and dudes. Swap, match, and crush scrumptious candy-colourful pieces to make mouth-watering combinations and test challenging newest release modes filled with all newest characters and your favoured sweets, like waffles cones, candy, cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, and of course... COOKIES! Lvl up your Chef Panda and craft delightful recipes! Complete puzzles lvls to earn stars, unblock ingredients to craft some tasty treats, like chocolate chip cookies, cake pops, ice cream sandwiches, apple pie, and more! COOKIE JAM BLAST FEATURES: Crush your highest score with hundreds of fun and challenging puzzles Match 4 candy ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 87MB Developer: Jam City, Inc.
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Cookie Jam Blast - Match & Crush Puzzle Reviews and Comments:

i had 105 coins and lost them in two 5 more spins its poor and you cant obtain to the next lvl its to hard an complicated im gonna test the another releases ...and you cant never obtain a jackpot on your everyday spin..yall need to do better thank you
~ Tracey Diggs
ever since the newest modernization, there seems to be more bugs than before. i hope theu fix them since I'm addicted to this release.
~ Melody Blosser
This release is fun and addicting. But when you beat all the lvls, they have other side thing going, as I can only assume that it's to give them time to make more lvls, named rainbow ribbon. Well the trouble is that I guess either they're not close to creating more lvls or don't plan to to but the release keeps closing in the middle of a release for no reason. That is getting VERY old. I have reported this to them and they don't seem to give a flip about their reputation, so I'M OUT!!!!!
~ Tori Sills
release is fun, challenging but not over the top. can obtain very far with no bonus purchases. The worse thing is the only banner they seem to have is for Tales of Wind which I have seen so many times I refuse to test it.
~ Dennis Ladwig
Fun animation. Lvl of difficulty runs at kindergarten lvl, but escalates quickly to advanced trouble-solving tests. Nice job, Cookie Jam!
~ Sharon Massie
So much fun to test. I really enjoy the funny giggles, squealing and another funny sounds as well. Nice idea to past the time. 🙂🙂🙂🙂
~ Nattie Mae61 Fleshman
~ Jennifer Bounyoung
Great tons of lvls, simple to challenging, and lots of opportunities for nonpaid lives....don't see that in many releases. One can spend hours testing because of nonpaid lives and it's tempting to hold going and ignore most another plans for the day (or night)!! 😉 Also like the fact that moving from screen to screen is speedy and doesn't require multiple clicks/pauses like many another releases I have tried.
~ Holly Wojcik
love this release. its addicting! and not all lvls are simple. they have challenging ones and that keeps me testing more! nice release.
~ Claire ramirez
didn't think it would be a release for me, but its brilliant, a challenge at each lvl, I'm actually on lvl 647 and still going, i love it!
~ Ann Saunders
this release wud b gd but it has so many troubles. it freezes all the time. the lvls r much harder than indicated at beg of release. the coin payout is poor. when u wish to hav bonus 5 moves u expect 25 coins which is ridiculous. i refuse to hav 5 bonus moves even when i kno i only need 1 bonus transport. spin the wheel is non existent almost, as the release wont go there to spin.
~ Wendy Angove
I love ❤️ Cookie Jam Blast.. Was on 2,140th board and got a newest device... So i just down loaded it again!!! Starting from the bottom to create it to the top again!!!
~ Janella Taylor
dont download if you wish your another apps to ruin while using this. if it wasnt a matching release i wouldnt know what to do each second something pops up only time i dont obtain a pop up is when the lvl runs. it takes a nice minute to load the release and load to run other lvl while trying to obtain past the pop ups. hate this release only downloaded for points on other release
~ Tiyanna Fred
this release gets boring after a tiny. there are too many popups while testing. it also gets really annoying when you're on your last life, and something across the screen wiggles when it wont support. the loading is also too long. 2 star bc the gameplay was fun.
~ CuteKatMiaKat ,
I thought it was the finest release ever until recently. It literally stops in the middle of the release and restarts on its on to the target where Im about to uninstall. I used to spend hours testing this release but it wont let me to anymore. Can you pleaee look into thus bug!!!
~ Twila Collins
this. release. is. so. adictive. i. got. another. releases. on. my. device. and. i. can't. even. test. them. because. of. this. release
~ Tracey Hobdy
This release would have been a lot more fun if I didn't constantly obtain stuck on a lvl for days on end, because the only idea to beat it in less than 20 tries is to spend dollars I don't have on power ups and bonus moves.
~ Lilithmae Orkidhea
I love this release. BUT why does it stop at 26 seconds of the drug banner and freeze when I have 8 hours of infinite lives? It's been frozen for few hours.
~ Annette Wheeler
think there is a glitch in your release. after installing it tried to test through the guide andbi got like 3 steps through and then i couldnt create a transport to continue. super irritating.
~ Kayla Nies
love this release soooo much i havent been able to search other like it at all i want if anybody has to allow me me for when i run out of lives the only thing i wished is that we should be dudes with another users of this release instead of just fb users if that should be possible
~ Dora Shelton
Don't give you more time to test. Before you run out. I for got claim you. shouldn't have pay this. I love the release. But when it present up have to pay things. I am not doing it. I am testing it for actually. I may unstall it
~ Pamela Phillips
i test to launch the release for the first time the screen went BLANK!!!!! there is definitly some type of glitch in this thing none if my another releases do that... thats why im rating it 1 star.
~ Aly Knowles
it is a nice release when i can obtain it to launch up so we can test it why is it i cant test it actually because it keeps claiming cookie jam not responding havent been able to test it actually for 3 months and i love the release i played it all the time and it really sucks that i cant test it
~ A Google user
Cute fun I guess. I only installed it because I wanted 27 life points on the sims freeplay. 😂 I suppose its a nice release though. Its a lot like Candy Crush Saga but with more pop-ups.
~ Furious Feline
I absolutely💗 this release, I spend hours testing it, I only want there were moves that earned nonpaid moves or something because sometimes you waste a several moves to obtain what you need done.
~ Melissa Birch
I love this release. Only two things that are wrong, it takes to long load and there is one banner where a lad and a girl enters a restaurant then the release freezes i lose a life release over!
~ Genese Joseph-Kinney
Again!!! lest you fix this trouble, I will be deleting release, and I'm on lvl 2000+!!! Again, the newest modernization isn't registering newest lvls...I can't obtain to the next island. I've played this release for quite a while and have never had troubles after upgrading, however, the last two have troubles. You're not able to continue to the next island. Please fix!
~ Barbara Pereira
I loved the release at first. It's nice for Candy Crush lovers. Except actually there are glitches whenever an add plays. It's very discouraging. If it doesn't obtain fixed quick I am done.
~ Angela Fowler
Keeps asking me to spend dollars. Not happening. modernization: super shocked the company responded back. That's impressive. 5/27/19 modernization......if you wish to pass lvls you need to buy power ups and another useful equipment. Getting tired of spending dollars. Also I bought a box of goodies for 12.99 got charged twice and only received ONE deal but spent $25. Sadly after all the work and CASH I'm going to remove release. Such a disappointment for a fun release.
~ Andrea Segermark
Still a fun release but I'm knocking off a star from a previous review for some release "rigging" I've noticed: 1. If you need just a several more moves to finish a lvl, the option to watch a video to obtain 5 bonus moves never pops up; either use coins or quit. 2. The odds of getting 99 coins from the everyday spinner is only 1.01% but even if you land on it, the spinner restarts & moves to the next zone! Anything to obtain users to spend unnecessarily.
~ A Google user
i truly love this release! this & the original cookie jam are literally the only 2 releases i test. i test to download releases that spark my interest but so far, each one ive tried to obtain into, i just cant. so cookie jam & blast is it for me!
~ karen sanborn
Its a nice release, simple gameplay, but you bare obtain coins. So when you need 5 bonus moves. You cant obtain some, unless you buy it. Also the release give you a tiny amount of moves which is why buys 5 bonus moves is common.
~ Weird Potat
Really like this release, but for the last 2 days the release is stuck on 2088 in the Rainbow Run, have gotten 3 stars few times, the release will not advance to next lvl. Will give 5 stars when this BUG is fixed.
~ Rachel Fleming
I ended up trying this release out because of a bonus with other release, so I realize I may not be the goal audience for this release. I think this release would be nice if you're a young babe. Otherwise I would claim it's not challenging enough and has too many gimmicky informations.
~ Alex Stegmann
Got stuck on "accumulate energy" for so long, I almost uninstalled. Lvl 232 I trust. But all in all, it's my favoured release. No banners. Lots of chances and a very silly french speaking hero!
~ A Google user
I like this release, kinda.It gives u lives and allows u to test longer than others.Almost each lvl I lose, I lose by exactly 1 transport.If I don't instantly use a power to victory, the lvl then becomes WAY more hard.For example, 1st test-lose by 1 transport,2nd test-lose by 15 moves and then it takes a VERY long time to finally allow me victory.Also, after rounds-if u are very close to winning,it won't allow u watch an banner for bonus moves, but only when u'd need power moves to victory and not bonus moves alone.
~ Elsie 28
My last review is being modernized!!! Back to 5 stars. Thank you developers! I test this release alot! (more hours a day than i care to admit-I am in the 1800s lvl) And love it! BUT, lvl 1879 took me 3 days to beat! Lvls 1882 and 1885 cute stinking "extreme" (why dont you call them "almost extremely possible to beat without spending dollars")? Still love the release.....
~ Debbie Wait
Do not waste your time with this release. It can be fun until you obtain to around lvl 60. From there, the lvls just obtain stupid. I was getting 3 stars on each lvl on the first test. I still can't pass lvl 64 after over 30 trys and depleting all my resources. After an hour, I gave up. Complete waste of time. There are another releases that do this better. Stick to those.
~ NGTMare
it should be a really nice release except you only have so many moves , I have in the last round that I played had to waste 5 Moves that affected absolutely nothing just because there was nothing else before they would Shuffle. each damn round I do I waste so many moves because that's the only moves available but they are nowhere near anything that would affect my advancement. They need to fix that I need to do something to where I can decide when to transport and create it shuffle if I have to waste transport
~ cher McKechnie
I love this release. Its so addictive and hard to pull away from. Its a nice release to test for making them long boring days go by speedy. Sometimes I even lose track of time while testing. I haven't had ANY troubles at all with Cookie Jam Blast. I have made it to lvl 1,026 and I have NEVER made it this far on any match 3 release, so that could claim you how nice and addictive this release is. Sending love all thr idea from Clemson South Carolina.
~ Amy Cash