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Cookie Jam - Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game   
About: Over 100 million recipients are testing our deliciously sweet match 3 releases! Cookie Jam is filled with thousands of fun and challenging puzzles! Match 3 cookies & candy in order to clear the board and beat the puzzle! Cookie Jam match 3 releases are nonpaid to test and variety of fun! Test actually! Are you tired of matching three candy or spreading jelly? Blast through dessert themed islands and support Chef Panda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam - the SWEETEST match 3 release on small! Test thousands of puzzle releases for nonpaid, with newest puzzles each week so you never run out of a puzzle to test! Swap candy colourful treats and crush delightful cookies and cakes. Its no wonder recipients claim Cookie Jam is the BEST MATCH 3 GAME EVER! We have thousands of match 3 releases and puzzle releases to enjoy! KEY INGREDIENTS: Unpaid to test and fun for every ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Jam City, Inc.
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Cookie Jam - Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game Reviews and Comments:

I really love this release, but lvl 794 is ACTUALLY impossible. It only has red and purple cookies, causing an unlimite combo as quick as you create one transport. I sat and watched my score go to over 12 million from ONE transport and it still didnt stop the turn. Kind of a fully unfair lvl design if I have to use teleporting tiles to box goodies and the turn never ends. Fix it PLEASE.
~ Renee Turcotte
Fun, slightly addictive. Supports the time go by if waiting for something like an appointment.
~ Lorraine Walker
i played cookie jam to lvl 15 but didnt obtain my credit, actually it wants me to test again, why?
~ Penny Morgan
Cannot test the release. After loading the release, the chef appears claiming connect three; then the release freezes. I only installed trying to obtain a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card. Thanks...NOW, I won't obtain it. I am uninstalling instantly. If I should give NO STARS, I would. I test on a Samsung S7 Sky Pro.
~ Lisa English-Davis
1st zone actually, kinda lonely at the top with no comp. anyway it's a nice release. I just wish my gift card actually I was promised for picking to test to at least lvl 15. well I'm at lvl 125 actually and still no rewards💦as for the release here it's nice! I kept it on my device. just would like to obtain my reward since I'm so terrible.
~ LM Schuler
This release is cute fun, you can easily lose hours of your life testing it. I've never had to buy any booster so far I've usually been able to figure out how to pass a lvl without it. And I have never had any glitching troubles. Maybe it's because I'm testing on a newer model device that can completely handle the release without going blank. Who knows. But if you like wasting hours of your life testing releases this is a nice one for that!
~ Kim Doll
Dont like how you set up the wheel so no matter what you test you can never land on coins and you're very stingy with giving any type of gifts to support obtain through the lvls in my mind not a nice idea to attract newest users!! and you fully just lied and claimed I'd obtain a reward for upgrading....so where's my reward????
~ Kim Barry
I love this release. I usually have. I usually come back to this release. buy it is so annoying how it keeps blacking out the page and the screen freezes.
~ Elenors Alvarez
I'm very disappointed actually. I like this release alot & gave a 4 originally. But you've forced me to log out of the release actually that you expect me to test on Fb. I have no choice but to cancel out of the release and reopen it because I do NOT want to test through Fb & I shouldn't be forced to. My another trouble is that I spent $6.99 for bonus coins, etc. But my profile was charged $7.50. In past $6.99 was $6.99 on acct.
~ Cindy Hollander
i loved the release until it will not transport to the next island (4955 ) after the last modernization, and it took me to the vip rainbow run, which i made it to lvl 91 just fine, but actually this lvl is also stuck and doesn't do anything so you can even complete this lvl,so i am at a complete stand still because i have no options to continue the release, if it isn't fixed quick there is absolutely no target to waste my time on a release that doesn't work, so it may be time to uninstall a release that was a favoured.
~ Cheryl Patrick
Im on the 18th release of Cookie Jam trying to Victory $1000 Walmart Gift Card ...upon completion request Winners to Victory the 15th release.Im beyond the 15th release.I worked so hard on the release.I dont have my gift card in Correspondence.u guys know what shall I do.Thanks so much.
~ A Google user
the release is fun and exciting 😁 also challenging l need to test more to allow you know how much fun it is to coment more about it.
~ Roddie W Scott,Jr
love this release. but it keeps giving me prizes and I dont obtain them when it goes back to the release. what's happening
~ victoria jackson
here I am back again I got to test a entire 15 mins I will never test any releases from your Web web or company again it is the worse release I have ever played I hold getting wiped out when I test to do something it wish me to download other release when I won't download my screen goes white,so I have given up on testing I will stick with my another releases and obtain rid of cookie jam nice bye.
~ Fortune Henshaw
I 💓 Cookie JAM. I just want that the release had a 'SKIP' button to use so I would'nt have to watch as my points add up.
~ Joyce McLean
okay actually I really obtain pissed! I can't even test 5 or 10 minutes on this release and it's still kicking me off! I take back my first review that I wrote!
~ Patti Cooper
I like Cookie Jam. Every release is different than theformer ones but I know there is a idea to victory every one if you look for the clues.
~ Nancy S
This is a quirky entertaining release. It has beautiful characters and is generally visually appealing. It has decent lvl difficulty and you can beat most lvls without a power up after the nonpaid ones run out, though it may take you a several tries. It's over all a very pleasant and fun release.
~ Missy Kappa
Love the release! I just wanted to know how many lvls there are. I am approaching 5000 and wonder if it still has lvls after that? Thank you for this wonderful release!
~ Lizzie Pancoft
love this release. i am on lvl 3600. but do not like the 99 coins on the wheel. not enough chance to obtain nonpaid dollars as with the lower amounts.
~ Rosa Haigh
Fun. Entertaining. Frequent changes to add boosters and hold interesting. Not frustrating. Better than most match 3 releases.
~ A Day
I've done this release I still havent seen any gift cards!!!! I'm doing everything it claims otherwise I do like the release
~ Cricket Christiansen
Can be addictive, is a lot of fun, but if you run into your screen's locking up during test, you have to obtain out of the release. I just actually deleted the release from my cell device, and I am actually re-installing it.
~ Bonnie M
love this release , but I downloaded it to fulfill a requirement to obtain my reward. I finished my requirement and haven't heard anything about getting my card ! WHATS UP WITH THAT???
~ Nancy Davis
nice release to pass time and vey addictive. i would've given 5 stars but you should only remove pieces of 3 or more in a vertical or horizontal line, making your chances of completing a lvl hard.
~ Kas DeV
I have played this before and got cute far and had to remove it because of glitches and freezing up. love testing very challenging. I like the puzzles and graphics. I test till I run out of lives.
~ Amy L Douglas
Product is nice. but after login fb never obtain 50 coins. its remains the same 50 coins. watch the video option not working To obtain the life. so many times press on that option also never works. another options are working like close button, send, ask... like that
~ Kaveer V
i was logged into fb. My device restart. It started me back to lvl 1. i was over lvl 1,000. I tried to log back into facebook. but it still started me back to lvl 1. this has been 2 months ago and nobody still has helped me from support center. very disappointed.
~ Billie Brown
Product is nice!. Never played a "crush" release, so I can't compare... I don't buy extras...so it is nice for a nonpaid release. I prolly should have started better with some instructions, but learning as testing.
~ Jessica Carr
Finest release to pass time! Prices for bonus softwares, like boosters or wooden spoons are fair. Graphics are pretty, bright, and coloful. Lvls are challenging yet extremely fun. Designs within every release are uniquely made and informations are made well too. Nice release!
~ Crystal Ryan
I can't obtain it to work correctly! I can't obtain any of the challenges. I would earn enough but it wouldn't approve any of my wins! So basically all of the objective is claiming 0%! Also sometimes when I create a transport it doesn't transport and it'll restart my device!
~ Quinn Brown Sr
i love how you hold things exciting with all those challenges i test this release daily and i work really hard to obtain rewards but eventhough i was in first zone of the race i dont obtain my rewards anymore. this sucks please fix this. also why did you have to make even harder lvls? i hold on being stuck thats just annoyingm
~ sarieeele X
i do absolutely love this release.....but i have had to uninstall and reinstall this release twice. when i have the release reinstalled....i discovered that i lost EVERYTHING even though i have it linked to my Fb and i thought that by doing that...it meant saving all those equipment that i had earned during release test.
~ Sheena Hodge
love it. This is the finest of all the Candy crush/cookie jam releases. First night I went from Product no. 1 and played through to release 75. i couldn't place it down. lol I really enjoy the ver
~ Mary Sherman
Since the modernization last night I cannot obtain past Lvl 4994. I complete the lvl and release freezes. Have to restart device to obtain out of it. Launch release and takes me straight back to the same lvl to do again. Same with the Rainbow Run. Freezes each time a lvl is finished.
~ Rick Guynes
I have been testing this release for about 3 yrs. I just connected to fb so I dont loose my progress and it claimed Iwas going to obtain 55 gold bars, never did! actually it modernized and I cant test just keeps closing down! please fix this release!!!!
~ Sal D
The release gets stuck a lot and I got tired of it so I just deleted it off my device. i couldn't go a lvl without it freezing up. The company needs to fix this trouble. Then you obtain an automatic response when you give this release a weak star rating. it Claims you to fill out a ticket and when you do nothing happens. the company that runs this release is full of it, a lot of it.
I played the Cookie jam release all 15 lvls as I was asked to do to earn my reward . I have reached out to obtain support and help about the matter but I have not received a response from anyone . I am being asked to continue to earn my Wells Fargo thousand dollar reward card. can someone explain what I need to do to earn my rewards card?
~ Marcelle Brown
Just downloaded yesterday to fulfill a silver lvl. Only had to complete 10 lvls, I'm actually on lvl 30. Don't see myself uninstalling any time quick as it's fun, relaxing so far which is what I wish in releases! I've no added stress or anxiety YAY Cookie Jam, thank you for giving me a fun release. I've noticed that Samsungs are having troubles, I've a Samsung J3V that's working nice so far.
~ Leslie Finch
hi there I'm on lvl 5015 are there anymore going to be added on Tuesday. I just wanted allow you know all of the lvls are cute much the same. and the board hold freezing and keeping you on the same lvl. but I still defeated it. thank you I like Cookie Jam not interested in Rainbow. Thank you Ann Bethel
~ Ann Roxbury