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About: Do you wish to build houses and industrial buildings with massive machines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL? Then obtain the Construction Simulator 2014 in this idea your Mobile device becomes a virtual construction web. Testing the Construction Simulator 2014 you can take over the control of 14 construction machines which are real to the originals in high-quality 3D graphics. Excavate the foundation of a one-family house with realistic machines, operate a concrete pump which is as high as a house to cast concrete into the wall formwork of an industrial hall or zone giant roof trusses with a small crane and present that you can hold a steady hand more than 300 tasks promise more than 20 hours of gaming fun. Do you wish to convert the tiny building company into a successful true estate group and bring your own style to the castle where you can navigate freely? Informations: - 14 c ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: astragon Entertainment GmbH
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Construction Simulator 2014 Reviews and Comments:

It is a nice simulator release for young babes are all looking for a lot of excitement
~ A Google user
As true as it obtain awsome.
~ Ted Corey
Worst release i ever test. Specially in simulation kind release
really great release nice job be cool if we can have a cab view thanks so much
~ Wesley Mcduffie
i love the release. is there a idea that i can use a gamepad for it
~ Oscar Rodriguez
nice but I can't take the bomb to the gravel plant. Please fix this!
~ Caleb Gough
I would have waited it higher the graphics were better
~ Adam Mcwilliams
the releases is fun but i work a hause and hause large and enything is very fun just like true life🏡🔜🏠🔜🏣🔜🏢🙏
~ machfoed gembong
I love the release but I purchased three boxes round about so I should obtain all the vehicals and I can't seem to restore the purchases
~ Alfie Finn
it's a nice fun release with the things I like to do
~ Junior Collins
Genuinlly not worth the dollars.
~ Apoorv Kohli
This release is really fun i would claim everyone to test it
~ Lane Andrews
That is a cool release, im really glad played the release. You gotta test.
~ Muhammad Zainuddiin
its really fun recipients could test it if there into construction
~ A Google user
can you please go in and unblock the large rig because it does not create sense to have an unlocked trailer but not have the truck to haul the trailer
~ A Google user
there could be a thing where you can go 1st person and be able to obtain out of the machine if that gets modernized i will rate 5/5
~ A Google user
0 stars because when you do the right job it claims that you still need to do it again and again. I'm sick of it.
~ Cameron morgan
Makes me feel like a true construction worker another than the fact that this release doesn't have humans another than the forklift. Still a fun release though!
~ Kenneth Johnson
I would like to buy more than just one machine of every I need other truck to move so I don't have to download the trailer
~ Tweet
Really fun release but the steering controls leave a lot to be desired. I would love to see an improvement on the controls to turn this release from being a nice release to a nice release,.... And would like to see a 2018 ver of the release as well.
~ Sean Hynds
Too Awsome please create upgrades and the release graphics and sound quality better pleeeeeaaasseeeeeee!!!!!!!!
~ Josue Rodriguez
very greatly made release, I'm 12 and I love this release my dad is a contractor and owns a mini excavator and the controls are the same as the one in the release
~ A Google user
My son purchased in-release dollars with his saved up pocket dollars few times then deleted the release to download the newer but I was dollars so he download this one AGAIN and all of his truck's digger's were GONE
~ Laura
It's a nice release......but i hope this release can upgrade the gameplay graphics and i hope this release have multiplayer mod when after modernization.....after that i think I'd rate a highly rate as 5 stars......
~ A Google user
the controls are terrible waste of dollars i don't like it I'm very disappointed
~ Anas Zaitoun
Nice release graphics are the finest release runs smoothly and there is usually something to do
~ ann simmons
Controls should be an option whilst drivin to instead of tilt you can have buttons or sterring wheel would be more realistic Kind regards, RobloxUser: diggermanJCB
~ RobloxUser: diggermanJCB
nice release. but please add more informations like gasoline stations, repair market for machine fuel consumption and car hurt..more hard missions like making, widening and cementing way on high mountain ranges..
~ A Google user
You need to add chain saw to slash down trees you could create this release with tree grapples and bigger machines and be able to pick your machines up in the air with the crane and place them on the flat bed trailer to move them to the next job web..
~ Deric Laird
I wish a refund on my in release ,but i did love the release test it was nice
Overall it was a nice release. I want the controls we're a tiny easier but it's a nice release. If you like construction and simulation releases then I would suggest getting this release!!
~ Toxic TV
Camera can't be set to fixed position. Machines hard to drive. Worse when camera switches blocking vision.
~ Noneyer Business
for construction simulator 3 I wish in it is: more construction company's,more small cranes,a pickup truck with construction cones construction lights and the construction trailer and if you long press there are going to be 4 options. the first one is text.the second one is split .the third is left .the fourth is right,the same map,you run with the guide usually and the same construction cars that you run with and with the pickup (Ford f150),a newest zone up northwest Northridge,a newest catapiler the cat 320e,and you can long press the pickup and you can pick 'the gang' and you pick the spot they can talk the plans out and long press the pickup and pick 'cones' then pick the spot the cones can stay and the traffic can go a round or not go to the way that is blocked or turn a round( I forgot you can dig up buildings,ways,and sidewalks without doing a target and long press them to restart the thing).I wish my want come real in late January 2019 plz
~ Blue Angel
can you guys create it possible to buy multiple machines that are the same and can you add an bobcat backhoe and most construction machinery there is too this release asap and needs better quality
~ Damon Battisson
Very well release, a very well release indeed! The only trouble is that there is no steering wheel option for the controls, cause that's what I'm uses to and its very hard to control it, usually makes me off way. But still, nice gameplay, liked it but please modernization some of the controls on driving, please add steering wheel and I'd rate of five. Highly suggested and cheap price
~ A Google user
I've done construction job's in my past and this is the closest release to being there. Nice job to everyone who created this most enjoyable work of GREAT FUN.
~ Craig Shaffer
don't obtain this release, spent R39 of my sons saved pocket dollars on coins and every time, his globe's were deleted. very disheartening for young babes. waste of dollars please contact me
~ Gabriel BYRNE Photography
I wish a refund. I have proof of buying few coin boxes, if you wish to correspondence me. When I unistalled and later reinstalled the release, I lost everything because you don't save the release files to a cloud. Thanks for wasting my time and dollars.
~ Olivia Schmidt
this release is very well made and a lot of fun would like to see the related kind of release come out for the Ports and all the operations that are going on, Like Dock gantry loadiing of the containers onto the vessels that come and go from my home city ports of Vancouver bc. Where I had the honor of working for 25 years of my life. Actually that would be really cool!!!! =-)
~ Eric Oquist
Incredible simulation release , can't obtain off the release i spent eleven & a half hours on the release it gave me a backake & a stiff neck . But it's one of those releases that is worth the pain , Nice release claim no more !!! The release did takeaway my credit
~ Mark Foxell