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Color Trouble   
About: Color Problem is a brand newest arcade release. All you need to do is to avoid from colors different than you.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Good Job Games
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Color Trouble Reviews and Comments:

WAY TOO MANY ADS. Fun idea, but controls are too jumpy, lvls are too frustratingly hard. You obtain to aggravated with losing and banners to hold testing. I'm all for a challenge, and I know you have to create dollars, but you need a glad medium
~ Eldon Raines
Nice concept of a release, unfortunately, the main hero is laggy, probably due to the particles it has. Maybe consider having an option to disable it. EDIT: Lag only on Wi-Fi on state
~ Dhafin Rayhan
Literally 45 seconds out of each minute is banners. The release is unplayable as a effects. Extreme greed destroyed a decent release. I can understand an banner each 5 mins. But 3 banners in the first minute is greedy and unbearable.
~ James Smith
I don't think they should fit more banners in here if they tried.. I mean I understand that the use banners to create dollars to pay for the release design and upkeep... But damn guys I spent more time watching banners than testing the release.
~ Timothy Core
Pieces too tiny for fingers, so testing is annoying, especially when you can't see the ball. Product asked for GPS stats, has nothing at all to do with the release, so cute sketchy. Nice concept though for a release
~ Garrett Mitchell
It's a nice concept, but the whole system is terrible. There is no menu/guide and the ads are so annoying! You obtain one cute much each time you tap the screen. Also if you die, it gives you the option to continue and if you pick yes you watch an banner but you still run from the beginning!!! Even if you press no, you still obtain an banner 😩😠😡👎👎👎 Do not install!
~ Jack Lodge
Even though there are banner's, that is with each release, so that does not worry me. Recipients complain about lagging but maybe they need a newest device, since I have not experienced that. What I love about thos release is that the banner's it produced on another releases it fully real, while there are so many banner's I see that are so fake when expressing the gameplay!
~ Hassan Fayad
The release is fun but I hate this trend that each scene or two actually requires you to watch a video. Even when you pick the no thanks option for continuing you are still forced to watch a video. That is just terrible planning on the developers part.
~ Shawn Mennenga
I would fully obtain it because it's a fun and challenging release. I stay up and test this release. I would adopt with the recipients with really nice comments. It has nice controls. If you don't like lagging this is the release for you. ENJOY YOUR NEW GAME!😃
~ Byron Junior
I love this!!! so yes, there are a gigantic amount of banners, but the release itself makes up for it! it's simple to run with and gets harder, which I think makes lots of sense. it runs very smooth on my device and I think the controls are very special, they create it easier and at the same time very different, I expected it to go only side to side, not any direction! I'd give the controls an A+! idk how many lvls there are, but I hope there's a lot! over all just a very well done release!
~ A Google user
I didn't even test this release, watched my dude test, and the amount of banners in this release are gross. You should test for 8 seconds and then be forced to watch a 30 second banner... EVERYTIME.
~ Andrew McGregor
Too many banners. Advertisement usually on screen and 5+ second banners after each time you die. This is a release of trial and error but for each error theres an banner.
~ Philip Mustin
Nice release, but an insane amount of banners, and the lvls sorta obtain harder but some are super simple and some are super hard. Seems like the release was rushed
~ Cheese Tree
Idea too many banners. Once again we have a nice release that is made not fun because of constant bombardment from banners. Most annoying is when you're offered something if you watch an banner and you claim no and then it runs an banner regardless for which you obtain nothing except boredom and annoyance.
~ Justin Griffin
You ask the player if he wants to continue the release after he loses by watching an add, he chooses no but you still test the add and he doesn't obtain anything. You don't deserve the dollars that you create. This release is made for the adds. You destroyed what should have been a really nice release. Please don't install it!
~ Remus Mitrea
Nice concept, well executed, fully destroyed by the banners. Wouldn't want this release on my aggressor. If you wish an release to watch the same add 5 times in 5 mins for a sh*tty small release this is the release for you!
~ Hakan -
Nice idea but idea too many banners, and the "finest" part happens if you turn off any internet connection to test to avoid the banners because the release turns into a lag machine until you connect again to the internet and the banners load again. GARBAGE
~ Gonzalo Torres
If you can overlook the complete freaking banner infestation this release has its honestly an okay release. Relaxed gameplay and visuals to type of chill with. However theres banners each 2 releases/deaths. It's literally as infested.
~ The Night
Garbage, but I still beat it. After lvl ~80 the release defaults to a lvl randomizer, or some lazy devs just copied and pasted the rest of the lvls. Crappy hitboxes don't even match the shape you are controlling. Pieces will just run moving again after being pushed aside. Terrible programming on crappy graphics and faulted hit boxes. Avoid if you like things that work. UPDATE: Shortly I reviewed this release it received an modernization. Product actually takes a long time to launch, hitboxes got worse and pieces lag like crazy. 2 stars down to 1. Would go lower if possible.
~ Daniel Garrison
Idea too many banners, each time you end a lvl it gives you an add, often unskippable. I understand that the originator needs the banners to hold the release nonpaid and still profit from it, but this amount of banners has no excuse, it is too much. Another than that the release is not all that terrible.
~ jmcalves me
I reached lvl 40 or scene 40 but then the release stopped working. I've tried everything to fix it and it's just not working anymore. As a final test I tried to redownload and test if it works fine but it erased all the time and went back to scene 1 plus what pisses me off even more is that it started working actually. Soooo I'm like ....why stop at scene 40
~ A Google user
On top of being littered with banners, often unskippable, this release is buggy. I'd place up with the bugs, such as glitching across the screen causing an immediate fail when it strike a polygon nowhere near where it was before and the polygons sometimes being so large that it's unsolvable, if the banners weren't so incessant and in my face all the time. I'm giving it 2 stars because it was initially enjoyable and should be even more so if not for these bugs and banners
~ Kyle Maycock
The release is nice but after a several mins of test it runs lagging so much that it is unplayable. When you restart the release it goes back to normal but you have to restart maybe each 10 mins because it gets laggy each time. It's unfortunate because it would be a nice release otherwise. I have read another reviews that complain about the same thing and my note9 is nearly brand newest so I dont think this is a trouble with anything another than the release itself.
~ Emily Hall
Time collection. This stupid release collects so many stats about you. Such as your territory, address, device contacts, etc. Why????? Also it works background and downlads banners to eat your traffic. And shows it even if release is closed. useless release.
~ Alikhan Nursapaev
Impossible to test with your internet enabled. Tip to devs: if you wish to create dollars from banners, create it so we don't have to watch an banner EVERY life, cause we'll either turn our internet off (and not watch any) or just won't test the release.
~ Ryan Lea-Noon
I'm of the older generation and so I don't quite understand the release. I got to lvl 2 I'm not sure exactly how because there's no instructions but I watched more banners then I played. I'm not sure what colors or shapes I'm supposed to knock away. Tried to knock everything away that didn't work Comet ride certain colors nope, tried certain shapes nope. Don't understand why all these releases these days have no directions. ADS, ADS, ADS! Usually the banners run coming more the higher you obtain up and lvls. Don't allow the young ones test parents. Asking me where my territory is? Are you serious your complete idiots. I can't trust you're allowed to do this on Google Test.
~ Cathy Zinga
It's quite ok at first. Then you obtain too many annoying banners. Then at some target you will need to watch the banner to obtain that same-colourful block and eventually obtain past that lvl.
~ Philip T
Love the release. I just think it needs more options to support when your stuck on a lvl. It's frustrating to watch an banner, then obtain bumped back to the beginningagain after one test. 😥
~ A Google user
To many banners when I die even when I never pressed the retry button to obtain other life, each time I beat the lvl, banner. It's a great release and all but when my finger is on the screen my block is usually like an inch or more away. This release also has no detail even for a really constructive concept. I want there were more colors and shapes and less banners, I know it's how you earn dollars but please less banners. Adverts could only pop up when please fix it, create it better.
~ Starry Of spades
This is the worst release I've ever played. It has idea to many banners and it stopped my release asking me for permission to monitor my device and personal stats! This release os trying to obtain your personal stats! If you are a parent with a babe who has this release or even just some person testing this release, BE CAREFUL. Unless if you wish your personal stats seen by some release, too many banners, and possible viruses. Whoever made this release needs to stop. 😡
~ KK64
Absolutely obnoxious lvl of banners. Too terrible your release isn't nice enough for me to pay for it. Check testing this release with your finger and you're lost. You can't see what forces you to lose the release because you can't see your controlled object anymore. Lucky I have a stylus. Even then, the controlls are so latent and often elastic. Doesn't matter if your stylus was never within range to hit the wrong object, if you moved speedy, the controls elastically moved you into the forbidden object.
~ Spencer Rice
Other release littered by banners and this time you can't skip the banners when they present up each time you fail. Well, it's clear that banners in releases clearly become too much. It became multi million (even billion) dollar industry but when i think before all that i remember that i was happier. Back then when you buy a release it meant something but today we test just to obtain the time to pass and even then we obtain annoyed by those stupid banners.
~ Melih demirkanlı
This release now deserves more than 5 star.. But banners create me to give 4 star. After release over, the release leads to full banner and wasting my mins.. But for a hyper casual release, the release could only present interstial at that time.. Only possible idea to present full banner is one last chance at release over .. please change full banner to intersial banner..
~ safar rahman
The banners are so annoying! Can you develop an release for buy w/o the banners? These releases are created for banners not for the consumer of the release. Want I should pay to bypass banners. Thumbs down! Almost a scam... wait maybe minus the 'almost'
~ Suzanne S
Not only was I able to reach lvl 100 in less than a week (4 days), I also noticed that after lvl 95, all the lvls are just repeated lvls that I've already played. The amount of banners in the release is excruciating, as the release would be so much more entertaining without them.
~ Dima Tsymbalist
DOWNLOADED THE GAME, 7 ADS IN 5 MINUTES.....RIDICULOUS Seriously, I know banners pay for the release but what the hell is the target of this if its gonna drive recipients away. I saw it on FB and instantly downloaded it and actually I'm uninstalling it because in less than 5 minute I saw 7 banners and was forced to test a demo for other release just to proceed. BS.
~ C B
So, I have played this release for nearly a month, I am lvl 70+ and allow me claim u the release is fun, UNTIL you pass level 26. everything runs repeating, and the release becomes boring. That is the main reason i didn't like it. I see it as a laziness from devs that they don't seek to improve lvls. I recommend if they focus on remaking most of the stages. Regards,
~ Ovazisios TrueLegendZ
too much strain for the eye... everything is white
~ Akshay Sudhan
it is worst release in staring you obtain white ball which you have to save it because of white background you cant see them clearily
~ Deepak Jat
worst color combination. white ball on white background. my eye hurts. and too much banner as well.
~ Ozzy 182