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About: Join your Fb dudes and millions of users around the globe in attacks, spins and raids to build your viking village to the top! Do you have what it takes to be the next Coin Master? Can you travel through time and magical lands to war it out to be the finest Pirate, Hippie, Boss, Hero or VIKING of them of all! Spin to earn your loot Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, shields or raids. Victory your loot by landing on coins or gold sacks so you can build powerful villages through the release and transport up in lvls. Victory shields to guard your village from another vikings trying to attack you. Become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the most loot! Attack and Raid fellow vikings! Earning coins through the slot machine isn't the only idea to obtain loot, you can steal it too! Attack or raid dude and foe to save enough loot to build y ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Moon Active
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Coin Master Reviews and Comments:

Nice release but fed up of my spins going missing .... I've lost loads right in front of my eyes, i hope you send them back, as you replied to this you might wish to respond to my correspondence.... Ive just won 150 spins and they disappeared before i even used them! 3 correspondences to help and no response and ive waited a month! Dont bother testing is my review unless you enjoy not getting your winnings and once you do manage to obtain enough to upgrade you obtain robbed ! Its a fixed release
~ sally gargin
This release will not give you the rewards and spins you victory. Complete rip offs. I just deleted after winning 9000 spins 2 weeks ago and complained to coin master help about the release frezzing and not giving me my spins. I sent proof. They are too busy ripping ppl off to reply. They cheated me AGAIN. I want I should sue them for faud.
~ Kimberley Mendoza
I live this release...I just want I should pick who to raid .....I think at least 15 shields could be kept in storage I mean especially seeing if I bet 20 17 are just gone back to spins... they could be there for times like when ppl go work..... 5/23 so I test this release with my wife and grandmother.... grandma is about delete the release because it's rigged and we only obtain 5 spins per hour. the plus 5 is great but 10 each half hour would be nicer... hell you might even obtain more ppl testing!
~ Eboni Irby
discusted with help . 8 week ago i won 8k spins on meeting and it never added them to my spins. ive sent hundreds of correspondences which to date have all been ignored and actually blocked me from sending correspondences. wish a refund on all the dollars i spent on spins. googleplay wont do a damn thing either . really feel like scammed me and the fact that they have actually blocked me from being able to send correspondences claims it all. worst customer help ive ever known they are absolute pathetic. all i wish is my spins!!!
~ Danny Westlake
It's an interesting release so far.. Test goes to speedy, and you have to wait longer just to collect 5 spins. I haven't found a idea to obtain spins faster. Following on Fb & Twitter and some of the things they wish you to do is ridiculous to claim the least.
The card sets are not so simple to complete especially wen your needing a "gold" card.... actually I know,like many releases, its supposed to be challenging, as well as fun, so nice job Coin Master!! 110/100 there!! Still tho should ya slash maybe just a hair or 27.5 worth of slack lol!?... Love the challenges to victory coins spins and more!!! hold em coming!!
~ Miranda Johnson
Actually the release is no more idea Fun!! Common meetings are been repeated back to back whereas the main meetings (Vikings, set blast) are to be seen once in a blue moon! And they still expect that the coin master release is interesting. Until n unless the meetings are on equal timing mode, the release will hold getting degraded so on & on !!
~ A Google user
this release sucks!!! developers never reply to correspondences or create any attempt to fix the bugs in this release would be alot of fun if the meetings would load!! complaints r fully ignored by the release developers. they wish u to spend true dollars to buy spins and things within the release but the prices r ridiculously high!!! if the prices were reasonable as with another releases alot more ppl would create purchases, making developers alot more dollars!! PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES
~ Doreen Andersen
I love the release nice fun and addictive. I only rated it as 3 because I began to run out of zone on my device, and found that each picture, including cards stored time zone and the pictures for each lvl mixed in with personal pictures even on google pics. I usually close all apps out to being able to post anyth. Surprise surprise. It has taken hours to obtain them all off because of the lvl im on and not trying to lose pics. After that since i have my device, pc sync its on all FIX IT PL.
~ Yvette Young
was a fun release. in lower lvls you obtain the spins you need to hold you interested and addicted. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. your release will forever change. collecting cards are fun, but what used to be fun gold trades are so far extreme from beginners to high lvls makes impossible to complete sets. i can close a set worth 5000 spins after spending 200 true 7s dollars, but actually that i haven't given them dollars. i can't close a set worth 1100 spins. come on, coin master has changed in last 12 month
~ Kim S
coin master is a nice release to test. I love the fact that they reward you everyday with nonpaid coins, spins, etc. I'm definitely addicted to testing. The graphics are nice and the different themes of the islands are usually neat to see as they are built. Nice Job Moon Active
~ Toni French
do not test this release ! this release will look like you can test it for nonpaid but it inevetilally will lead to you spending copious amounts of dollars to test. Google owns and runs this release on a full earning walkthrough I.e you are going to pay to test regardless. you may think that you are testing a harmless release but there walkthroughs are to starve you of spins , raids, attacks , and any target scoring spins when these premium releases are on. do not run to test this release it's just not worth it .
~ Craig Frew
I enjoy testing this release; it's one of my favoured releases but the techs support who they wish. I have spent dollars on spins and never received them. I have emailed the help squad few times and they have failed to support or accommodate me for the spins that I haven't received. I emailed them yesterday about the Cupid's Crush release not giving me my hearts and I was claimed to create sure my release is up to date. By far this help squad is horrible...
~ Shakirah Martin
when I started to test this it was nice. But actually it's getting harder and harder to progress in release. its getting almost impossible to complete meetings .over the past two days I've seen hundreds of unhappy users who feel same. just read on face ebook. come on coin master. sort it out
~ Vic C
nice fun idea to pass the time, highly addictive when testing versus dudes. It needs rebalancing though, in release equipment cost idea too much, in some topics more than the highest costing coin box which is ridiculous, adjust the costs of the villages when you add newest lvls as it creates a barrier to completion
~ A Google user
Product would be so much better if I didn't loose dollars in raids while I was trying to obtain rid of all the pop ups, once I have earned points in an meeting I don't need reminding about it each time I launch the release I also don't need to invite dudes for spins when I still have 2 spins left just cos I been using 3 spin multplier then once I use those 2 spins be asked again about inviting dudes. Also loose lots of balloons cos they launch to float up and I go into a raid or attack.
~ Lynn Heckles
I usually don't like testing these type of releases, But! I really like this release, it's the finest release iv played, in many many years. it's really fun to test, it sort of wakes.me up & gets me going actually I feel like o have a ton of energy. WOW! ITS THE GREATEST GAME EVER. THANKS.
~ Janice Holstner
love the release but would love it even more if there wasnt so many damn pop ups. this is bloody annoying, run out of moves u obtain 3 damn pop ups pop up before you can obtain to the menu section. please sort it out. if we wish to buy bonus moves or whatever we have that option in the menu so no need for the damn pop ups
~ Mimì harden
Hi i just wish to know why i hold losing coins and spins out of nowhere i just won 350 spins got off for a second came back on to no spins... this is the second time it has happened last time i won i think it was like 60 million coins it froze i reloaded it and lost those too.. it just seems a tiny unfair. I liked this release up until this started happening.
~ Karen Robertson
this release is a scam you victory prizes and the release takes them away from you. on one occasion I victory 2000 spins and then just like that they were gone. I have emailed help 2 times and dont hear anything. i emailed on 5/15 and 5/24 and still nothing. do not download this release they will steal from you.
~ Robert KINCAID
Surprisingly addictive. The reason for 1 star... too many pop ups. I seem to spend more time clearing the pop ups than testing the release. Reduce the number of pop ups, or create it easier to clear them all with a single button and I'll increase the stars. At the moment I'm place off testing this release.
~ Matt Phillips
okay to launch with very enjoyable but the further you proceed the more frustrating its becoming and as for the meetings well the less claimed about them the better as they are quite simply impossible most of the time. As for gold trades really really need more of them but decent ones once a week is not enough especially when majority of users are only waiting on golds to finish sets. Myself I seem to be stuck on my lvl and getting nowhere so very bored of the release actually.
~ Fiona Weir
Boring release, its the same thing over and over!! Plus each time you run the release you obtain hit with a barage of pop up banners (so annoying)!! Its a release and theyre not about to give you any of the tiny perks with the spins, you've got better odds in Vegas lol. Started off being fun, actually its just BORING!!
~ Ed O'Neill
The release is nice to launch with, then the temptation comes to just buy a several spins to complete, you obtain added to VIP groups, you obtain nothing from being in the VIP club, you have to spend more dollars, then they blag you so you've spent with no extras. Some gold cards dont seem to exsist, you cannot trade or swap these u less theres a meeting, which are usually 2 gold cards that everyone has. Things disappear dont hear back from help, all about grabbing your dollars, dont give in to temptation
~ Vicci Jones
I would like this release idea better if I wasn't bullied to connect to fb ... (stupid-head-ebook) I don't have the poison that is social media therefor I cannot connect to invite dudes BUT your aggravating pop ips about getting more spins it is driving me away from testing this release further. I just wish to test the release not have to have social media slammed into my face ALL THE TIME! What have too much dollars to be made to make am enjoyable release test? Gotta be a Blizzard company that runs it.
~ Erena Wismer
I really enjoy the release it is a time occupier. As of today 5/30/2019 i have waited on a response from Moon Active after i sent my proof that i bought a box that contained 17 million coins, well that was months ago! I sent a message two weeks ago and have heard nothing! Has anyone else had this trouble? Thanks
~ Laurie Whittaker
I absolutely LOVE Coinmaster!! Finest I've played in a long time! Makes you use your brain &&&& have SO much FUN at the same time!!! Highly suggest!!! The more the merrier! If you haven't played, you don't know what you're missing!! UPDATE: 5/2/2019 LOVE #CM more & more daily!! Check it if you haven't already A LOT of nice fun, meet nice dudes from all around the globe!
~ Gina M PF
CM is fun and exciting but you have to wait too long for spins to refill and when you're given nonpaid spins everyday from some feedback it claims you've received it already which you haven't in most topics, so it becomes exhausting. They need to do better and as for the cards... Well 🤔 you're reaching another villages and the ones before still isn't complete.
~ stacy dhanoolal
nice however some minor troubles that are frustrating ,love the release but can't support but think that it's fixed and although I have been testing for a couple of months I never seem to obtain as far as my parter (who has only been testing couple of weeks ) and the rewards are ridiculous they could obtain better rewards the higher you obtain not dependant on if u know how to mod
~ Jack Steele
Not glad! this release is full of bugs.. i won 270 spins and they just vanished. i have messaged on fb and i am not the only one to have the same trouble. I dont normally complain about releases but iv used my own dollars on this release!
~ Bex
Fun release, but WAY too many pop ups. I don't need to see each pop up each time the screen changes, and it feels like it's designed to where you will accidentally click on an offer because it pops up each time you do anything. Utterly ridiculous, I've never seen so many pop ups on a release. If you can deal with that then it's a mildly enjoyable time waster.
~ Michael Kees
the higher you obtain it becomes impossible to transport up. you need over 39 million to upgrade 1 item just one time. its a nice time waster here and there but I'm gonna delete it. they don't give you enough coins to transport up, recipients steal from you so you can't exactly save your coins. being on a lvl for 2 weeks becomes annoying because there is nothing you can do about it. dont waste your time here not worth it
~ Steven Solis
It a nice release but need to obtain the newer cards to not the old ones over and over that you have 500 of them!! And that it's so expensive to obtain equipment in villages that recipients raid you before you can obtain it!! Recipients will hold testing this release if you don't create it so hard & to obtain your village done!! We like are groups and interactions with every another but hold the release with in reason!!
~ Kim C Brown
Coin Master, I am so fed up with your false advertising, not receiving what was bought! Recipients not getting the same prize boxes, even they are on the same village, village prices are different for everyone. You have no equality and this release has a lot of discrimination. I wish a refund! !! I have been contacting you for months actually and all I obtain are generic correspondences!
~ teresa vetter
Too many pop-ups, constantly trying to obtain you to spend dollars, and makes it hard to obtain enough shields. The pets also are pointless. You run out of meal far too quickly and when you (eventually) obtain more (without buying it) then it wears off before it can even be used. The everyday spin is a joke too, nowhere near enough dollars on 3/4 of the wheel as you progress in release. OK for casual fun though 🤷🏻‍♀️
~ Liz Hawkes
I absolutely LOVE this release!! UPDATE: Don't test this release unless you don't mind spending your own dollars..at least $30 per month to succeed. It's a fun release in the beginning, but as you obtain into the higher lvls it's IMPOSSIBLE to finish your village. The release allows 5 spins per hour and only sometimes 10 spins per hour. So, when you run out of spins your 3 shields (that protect your village) obtain destroyed in less than one hour and the millions of coins you spent on your village are wasted...
~ Poca Hontas
I would have given this release a 5 star. But out of all the card set this release has I have only finished two🤨. I haven't even been able to crack those eggs and I been testing for a while actually. Why is that? It just seems like you guys would rather have your users spend their own 💰 instead of letting us obtain the cards we need to gain nonpaid spends. You guys give the same cards over and over!!!
~ Erika Rhett
Fun enough release but I'd never buy coins since they can be stolen by another users. I wonder if the developers should search a idea to place more pop ups in the release? #sarcasm Sometimes there are 6 or 7 when you test to run testing and usually at least 2 when you run out of spins! ------- Ok actually its annoying. Recipients steal your coins, blow up your island decor and you can't obtain ahead with 5 spins each hour. And there were 9 pop ups in a row before I should test. Going to uninstall this stress release.
~ Donna Sonmor
dosen't allow you victory much usually have troubles with its service I have played on 2 devices and it still was messed up. dosen't give enough spins to really test the release and it's millions of recipients going through the same thing I am. spin blocks recipients to much ask for to much dollars to test the release. I spent my dollars 4 times on boxes to obtain coins and cards and spins and out of 2000 I got nothing not even shield's to protect my village. this release is not very fair I hold trying to hang in there but
~ A Google user
I am absolutely addicted to this release so much so that I will buy bonus spins when I shouldn't! love it!!! if I may create one recommendation please, as you pass the villages i think th number of spins you obtain fir completing a village, the higher you obtain the amount of coins you have to use to build your village. so, this makes getting to the last part you have to build makes a person feel like they won something. but 25 spins fir each village runs to obtain disappointing. otherwise I think it is nice
~ Sheri Olsen