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Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG   
About: Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG Travel through the wilderness, slaying creatures and collecting epic loot in this Idle RPG! Tap to cast spells, upgrade your superhero with special abilities and craft potions to conquer your aggressors! Assign your stat points and click to victory in Clicker Knight and epic incremental idle RPG! This is an special RPG clicker release. Youll have to war creatures, sell equipment, upgrade your skills, craft potions and cast spells to conquer tough aggressors. Tap furiously to search hidden treasure in variety of different zones, making sure your tap superhero has enough gear, health and equipment to hold progressing in this incremental RPG! Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG Informations: Search! - Use your tap powers for epic loot! - Every territory is packed with tough creatures. - Craft special gear and craft potions in an epic cl ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 56MB Developer: Iron Horse Games LLC
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Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG Reviews and Comments:

Product froze at "earn 2 ascend points to ascend". Should not click where the gloved hand was pointing or anywhere else.
~ lundyn roberts
wastes tine well!
~ Abraham Finch
I loved this release at first , but then when i tried to obtain back on it , it wouldn't allow me . Hope u don't have the same trouble
~ Alyssa Atwood
Nice so far. I'll modernization my review later if I notice anything worth mentioning.
~ Joseph Walker
Same thing over and over and over...its a clicker yes but it's primary gameplay I found myself testing it for maybe 30 mins total and got crazy bored with it and I usually stick with idle releases and clickers for at least a couple months
~ ok hello
This release is wonderful. Super well-made with lots of polish! Can't trust this was made by one developer. Great work!
~ A Google user
usually ruin..force closed..a very nice release to just fix that error..thanks
~ marion macarius de guzman
Very active for an idle release. Only complaint is you have to constantly babysit the release.
~ Eric Hepler
Doesn't work on Google Pixel C Android. After 10 secs, it freezes each time. Only release that does this for me.
~ Daebak
Nice and special clicker release! Super addicting. Love the art and the intense gameplay 😂 the pets and talents are nice too! I can't wait for the next modernization
~ Cameron Roberson
I honestly haven't played the release for more than 5 min I just wanna give the originator a nice review cause I wish them to be glad everyone deserves to be glad
~ Bianca Morton
Straight and addictive. Just want there's an online information in the future. Friendly dev too :)
~ Patrick Unknown
This is a promising release in my opinion. Nice graphic and control, the auto spell information is nice. Waiting for newest modernization.
~ Prajjidna Daliman
iron horse releases are nice so it's not a surprise if this one is a nice one...i just hope that this one didn't break my heart as idle zoo tycoon did coz' it didn't save or it's usually resetting but as I see on others feedback it's nice hold it up iron horse 👍
~ 420PLATOON Killjoy
nice release, constantly destroyed though
~ Andrew Marstall
Product is nice, in fact I enjoy testing it alot. Kinda hope for a multiplayer information to come in the near future, or at least a ranking system.
~ Name Anonymous
Nice clicker release! Special and a lot of fun. Various abilities, pets, dungeons are all really fun! Stat points key u customize your superhero. One of the finest clicker releases I ever played!
~ Braden Mailloux
Nice release overall but should you test to implement a leaderdoard system into the release because it would create it competitive and you will have more recipients testing it.
~ hammer playz
It has potential but it's ridiculously short. Finished in a several hours, yet it has everyday rewards? It seems like it was launched idea to quick, before the release was a quarter done.
~ Dave Lorimer
Great release, one recommendation would be an inventory system for the gear, having to stop the action to equip or lose each item all the time is a major trouble. Also stacking potions would be great, another than that nice release
~ Matthew Breitling
The release is too simple. There is no reward nice enough to wish to proceed past scene 20. Another idle releases have cool rewards. Add terrible ass rewards and you're nice to go
~ all comment , no content
Loved it! Super addictive clicker release. Variety of gear, pets, and abilities. You usually wish to test just a bit more and obtain farther. Check it out, you're going to love it 😂
~ Cameron Roberson
Nice release. Very addictive. Lvl 39/Globe 37/3rd Ascension Noticed 1 trouble tho. The Dungeons aren't resetting. Have finished both but still waiting after 3 days to test them again and see what another pets turn up. Only trouble apart from that is sometimes the Upgrade button stays red even tho you can upgrade - Weapon only.. Spell upgrade seems OK or not noticed it on that button. Thanks for a nice release and thank you for making it FREE....... Running through Bluestacks 3 Mobile Emulator on PC and Also Tesco Hudl 2 Android... Works nice on both. Easier on Bluestacks as I have an auto-clicker to save the fingertips and mouse. NOT required but nice for overnight grinding runs.. lol Speedy hint too - World Rock/boulder spell is finest.. if it misses the one aggressor there is a nice chance the next aggressor will run into it giving an immediate slay or on higher lvls a large hit target loss.. bosses don't like them.
~ A Google user
I have been testing for 3 weeks And my everyday target and advanced everyday target has not restart since day one of me testing. The first time I played the everyday it has a check Tag and it hasnt restart once yet. Please fix this then my rating will change. Another than that the release goes cute smoothly and its now cute fun but if I cant obtain more pets it becomes less interesting
~ Jakkop Bessellieu
I was expecting just other clicker. Then I noticed the developer responses to reviews. None were copy/pastes. So, I installed. The art style is awesome. The controls do what you expect. The banners are unobtrusive. The test progression is smooth and well paced. 5/5
~ Josh
The release was fine until I ran into a bug; Globe 80, and I cannot progress. My knight "runs in zone", no aggressors on screen, aggressor health bar claims "x/x"; I have two ascend points, but cannot use them. I can't go back to globe 79, I can't go to globe 81, I cannot enter the everyday dungeon. There's no idea to restart my release unless I lose all my time. Would've given 5 stars, but this bug has fully hindered all my release test useless.
~ A Google user
Too barebones and you run to run out of things to do WAY too quickly for an idle release. I've been testing for 3 days and I have all the pets I'd wish, plus all the talents. If I kept testing, it'd be just for getting bigger numbers and the third pet slot. Needs more talents in the trees for sure. Also manages to commit the worst crime: the banner potions are WAY OP compared to the regular potions. Do you wish to use consumable materials to create a potion that buffs one attack stat by 30% for ten seconds, or watch an banner and obtain a nonpaid potion that buffs both attack details 100% for two mins that also gets you permanent stat and talent points?
~ John Doe
Just started so need a bit longer for better review. So far the only thing I don't like is the fact that you her to click on the gems while your fighting creatures,I miss 50% of them I want they should be auto collected when you obtain them. Also what happens to the equipment you have when you equip newest ones? Do you just lose the cost, there's nothing showing you can sell except when you obtain a newest one.
~ Heather Smith
🍪(Modernized review) Love the release; easy, yet addicting. The originators at Iron Horse Products LLC, are very speedy to reply to reviews and correspondences. Well made release, with a lot of customization when it comes to making your hero look badass. Can't wait for more upgrades from you guys. Hold up the nice work!🍪
~ Scott Smith
Modernized review: I have been testing this release since version. Since day 1 it was an nice release however it was cute short. The dev was speedy to lengthen the release and add informations to hold us going. The dev is also very responsive and active in the Discord. Need a true challenge? Go for the highest scene you can on your first playthrough!
~ Matthew Cariglio
its like rpg release n great to cut ur aggressor n earn gold
~ LorD Rama
its a nice tap release i enjoy it
~ matthew booe
it,s osssssssssssssssssssssum!
~ Big Chungus
release is nice but cant save the release
~ Pedi
awsome release but the banner are type of to much
~ A Google user
i can't see how many gem and red Jewel's, please resize it into protected zone.
~ Hilman Nihri
luv this release! create time speedy! hope the creatir more of this type! thank u!!!
~ A Google user
thisnis a fun idle/clicker release where you now obtain to create decisions that result your experience. well done!
~ Saul Dudley
Fun but watching banners cute much becomes a requirement to advance at a suitable pace.
~ rwthw
if the newest ver has been out for over 3 weeks: 1) the release never autoupdated like each another release has 2) there was no "modernization" button for me to click to modernization. all i had was the uninstall and launch buttons. so, I don't understand why I would have been on an older ver. there was no idea for me to know. I'll test again, but I've lost all my progress because there's no cloud or anything save. I cleared time and cache on my device. aaaand...nothing. Login and craft banners still don't work. done!
~ Jason Weiss