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About: Enter the Arena! From the originators of Clash of Clans comes a true-time multiplayer release starring the Royales, your favoured Clash characters and much, much more. Accumulate and upgrade variety of cards featuring the Clash of Clans units, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the aggressor Boss and Princesses from their turrets to conquer your foes and victory Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Gild to share cards and build your very own war community. Lead the Clash Royale Family to win! PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is nonpaid to download and test, however, some release equipment can also be bought for true dollars. If you do not wish to use this information, please set up password security for purchases in the settings of your Google Test Market release. Also, under our Terms of Service and ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 98MB Developer: Supercell
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About: Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: Upgrade to the all new Town Hall 12 to have your Town Hall fight back! Use the power of Siege Machines to break through the toughest of defenses Work together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items Classic Features:...

Developer: Supercell

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Developer: Cornago Stefano [email protected]

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Developer: ONESOFT [email protected]

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About: Incoming the ultimate shootout! Unleash hell on the enemy - use guns, tactics and dirty tricks! We give you six battlefields, a bunch of weapons and a crack team of warlings to execute your combat manoeuvres. Fight in space, at sea, in the air and much more! Play with friends - hotseat and Bluetooth modes available. Get some action. To war!...

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Developer: 4fan studio games [email protected]

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About: onet upin terbaru 2019 dalam dunia Onet merupakan game puzzle yang sangat menarik, menghadirnya gambar-gambar lucu dari karakter serial Upin Ipin. Mainkan bersama onet upin terbaru 2019 !!! Mau main game yang simpel tapi selalu bikin penasaran? Cobalah onet upin terbaru 2019, kalian pasti akan menyukainya. KENAPA onet upin terbaru 2019 ? 3 Mode permainan : 1. Mode Santai : Bermain santai tanpa batasan waktu tapi dengan poin shuffle terbatas. 2. Mode Tantangan : Mode permainan yang le...

Developer: syifa studio [email protected]

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About: " Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decidedthat was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849but by iron and blood " Join us to the hardcore naval battles and decide what's left by iron and blood! ------------Feature--------------------- 6 Factions. Lead your force in Real War Select your faction and start as a seaman. Vote for the proposed plans, fight together in factions wars, and get promoted step by step. Be careful! Your takeovers may be ...

Developer: Happy Universe Studios [email protected]

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About: Find out what happens to an guns evolution when the evolution started, combine two guns to evolve and discover the most curious and funny forms of your favorite toys. Explore the real world, explore the continent event the world is not safe for your mutation guns evolution. HOW TO PLAY Its simpler then a matching game! As your Gun evolution drop coins, buy new Gun to earn even more money Drag and drop similar Guns to evolve them into new and more profitable Gun Also tap...

Developer: Evolution Games GmbH [email protected]

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About: Empires:The Rise brings the classical Real-Time Strategy (R.T.S.) feeling to mobile devices. With adapted and intuitive control, action per minute (A.P.M.) is no longer an issue. Given a smart, built-in unit AI, you are able to command several massive armies with ease. During intensive 5-20 minutes matches, Resource gathering, base management, unit tactics and strategic battles will decide who stays on the battlefield. Choose your nation and conquer those, who stand in your way!...

Developer: 阿龟与阿飞 [email protected]

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Developer: AMT Games Ltd. [email protected]

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About: Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 is the second installment of the Five Nights at Bear Bear's series based on the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. This game is a comedic parody version of the FNaF games and includes a lot of funny jokes and insanely comedic references. Although the game is a comedic parody, the game still includes 'maybe scary' things in it and is still a hard game to complete. This game is different from the first one because the concept is different. Also, even though this ...

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About: Cu Chu Tam Quc Ch nh Ngha Li Game Chin Thut Tam Quc Mobile. Cng ng Tam Quc lu i nht t Linh Vng v Tam Quc Truyn K khng nh cht Chin Thut chun dng Game Tam Quc mang n mt nhng trn chin , nhng trn cng thnh, nhng trn Tam Quc phn tranh khc lit thc s. Dng Mu Khin Binh Bnh Thin H. * Chin Khng Gii Hn!!! - Tham gia vo nhng trn Quc chin vn ngi. Trm i tng - ot quyn binh - Lnh thin h. - Ti hin hng chc bn ...

Developer: SLG mobile [email protected]



Clash Royale Reviews and Comments:

I've played for more than a year and haven't spent a penny. im currently half idea through lvl 11 with my cards decently and evenly upgraded . if your a guy/woman amd wish a decent fun tiny release this is it. over all it nice and i have nothing to really complain about. the only thing i can claim i miss is the old castle chest lol. use too love getting that thing full. want they should bring it back as a meeting? and maybe a modernization to better manage whos active in the castle. that'd be wonderful! :) 😋
~ A Google user
the release should be nice if they would stop the cheating which they will not do because it is the recipients that have paid for them. The so named trading system worked fine unti they fixed (BROKE) it. Oh and don't bother contacting tech help, all you obtain are the same lame answers that do not even respond the questions asked and their respone time to vids sent in is never.
~ Ron W
This newest modernization with the trophy way has gotten far too unfair. Actually the release isn't balanced and no longer based on luck, neither skill. Actually it's just based on whether or not you can spam your characters and hope you victory. I am strategic but recipients just spam and victory. I've lost 7 matches and gotten no wins. you guys need to fix characters and balance them more.
~ A Google user
If I should give this a zero I would. There is no help for any concerns, they are only worried about making dollars and not the quality of the release. If you are a braindead copycat then this is for you. They create it so recipients only use about 30 of the 91 cards and have zero interest in listening to the users of the release for recommendations. All I obtain from help squad is closed conversations and zero recognition of legit concerns or concepts. Supercell is a giant dollars coe and thats all they care about!
~ Brandon Lewis
Finest small release i've played! I usually can't stay with a small release for too long but i've played this release for 3 years actually and i started a month after it came out. It's never the same thing and it takes a while to full a profile so you usually have something to do. Highly recomeneded!! (my name on clash is, Ginganinja0818, caymans my dude lmao.)
~ Cayman Hines
My review will go back to 5 stars when this release is fixed. Supercells "fair matchmaking" is an absolute joke. I am constantly being place up versus recipients 2 or more lvls higher than me, and in my opinion, this needs to be fixed. When you reach 3 losses in meeting releases, the re-entry fee is 50 gems which gets expensive after a while. it has definately become a pay to progress release since i started testing.
~ Lindsay Redmond
I have been testing Clash for just under a year, and I love it. the newest modernization is unbelievable, but I'm a tiny upset with supercell at the moment. the newest modernization came out on April 12. I modernized it on April 16. somehow all my quests were finished, all my coins were spent, my rewards were already collected on trophy way, my main war deck was changed, and changed multiple times, and a nice 300 trophies are gone. I never played on the 15 but it shows releases in my activity log. supercell support!!!
~ Mystick Wood
I would give a Zero but GPlay doesn't let me to do that. Reasons why actually: 1. Caustic community that will Leave to to lose matches. 2. Indifferent help which Never responds back. Its now been 2 months actually and they hold closing each conversation thread I launch to resolve the trouble created by target 1. 3. Help isnt bothered with your recommendations of making the release better...instead they are glad with the cesspool that has been created here. addition: No respond here too!! Wonderful!!
~ Dyan D
Was fun until getting to 4500 trophies as a lvl 10. Actually I am forced to go versus level 12/13 decks that create it extremely unfair to matchup versus. matchmaking in this release is unbalanced and I am to the target to where it takes 5 releases to obtain a victory. To lvl up your cards you need to obtain chests by winning, but you can't progress if you don't victory (unless you spend dollars). Want there were more options to earn these chests so I should now create fair progress.
~ Corey Taylor
the pc that runs this release is crooked. I have test one on one with the same lads and I have had a higher piece a n d got beat few times. the release will not let you to victory to many releases in row. it is set up only to obtain you to buy gold. it has very tiny to do with skill. I have played an d the release will give another user like three witches in a row don't waste your time it will suck you in
~ Brian Brown
change the name to ruin royale... because this release likes to ruin a lot. Mostly in the middle of a release that is important. i came back to edit this review because even after the newest modernization it still crashes all the time! For the recipients that test already it just destroyed at the end of my fight war! (i was winning too) Like all the time!!!
~ Nicholas Benford
So disappointed about this lag thing even though I have powerful internet. It's sad to think that this just happen in your newest modernization and it cost me my fight attack to fail twice because of this bug. I know that I'm not the only one who's going through with this trouble but please consider our opinion and fix this bug. BTW i been testing for like 3 years of Clash Royale but this is the first time that it happened. Love all your releases supercell and Thank you for the experience of your releases.
~ Jude Alcaide
l have to edit my rating unfortunately! I can't trust how unfair is the match making currently in the release! I am at level 11 and 12 cards and 90% of my foes have maxed out decks!! It used to be such a fun release for everyone, Supercell! Congratulations for destroying it for the f2p users! All you care about is getting 'em 💰 💰!! Super super disappointed!
~ Navid Shekoufa
Well if I thought the last modernization was terrible this one is even worse. So the most expensive card in the release, 3 musks, actually takes 3 seconds to activate. Like it is just waiting there for a fireball or lightning to destroy it. You can't test it in the offensive pocket (once one turret is gone) anymore because they are dead before they fire a shot. if you zone in front of lord turret and foe territories anything in pocket, they are also dead. it is actually so vulnerable. WHY DO YOU KEEP MESSING WITH MUSKS??
~ Wayne Gill
I have to claim that I like the release; but I think that it has turned really unfair to test it. The users that are putting dollars in the release are having large advantage on the ones that are not paying. The developers are pushing large to users to spend if you wish to victory or advance. If you buy a chest, it doesn't assure you obtain cards from the characters you are using. I think the concept is everybody to enjoy the release and not only the ones that pay; if so then there is no reason to test. I wish to test versus users under my same conditions, not versus the ones that has preferences because they spend dollars.
~ David Silva
despite being a complete pay 2 victory release franchise, progress is horribly slow. You fill up your chest slots in 10 mins and you can't even delete the trash ones. You obtain matched based on an accumulated trophy system, so you can be in arena 3 and be matched versus someone 20 times stronger than you. if you don't wish to spend true dollars, this release is not a nice option.
~ Jason Medina
UPDATE: I contacted the company through the release chat a day ago and still have NOT been responded to. First of all the smoke results are coming as boxes with weird rainbow colors inside it. Secondly, the release destroyed three times during my last match. Normally if it were wifi troubles, I'd admit it. However it kept destroying.This caused an automatic loss. I tried opening the release and it destroyed on me twice on the loading screen and the first time as I was testing. This is extremely annoying!
~ Nabil Salim
This release doesnt deserve the craze it gets, it is poor. Instead of letting you enjoy the release they throw a trophy system in there to create you mad, if you lose you lose 17-20 trophys, if you victory you obtain 25-30, so it is very broken. Lets claim you are about to obtain to the next arena and you lose 6, dont keep your breath on getting back up to where you were because you will be holding it for years, overall just other terrible release by supercell.😁
~ Michael Brass
i see a lot of whiners who complain about the balance, matchmaking, cards blah blah blah. 90% of them i would have to claim they need to learn to test better. I've played for at least 2 years actually and still love it. The release still requires skill. I haven't purchased any cards and am still using a dexk made of gen 2 cards and still manage to beat most rounds. i haven't changed my deck composition in over a year
~ Ben Kwok
Been testing this release for 3 years. Unfortunately once you're at around 4800 trophies you can't use any deck except for the one that you have completely maxed out. Everyone at this range also use the same exact 3 decks due to their popularity. I'm sorry to claim this, but this release is made to no longer be fun as you become level 12/13. It's quite sad really.
~ Leonardo Modernell
well. something changed. i only victory a match about once out of each 10-14 releases. when i go into a release i expect to lose often. i truly dont see myself winning anything anymore without paying into it. i reached lvl 1300. thats when it all stopped for me. no more winning. i had this at 5 stars. down to 3. ill give it a month and if it continues it will be at 1 with an uninstall.
~ Aaron Gerbo
When i first got on to test i was ok with this. But actually this release is based around luck. this release is just terrible and each time i pick a different way, it never works because someone has somethings better than mine. The chest give you the same things. surpercell i hope that you can create this so it does not have to be based on luck or the amount of dollars you have. Everyone has better cards, and there could be more balence in the release. Last you could be able to have the deck the idea you place it
~ C. C.
This used to be an okay release, back in 2016 or so. I used to test on a Kyocera, where everything was slow. I couldn't obtain past arena 2, but I still liked it. I took a break for a several years, and actually I'm stuck on Arena 11. All the rewards from Trophy way are collected, but I cant advance to the next arena. I have a lvl 10 turret with lvl 9-10 average cards. I can't obtain a single victory without a gigantic losing streak, thanks to troll Pay-to-wins with decks full of legendaries (lv 10-12). Unbalanced.
~ PixelPrince Games
I've been testing this release since it came out, and I must claim things have changed for the worse. Most cards are cute balanced, but others are just broken, such as the mega knight. It makes the release so unfun for the user even if you do have it. It just is too potent. Add this with the introduction of newest cards without balancing the old ones, you obtain a boring, rage inducing release.
~ Sherman Tank
Astounding gameplay. I have been testing for over 3 years and if anyone Claims you, you need dollars to obtain to the higher leagues, they are lying and just not nice enough. I am currently in Master 2 going into master 3 and the travel up the ladder is so nice and satisfying. each arena holds memories for me. as In remembering back to where i was in life lol. this release is one that I'll be testing for life. everyone needs a bathroom release 😂
~ Jawaad Saleem
Product is magnificent and everyone crying about unfair foes, sorry but why are you going to 3k-4k trophies with lvl 7-8 cards? It's all up to you. Don't cry that you can't victory. It's hard to obtain some cards but if you test regularly it's not a trouble. Newest meetings like trophy way made me come back and test it again. Create some more improvements so that it is easier to receive more cards like more championships.
~ CarelessHater69
this release is completly rigged and will match you up versus straight counters, it is pay to victory and you will not victory unless the release wants you too. If you dont trust me you can look up the details, that present you will test cards that are likely to counter your deck. they just modernized it and added a "trophy way" which is suppose to support with this. it doesnt support anything, you will still obtain matched up versus full lvl 13s and a lvl 11 and will have absolutely no chance of winning.
~ Kaleb Smith
Hello, ever since last couple of upgrades. Things have not been up to par. In the middle of fights it will just randomly go back to my home screen. It isn't my service as It happens on more then just my Wi-Fi or cellular time. It isn't my device because I have this same trouble with multiple devices. I was just recently flagged for "leaving a teammate in the middle of a release" I did not of the sort. The release destroyed and I was penalized for it. Is this going to be the newest norm ? please fix...
~ Christopher Kawa
The release is fun but.....I am a lvl 10 with a tiny over 4000 trophies. I rarely ever obtain to test versus another lvl 10s. I have to test 11s or 12s and even some 13s. I feel like i am being punished for being a lower lvl with higher trophy count. I understand the trophy ranking is an attempt to create it a tiny more fair but it would be better if 10s test 10s 11s test 11s and so forth. I feel like I obtain beat alot of times just because the another user has cards that are idea above my lvl.
~ Randall Carlyle
It takes time to climb ranks and lvl up, but you don't need to spend any dollars to climb to the top. Being patient and testing the release once in a while instead of constantly grinding it makes it a great experience inbetween your everyday duties. The release is callenging and makes you think out of the box. Altough it sounds like a card release, you now need to use your brain to pick your deck and zone it with the right timing + positioning. Hint: join a great castle!
~ Artūrs Kaņeps
Do not test this release today if you intend on doing so, you are already too behind. the ranked system in this release makes absolutely 0 sense. There is no bonus or demotion, only bonus. This means that if you're lucky you can easily climb the ladder if each foe you face you have a counter for their card. Yes there are walkthroughs but the bulk of the release is seeing an whole persons deck and either claiming "Simple victory" or "I lose release over". Terrible design system and ranked. 1 star
~ Brendan O'Brien
Very badly matched. The release is purely designed for you to spend dollars. No matter what deck you're testing the matchmaking algorithm will place you versus someone who will beat you. The lag is horrendous, the release will drop a wifi signal in order to create you lose. The release WILL also slow down your elixir just enough so you end up losing. The championships are just a gem machine actually. Ive been testing this release for 2 years and its actually time to quit. Shame, it WAS a nice release.
~ Simon gillingham
I've played it for years, but they just have cards that overpower everything else in the release so it ends up being all you see, which should be fine but combined with the fact that the matchmaking is LITERALLY THE WORST I have ever seen, I have been ranked versus recipients who are 3 lvls above me, which gives them an advantage in almost everything there have also been countless times where I lose and will then be ranked agaisnt someone higher than me. It is only trophie based. Why? I don't know.
~ The Bing King Ding
This release is absolute pay-to-victory garbage. Sure, cards are fairly balanced, but as the release claims - it's the card lvl that matters. That means you need a metric ton of gold (purchasable) as well as a metric ton of duplicate cards (also purchasable). Also, the more times you lvl up cards and create them stronger, the more health your turrets obtain as well. If you drop a wad of dollars on this release, you have a substantially better chance of winning a match. That's broken, exploitative, and disgusting.
~ Austin Branham
This release is unbelievable. I have been testing it on and off for over 3 1/2 years actually and have reached Challenger 1. The ranking system is very nice, constructive cards, and an nice interface. The only in-release buy is gems which are optional, but support you out alot to obtain very nice chests or upgrade your cards faster than with gold. I would rank this as the finest release on the appstore, and I'm coming from Clash Of Clans, other one of their releases that I played for two years or so and loved.
~ Griffin Haag
I hate this release with a passion! lost my profile I had for a long time to have no support from the release to recover it. Each time I go into a war I end up testing recipients that are two lvls above me. (have upgraded more cards) so in turn makes it very hard to even place up a war. will end up uninstalling yet again. very disappointed!!! the release crashes each another release as well so you never victory with the troubles that this release has. don't download and if you did you will delete it quick
~ Steven Lawyer
okay I don't know what recipients are talking about supercell being greedy. you don't need to pay to victory! I got $2 as a gift from google test and purchased 80 gems but that's it. I got to challenger 3 in under 2 years of testing. you don't need to pay to victory. I'm currently in master 1 after just 2 years. still haven't paid a nickel (excluding the $2). yes, the matchmaking isn't usually the finest, but if you made it to leagues as a level 10, there aren't too many another level 10s.obviously youll face full cards
~ A Google user
You can't victory unless you pay loads of dollars. Each user has better cards and will conquer you easily. First example I boosted my cards by testing 2v2, my cards were carefully picked and all lvl 5s and 6s. I was lvl 4. I was then wiped out within 30 seconds by a lvl 2. And again, and again, and again. It gets cute infuriating when you've beaten two turrets and are half idea through the third when the foe suddenly gets the ability to wipe out all 3 of your turrets.
~ Vee Ramage
Dear Clash The giant and e-giant are idea too OP. their HP is out of control! Also there is a lag when i drop a card. As you guys could know timing is such a gigantic part of this release and that lag is just horrible and you could be embarrassed. I myself am embarrased i wasted dollars on this release. Just please do something about the giants to create this a tiny more fair. I dont know how much more i can take. Work on yourself for us. with love and hate Jimmymac
~ James H
I have to give credit where credit is due, I test this each day. It is indeed fun but has one major flaw. This release is fully pay to victory. The only idea to be the finest at this release without spending years testing is to give them your actual dollars. In my opinion, microtransactions could not affect gameplay and be purely cosmetic, creating a fair release for everyone. EDIT: The trophy way modernization destroyed the release. Actually that you can't go back in arenas you can easily be stuck our of your league.
~ TheBeefster_82