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About: The sequel to one of the most successful walkthrough releases on small is here! Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 challenges users to build a glorious empire that will stand the play of time. This is the first release in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for small devices. Civilization Revolution 2 offers small walkthrough lovers a brand newest 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Search out if you have what it takes to rule the globe! Key Informations: - Newest Civilization - Korea - Newest Leaders - Lenin the Russian communist, Boss Sejong lord of Joseon - Newest Troops strengthen your military might with brand newest combat troops including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Warriors and Unique Forces. - Newest Technology race to science supremacy with newest technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Description Tec ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 24MB Developer: 2K, Inc.
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Civilization Revolution 2 Reviews and Comments:

The developers have abandon this release and a several bugs to go with it. i failed to check there last modernization witch was 2014. a mistake i made buying the release. a nice release that they made terrible
~ Will Noblett
2018 and, yet, theres a bunch of bugs. I've had nice generals disappear if I test to transport 'em without an escort unit. I test as Germany and build barracks yet my troops arent usually upgradeable to have any perks (Loyalty, Engineer, Medic etc.) Resources lack color (Cattle is white, oil is black and white, so is wheat). Civs never "meet" one other, there should literally be an aztec unit war a mongol one and if i ask montezuma about Genghis, he claims to have no concept who that is. Please fix thes
~ Ivanov Bernal
I like the release enough, but I can victory through a science win. it wont allow me build any of the parts for it. Yet, you can search the stats on them and the models in the release for it. I cant unblock JFK until it allow's me victory that idea.
~ JSRh1no Gaming
What should have been... this release should have been nice, but there are so many release breaking bugs, it makes this release impossible to test or even enjoy. If it weren't for the bugs I'd give this release a solid 4/5. Sad really because this is a great title small platforms.
~ Jake jake
If you're a trophy hunter this is going to be very frustrating and boring. One of the achievements requires you to conquer the Mongols using Taizong as your leader TEN TIMES. So, not only do you have to test as the Chinese multiple times until you obtain lucky enough to be paired versus the Mongols (which can take twenty or more tries), but then you have to repeat this process ten times. It's very annoying and glitchy. But the gameplay makes for a nice time aggressor if you have nothing else to do
~ Tongantarian
Just like the first release on console, but a bit more buggy. After 10 tries of testing I just gave up on this release. You need to spread out everything you build very far apparently since each time I started building things in cities I would lose the menus for the cities.
~ J West
no online pvp, troubles defending, the defensive numbers arent right for user. yet npc details seems fine when it comes to defending. the meeting scenario is no longer active. haven't seen any upgrades except maybe one. I type of feel ripped off. the xbox and PC versions are nice it feels like they just gave up on this release. it would be much more known with some well deserved attention to upgrades and large fixes maybe some bonus leaders as dlcs, and some online pvp wouldn't harm. come on actually...
~ Kevin McCaffrey
Fully unplayable. Controls are small, hard to use, and not intuitive. You can't cancel movements once initiated, and accidental movements are constant since it's so hard to do anything. And then even if you just suffer through all the mistakes and just hold testing even though your troops don't go where you wish them to and you can't call them back till they're done with whatever mistaken input the stupid controls thought you wanted them to do, there's still no walkthrough in it. You just don't have the options to do anything. It would not have been that hard to give this release at least as much functionality as the console versions, but instead they just slash so much out that it's not fun. And that's aside from the controls being absolutely poor. Definitely uninstalling and demanding my $10 back.
~ Nathan C
There is no customer help for this release. I have owned this release over 3 devices-2 galaxies and 1LG-and each single device, I can't unblock achievements or bonus leaders. I contacted 2k and they claimed me that they had no idea to troubleshoot small releases that I could uninstall and reinstall. That did not work. I hold the release on my device in hopes that they'll fix the trouble but it's to the target that I am rwady to delete the release and slash my losses. You can only test the release with no targets for so long
~ Blake Simmons
Reminds me alot of the old civilization and bring back alot of childhood memories with better graphics. I give it 3 stars because because it was released in November of 2014 with only 1 modernization a month later and that's it. Makes me wonder if this was a trail run and somehow failed why this is the only civilization release to come out on small. But on the another hand if your a civilzation fan and wish to slay time for the weak price you will pay I highly suggest it and relive childhood memories
~ Charles Timmins
Ive had this release on the LG V-20 and Google Pixel 2 both devices ive had an trouble with the touch screen registering touches up and to the right a tiny I really hope after paying 10 dollars for an release I thought I'd be able to test online or at least locally with some dudes that the touch screen would be able to be calibrated so my local test isnt annoying as all hell.
~ Austin Firlik
really enjoy the release, it glitches and crashes a lot though. i dont know if its just my device (shouldnt be) but it crashes after a newest nice person apears. tiny fustrating hence the 4 stars. however another than that its a really nice release.
~ DaisyTwitch White
It's a nice release but there are a lot of tiny troubles. it doesn't feel like a completed product. some of the resources on your castle territories don't display the correct amount of benefit. in the release I just played I got banking from the Egyptian wonder I found, and then I got baking again later.
~ J Jamison
Has potential, but its been abandonded by the developers... Has not been modernized since 2014. Numerous bugs and no abilty to change the map size.
~ Michael Mcintosh
This is a nice attempt at streamlining the complex gameplay of Civilzation for gaming on the go. Anyone expecting this to be exactly like the full release is being unrealistic. This is NOT Civilization, it is Civilization Revolution.
~ JoJo Anderbeaux
This ver of Civ is so terrible it's practically unplayable. Nowhere near enough stats displayed to test properly. For example I notice after a several turns that one of my cities is actually a Japanese castle, but I have no concept when that happened or even how (conversion I assume, but idk if it was from a nice person or not). One of many examples of how making a release more easy can end up making it unplayable. I instantly regret my buy.
~ A Google user
very stripped down civilization releases that would be fun if it had any sort of customization no planet size or kind . 6 civs per release. Overall this one could be left for recipients you might wish to obtain into civilization because it's so easy and stripped down and very speedy paced also Can't change the speed of the release.
~ Jose Ochoa
Large fan of Civ releases. This doesn't even have a guide to support me learn the controls. If I tap on one fighter, I cant cancel out of his movement screen. so I just have 3 fighters going in random directions. glad I got this release on a sale for only $2, or I'd be furious I wasted 10.
~ Andy Lindquist
I usualy don't like civ releases; testing 6+hrs on a match that 60% chance I'm going to lose when each nation goes to fight with me for learning how to create a plane, unless I save scum like crazy doesn't appeal to me. This one takes out the auper complicated equipment and makes me not mind loosing because I can just do a newest match and it is about half of the time. I like this release.
~ Josh B
Just as addictive as it's large brother's on the PC. Just one more turn...that feeling is still there. It should be better, but for a small release I still haven't found anything close to Civilization's immersive worlds. The late age additions fun, but a release rarely lasts that long. Worth the price of admission if you enjoy Sid's releases.
~ Ryan Pitts
The release would be nice except for one thing. I go to transport a troop to a certain territory or I test to pick a certain castle/troop and it selects the territory next to it. Its extremely frustrating to test a release when the calibration is off. I've tested to create sure it wasn't my device itself and figured out it was just this release.
~ Ty Weldon
love this release, ridiculously addictive! each actually and then it freezes around turn 10-20 but just close the release and continue and it's fine. Although, im trying to tick off all achievements and i can only seem to obtain 44/46 nice recipients to appear and ive played loads so not sure if it's a glitch? Anyway passes the time quite well and you can test offline too, which is nice on a flight!
~ Laura B
Product will no longer work, just started destroying for no reason. I uninstalled it and actually cannot download anymore from the test shop. It just sits there when you hit download and does nothing.
~ altknd
access to calendar? why is it essential to have so much access to my profile? not a fan of that at all. release is fun and I would hold testing if they didn't hold asking for my arm and my leg to test. so intrusive
~ Janet Carey
it's a very nice walkthrough release and replicates the PC ver well. however the reason i rated it 3 stars is because i have a criticism and that is that you don't obtain to pick your map kind and it's generally cute tiny, oddly shaped, and full of water holes. Secondly i do not see the purpose of only being able to create 1 nuke per release because realistically, you could be able to use as many as you wish if you have the resources and dollars to do so. Please obtain back to me shortly. Thank you
~ Adwit Mukherji
Fun and refreshingly easy but but far too simple (terrible AI). Also a several things feel like bugs at first but turn out to be surprising release mechanics (like a gally getting stuck in the ocean after the nice lighthouse becomes obsolete). Overall, should be better but the appropriate pricing makes up for the quirks. I would like to see this same squad create an improved sequal.
~ Ivan VenOsdel
I have enjoyed this release so can't mark it too weak but it is very shallow. On the highest difficulty it is incredibly simple to victory and even pick your victory way at the last minute, there is no need to plan. The AI is dumb and will throw troops at you that are obviously going to obtain beat. They also declare fight on you constantly but that doesn't really matter because they wont now attack you. A fun release but zero depth. Many bugs as well and the developer seems to have abandoned it. Shame.
~ Dave Wilcox
Ok release. Lovely adaptation of the original Civ release, but aggressor AI is broken. They never war every another, not much of a challenge, some of the key elements like roaming barbarians and alliances with another civs aren't there, and the release hasn't been modernized in 4 years. So its OK but it should be so much more if they just completed the release and fixed the AI bugs.
~ Rodrigo Goller
The release is cute fun, and certianly scratches the Civ release itch, but there are some irritating bugs in the release. Actually you can deal with the release freezing (and most of the another glitches) by saving each couple of turns, but the acheivements are a nightmare. Both in release and when it communicates with Google test, acheivements will regularly not pop up no matter how many times you accomplish the target. I would really like that bug to be fixed.
~ sevandor
Can't Build Troops Or Buildings! When opening a castle to build troops or buildings, the a popup prompts you to use the two finger pinch gesture to launch the castle's building menu but it never works! Make a button! Each another option has a button
~ Ben Osborne
I am not sure what is more sad, the fact that they still charge full price for this release since its version, or the fact that it only had one modernization since its version in 2014 and that was one month after. It type of bothers me, because it is like they gave up on the release, when it had so much more potential. I love the PC releases, but this was a gigantic disappointment.
~ Justin
As a guy who got this as a idea to test civ5 but on small, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I found this slow, sluggish release that was only sort of like sid mier's civilization 5, basically my main troubles are the controls aren't speedy enough paced and the advisors are ugly and annoying.
~ Yehoshua Winter-Card
Selling a release for 10$ on a small playstore is cute ridiculous, but then adding in-release purchases and not even claiming you do.. that's shady. We need releases to be about the experience, not about the developer milking it for as much dollars as it can.
~ Kayla Smith
Lover of the Civilization PC releases? Here's a weaker ver. It's still fun, but dont expect the full experience. For instance, diplomacy is mostly just a software to hold another civilizations from attacking you. For newest comers, however, this is a nice turn-based walkthrough release, especially if you wish more than just other fight-walkthrough release. Ultimately there's a lot of fun to be had in this release, and it accommodates multiple test styles, and all of this without being overly complicated.
~ Trey Cain
keeps claiming I need to be connected to a network to test championships and test modernized live meeting challenges. I test on my cellular network which is 4G LTE with 50GB of time infinite everything plan on T-App. Not to mention I modernized the release as well. I love the release but unable to enjoy what I paid for completely. What is the trouble?
~ E-Roc tha DON
Google Calendar permission?! No idea. One of the first things this release asked for was full access to my calendar! Read/Write/Delete. My calendar is confidential. Not going to happen. Uninstalling this. Devs clearly overstepping the socially acceptable for what I can only imagine is a citchy do nothing information.
~ James Shackleford
no idea am i providing access to my calendar (including the ability to see, make, and delete meetings). but besides that, the configuration is off or something. i have to click everything to the left of it, for it to now work. This walkthrough does not work for buttons already on the left, making it unplayable.
~ Ashley Gloeb
It's the sequel to console release Civilization Revolution. This series is a twist on the Civilization releases for PC. I love these releases so $10 bucks seemed like a no brainer. I want I would've noticed before buy that this release hasn't been modernized since 2014. There's a glitch where the release won't proceed to the next turn. Nice release but I wouldn't suggest buying because it's been abandoned.
~ Harry Picó
This is a beta release that the developers never bothered to fix. There are variety of bugs, the gameplay is repetitive after a several test-throughs, and the mechanisms in the release are opaque (e.g. you are claimed only that a building "increases" output of something). The release is also likely used to steal stats about players, as it asks for offline access (the ability to obtain your stats from Google even when you are not using the release) and the ability to read, modify, and delete your calendars.
~ Randy Cragun
Diplomacy is not a thing. Your relation is based on whether or not you're at fight. AI will never create fight with eachother, save for barbarians. Now the barbarians are the one part of the release they did nice, maybe ways too. Troop updates are the same, and the tons of troops is alright. Towns are different in that there are no workers' and health and happiness are no longer troubles, just dollars, production, culture, and growth. Wonders are also normal/nice. The diplomacy ruins the release
~ Obraznic