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City Destructor - Demolition game   
About: (HD ver: ?id=com.nodetrack.citydeshd) Welcome to Town Destructor! Your target is easy: Demolish cities! Featuring two release modes: Puzzle mode: Progress through the release by destroying cities. You need to do as much hurt as you can, using a fixed amount of bombs! Can you beat all lvls with a gold metal? Playground mode: Each lvl you complete in puzzle mode, it unlocks in playground mode, where there are NO RULES! Zone as many bombs as you like, combine different bombs to make a cinematic havoc! It's just "demolition and chill" More havoc, more dollars! Each building you demolish, each car you hurt, it earns you Kaos Coins (Koins) Spent your hard earned Koins to unblock newest bombs and updates! Bigger bombs, bigger explosions, total demolition! Destroy cities in style! Bombs descriptions: ����Kaos Bomb: This is the primary bomb, ����Thrower Bomb: breaks p ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Developer: NodeTrack [email protected]
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About: A hand-drawn puzzle game where the buttons are part of the world itself. The follow-up to No More Buttons brings a new perspective to the series. Solve mind-bending puzzles in a top-down view....

Developer: Tommy Søreide Kjær

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About: Dive into the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of Swim Out, a strategic, turn-based puzzle game, that will transport you into a sunny day by the swimming pool, the river or the sea. Plan each of your strokes wisely and be sure to never cross any other swimmer's path if you want to peacefully enjoy the sea view on a cosy chaise-longue. • Over 100 levels nestled in carefully crafted landscapes, soothed by the sound of seagulls, frogs or water splashes. • 7 chapters combining : - 12 d...

Developer: Lozange Lab

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Developer: Snapbreak

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About: Doodle Alchemy is a game with amazing graphics and effects. Off-beat music and sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere! At the start, you have only 4 elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Combine these elements and create new ones. A fascinating journey into the world of knowledge awaits! Enjoy your discoveries! KEY FEATURES: - One-click intuitive gaming - Amazing design and effects - Off-beat music and sound effects - Language choice. Play and learn new words! - Large number o...

Developer: BYRIL

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About: Become a mystery-solving detective and find hidden artifacts and lost treasures to create your own mystery museum! Swap around and match artifacts by color to collect objects, decorate rooms and halls of the museum and solve mystery quests! Beat breathtaking match-3 levels and search for hidden treasures of ancient civilizations. Carve your way through a story packed with mystery, romance and adventures! Excited? Mystery museum is waiting for you! Customize the halls of the museum and surr... Developer: ZiMAD


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About: Cute beasties rocked the boat and now they need your help! ���� Visit beautiful islands ���� and restore their lost colors. Friendly animals will accompany you during the trip ���� – take care of them and they’ll return a favor for sure. You’ll have tons of fun at various boards full of colorful jellies. Match them in patterns and combos, use spectacular boosters, and make use of your pupil’s powers. Complete all the levels to color the land of Animatch ����. Dive into a match-3 game ... Developer: GameDesire Sp. z o.o.

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About: Trito’s match 3 Adventure is a new match 3 puzzle tile matching game for the entire family! We currently have a total of 6 chapters with around 870 levels to complete. A new chapter with more levels will be available September 2018 as announced on our Facebook page :) Play the latest matchy matchington match 3 on the market. Make a journey to legendary Greece where Gods and Heroes reign in their mansions! Help Trito, son of Poseidon, to save his family and the entire underwater kingdom fro... Developer: FredBear Games Ltd

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About: Magic Hat is a new physics puzzle game. The goal is simple: get the ball into the hat. You shoot the ball by pulling your finger inside an outlined launch area and then letting it go. The game has accurate and realistic physics. The ball spins and bounces off obstacles and moving objects, teleports through portals. Each game level presents a smart physics puzzle for your brain. The trick is to get the perfect angle, velocity, and timing to land the ball in the hat. There are multiple ways...

Developer: AppDeko

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About: Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new Zen puzzle published by the creators of Puzzlerama and Mazes & More. Challenge your brain, draw, cut and erase to find the solution to the 250+ smart levels. Relax, unwind and let the color flow into the labyrinth of lines, in a Zen experience that will let your mind flow free and antistress. Some levels have a perfect symmetry, other are a maze of lines. Can you master all of them? No pencil needed! How to play Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle Depending o...

Developer: PocketLand

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About: In a universe of uncertainty, chaos and confusion, ▲SHAPES emerges as the perfect way to bring harmony and congruence to our world. Through an immersive environment of countless challenging levels, ▲SHAPES will test your skills to establish order into a fragmented reality. Are you ready to fight disorder? Then you need this shapes game! This brainteaser game will challenge your logical skills, encouraging your creativity while you assemble the fragmented shards into a holistic image. This...

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About: Poly Jigsaw is a brand new jigsaw puzzle game for all puzzle lovers of all ages. Combine traditional jigsaw puzzle game and colorful art to challenges your attentiveness, develops counting skills, forms creative thinking and enhances visual memory. Match polygons with the right number and you will get a clever poly fox, a bright parrot or an unreal unicorn! Collect unique puzzles and share them with friends. Solve your favorite jigsaw on the go! Enjoy Cool Poly Jigsaw Features: – Daily ...

Developer: Pinso Marketing Limited



City Destructor - Demolition game Reviews and Comments:

Town Destructor is a finest Demolition release. i usually like to test it. its tremendous release.
~ ZooTopia 1
once you obtain t9 lvl 16 it is imposible almost, and you cant use the bonbs you buy on the lvls, only sandbox which is stupid, do not obtain release, waste of zone, time, time, and whatever else .
~ Ashton Weidemann
Literally should not pass Lvl 1. I spent a lot of time trying to zone that bomb everywhere I should, to no avail. Visually interesting release, but all it managed to do was create me furious.
~ nick deri
Brilliant castle destruction is a super destruction release in this release Town demolished in mins and fight declared everywhere. its a magnificent fight release. gotta download this Addictive release
~ HitMan
nice puzzle release castle destrutor With so many machines in it I like it very much I enjoy it very much in nonpaid time His graphic is also nice and I enjoy testing very well i like it
~ Wasi Sahab
Town Destructor is an Awsome release we can demolition in the castle in this release. its a unbelievable release. very addictive for All ages of group.
~ Golden Words
such a unbelievable release I have ever seen. castle destructor release is finest release for testing. magnificent release. graphics and sound quality are nice release.
~ Crazy Boy
It's still not downloaded after over an hour and won't allow me cancel it. edit: it seems that it's my device that's the trouble here.
~ How to knowledge
great release simple to install. castle destructor app is demolition release. I like it very much. Nice release having tremendous graphics and sound quality.
~ Mr Martin
I love to test fighting and Demolishing releases Usually and this release is my All time castle Demolishing release. this release will give You finest entertainment. its a nice graphics release will suggest to All my dudes.
~ Asif Talpur
love this nice release. castle destructor is finest time killing app. I am using this nice app. this release made my day. I would like to suggest my all Colleagues.
~ Mir Stephen
Town destructor nice release building Very nice . I'm enjoying it very much. I love this release I like such releases very well and this is a very nice release. I will claim Product Lovers that download it
~ sam jobs
so much banners
~ A Google user
This one is nice!!! Nice work to the devs for this diamond in the rough. I suggest EVERYONE test this release out, a bit hard at times but nice fun that's for sure.
~ Joe Garlick
no option to change bombs..already unblock cluster bomb but still uses regular bomb
~ Elyon Cross
nice physics puzzle! I love it!
~ Dimitris Sevastakis
it won't allow me i
~ Helena Wiersma
Very entertaining! Well done!
~ Ευάγγελος Μπίλης
add some more newest lvl
~ MoboGameplay
It still won't load!
~ Jason Houle
impossible to pass lvl 14
~ The Cyborg
I can't obtain enough of ze explosions! highly addictive
~ Georgios Argiroudakis
no true physics
~ Taia H
At last! A nice demolition release to obtain me hooked!
~ yanni efthymiou
~ James Walsh
it's alright
~ Eli Collins
Wow, it's fairly simple to progress, but getting gold each lvl is extremely hard!!! Suggest!!!!
~ Theodosis Konstantaras
Wow! Congrats on the concept guys! It's one of my favoured puzzle releases ever! Quite stress-reilifing too.
~ Tina Georgoudi
want they had more lvls. cool release
~ Cody Kinney
Explosions! me likey!
~ Constantine Moustakakis
love it but create it so u van create a lvl
~ John Kuentz
Its nice but i cant obtain pass one of the beach lvls.
~ Freedom Tower
I vote 1 star because this is the worse release I've ever played!>:( AND LEVEL 14 IS THE WORSE!!!
~ Ethan Perry
I love it so fun they really know how to create a release no lag depending on what device you have but it is nice and nice graphics but I'd really like if you added a nuke or more puzzles
~ Melissa Cole
Nice time aggressor. Occasional banner but interruption is minimal.
~ Ben Hunsaker
I saw this release and it amazed me lvl 14 is hard but I love it finest destruction release in the globe:) 😀👍🌎
~ Enoc Aguero
wow unbelievable release I like this Soft castle destructor is finest and killing of time simple to install and simple to use grid release I suggest to all my dudes.
~ Friends Forever
Thank you. These are my favoured types of releases. I'm apparently the destructive kind. Blow it up, burn it down, rip it apart. That's my type of release
~ Johnathan Womack
The the 3d models are pretty. The controls are great. And when you zone the bomb and watch the building go ruin, that is satisfying.
~ Navin Rai
Love it! The difficulty is well worth the effort to understand what needs to be done for success. Gold for every lvl is Definitely attainable. I haven't seen anything else quite like it in the Test Market - a true premium! 05/25/2019 - Modernization with newest lvls? Nice! Updating from the Unpaid ver and hoping for more lvls quick.
~ Troy Vanderpool