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About: One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the finest collection of storyline releases in the globe! Customize your main hero Fall in love, solve crimes and embark on epic fantasy journeys Pick your storyline from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter upgrades Control what happens next in immersive visual stories! Actual stories contain: THE FRESHMAN - Welcome to Hartfeld University! In this college drama, youll create newest dudes for life and search real love romancing your schoolmates. Will you date bookish James, party woman Kaitlyn, football superhero Chris... or all three at once? - Dress your hero in fashion-forward outfits for meetings like a sorority rush. - Select a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal. THE CROWN & THE FLAME - Your aggressors stole your kingdom, but actually the time has co ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: Pixelberry
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Choices: Stories You Play Reviews and Comments:

This release has the potential to be quite fun. The run of the release, before you realize diamonds and keys are extremely hard to come by without paying dollars, is the finest part. The cost of scenes, premium clothing that gets you exclusive storylines, and cute much everything is grotesquely skewed compared to the pittance of diamonds you collect. Only being able to have two keys at a time is a rude joke, plus the keys refilling takes 5 or 6 hours. There's also no idea to watch banners for nonpaid ones.
~ Annie Rieffer
So I've been testing this release for a several days actually... and I have a several things to so. firstly, the positives: 1. the storyline line is well thought out and constructive. each chapter is well written..pls give kudos to your writing squad and actually the negatives...probably no surprise that my largest complaint is the entire Jewels. maybe change the options to use jewels to buy clothes or maybe reducing the no.of jewels required to pick an option. cuz this release is definitely not worth spending dollars on.
~ Rosini Alexander
I LOVE this release & think that all of the stories (that I've played) are extremely well written. When I first downloaded it, I didn't think I would enjoy it that much, but I was wrong, and actually have it on three of my devices. Some of my favoured stories/series are "It Lives" (my top favoured) "H.S. Stories" "Launch Heart" "Nightbound" My only gripe is the diamonds, but PB has found a idea to allow you earn at least 4 more per day. PS: I hope to see more stories where you pick a gender to test as
~ Kyle -
It's a nice release with a cool, nail-biting story and great options. The only thing I'm NOT loving is that you need certain amounts of diamonds and keys to pick certain choices. I wish to be nonpaid to pick whatever I wish! That and you have to watch banners to obtain nonpaid diamonds. Just allow me pick what I wish in the release - don't bring currency into it. That's not a release. That's LIFE!! And I didn't install this for a life simulater!
~ Rosa
I understand that you guys have to create a living but it's SO EXPENSIVE to buy diamonds and if you don't the stories aren't as interesting. Should you at least offer one another nonpaid option for things like picking clothes? I first downloaded Choices about 18 months ago and had to delete it and recently downloaded it again and it has definitely become more expensive. 21 diamonds for a dress ? Really? How about making more choices that cost less?
~ Alphie Me
I enjoyed this release at first, lovely graphics and was liking the story, but the more chapters I opened, it was costing too much to test, I was constantly buying diamonds to obtain the right outfits, time with the prince, do the right thing! A idea to obtain nonpaid diamonds, or even diamonds for testing every day would be great. I got so fed up of the cost, that I uninstalled it!
~ Emma Hunt
Loved the stories, but the diamond-hungry aspect really killed it for me. Waiting for keys I can live with, but spending 15-30 diamonds each chapter sucks. You have to either go through the whole storyline feeling like you missed something or spend actual dollars on hundreds of diamonds you need an infinite suply on. Not to mention there are multiple stories and you can't even go through one without emptying your bank profile. Don't know if this is a con for everyone else, but it is for me.
~ [MysticalPringle]
To me, the nicest surprise about this release was the writing, which enhanced the experience without ever getting too much. Cudos! The only drawback is the high cost of acquiring keys and diamonds (which you'll need to transport the storyline forward). Although not strictly essential, you will obtain a very primary (and slow) ver of the storyline without these. I loved the idea and execution but Pixelberry could rethink their pricing.
~ Nicholas C. Rossis
I rarely write reviews but this release is nice. I can't even describe how nice this is. I'm fully hooked on Elementalists, I can't wait so see how the storyline progresses. This release is like a graphic novel, in which you decide what the main hero does. I can't even remember the last time I liked a release this much, but this got me fully addicted. Edit: The option to obtain 5 nonpaid diamonds for watching banners is gone with the last modernization. I hope this will be fixed. Until then changed to 4 stars.
~ Diána Csermely
would give 5 stars if the release wasn't so "diamond-hungry". most story rely heavily on whether you create a certain decision or wearing a certain outfit which cost a lot (18-25 diamonds). another than that, I don't mind that I have to wait several hours for keys or a day for nonpaid diamonds. the stories themselves were not terrible I quite enjoyed them. thank you 😊
~ Anindita Putri
The release is nice, awesome graphics, great stories but in some choices to pick we gotta have a specific amount of diamond. My finest regret is that there is no nonpaid idea to increase your diamonds. After watching an adv to obtain one diamond it Claims me that there is some network trouble but I have a nice network coverage. It Claims me that it'll add it later on but even after waiting for so many days the diamonds are not inserted. Please, give us some modernization to obtain more diamonds in adv nonpaid.
~ Arnold Kumar
this should be a nice release, but every choice or dress basically costs an average of $2.25. If you allow recipients test a several times for nonpaid and lower the cost of every choice, they're more willing to spend dollars. Instead, where your release should be better than the rest like this, your greed gets in the idea. Uninstalling because I won't spend this type of dollars on a fake dress or choice. You have a gigantic potential audience in readers- but not at that cost!
~ Michelle Stewart
Finest interactive storyline release! I have read at least 44 of their ebooks. The writing and art are are awesome, there's a wide tons of categories, MC's are smart, and there are even plenty of options for LGBTQ+ recipients if romance is your thing. I also appreciate that you opt in to view banners. I am reading a bunch of newest stories simultaneously, racking up the gems, and re-reading one old storyline that I invest gems into so I can test out more scenes. I haven't found anything else like this release.
~ Molly Johnson
Very interesting stories, especially with how your choices change what is claimed and done, rather than everything still going in the same direction as if it was merely a novel. Plus, very well done photos. Excellent to grab to view for yourself or share with others through screenshots or correspondence them, as that's an option I haven't seen in another storyline apps.
~ Mikaela Risner
The stories are so interesting and I love them so much ❤️. But should you please allow us download some of the stories for us to use offline.And also it would be waaay better if the time we need to wait for the key is reduced, I mean 2 WHOLE HOURS for a key? Idea too much time, just claiming. And do you think you should have a contest for young writers to bring in stories? After all we are the one's who use the release, might as well obtain a chance to enhance it.
~ M B
I truly enjoy some of the stories. However, their is a heavy gap between the diamonds you can earn and the amount that is demanded for "choices". Through banners you obtain 1 diamond and completing chapters gets 2 diamonds. the lowest I've ever seen a choice cost is 10, the average is around 18 and it can go up to 30. additionally. "choices" implies I obtain choices, not "each option except one you have to pay for" Very pay to test oriented and it is not appealing.
~ Zachary Chandler
The release is cute nice, attracting users by its nice stories. Though, diamond seems to be the largest trouble. Should you please add 2 or 3 banners more, 2 diamonds for every please? Not only this tiny change may increase the profits you have from banners, but also attract more and more users to test this release. Users will highly appreciate that, in my opinion. Thank you!
~ Khoa P.N.A
100% ridiculous. some options you have to use gems to even pick. not worth your time. they dont give you much gems to really obtain anywhere and you only obtain 1 gem when you finish a chapter. but you should usually buy gems with your actual hard earned dollars. but then at target you shouldn't even be testing. not worth testing. do not download unless you are going to place a lot of dollars into the release to even obtain anywhere.
~ Oksana Zeoli
Spending 20 bucks on one storyline isnt necessarily ideal. The amount of gems you need to now create decent choices is appalling. Nobody wants to wait a day to read other chapter. Its absurd. 20 dollars for a 20 minute storyline. -.- I understand the idea to buy things but maybe implement a monthly subscription or something with infinite? I'd gladly pay that.
~ Atomic rose
This release is nice, but it should be better. I hate how I can't now create choices because I dont have diamonds. So, I have to wear the same outfit throughout the entire storyline and wait for a nonpaid key to continue, which the wait is 2 to 3 hours! The only idea to obtain keys and diamonds is to pay actual dollars, which is a total inconvenience for me. Also, how whenever I am customizing my hero at the beginning of a storyline, the informations I like cost idea to many diamonds.
~ Wildfire Stars
The stories are a tiny bit entertaining but the ammount of diamonds you need to create a 'nice choice' is unbearable. You obtain two diamonds per chapter and most choices are eighteen diamonds at least. Also there is a choice in one of the ebooks that is fifty diamonds, that is the equivalent to completing twenty five chapters. The keys are just as terrible. WHY ON EARTH DO YOU NEED TO WAIT TWO HOURS TO CONTINUE PLAYING A BOOK? WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAIT TWO HOURS?
~ Itzz Dom
This release can be really addictive and enjoyable. But this release is so expensive. The prices of the gems is idea too much. Sixty gems can disappear with a blink of an eye at 20 plus gems for an outfit to wear. Why cant yous add releases to test so we can victory more of your expensive gems. which I search is very shocking. And then theres the bloomin keys to unblock the chapters. No key no chapters. All this can be very frustrating when you dont have the finance to test. Create it happen.
~ Donna Heta
While this is a great tiny interactive storyline, it's honestly too expensive to progress in to be considered a nonpaid release. In the first storyline Ive played, in order to earn the optional decisions and buy every day's premium outfit, you need at least 50 diamonds per chapter while you're only rewarded with 2 (3 if you watch the banner) for completing every chapter. So while fun, I won't continue with this release after the first ebook. In short it's a rip off with clear disadvantages if you don't spend dollars.
~ MiyuEmi
When users launch, they are given a very limited amount of diamonds for certain choices and, from the beginning, are needed to pay 20 diamonds for decent decisions. Users could earn a diamond each several mins so they can collect over time rather than being needed to buy. Yes, each 22hrs, there is an opportunity to watch banners and earn, but I have to wait 3 days before I should test again since you only can earn 5 at a time.
~ Maria Logan
Needs work. I enjoy testing the stories but every chapter has a couple of choices that cost 15 to 25 rewards every. You earn about 6 rewards a days by watching banners, therefore it takes the fun out of it. In a Royal Romance I haven't been able to afford any of the bonus meetings or clothes therefore spent most of it in a t-shirt and jeans. It should do with bigger rewards and giving out keys more often. Please sort it, I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!! :D
~ Mark Calway
They only version part of ebooks. Its been months and no newest chapters are released. According to them it is so their constructive squad can take breaks and "newest chapters are coming quick". It sucks getting invested in a storyline and then be left hanging. Very disappointed... especially since the choices you create in the release costs a lot of dollars/gems. Its not worth it. I will be sticking to true ebooks from actually on.
~ Elizabeth M
I've only read through one series (The Royal Romance), so this review will be based on that experience. Summary: Nice writing and an enjoyable storyline is severely marred by overly aggressive micro-transactions. Pros: The storyline and characters were well written. I was pulled in and kept reading right up to the end. The choices are great, allowing the reader to add personalized touches and creating investment in the storyline. Cons: The storyline is micro-transaction-ed to the gills and the currency is WAY too expensive. To completely experience the storyline came out to about $200 worth of in-release currency, for what was the equivalent of about three standard paperback ebooks. Paying to experience every chapter only unlocks it for that one time. If you wish to reread that chapter later you need to pay again.
~ Peter Abdis
Need the great review score? No trouble! Give more options to users, (guys f.e.) and more nonpaid options. The time we wait for a key could be reduced, and we could be able to accumulate more keys , also we need more affordable options when it comes to diamonds, and the opportunity to obtain more than what you give us in a day. Also we need animations! Just do these, we'll love the release over 10 times more for true ! Oh,and add a Zombie apocalypse ebook and apocalyptic stories in general! 👍
~ Alex Mp 13
I really like a lot of the releases aspects. I like the graphics, the stories are great, especially I like it when you can now pick your gender (making it relatable to guys as well). I only gave 3 stars because the release desperately needs improvement if you wish it to have longevity. The diamonds are a large trouble. They are too expensive, spending them gives tiny in return (1$/stage) and there could be at least a loyalty reward for signing in everyday. Also there could be a present status button.
~ Κωνσταντινος Θεοδωριδης
I give it a 1 star due to this release is really trying to rip the users off. Never enough keys or diamond to do anything. At least it could earn ten to 25 diamond in each chapter and wait an hour at least for keys. Everything is out of your wallet. And is not cheap at all. Dont trust it, test it yourself. I already place in 10 bucks and spent 2 entire day just to finish one story. Its a waste of time and dollars. Every storyline line is only an hour. Dont fall this this trap. Save ur dollars and time
~ Toulong Vang
I started on royal romance, but wasn't that into it and got sucked into ride or die! The pricing for diamonds is a shame. What you obtain for 100 bucks (which I did not buy) could be 20 bucks. also, you guys could stop charging a key to replay a chapter I've already used a key on. You could charge a flat rate to unblock all the choices per ebook. I think 50 bucks per ebook is more than sufficient. Stop ripping all of us off. It's a digital storyline, not a leather bound ebook.
~ Autumn Starostin
I love it sooooooo much. Only one trouble though...i never have enough gems to do anything premium, like advance to the next step in the relationship with someone or buy the great dress. I recommend making gems a everyday gift. You, know, obtain some for nonpaid often you login, like a everyday reward. But another than that, this is the finest release i have ever played♡
~ Linda O'Shea
Nice stories and characters. I would test more except for the poor pricing. Solution: add a information allowing users to buy every ebook (infinite keys and diamonds) for $5-10. You would obtain $65-100 from me TODAY, with the possibility of future purchases. As things stand, I will not buy anything and will probably stop testing quick. I know that's less than the $75 it would cost to buy the keys and diamonds for an average ebook but only 'whales' can pay that much. Please consider your supermarket.
~ OniKisaki
This release is nice. The stories are nice, the designs and UI are cute nice, however, the diamond system keeps destroying the experience for me. Not that it's truly terrible, since it's a nice idea to create profit, but some choices have a ridiculous amount of diamonds when you earn so tiny. Allow's not forget the amount of choices with diamonds either. I've noticed that almost each another choice needs diamonds, especially romantic ones. Either increase the diamonds earned, or create the choices cheaper
~ Blue Sky01
I love reading this storyline, it give you hope, enjoyment, hope to look forward, trust in Love, to believe and trust in God words That one day, you can be bless on whatever's you want and ask God for. God will usually be there for you, with a smile on his face. Don't forget to claim THANK YOU GOD! I give Choices an A plus on all your ebooks, that I have reading. I will hold reading your ebooks. Hold bringing theses ebooks and storyline to us. You are doing a unbelievable job, to me and another. May God blessyou
~ Jackie Harvey
Modernization: In one ebook you have to pay for clothes that are in your own suitcase. PLEASE DO NOT SPEND ANY REAL MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE!!!You basically can't obtain anywhere without spending a LOT of actual dollars. Can't progress in skills or relationships. Can't obtain appropriate clothing to wear. Can't give your own twin sister a birthday gift. You can do NOTHING the "guides" urge you to do without it costing idea more than an actual trip to the videos, a true ebook, or even an audio download of a ebook.
~ Margery Thomas
It's an release I happily spend dollars on in help of those who are its developers. I have to claim, these stories and this release in particular, mean a nice deal to me. I've never felt so passionate about such things before. From the beautifully written dialogue (at times, real to hero, witty and natural) to the superb hero designs and environments, everything about Choices is worth it. I'm sure the cooldown for keys is too much for some, but the wait for me just leaves me in anticipation.
~ A Google user
As much as I love the release, (I'm testing "The Elementalists") the only idea you can obtain far is by paying for diamonds and to be honest, the more "fun" choices(some of which I consider essential to the storyline) cost diamonds, which cost true dollars. And even though you obtain nonpaid diamonds by watching banners, they aren't enough considering the cost of every choice. Also, the diamonds you obtain from watching banners don't obtain added either. I'm also getting "network error" so I can't obtain the rewards. Please fix.
~ A Google user
Yeah this release is nice, but when you let a company like NEXON to acquire you, your products go out the window and there's really only one target after that: Create as dollars on diminishing returns as possible. That's fine, you know... Just sad that a once awesome independent company allowed itself to be acquired and tried to sweep it under the table. How much did you sell out for? Was it worth it? I genuinely am interested to know how involved NEXON now is in the monetization model.
~ Corey Bryant
The stories are nice but just like everyone else, I'll just claim the diamond costs are idea too high. It'd work so much better if either the individual choice costs were lower, or the "price per diamond" cost were lower. It'd be cool, also, if you should earn a several bonus diamonds each time you finish a ebook. Like 5 or something. $5 for 3 choices? In a ebook with a 15-20 diamond choice every chapter, in addition to outfit costs. Just no.
~ Leene H