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About: The robots you design will change the globe! Will you present them the real meaning of love, or defeat Alaska with your robot units? "Choice of Robots" is an epic 300,000-word interactive sci-fi novel by Kevin Gold, where your choices control the storyline. It's entirely text-basedwithout graphics or sound resultsand fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Test out thirty years of your life as a brilliant robot maker, from graduate school near the present day to a future in which your robots have changed everything. Depending on your choices, your robots may be independent or obedient, clumsy or graceful, empathic or cold ... and you yourself may live to an old age happily married or alone with only robots to comfort you. Test as male or female, gay or straight, with nine characters to romance, four alternate climax chapters, and over seventy achievements to ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: Choice of Games LLC
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Choice of Robots Reviews and Comments:

Nice. What a pretty ride.
~ Chris Awesome
this was surprisingly nice.
~ Mark Hopkins
Finest Choice release by far hands down. love it
~ Ferdinand Chen
Absolutely wonderful! Eminently repayable.
~ Codex7777
great but i have to redownload just because there was an modernization
~ Landon .D
Very nice. An interesting storyline with some replayability.
~ n mo
This release is really ALMOST like the detroid become human....
~ Just A Random Guys
I enjoyed this release more than a lot of the another paid choice of releases
~ tom hunter
So many different ideas through the release, truly awesomeness
~ Andy Higbee
fun and well written, want I should search more like it
~ David MacKinnon
Unbelievable and smart writing, I loved it!
~ Azry NKarnit
This really is the definition of pick your own ending. I've played through this so many times throughout the years. Worth the price
~ J Bailey
One of the finest choice releases on the list! A gotta have for the reading releases!
~ Tylor Storey
Just test it. Absolutely an nice and engaging experience
~ Brandon Austin
The ending was not pleased,at least you could allow's us see from the robot eyes what happen after you die what they do to it! anyway it's was a nice release...
~ Yin Kaori
One of the finest choice releases they've made so far, a serious favoured that I've played many times over
~ Jackson Denton
This is the pinnacle, the darling poster babe of interactive fiction. Something to reread, replay and relive over and again.
~ Vain Corsair
To anyone who wants a nice storyline as well as a pick your own journey kind release, then look no further. Magnificent storyline and choices that now matter.
~ Melford Miling
Everything interactive storytelling should be. An nice storyline, a crisp interface, and wonderful depth. Come for the robot units, stay for the feelings.
~ David Cayson
This release was a entire newest experience for me. It made me feel things and took me by surprise! Definitely glad I purchased it!!
~ Lusha Luthuli
I must claim this is an nice release. Choices matter and things obtain deep. It keeps your eyes glued to the screen.
~ Plum Life
This was such a well wrote storyline, I lived every of the characters in their own idea and the ending I got on my first test through almost brought tears to my eyes, it is definitely worth the dollars. This storyline had a gigantic impact on me, my most favoured of all I've read so far
~ lllazy boy
Liked the depth and quality of the writing. No another choice of releases release has that extensive consequences. Didn't care much about the theme so I had problem getting into it. Also, I think the price is steep. You only realize the length when replaying the storyline and trying to obtain all achievements.
~ Kay Schoonus
Finest so far, but I can't take it too seriously with all the references to video releases and such. Also death shouldn't require a restart, I'm tired of having to speedrun trying to obtain back to where I was, you should easily tool a checkpoint often a chapter ends. Still, the release is cute nice.
~ Happy Face
I've played many of the releases here and I've rarely seen such a high rating so I finally decided to buy even though I found the price a bit steep. And I was just... whelmed. The release is not terrible per se, it's just meh. The working feels a bit rushed at territories (especially in the second half of the release), most of the characters don't really have distinct voices and most of the relationships you build seem forced with unrealistic interactions. Again, it's not all terrible, and the concept is very interesting but, especially after all the nice reviews, I was expecting something so much more than what I got (also longer).
~ Lúthien Price
I expected it would be related to a ebook, bit it is not. Very primitive. My storyline line ended the next day from buy and I only spent a several hours testing (reading) in total and somehow I have no want to restart it and create another choices to reveal more text...
~ Sergei Boguslavski
One of the finest text based releases I've ever played. There are so many different paths you can take just by changing one or two decisions. It is well worth the 6 bucks that it costs to have it. After all, that's the same price as a tiny food at some zone like McDonalds or taco bell
~ Sean N
Characters were introduced very quickly, and barely knowing anything you had to decide what your hero's relationship with them is. It time skips a lot, which I'm not a large fan of. The writing style is just 'okay, you did this, actually this happens.' Hardly and emotional or detailed writing, but this is just about personal tastes. If you like a clean slash, clearly written storyline, I would reccomend it. There are no clear grammatical or spelling troubles and it has a nice idea.
~ Hyssop
Absolutely nice, variety of replay value. The release originator really knows what he's doing to make an immersive experience; you really feel like your choices matter and there are so many different endings! I highly suggest Choices of Magics by the same originator too, both brilliant releases. (:
~ A. K.
Warning: Do not test this release if you are feeling lonely or in a melancholic mood. I couldn't even bring myself to go through the release getting the crueler achievements after testing through the Empathy route, finding love with a robot companion and raising my original robot like my babe the entire idea.
~ June Ellie
Choice of Robots fearlessly dives into the conversation we need to have about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interactions. It is an wonderful narrative written by a remarkable originator who has clearly place a nice deal of thought into the storyline's structure and its reactions to your choices. In short, Superbly written. Strongly suggested.
~ Dv T
By far one of the finest choice of releases ever written. This one was the first i ever played, the nerdy jokes and detail in the choices was freaken nice. I would claim anyone who is considering trying choice of releases could give this one a shot.
~ john prater
This was and still is my favoured release but I'm currently dying of frustration because a newest modernization just came out which brutally destroys the controls. Swiping sideways on a choice actually selects it, and it's really sensitive, which means that each time you place down you device and your hand brushes versus the screen or whatever (which could be allowed because this an essentially turn-based release that doesn't require quickly reacting to anything) you will unintentionally pick a choice which should have major release-altering consequences and often requires resetting your whole save file and starting over to obtain back on track to what you were trying to do furthermore, to add insult to injury, each time you test to pick a choice the normal idea by tapping on it before hitting enter, the release plays an obnoxious animation advertising destroying any possibility of ignoring the thing to test to save myself the stress of thinking about it, and it blocks you from scrolling when you're touching a choice, which makes things really hard when there's a long list of choices where you need to scroll to see them and not a lot of text to touch to navigate. There is no setting to opt out of this misery, and trust me, I check each three pages just in topic. If I should bring myself to I would give this release one star just for this modernization. I can't, in honesty, because it really is an wonderful release besides this part, but I seriously suggest you save yourself the infinite frustration by waiting until this is fixed before you obtain invested in this release.
~ Ellie Sweeney
Very in-depth. Sometimes what I chose would scare me, and I would philosophically question troubles the storyline posed. It was troubling, but it taught me some pretty things.
~ Avi Catena
Just one of my faves. Respectably lengthy, but doesn't drag. I come back to it to search more things in storyline and endings whenever I'm feeling down, and it's just nice.
~ Maixa Powell
Read this for the sixth time actually. I got endings where I die in the arms of a robot lover or live to watch my robot son make his own babe, so I thought I could test and make a warmachine but ended up with a beautiful softie robot who'd rather watch and quote videos. This interactive storyline has a premium zone in my heart.
~ Haley Auger
Started testing this two days ago and it's all I've been thinking about since then. The choices are weighty, and the emotions are richly written, while maintaining humor & frankness that won me over immediately. It's wildly replayable- I've played maybe 6 times already and it doesn't obtain old. I'm already thinking about seeing what I can do differently that I haven't already seen. My only complaint is, the release forces binary gender choices: my robot can be ungendered but I can't be, which sucks.
~ Marielle Madden
I normally dont write reviews but I just have to share how nice this storyline was. You really change potential outcomes drastically with your choices, and you can see how much every one matters. I was hanging on each chapter on an emotional rollercoaster until the very end. Hands down, BEST Choice Of release I've played yet. I would definitely suggest this to anyone. Worth each cent.
~ Summer McKellar
nice release, i loved it
~ Petar Stefanovic
one of the finest "pick your own journey " kind i ever read. compelling and relevant plot, well developed characters, and meaningful choice.
~ Freddie Lee Kim