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About: From the originator of X-COM, Chaos Reborn has arrived on your small device with Chaos Reborn: Travels! Conquer magical wizards in tactical turn-based combat in this spellcasting walkthrough RPG! Chaos Reborn: Travels combines RPG-style turn-based combat with the tactical positioning of chess and the bluff of poker to make an entirely special walkthrough release. Customize your sorcerer with 100s of gear equipment, spells, and mythical monsters to secure win! War your dudes in a head-to-head competitive multiplayer mode, or test your hand at a robust single-user narrative campaign as you search a complex tale of warring sorcerer factions, mystical realms, and supernatural forces. The choice is yours! FEATURES Tactical turn-based combat Competitive multiplayer Challenging single-user campaign Superb 3D graphics Deep and enthralling lore PRAISE FOR CHAOS REBORN ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 47MB Developer: Big Blue Bubble
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Chaos Reborn: Adventures Reviews and Comments:

worst release. do not download
~ Digvijay Bhandari
awesome. complex gameplay and narrative
~ Santiago Perez
how to obtain back my dollars
~ Abhijit Das
Pathetic visuals, controls. A large waste of dollars
~ Saurabh Pande
Product is ok but not much fun, as I expected
~ vaibhav kamble
Nice rework of Heroscape. I bet you should obtain alot more recipients testing if you dropped some threads in the online community.
~ Wes Baker
Nice release!! More Content please will pay for dlcs.
~ David Hamilton
Card collection could become a thing. Everything else is Nice !
~ Karthik Mn
Initially the gameplay looks interesting and the graphics are slick. However the text is small on the instructions and the intro. Pls fix or send me a pair of glasses!
~ Coremus Tookay
Lots of content, but seems like the developers correlated quantity with quality. Repetitive fights, low AI, and buggy inventory system (equipment menu stops recording taps, which forces you to restart the release).
~ Furuzonfar Zehni
Gameplay is fun and interesting. However, can't beat the first realm because the final war lags so much it becomes unplayable. Related maps to that final war also lag.
~ Norman Thompson
Brilliant release! We need more release developers like this who are willing to take the risk and place out higher priced releases. Otherwise, we'll be forever stuck with a bunch of crappy $1 releases.
~ D man
Enjoyable, but disappointing that the visuals were downgraded from the notebook ver.
~ Solfernus 666
@devs: FYI, in Walkthrough 6, part of the sentence "If you can master the art of Gooey blob... " appears twice.
~ Ruby J. Scheme
Nice port of an awesome release!. However, as many of us test on a 5.5" screen, it would be great to have a larger font size option and a more potent in-release zoom. On the another side, despite the port is very well optimized, I would love some options to tweak graphic settings and reduce battery drain (I mean, even more, as it is already okay). Anyway, I'm very glad with my buy. Thanks for your nice work, devs.
~ Pablo Rodríguez Ruiz
This is a unbelievable turn-based walkthroughs release. The original design is in 'chaos mode', which is speedy and probability based. You'll lose some annoying rolls, but overall, your target is to avoid risk -- in fact, your sorcerer can be killed in one hit (as can everything else). This is one of the several turn-based walkthrough releases you can now test versus another recipients because it doesn't take forever. I'm less fond of 'law mode', and unfortunately it seems like the devs doubled down on it, making it default. The port from PC is really well done as well. Online realms were taken out, but another than that everything is nearly identical and the release thrives with touch controls.
~ Yotam Barnoy
nice release.very well done.thanks to devs for awesome work. this release could be top 10. obtain it. claim your dudes.
~ Mike Keyworth
This release deserves much better treatment than this. The docs are almost impossible to read in a 5 inch screen, the in-release tricks are almost the same. I was glad I would be able to test it on my device, but this is not the topic unfortunately. Rework the UI and I will change my review.
~ Felipe Zacani
Thrilled to see Chaos Reborn available for Mobile and even more impressed with the quality of this port. For those who are unfamiliar the original designer is Julian Gallop of X-Com fame. Performance is nice on my weak end device and the release is ideally suited for touch controls. Nice AI as well as integrated MP create this release a gotta have. Also no pay to test here. Recommendations-Manual Saves, Hot Seat MP, Tap/touch for multiple cards, better performance on some more graphically intensive maps.
~ Cornelius Webb
I love the idea! A tun-based tactical release where you control a sorcerer and summon creatures? Sign me up! =D Unforntuenly I got bored only after a several hours. Very several recipients test, no guilds or clans, and the decks/summons are the same each release with no idea to customize the deck. :( I'll be watching though. Maybe someday I can create my all-Skeletion deck.
~ Aaron
Really nice release....just disappointed at the choppy frame rates during war...I run releases with far more detailed graphics at extremely faster fps....clean up your code or do whatever...no reason standard graphics like this could chug along...ARGG
~ Nietzsche ll
Very disappointed already. I admit I'm in the minority here, but for releases of this nature, I prefer them to not require an usually-on internet connection (as opposed to needing one solely for multi-user informations which I can ignore if I so pick .) If your release requires one, please have the courtesy to state that in your Test Market entry. I'm actually out ten dollars I would not have spent had I been aware of this fact ahead of time.
~ Nex Corvin
Nice port of a nice release. For those unfamiliar this release is perhaps finest described as a blend of chess style walkthroughs and poker like bluffing. In its original chaos test mode this is all balanced brilliantly. There is also a "law" mode including health and mana bars 🙄. Both modes of test have made it to mobile as well as asyncronous test, the forge for building custom gear and a stripped back campaign mode with no lvl design. I would not suggest testing on a tiny device. Fine on my Pixel XL
~ Jack Morris