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About: Test the legendary walkthrough release ... anytime, anywhere. Test real to the original board release terms, compete with up to four users for the most settlements, the longest ways and the huge units. Trade important resources, build ways and cities, settle the island and become Boss of Catan! Prove your walkthrough skills by challenging another Catan lovers online via cross-platform multiplayer, or take on the AI with different pc foes, every with their own individual characteristics. Become Harbormaster, search newest islands, invest newest trade goods and conquer the barbarians, vanquish dragons or build a canal with the bonus expansions. Primary release informations: - Test according to the original board release terms - Synchronous online multiplayer - Smart pc foes with individual walkthroughs - Comprehensive guide - The Seafarers and Towns & Knights LITE: Play the e ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: USM
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Catan Classic Reviews and Comments:

what a RIP off!!!! once you buy it you can't even launch it. the release will not load or launch! do not buy this release!!!
~ Monica Williams
there are no options to download the bonus time...does not work with changing resolution...OTHER OPTIONS????? //// Tnx for not responding :( I found out myself what I have to do
~ Mirela Manolache
online doesn't work at all with my s8+ and there's not an option to talk to a help squad either. only thing i can do with this release is test versus the pc.
~ Darwin Payou
Not worth the $. Only challenge from release is from systematically unfair dice rolls. Controls and buttons fail to register taps. Product fails to load correctly often.
~ A Google user
I m actually downloading for the second time the needed files. My device keeps vibrating just because while downloading. How dare you? This is an insult to the german idea of doing things!
~ Matías Szeftel
they didn't invent the release but they did a nice job of making it available. there are some bugs when you feedback your profile, it's trying to sync when I read instructions and then I have to restart, but maybe they just got some summer intern noobs in there...I'm sure it'll obtain fixed quick. once they do I'll edit this review.
~ Zach McNulty
Product states bonus download required, but doesn't deliever download button. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still gives same error. Currently unplayable.
~ A Google user
doesn't work on my note 9. it claims the release requires an bonus 39mb of time and do I want to download it but there is no button to click to claim yes. please sort this out
~ Richard Maher
Will not run on S10. Same trouble reported by others. Can not claim yes to download. Tried workaround of changing resolution. Added storage permissions. No joy.
~ A Google user
disappointing the release claims it requires more zone to download even though I have more than 2 gigs of nonpaid ram and 10 gigs of storage zone. not sure how to fix it release is very frustrating. don't buy!
~ Nick Cassa
release does not work. once you run the release, it prompts you to download upgrades . but there is no freaking button to click "yes" download. $4 in trash actually
~ Haresh Kanagasabapathi
need to install "undo" capability (such as un-doing a way, settlement, Town, etc). would like to see an improvement on trading capability, such as users who's turn it isn't, being able to offer a trade to the user whose turn it is. otherwise the graphics are nice - but the yellow color could be tinted differently, it is hard to see the yellow color cities and settlements and ways.
~ Hersh Garg
Used to test well on my old S7. Newest S10plus not so well. Keeps claiming me I need to download more (39meg) but never allow's me pick the download. Tried uninstalling and reinstall numerous times and same glitch...
~ Andrew McRae
The AIs can freely tool and gang up on you constantly regardless of logic. Each release is 3 versus 1, and each user offers you the same trade 3 times a turn. The random number generation is horrific.
~ Aaron Volz
Really dissapointed in this release. As quick as you run winning the dice magically rolls 7 in the foes favour. Its rigged and really frustrurating. I would give a better score if it was fair.
~ Caffidien D
Wont work on samsung s10+ Hello, any news how to run the release on samsung s10+?. it claims that i need to download bonus time, but no active button on the screen, and can't go further. i would like to obtain a refund of my dollars, asap. cheers, Filip
~ florin filip
love the online release! however there is a large trouble when someone stops testing but does not quit the release. the another users are left waiting for a long time and do not have the option to kick the user out. Please add the option
~ Michael Schneichel
no longer works on s9 with pie. asks for time download modernized. recommended fix by clicking blindly in bottom right of screen and then center works. still, this shouldn't be essential...
~ Peter Burlinson
Absolutely love this release as one of my favoured releases in the globe. Very intriguing interactive release with AI or with actual recipients online from around the globe. No lag spurts and no ads that delay the gameplay fun
~ Jessica Aleksandra
Wow. idea to delete my review. Please refund my dollars! the release doesnt work on my S9 device! I tried the fix with changing the resolution on my screen but didnt work.
~ Jason Davidson
Product doesn't run at all - keeps claiming that it needs 39.39 MB to run although I have more than 10 GB zone. Tried a lot of things (clear cache etc) doesn't run at all.
~ Swayam Khialani
First screen advise more content needs to be downloaded and there is nothing on the screen to approve or transport past it. Paid for the release and can't even obtain to a menu, allow alone test it. Thank you for the response, however the workaround doesn't resolve the trouble.
~ Kirstyn Scott
Nice 25% of the time. After the newest modernization this release only opens about 1 out of each 10 times I test to launch it. I'm really bummed because this is my favoured release and actually I can only test it each once in a blue moon when the release decides to work. It's a gamble each time...
~ Kaitlyn Chiu
getting the same troubles as others with my s10 galaxy. tried to use the way of changing resolution in display settings but there is no option for it. either refund me or fix it quick please. just paid for the release yesterday.
~ rob tressler
Will not modernization, despite uninstall and reinstall. When looking through comments I read that the "yes" button to modernization in invisible, in the bottom left corner. The release is actually running. I have changed my review from a 1 star to a 4.
~ Tara Burr
the activate registration correspondence for online test was never received. I tried making multiple accounts with different correspondences to obtain activation correspondence to test with my dudes. I won't suggest this to anyone until this is fixed.
~ Eriks Strals
Nice release, the original release doesnt count the VPs correctly and I cant seem to obtain the online portion to work. it doesnt send the verification code to my correspondence. When those two things are fixed I'll give it 5 stars.
~ Ean Ulrich
It was working fine on my s9+ but i deleted it to create some zone a while back. I tried downloading it again recently but there is no idea for me to downlaod the bonus time to test. It is the same for s9+ and s10+. Please fix this trouble!
~ Bevelyn Pang
used to test this a lot paid for all updates, etc). actually it won't allow me download the upgrades (just has white screen asking if I wish to, but nothing to click to claim yes or no). Will change my star review if this is fixed
~ Andy Spiers
when it works it's a nice representation of the board release. dice are rigged, ai are predictable and have primary mechanics, release fails to run half the time and is a battery hog. with a bit of polish this should be a nice release.
~ Stuart Barry
So this release used to work. Actually it crashes on startup even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I paid dollars for this release. I will change my rating when this trouble is fixed. i submitted feedback via the ruin screen already.
~ Aaron Mittelmeier
my only trouble with release is the dice rolling is poor. It repeats the same two numbers over and over. I like the simplicity much more than catan universe. Unless you are lucky enough to build on the repeat numbers you don't have much of a chance.
~ Tim Leigh
S10+ semi fix. The buttons are there just not visible. after trying the fixes and a several another things I pressed the bottom of the screen. I noticed a newest message appear. from the bottom left the buttons are Exit Download and ok is second to the right. hope this supports out.
~ Sebas Rivera
I love this release but it won't allow me register for online. It claims my correspondence is already in use but won't send me a password restart correspondence, have tried multiple times with different correspondences. I would really like to test online, if so then 5 stars
~ Abby Ellen Pettengill-Blair
love this release! but recently when testing online with my dude the release freezes. specifically when testing seafarers and its time for the AI to pick a resource from the gold hex. its happened the last 3 times we've tried to test. this is literally one of our favoured releases to test! please fix the bug!
~ Lena Epperhart
*doesnt work on s8+ I give it more than one star because when the release doesnt goal you, it's fun. The online informations barely work for longer than a several turns. The ai feels rigged when you slightly run to victory. The release screen doesnt rotate. This wasnt worth the 5 dollars spent. it could've been nonpaid with all the expansions costing dollars. I've also had multiple releases where a way of mine is deleted upon the match starting. You're better off testing the board release with dudes not on this release
~ Jonathan Ward
I have a samsung s8+. Same troubles as the others. It requires bonus time to be downloaded but no option available to do this. I have tried adjusting the resolution but the work around does not fix the trouble. It appears to be a waste of dollars at the moment until the release is fixed but it seems like it hasn't worked for a while actually. I want that I had read all the reviews beforehand. I wouldn't have bought the release if I had. Please refund my dollars.
~ Carl Peterson
Nice release but I have seen the comments about being unable to see the confirmation button to finish downloading and I had the same trouble when I got my newest S10+. The customer help was nice and claimed me it was a contrast trouble and that the button for "OK" is invisible but in the bottom left and you can blindly click in the very bottom left to continue the download. Worked like a charm and I am testing Catan online again.
~ Matthew Schapiro
Love the release (5 stars), but I don't understand why I have to hold downloading files each time I reboot my device when there is no Wi-Fi connection (minus 2 stars for that)?? This makes it impossible to test on an airplane. I just modernized the release thinking it might be fixed. Any progress?
~ J Godfrey
Please fix this for the S10 plus!!! The work around of adjusting the screen resolution does not work for me either. it still gives the prompt asking to load time, but no idea to reply to the prompt, and won't go any further. UPDATE: Revised rating from 1 star to 5! Time Message trouble has solution. Read 4/17/19 review from Matthew S. OK button is invisible, but located on bottom left. Clicking in that zone does let time to download and continue release test on same nice release as usual.
~ Dee Hollister