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Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US   
About: 5 years on, the epic Clash continues! Assemble your forces for a bigger, better Clash! Packed with exciting combat and speedy-paced multiplayer walkthrough, Castle Clash is a release of epic kingdom fights! Hire potent Heroes and equip them with legendary weapons to lead your mighty units of mythical monsters. War your idea to become the globe's finest castle warlord. Place your walkthroughs to the play in dungeons, raids, fights, arenas, and missions! With over 100 million users worldwide, it's usually time to clash! Are you ready to defeat the globe in these castle fights, conquer aggressor coalitions in war, and build the most potent and fearsome empire? Join the epic journey to lead your realms legendary army in fight. Build an impenetrable fortress and crush encroaching aggressor armies in the war of clans. Invade and attack rival kingdoms to increase your power, and use d ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: IGG.COM
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Developer: Supercell

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About: This version is the first version of Defense zone, as it was before the advent of options HellFire ( temporary increase in power ) and the change balance levels of the game . Enjoy the increased complexity of all 10 levels for free. Description. Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance of all levels and turrets. During the game you will hold your defence with your turrets against the massive hordes of enemies. With every level you will have the use of new w...

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Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US Reviews and Comments:

so it's a really nice release for everyone even tiny babes and also it's at least it's not a sexual release because I don't like anything sexual anyway I really liked it and I think everyone to test it and it's nice war release
~ Myo Ko Aung
release has been absolutely wrecked by the ability to pay large bucks to effectively obtain indestructible heroes with absolutely no base work essential! !!!! used to be a 5 star until I can be beaten by someone whose been testing for a week!!!!!!!!! I'm 3 years into this... shame on you.
~ steve midgley
Hey, wanna have fun on a release? Need to not constantly have pop ups shoved so far up your arse that you can only see self bonus from the release you're testing. Well I wouldn't know, I played for like 10 mins tops because I was trying to obtain nonpaid shite from other web now, but from what I played this release was cute terrible.
~ Patton Warren
I had a hacker gain access into my profile and I got NO support(the hacker did crash my profile). When I tried contacting IGG's live help they asked for three peices of stats to lock my profile one being the date and time of registration. I later named Google to search out that its impossible to search. I was a paying user since 2014 to 2019 spent total of $850 and I was treated with zero credibility and respect. I would urge everyone to avoid helping a company as crooked as IGG is.
~ Taylor Fluckiger
awsome release really great bottle you will learned alot the walkthroughs and used your critical thinking on how you victory the release.Packed with exciting combat and speedy-paced multiplayer walkthrough, Castle Clash is a release of epic kingdom fights! Hire potent Heroes and equip them with legendary weapons to lead your mighty units of mythical monsters. War your idea to become the globe's finest castle warlord.Raise an units and rule your kingdom, but in this nice release, your units also defends your land fro
~ Sherry rose Pecision
Great GamePlay IGG Should you please create it nonpaid to chat in Global that is such a rip off having to pay 50 Gems every sentence. and a sentence is only 10 words. We need to be able to report offensive users in Global. Also can you please create it so you can have more that 10 words, be able to send messages to recipients off line, and rhere is ment to be over 100 million users globe wide if this is so then why am i usually running into the same users over and over??.. Please fix.. thank you..
~ A Google user
Uhm... I have an recommendation.. A newest apdate.. Each day we obtain 300 gems and in pirate booty all legendary superhero card no talents or another equipment
~ ruin claude pascual
This release has been an absolute joy for the many years testing, theres usually something nice to do theres usually something nice to victory an accumulate. I've definitely showed my help over the years so thanks IGG
~ Haydog2000
Ok. So in the beginning when I started to test, so 5-6 years ago, this release was my favoured and I would've rated 4.5 stars that time. Actually everything changed. The name could be Clash of Payers. I'm so far in the release that im battling versus payers and everything takes too long. Updating superhero's and my base just takes tooo long. It gets harder to obtain premium superhero's and there are no meetings for F2P users. Please do something about this. I really enjoyed this release. Thank you.
~ Deesrex Gamer
it's a nonpaid release? Yes. But, you'll need to test for a several years to become powerful, because there are around 15 equipment required to raise a superhero to the top. Every item has different purpose. If you buy a box, you will REGRET because next month the price will down around half. At Jan 2019, I purchased one of top superhero LAZULIX for $100 USD. But, at Feb 2019 his price goes down to just $50 USD. And at Apr, his price is just $20 USD. Don't be a P2P at this release.
~ Surya
eh i would give a 5 star rating but the meetings page is kinda usless BUY GEMS AND EARN POINTS and i dont really like that maybe you should do a spending gems spree or somethi g? idk its up to you guys.
~ Robert Garcia
been played this release, but didn't test it since i lost my device. finally i have purchased a newest one actually so i can test the release again hehe I'm looking forward for testing the release again😘
~ Rex Vermilion
the release is nice but i wouldnt test it all the time as it only has a target in where u can test it for nonpaid then u have to pay to go onwards which i found was a tiny disappointeing
~ Anastasia Rex
when i went through the 1 star reviews i didnt understand why they claimed it was a pay to victory. I got michal at like city hall lvl 5 with a rare legendary superhero card from which i got from a chest that was nonpaid. after a several weeks they released a newest superhero named svalinn, got him the same idea i did michal. still dont understand the pay to victory system of the reviews. the gameplay is nice and i have fun playong this release.
~ Conner Warren
didnt care for f2p. rewards for every given sucks. you can buy it for 9.99 dollsrs and its a lot more. whats the sense of the release modes amd reward if you judt can buy it.
~ Paolo Morales
love the release been testing for a while i just want there was a buy back system cause I can't even count all the times I have accidentally sold something i didnt wish to it really poped up today when i just got the newest superhero svalinn today and going into my storage to proceed and obtain him but i accidentally sold him instead
~ aaagames 101
Overall a fun release that keeps me interested and keeps on improving. The customer care service is also very efficient which keeps me testing.
~ Danny G
Super fun and interactive. Lots of challenges to overcome even when you think you've hit the top. Would suggest to anyone who is into base-building and/or walkthrough releases.
~ Zachary Booton
Product is very fun but hard to obtain nice heroes for nonpaid to test.I am lucky enough to have gotten all the nice ones i have but there needs to be more ideas to obtain nice heroes.
~ Leo Tuy
Overall this is an nice release but they wish you to spend so much dollars in it. They have incentives for recipients to spend up to 100 dollars just for a superhero and equipment to lvl that superhero up. All I ask is that they create the release not so demanding of dollars to now have nice heroes.
~ Alexander Cress
User Help is poor and Claims you "We'll create a ticket and obtain back to you at your correspondence" but they never do. I been trying to obtain an respond for my trouble yet fully ignored.
~ Kyle Voelker
Finest release on supermarket. You can pay to test, or just be nonpaid to test. Same nice fun testing in different release modes. Been testing for 3 years, never obtain bored of the release and it offers a lot.
~ Chris Wiley
like all developers, they are rude arrogent, pompous idiots! they sure know how to turn a perfectly nice release into trash! dont waste your time or dollars!
~ Brandie Victoria
It is a nice release, and I like don't have any troubles with it for the most part.I want you should trade with dudes. It's also to hard to obtain nice legendary heros that you are not going to replace almost immediately.
~ Dmytrius Deniston-sheets
I test this release science 5 years and I have 4 profile in this release and I just ignore and protest that coment which come like this release is dollars maker only do not think about Unpaid to test users But I usually with you igg But this time this copoun reward😠 You gotta respect f2p users also and their dicecision.I not wish to buy any gem In this copoun reward you writes if you buy any gem amount so than you obtain reward, but you not give it nonpaid. I hope you give copoun reward otherwise I love igg.
~ A Google user
I have attached a picture for you on this correspondence so you may be a tiny more like your a nice dude's house for the weekend though as we will not have time in a couple weeks time but I think its going OK so hopefully I'll obtain it back tomorrow and I'll be home by then for work on Sunday for a couple hours or something 9.30am I'll have my laptop back tomorrow and then I'll obtain who will look at it when I obtain there to
~ evon tan
Super fun and addixtive release. Spending dollars is fun too lmao. Until you have done cashed out lol. Wait time for buulding to upgrade is insane tho.
~ Thy Bytes
i love this release its simple speedy and the graphics are outstanding i cant stop testing this release. but the only trouble i have is the another users think its a porn web. my tiny sister does not need to see that if there is anyway you can fix this i would greatly appreciate it thank you
~ Adrienne
i got this release when it came out. spending dollars in this release is not required but it rewards you handsomly of you do. and 5 years ago you would only obtain 19,000 gems actually you can obtain an bonus 90℅ of gems,xp ebooks, legendary superhero cards, merits,honor badges and so much more. id claim they inproved this release 1000℅ over the past 5 years. any questions join my castle and ask questions. Gild name: Gem Rollers my name: vertakombat 130,000might
~ Kyle Hoffman
I absolutely love this release but I will claim it is not for everyone. If you are ok with making regular in release purchases this is a very enjoyable and addictive release. However, for anyone who is seeking a fee to test experience this release progresses very slowly and can be very frustrating.
~ Robert Marolf
supposed to be stars for me! recently upgraded griffin to a fairy dragon and waited for 4 days 17 hours and 24 mins but nothing appeared after. thinking about uninstalling release and claim my gild to stop testing this release and look for a newest one.
~ jeffren bolo
Not what it used to be Castle Clash was a fun exciting and nice looking original release about 5 years ago. When an modernization was released which altered the graphics in a major idea I stopped testing due to change in feel and gameplay. I installed it again yesterday and its horrible. The introduction training is annoying and far too long forcing you to press buttons. Terrible release which is actually used for dollars making than anything else.
~ Herald Orome
This is better than Clash of clans BUT, the only thing I miss about COC is that the communication there is PERFECT... you can contact the player even if they are offline.. Sometimes recipients test a release because they need social, and castle clash is a LACK OF SOCIAL release.. Communication is very expensive, I would rate this 2 star because of that but I pick 5 because I love this type of release,.. 😔😔😧😟😟 andI encourage recipients to test this.. But users (especially women) quit because of lack of com
~ Vincent Roy Diaz
Okay, nevermind my last post, this is the finest walkthrough village release you will ever test, now better than COC or any another because the troops here doesnt obtain lost after war and you wont need to hire again and again and wait to have troops plus they have super many heroes compared to COC which has only 2 if im not mistaken, and this release gives away gems, NICE. Just wish to claim also that, should you please add a skip button on hatching pets, its kinda boring to watch each pet pops out 1by1.
~ Dmitri Mendeleev
Product is fun, but....... I have spent true dollars on this release. U have to buy and use gems to do certain things. I used gems to launch up some newest slots in the warehouse, but it didn't give me the newest slots. So, me thinking I messed up, I did it again. It still did not give me newest slots, but it did take my 600 gems. So I contacted them to obtain them to fix it and they basically claimed me it was my trouble and that they would do nothing about it.
~ Bobby Wilson
I have been testing CC for probably 5 years actually and mostly f2p, but I decided to buy an item last week. They took my dollars but I never received the item. After multiple attempts by correspondence to obtain this fixed with no response, I was forced to contact Google to obtain a refund. I am sad it has come to this, but beware if you buy something there is a chance you won't obtain it. UPDATE: IGG finally contacted me and identified the trouble, then they started to ignore me after claiming they would fix it
~ Tim Matthews
the release is nice but I'm a pay to test user and regardless of being so, this release absolutely sucks for nonpaid to test users. may I recommend fixing the dynasty trouble many nonpaid to test users cant receive the payed for heros thus bringing a nice hault to their gaming experience and putting them at a gigantic disadvantage it's not much to ask for IGG.
~ Erick Aguilar
I have been testing this release for more than 4 years and I can claim I got powerful, so powerful. but what I am disappointed about is the fact that this release become a pay to test release. you know, my dude started testing this release for just 4 months and he become stronger than me because he buys a lot. and then he stopped testing because he was unsatisfied. you know, IGG, you could love the users who really loves this release. instead of sucking dollars from the rich users, give f2p freebies.
~ Northern PlainField
it's a nice release, related to clash of clans, however the updates take much longer, and the release is superhero based. if you cant obtain any purple heroes, you will not succeed, also, you can easily obtain to around 100,000 might by only spending around 100 bucks if you know what you are doing
~ Mitchel Bramlitt
Super fun release and especially because even if you don't wish to spend dollars you can still advance substantially in this release it just takes a bit more time. But of course there are some of those users that have invested some obvious dollars into the release and will definitely conquer any normal user with ease. It would be great if the fights were more equally matched, thus a real contest, and not just an obvious ass whooping due to paid superiority.
~ Travis Ferguson