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About: ***Were aware of an trouble that is donkin up the Card Fights Travel Time modernization and some Mobile users may experience difficulties. Please test updating to Mobile 4.2 to improve stability. Thank you for your patience!*** Floop the Pig! Its Travel Time CARD WARS! Test the release inspired by the Travel Time episode, Card Fights! Summon monsters and cast spells to war your idea to win. CARD COMBAT! Command an units of nice fighters, including Husker Knights, Cool Dog, the Immortal Maize Walker, and even the Pig to destroy your foes forces! Zone turrets and cast spells to unleash ultimo attacks. CUSTOM DECKS! Victory all the fights! Accumulate newest cards to customize your deck for every foe. Lvl up your monsters, spells, and turrets, or fuse them together to create your cards even more potent. HIGH STAKES BATTLES! Think youve got what it takes to be crowned a ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Cartoon Network
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About: Ads-free version of TresTorres with new interesting extras: - No ads. - New graphics. - Three decks to choose from the options, the classic and two new ones. - Option to continue game in Classic and Fun mode. - Extra time in Extreme mode - World records are shown, (next to a golden sphere). - New access to options from the game screen. ------------ IMPORTANT ------------ - In case of having the free version, the scores are not accumulated for this one because they are two different ...

Developer: Votman Studio [email protected]

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About: TAI XIU 2019 - VUA TAI XIU - DANH BAI ONLINE, GAME BAI ONLINE l cng game chi bi hng u hin nay. H thng game bi phong ph gip ngi chi khng bao gi chn v lun c nhng giy pht sng khoi, th v, n gin bi BI HONG KIM (BAI HOANG KIM) c ng o ngi chi v yu thch nht vi nhng ta game cc hot nhu la card poker, Tin ln min nam (TLMN, Tien len mien nam, Tien len) Southern poker, Tin ln m l (Tien len dem la, TLDL, Tien len) bigone, Phm, T l (Phom, Ta La) zi...

Developer: Game Bai Ozawa [email protected]

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About: Bid Whist Game offers you a great experience against many classic 2 player whist from all around the world! You can play free bid whist joker card game in many different modes such as Whist & Solo. Bid Whist Game is one of the traditional trick-taking card games played in pairs. It is played with a standard 52 card deck plus 2 jokers, for a total of 54 cards. It is very similar to spades card game. If you are familiar with spades card games with trumps, Bid Whist will be your favorite game. ...

Developer: gamespot [email protected]


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About: The game is widely spread in the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It constitutes one of the relevant activities in the festivities of foundation of the city that celebrates 485 years of its foundation in the year 1534, by means of the "Championship of Forty". Use a standard deck of cards, with 40 cards. The first competitor who reaches a total score of 40 points wins the game. Available options: Parameterization of maximum scores for game events: drop, clean and round. Parame...

Developer: Luis Augusto Montoya Sánchez [email protected]

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About: UniGostop 1.0.17 - korean flower card game for foreigners GoStop (MatGo) - Korean flower card game derived from Japanese card game. Deck of Korean hwatu cards usually includes bonus cards. Typically there are two or three players, although there is a variation where four players can play. The objective of this game is to score a minimum predetermined number of points, usually three or seven, and then call a "Go" or a "Stop", where the name of the game derives. When a "Go" is called, the ...

Developer: aboard [email protected]

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About: Dad Jokes Duel Where bad jokes are best and losers are always smiling! Sit in front of your opponent, read dad jokes one to another and count points - you lose one when you laugh. Keep your face straight and become the best pun-slinger of all times! - 100 terrible dad jokes with the free version - 500 more even worse jokes with premium, and we are still looking for more! - best to play at parties, game nights, dates, and hangouts. - requires real-life interaction with people (at leas...

Developer: theedo developers [email protected]

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About: A Randomizer for Legendary and Legendary: Encounters. Includes all the sets, and also allows crossover between Legendary and Encounters. Many options to choose from - which sets to use, pick specific card sets or by category, also excludes ones you don't want....

Developer: Table Monkey [email protected]

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About: GO STOP, also called Korean Poker, is a fast-paced card game played with beautifully illustrated Flower Cards named Hwatu (, ). Each hand takes less than ten minutes to play. Players are trying to collect sets of flower cards worth varying numbers of points. GO STOP is advanced version of Japanese Koi-Koi....

Developer: Solitaire Game Studio [email protected]

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About: FreeCell Solitaire is one of the most popular Patience games. With a focus on convenient game play our FreeCell Solitaire game is probably the best FreeCell for your Android phone or tablet. FreeCell has a fresh new look, a BRAND NEW Goal Progression feature and updated scoring, including NEW Personal Best! Each day you will receive new goals to tackle. Complete daily goals to gain XP and level up to exclusive titles! FreeCell is a newly designed mobile card game based on the most popular ...

Developer: FreeGame5StarStudio [email protected]


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Developer: MobilityWare [email protected]

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About: Batak Pro nternetsiz gelimi yapay zekas (dier oyuncular sizi yanltabilmektedir her zaman en byk kart atmamaktadr as alt ve esneme gibi...) Oyunda; Eli Batak haleli Batak Koz Maa Seenekleri bulunmaktadr. Batak pro internetsizde Oyun oynayamayacanz kartlar grerek oynamanza kolaylk salar Oyunda oynadka altn kazanacaksnz ve kaybedeceksiniz bu yzden eer anak okey ve 101 oyunlarn seviyorsanz yeni Batak pro internetsizi de seveceksiniz. Topladn...

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About: Sau thnh cng t nhng game nh bi rt hay nh: phm (phom), tin ln min nam (tien len mien nam), sm lc (sam loc), ct t (catte), mu binh (mau binh), t sc - tu sac. chng ti xin gii thiu ti cc bn 1 ta game danh bai v cng hp dn khc l Tin ln Min Bc chi ng cht ng mu. Tien len - game nh bi tin ln min bc ("Tien len mien bac") , danh bai tien len mien bac l 1 tr chi nh bi ("danh bai") rt ph bin vit nam. cch nh gn ging vi kiu tin ln ...

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About: An action-packed poker battle unlike anything you've seen before has arrived! Combining the hands and rules of poker, with the skills of strategy-based card games, it's your chance to compete against players all over the world! Key Features: Multiple Leagues to climb through Fast-paced Poker action Multiple chances to win huge money Skill-based Poker strategy Unlock bonuses and free rewards Join multiple leagues and rise up the ranks to become the top player in the world! ...

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About: Spider Solitaire: City Tours is one of the best card games free. Drag, tap, or for the most fun, give cards a shove to send them on their way! If you love Spider solitaire, Spiderette or any other Patience card games, don't miss out on the best Spider Solitaire for your phone and tablet! Just give the game a try, and we promise Spider Solitaire free is the most beautiful and user friendly Spider solitare you've ever played. This is the BEST app to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and have fun with your f...

Developer: BUMStudio CO., LTD [email protected]



Card Wars - Adventure Time Reviews and Comments:

I love Travel Time, but not so nice release. Card Fights looks nice on paper but when played, it feels unfinished.
~ A Google user
it wont work. cant test. It just stays at the loading screen. I have left it there for an hour and it just will not load.
~ RandomSparrow 34
newest modernization forces you to pay gems(dollars) to test not worth testing anymore
~ Felix Aspire
I don't understand how a release you have to pay for pushes micro transactions. Uses a energy system and the everyday rewards are rigged.
~ Mario Ferrera
the finest card/turn based release ever, you don't use luck to attack or evade, you use skillz lol. a lot like mario & luigi superstar saga (although it is an rpg).
~ Raditya Arga Putra
Nice release but I'm trying to search a idea to restart my release so i can run again can you please give some assistance
~ Scott Gray
This release went from my second favoured of all time to a cute meh release, It just restart all of my time. 2 years down the drain.
~ Yeetus Deletus
modernization the release holy god. the release is fun but my god it keeps destroying after each match.
~ ifabody
Buggy as hell! Travel Timr ended and it was my childhood so I purchased this release to to kinda keep on to it but it's unbearably buggy especially pertaining to PVP. It'll be a 100% hut shot and somehow itll muss or my foe runs out with 10 magic points and attack it's ridiculous and infuriating. Gameplay another than that js nice but plz modernization this so many bugs
~ Quan Harris-Holley
I This release expresses my childhood of me watching Travel Time 24/7. Nice job Cartoon Network 👌
~ Nichole Hahn
They could have a cross over with the another card fights release, it would mean more cards , :) ,
~ A Google user
I love testing this release I have so many nice cards like ancient scholar , the sludger and the finest , woadic marauder and embarassing bard and again this is a nice release :)
~ Sweet Leniza Hernandez
Nice release. Even spent dollars on it. Feels real to the series, only trouble is it crashes alot. Kinda annoying. Will give 5 stars if fixed
~ Christo Lester
A several minor upgrades would create this a great release but instead we rest in a digital wasteland waiting for our accrued gems and cards to wither away - devs, come back
~ Bridget Rodman
Bought 2017, nice release, still one of my favorites. Only needs to be modernized, that's all.
~ Dark Alex
i can't trust you charged for this release. there are banners, energy bars, the release crashes usually. wonderful Lad, really.
~ tyler jae smith
the release itself is cute fun, but the damn thing is wriddled with predatory microtransactions. On a paid release no less. Gross. I'd give one star, but the release itself is cute fhn.
~ Caleb Genly
The release test, controls and graphics are nice. worthy of five stars. however you can't save time and transport to a different device or after you uninstall and reinstall the progress isn't saved.
~ Sean Kim
nice release, but I'd like to have the option to wipe my past time and run over. Played it a long time ago and have been wanting to obtain into it, but can't run over.
~ Kheflers
This release is run by the devil. Tricks and has a sore loser tool that will kick me from the release if i victory.
~ Spider Man
gave it a 3 star rating because it keeps destroying after a match. otherwise its a nice release, but the constant destroying is getting old
~ IMN666
Hey, journey time series has ended, why they dont getting upgrading the release! I need the newest modernization its almost 3 yrs for last they upgrading
~ A Google user
Very much pay-to-victory but that is expected from Card releases anyway. Also, it has idea too many micro transactions for a easy babe friendly card release. It is not worth investing time or dollars into.
~ Dan Smith
plzzzz modernization the release its been 4 years guys we beg you it deserves more than this plzzz recipients support every another to send our demands to the developers this release deserves more improvement and upgrades
~ mario 0
really fun,doesn't lag, and there aren't any bugs, and really competitive, you could modernization this though. maybe add newest cards. or newest storyline modes
~ Steven Ortega
This is one of the most entertaining and absolutely relaxing card releases on the supermarket. That's not to claim there is not some challenging duels. This is just a well rounded, fun, and silly card release with a bit of thought needed at times.
~ Robert Fambrough
I went into this expecting a lot of microtransactions but I was STILL surprised. This is the grindiest release Ive ever seen. You have to war the same boss multiple times to obtain a single card. Not a box. A single card. And you have an energy system to prevent grinding. The release is fun but just test the physical ver and skip this garbage.
~ Tallen Smith
There's a bug where I can't obtain any red or black card given to me. I've "won" these cards multiple times but then nothing happens. There's also a "missing quest", so I can never conokete the release. In general, the release is nice, though a bit formulaic. The challenge element isn't quite there, unless you give yourself terrible cards on purpose, which is no fun.
~ Will Jones
the over all expirience of the release was nice but i want i knew weather or not in release purchases save. so if i where to delete the release and download it later, that i would still have the second storyline line with fionna and kate
~ Cooper Jenkin
It keeps closing after each match and sometimes before the match even runs as quick i spend the hearts and stops in the middle of the match . There hasnt been an modernization for a while year and the championships take too long. There are no festivals and i been waiting for one for like 3 months while saving up gems i ended up spending them. In the end i dont think that recipients could have to spend 4 dollars to buy it then other 3 the obtain fiona and cake dlc then spend some dollars on gems.
~ sikes yt
ok this release is a absolute rip off. I have spent a lot of time and dollars on this release just for it not to recognise that I have a newest device actually everything I have purchased and done has disappeared.and the nice help squad don't seem to pick up the device how convenient no matter how many messages you leave. absolutely disgraceful idea of running a company,oh I forgot to mention the countless correspondences I have sent
~ Nathaniel Murphy-Baird
i love this release i do but unless you deal with the release freezing if no monsters are placed. And also, the everyday gift is rigged. I usually obtain 5 hearts and 10000 coins flr the past 10 days. ill give your 1 star for actually. oh yeah because of this stupid error i just lost 10win streak. thanks a lot for a paid release
~ Boss Pin
when I got this release for nonpaid I was so glad that I downloaded it instantly with bo hesitation at all. I really enjoy testing it especially because I can test it without wifi (unlike most releases)
~ Coogills Fortnite
The release is a nice time and battery aggressor. An modernization would be great to address the destroying and freezing troubles. Really frustrating when im farming for gold and black treasure chests and it freezes. But I dont think the originators are doing anything with this release anymore.
~ Brian Robison
Guys, we don't wish anymore pay to test. I refuse to pay or wait for a timer. Don't care if it's a nice release or not. Raise the price, turn off the timer, obtain rid of all the useless currencies, and don't force the user to test through banners and demos.
~ Jakob Smith
I love this release, used to test it before nonstop and redownloaded it as of today but the release keeps closing out after each match actually. Will rate 5 stars once this is fixed.
~ A Google user
Pleade modernization this release! I love this, and I've spent many hours testing this. It's such a nice release to pick up actually and again. Definately worth the buy.
~ Daniel Elliott
if i should give this release a ten star i would this release is nice it's just how i imagined it in the present, hope you have as much fun as i do, im so suprized by this release sincerely.
~ Kathryn Anderson
This is a nice release but there is no idea to restore in release purchases. I have appealed to the Developer and they have no history of the card sets I have bought, even when I showed them the purchases from the test shop. Google claims I don't qualify for refunds so if you uninstall or transport to a newest device don't expect the purchases you have made to follow you. I love this release but after spending $18 in release I am back to zero and had to run from the beginning.
~ Chris Heinzmann
im very disappointed, i have now had this release for a long time and is been glitching and claiming the deck is short on cards but is not, and wont allow you go back the only idea is to restart it and is ridiculous please fix i will give better review since i do love the release. p.s would also love if i should save my progress when changing devices! thank you!
~ Natara Sanchez