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About: Download Candy Crush Soda Saga for nonpaid actually. Its Sodalicious! Candy Crush Soda Saga is a brand newest release from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. Newest candies, more divine combinations and challenging release modes brimming with purple soda! Candy Crush Soda Saga is fully nonpaid to test, but some in-release equipment such as bonus moves or lives will require payment. By downloading this release you are agreeing to our terms of service; Newest Candy Crush Soda Saga informations: * Over 140 Sodalicious lvls * Newest Product Modes contain: Soda switch bottles and candies to version purple soda and save the Candy Bears Frosting match candies to smash the ice and set the Candy Bears nonpaid Honey match candies next to the honey to version the trapped Candy Bears * Scrumptious newest candies and sublime newest combinations: Match 4 candies in ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: King
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Candy Crush Soda Saga Reviews and Comments:

still some lvls release is working fine.after that controlls are not working properly. above and below lines are workingwhich line i wish to drag isnot working.some times i have dragged one object and moving other and also some some times it is automatocally doing that one which is not needed.
~ Praveen G
used to be fun. Too many banners in upgrades. Some videos last too long and repeat endlessly. Incentives to earn extras hold disappearing. Ready to delete.
~ Marquita Welch
Actually that the everyday quest are gone this release is boring. Create some improvements or I'm out. I'm still waiting for challenges another than Bubble Gum Hill.
~ Walterine Ross-Joseph
Thecgamecisnok. The premium prizes you can buycare too expensive. The cost is just too expensive. They had a cheaper picevone time. 9.99 is unreal.
~ Sandy Lochirco
I really enjoy this release a lot. However beware it's a pay to victory. You'll obtain stuck and pay your idea out. Still fun but winning can become very addictive.
~ D Davis
what's with no prizes, on any lvls and why is all lvls, hard, super hard etc, seriously! release is getting boring, onto the next
~ A Google user
adictive!! but I'd like to finish out the rest of the moves after reaching the targets... but most these Candy releases are similer...(sigh) would be more fun.
~ Laima Simanavichus-Oram
Meh. I'm about 300 lvls in and some of the layouts repeat. They're fundamentally the exact same lvls as before but with buffed obstacles. Still cute fun to test in my nonpaid time though
~ Joshua Otaku
The release is really nice i enjoy testing it during my pleasure time. I have only one trouble when i obtain a reward that i could accumulate it would claim me cant connect to the shop right actually.
~ Madi Kanyi
do not like the fact that wer're not given the option to race or not. sometimes i just wanna test alone. not likeing the fact im forced into it so ill be given that add on a gigantic thumbs DOWN!😡😡
~ Shelina Davis
I like you too very interesting challenge release but it seem like y'all can improve a tiny bit more of a challenge on it but I made the finest of the case what I have with the test with but y'all can have grounded improve the release with just a tiny bit more better more better moves
~ Cecil Douglas
si purchased the bonus offer but I was robbed I wasn't recieved any but it minus to my load how come you offer such a nice price but never give it ????!!!
~ grace buangjug
last two upgrades are fully useless because without tasks how can we obtain rewards,,,presently teammate task is I think waste of time ,plz give us past reward system which we can solve alone
~ Shyam Parmar
There was just an banner for a very disturbing video coming out. If my babes test this release, and saw that banner, I would be very upset! You need to tone down the banners to less violent videos.
~ Elaine Lippert
I would just give one rating. I have been stuck at day 333 . All boosters of mine are locked. I am on lvl 1937. just fix the trouble. It has become stressful.. kindly review the release or else I will delete..
~ Saadia Jamil
the release is fun to test, but after you reach a certain target, the rewards obtain smaller and smaller. if you are winning hard and ultra hard lvls you shouldn't have to hold buying rewards.
~ Melanie Hough
I used to love testing this release but ever since I modernized the release, there are glitches. The release will pause really terrible, and it doesnt run smooth anymore. I would rate it higher but not until it is fixed.
~ Johanna Lucero
This release is really ynique in its own idea.This is a release of bravery and patience. Without any life uou cannot test any another lvl. I wish to state that the graphics, art work and conbinations if softwares in this release us very sodalicious....So i have rated this release 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟......................
~ Chandan Prasad
these days my release is hanging so much. I modernized all the time but this is limit. Most of the time when I was just to complete my hardest lvl, release stops and sometimes it wont let me to pic any lvl. I loved this release but seriously very disappointing actually😣
~ Surbhi Khanna
very fustrated with this release! It's a love/hate kinda thing..... I love playin' it, but I hate that you HAVE TO buy gold bars with true dollars, and I don't even have a bank card kr dollars to buy equipment! And y'all don't create it simple to beat a lvl niether😢
~ Sandy Richards
It would be great if you should test out the moves remaining after reaching the target for every lvl. It would be more of a release, rather than a role of the dice for a final score. It would give in my opinion, more satisfying feeling out of surpassing another users.
~ Ernie Williams
They are constantly taking prizes away. change the idea power ups are earned. claim you earn power ups one idea & it doesn't work in the last month +they have destroyed the release . They let only certain users to test one idea, and others other so they have to spend more miney in order to progress. I used to test all day & spend dollars I refuse to spend a dime actually
~ Kimberlee Bogs
The release is highly addictive but I don't like the latest upgrades. With the tile board I have to wait on others to support obtain prizes. I no longer obtain a nonpaid "spin" after 72 hours pr whatever it used to be. I'm F2P and I can barely earn anything anymore.
~ Noelle McNamara
What have you done???? in the last modernization. my quests have gone. please fix. and stop claiming me in correspondences to go to 'community' instead of a proper response. I am on lvl 2251 and might end up stopping. May 25 2019..... can't even write a newest review... anyway, why why why have you got rid of the QUESTS again, this newest idea is ridiculous. I like testing on my own. bring back my quests.
~ Kaye Weller
this is my favoured candy crush release! on my previous device I had reached lvls into 3 or 4 thousand and something, then I had to change devices. My time for some reason didn't transfer to this one so I've started the release over. that's how much I like candy crush soda!
~ Cheryl Mann
I like it. It has nice graphics and the lvls are fun. However when I test the wheel thing it frezzes and I have to reload the release. However on more positive note the release is abousouloutly "Sodalicious!"
~ Jill Neil
love it but I have a question. I claimed that I didn't wish the banner for fat girls's clothes to present because it's irrelevant to me. the clothes are too large. But actually it doesn't present any banners. Which is only frustrating because that's the only idea to extend your release or obtain premium equipment. Is that your only banner or something?
~ Mo Whitney
its fun BUT i am wasting my dollars buying boosters. The booster time is 1 to 2 hours. Session time is about 20 to 30 mins after 5 lifes (hearts) are used up. The booster time keeps tolling even when i am not testing. This is wrong. The booster time could stop tolling when i stop testing and run again when i test again in a newest session. Why offer nice, but expensive, booster testing time when it cant be used because session (heart lifes) is over. This is real for all Candy Crush releases.
~ Marlene
funr then candy crush! thinking about download jelly! down loading jelly right actually! candy crush, jelly & soda r really the only ones I wish! bubble wich, dimond diary & pet rescue i don't really wish but I am enjoying thes releases so much, i might obtain the rip off like candy blast, candy fever and cookie blast and the another one! 🚞
~ búttér sçøtçh 7
Hate the newest Changes! Took away the individual challenges for these squad challenges that create you use your boosters and the only idea to obtain them back is to spend your dollars on them .. So frustrated with all the changes on all of the Candy Crush releases. Not even fun anymore. Allow alone when the release won't launch or freezes and you lose all of your progress for everyday rewards . I'm sure they don't care or even pay attention to these reviews
~ Michele Shive
uninstalling at lvl 1385 (!). too many lvls are simply badly thought through. wasting my time at lvls like the last one I played ,(1385) just takes away the fun. no skill required there, just luck. very badly designed lvl. And it's not the only one. it's the final drop.
~ Rogier van Meeteren
I'm back with the other trouble! Harder lvls (after failing them) have this tiny note claiming " most recipients add moves for this lvl"! My question is how do i add moves? I have been testing for quite awhile and have never seen a zone offering bonus moves!
~ Dianna Trainer
It used to be the finest Candy release from Boss, not anymore. Lvls are not playable without boosters, most lvls are just possible if you spend your gold buying bonus moves. Boosters used to be available for longer times, actually you got only 15 mins when you reach the cake. Not my favoured release anymore...
~ Wladimir Janousek
I am very unhappy with Mr. Toffee's Fair! Whoever picks squad colleagues could do so by the amount of playtime they do. I have to test 2 days just to complete a line, and the reward is aweful! Please bring back quests! 5/29/19.... Since you insist on the release board, here's an adjustment recommendation. Allow me complete the board myself and improve on the winning equipment, (ie.more gold bars, etc.). It would still take me 2 days, but should become an nice quest!
~ Yvonne Ozanne
ABSOLUTE TRASH. IF YOU PAY TO PLAY THIS GAME YOU ARE CRAZY 😠I would give it NO stars. Used to be nice but since you changed the quests it's trash. The newest quests are ridiculous. Also the quests don't present up at all on the PC only on the device. I was on lvl 2274 on my PC and I restart it trying to fix the quest glitch and it went back to the beginning and Still No Quests. Also noticed you have had a heavy amount of complaints since 20th March about it and still no effects. 😕
~ Cheryl Davies
Fun but clearly fixed dollars grab release. Am currently on lvl 1082. Nice idea to pass the time but release is rigged so you can only obtain so far without spending dollars (which I have) to proceed. A speedy gameplay hint: if you obtain stuck on a lvl stop testing for roughly a week. I have done this multiple times (again, 1,082 lvls) and often have done this I pass the lvl during the first release. Fun, but would be better if not so blatantly fixed.
~ Rick Gartshore
I left a review already about the lose of my paid for boosters. I am still waiting to hear about that. look under review by Nina Johnson. I am still waiting on a response. 5/23/2019. I am still for for someone to contact me so we can resolve the trouble I have described in previous reviews. The only reason I don't uninstall is because I wish satisfaction. I challenge the makers of this release to reply. it has been months, and nothing so far from them
~ Nina Hamilton
Really upset that that the quests are gone again!!! I hate the bingo release board that you have to complete with another users. Just bring the quests back for the boosters. Its almost impossible to beat some lvls without boosters. This release was challenging enough and actually it's not worth testing.
~ Wendy Wilson
Screen isnt calibrated, wherever i press on the screen it clicks above my finger. testing on a Razer device. will change to 5* this changes but as ive already messaged help and got a not similar respond i wont set my hopes high. This has been going on for about 5 upgrades actually, its a joke.
~ Jonny Morgan
We need the same everyday prizes and everyday spins as in Candy Crush…where you obtain to hold the prizes and not use them for just 15 mins! Modernization: We need a Sweet Supplies Inventory. Receive rid of the "prize board", takes too long, can only pick 2 tiles a day (whose concept was that?), and I'm the only one doing the tasks.
~ Dee Michaels