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About: Run testing Candy Crush Saga today loved by millions of users around the globe. With over a trillion lvls played, this sweet match 3 puzzle release is one of the most known small releases of all time! Switch and match Candies in this divine puzzle journey to progress to the next lvl in hope of achieving that sweet feeling! Speedy thinking and smart moves are rewarded with delightful rainbow-colourful cascades and tasty candy combos! Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those bonus sticky lvls! Smash the chocolate and accumulate ingredients across thousands of lvls guaranteed to have you craving more! Take on this deliciously sweet match 3 Saga alone or test with dudes! Candy Crush Saga is fully nonpaid to test but some optional in-release equipment will require payment. By downloading this release you are agr ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 77MB Developer: King
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Candy Crush Saga Reviews and Comments:

I enjoy each lvls even the once that takes me more than a week because I love the challenge. It keeps me interested each day an equipped during boring/slow time or just have nothing better to do. I LUV! that I can still accumulate gold bars an many another things which would take me a while to gather or just buy them if I obtain frustrated an just wish to obtain the lvl over with.
~ Leiann Forbes
healthy brain activity and.. when you run every release, they claim you to relax and enjoy! Although some lvls can be challenging, there are enough perks and chances for nonpaid to transport on to the next lvl. That is relaxing to me!!!
~ Laura Lavallee
So addicting and some much fun!! Would highly suggest downloading so you csn test when you have some doen time, waiting for an appointment, or just have some time to waste! Love this release!!
~ Brandy Smutz
Finest release ever! I cannot place it down even during sex! The newest idea to obtain boosters keeps me up all night wanting more! Sometimes the sweating is true hoping I'll pass the next lvl and ohhhhhhh it takes me territories only each girl could go! The release is cute nice, too. #OnceYouGoRican
~ Laura Cintron
I love this release with a passion! I will never ever ever ever obtain tired of testing! I will go to my grave testing the release because I know it will usually have infinity action packed lvls of excitement to test!
~ Sabrina Granger
feel me nonpaid i enjoy testing after a long time its simply the finest release i have ever played..thats wnougf i have written pls what else i will write no words to express hope the discussion will end but hopefully i think this not the last but still the finest release i have ever played makes me comfortable and gives me enjoy whenever i test this release hopefully the finest release i have ever played in my life my age is 45 at my time no small or any gadgets were there but hopefully i got a chance .
~ Poojan Agarwal
I recently just started to test Candy crush Saga...😎. I search it quite easy to learn how to test, rjis release is super addicting...i was one of those recipients ...oh, yeah right, I'm not falling for all the hype surrounding this release. But there was no escaping it, and I absolutely love it!
~ Heather Turner
enjoy crush and have for long time.....just want there was a idea to skip hard lvls especially after testing for long periods of time....I understand that you cant obtain stars or presents from skipping lvls.....but.....at least allow us use points or gold bars to skip to the next lvl....and use 1 gold bar to skip.....its really not like anyone is now winning true dollars to test this release.....it is just a release.....but testing same lvl for weeks or month gets frustrating and boring.
~ Monica Caudle
Colleagues on facebook, all of you i am enviting to have fun, take the oportunity of enjoying the challenge on how to survive, by solving some troubles, and learning, to take the risk of one or more mistaken moves to your travels, in each challenge. So lets have fun,,,, lets test candy crush saga..... So install actually na!!! And 5 stars rating I give in this apps.
~ Marlon Delrosario
great and challenging. but i am on lvl 4865. there are no more lvls been waiting a couple weeks actually. when are you going to modernization. also it claims if i wish bonus lvls and lives i have to pay. i have never paid for anything on candy crush and i dont intend to. why actually you create it into a business?
~ A Google user
Why are you giving timed gifts actually after you accumulate the sugar drops? So I use my last life and my premium appears. I'lI obtain 30 mins of a cookie or striped/wrapped candies but I can't use them cause my lives are used up. Cute stupid. same thing when I lvl up. If I have 5 lives already and I lvl up to 70 and obtain 5 nonpaid lives, what nice is that?
~ Noel Dewane
WHY do you have to hold changing a release that already works!!! The one star is for the newest changes. B4 that, i would test each morning. Not actually! The candy accumulate "prizes" going from boosters to timed boosters is absolute rubbish. If you've already got the full build-a-bot, you dont even need them. Originally I gave 5 stars, actually 1. What do u think that's claiming you?
~ Matt Cooper
been testing for about 2 years actually. never spent a dime and I'm up to 2338. but the last several weeks have been nothing but problem. I swear to God I'm making the right moves but it's like the release just refuses to allow me victory the lvl. I really wanted to finish this release but I'm honestly getting annoyed with the greediness of it all. I'm NOT going to buy something because a lvl is impossible. Either I victory it or I don't, so please just give me my freaking release back 😑
~ Sky.holmes.2311
soooo I've been in 1st zone since Saturday night on that tiny zone race meeting. I had well over 300k, if not 400k in pieces, and the recipients in 2nd and below had less than 100k, so claim me, how the hell is it that I signed in today to claim the prize for 1st, only to obtain claimed I was 7th, and only had 23,420 pieces? ive spent hours testing to obtain there and you just took that away 🤬🤬🤬
~ Abbey Viel
Had to restart the release again for the second time because lord would not reply to my troubles. This time you won't obtain 1 penny from me. I was lvl 712 when my device destroyed. My correspondences went unanswered. The second time i was 500's when it restart. Never figured out why. Still no support edit: 06/06/2019 well ive yet to hear back from the developers and silly me to expect a response. just rating it actually for 3 colour bombs
~ A Google user
once you getpast the first hundred lvls or so, the pc tools! the gameis rigged to create you spend dollars! there is no possible idea to pass some of these lvls without a ton of booster that you have to pay for! release is not relaxcing at all and gets very frustrating when the compouter runs cheating! uninstalling!!!
~ Pam Flinn
Yo I found this release at my grandma's funeral. It was boring so me and my aunt Jemima downloaded this and started testing. We spent a several hours competing to see who was the better candy crusher (It was me btw). Anyways, I was crushing for a several hours and I didn't even realize I was crushing so long till my grandson Al started crushing my trachea with his rolls. Actually in the hospital bed crushing and fighting for my life. I'll crush till the end of my days actually that I'm gonna have my funeral tomorrow
~ Gavin Seubert
nice fun! visually stimulating. I like that, if you obtain stuck, you only have so many chances before the release will lock you out for a time period before it restores newest lives. this keeps you from becoming obsessed with the release.
~ 1atticked
The last modernization was the last straw. Candy Crush used to be fun but Boss has taken away almost any shred of entertainment. Since when do acquired sugar drops become senseless timed boosters that NO ONE can use? Terrible business that is met with one frustration after other!
~ Susan Schriver
Lot of troubles with this release where you don't obtain the rewards when you match candies-this is more prevelant with the newer lvls. also you really can't progress quickly unless you buy lives and aids to test. supposed to be a nonpaid release but it's not unless you wish to be stuck on lvls for weeks. loved it at first but it becomes all about the dollars the higher you obtain. not fun anymore.
~ Kym Wallace
It's a nice release ... I really enjoyed it until recently I stopped getting videos for bonus moves or boosters ... I'm definitely not paying for boosters so I have two options ... wait for the next modernization hoping that it will fix the trouble or ... uninstall
~ Plamen Tolev
Whenever I complete a lvl and got a buff. it will require you to repeat the same lvl again. And when I didn't complete the lvl. I lose all buffs. Is this some type of walkthrough for the users to watch videos for nonpaid buffs or spend some dollars on it!? Well, I haven't spent any. But, users invested a lot of time. I already uninstalled the release because it sucks.
~ Cyjuen Ross
Adverts, banners, and more banners. Almost everything you do comes with an banner. Regular reward spin? Advertisement. Run a lvl with a booster? Advertisement. Bonus transport? Advertisement. Victory or lose a lvl? Advertisement. Going back to the map screen? Advertisement. The banners are everywhere. I obtain that they need you to buy equipment to create dollars but its ridiculously over the top with how many banners there are. Plus there's these gold bars that you have to earn and they call it a "reward" but then they create you buy them. How is that a reward??
~ Stephanie Gnadt
I've been "crushing" since 2013 and really love the release. HOWEVER....there are idea to many changes to informations and create it impossible to obtain bonus lives, moves, boosters etc. etc. etc. I understand that the majority of these releases survive by users buying lives, moves and what not. FYI...not everyone can afford forking over a load of dollars. ☹☹☹
~ A Google user
spent years testing and getting up to lvl 800, then my device broke so I brought a newest one and downloaded the release again using the same Fb login information as I've usually used but lost all my progress and got to run from the run again. so all the time, effort and dollars id spent on it over the years was a waste of time. the only thing that's changed is my device so where's all my progress gone. I'm furious.
~ Lee Evans
Will not load into my Fb page and losing my bonus boosters......will not load my previous plays either. Wi-Fi is working fine on everything else, correspondences another releases and FB. im done having uninstall and reinstall to unfreeze! Just did this again and actually showing lvl 2 when im on 3409. Ughh this has been more frequent with troubles... device and everything modernized its CC! I expect my boosters to come to me and not only that my inconvenience could be compensated...
~ A Google user
well, I've read alot of reviews. some of my thoughts. I love testing but, in nearly 4 years if testing each day at a min. most days few times. I've hit one Jackpot, so allow's just call it 1 out of 1,400 trys. that does not seem right.?????, many lvls seem to force you into using boosters. or they simply just wont give you a chance to victory. not claiming I'm a pro. Sad, but its rigged to obtain you to spend dollars. and if you dont, you can spend a week on 1 lvl. so sad.
~ Eric gruben
Love it. It keeps getting better. I've played from the beginning more than once. My first time was without internet. As you can imagine, I got a couple less gold crowns then. LOL. At lvl 5 hundred and something I couldn't take the abundance of time bombs, as I found they made it to hard to see clearly. The second time I felt defeated in the 700s. Every time I started over, the upgrades were more spectacular. Nice fun!
~ Chtistine West
um 200 lvl was the worsed!!! like I cudnt obtain the freaking hazelnut down for nothing!!!! I tried so many times. then it was down after 8 trys- but yes everything else is nice!!! thank you very much for giving this to us... have an nice day
~ Laura Tavares
So far it's been a nice experience. the only trouble I have got us about the race release. one is meant to compete with recipients from different lvls and isn't fair. It could be programme in a idea that the recipients on higher lvls could compete amongst themselves likewise on a lower lvl. I am currently close to lvl 5000 and actually doing the race release with recipients on lvl 100. it makes no sense. Finally; i have been paused by candy crush because they are still trying to upload more lvls 😩;
~ Tessa Ochia
Victory the hardest lvls and accumulate all the scrolls - what's your reward? Just a discount if you're stupid enough to spend true dollars on power ups. Wow! That's wonderful! Zero stars. I hate this release. I'm up to lvl 500 and I've just realised that I haven't even enjoyed the last hundred or so lvls - just did them believing things would obtain better or that I'd obtain better rewards but you just obtain crumbs. The developers wish you to obtain hooked and spend true dollars, that's the bottom line.
~ Billy Bill
I've been testing this from last 7 or 8 years. and I have trouble with finding newest buddy because it's stuck with finding a newest buddy almost a month actually. I wrote an correspondence to customer care and all I got was the instructions of primary things to do like restart, reinstall, clear cache, memory. like I'm that dumb. they don't have trouble solving attitude. unsatisfied and i have stopped testing the release actually. thanks for your "Nice" service
this is Fun and challenging and a nice idea to stay sharp! Well I could be sleeping but wish to be first. I am close! A nice idea to avoid the media. 2nd review. I Am a senior and this release keeps my mind active. 3rd review. As usual I am enjoying my candy crush! Can not sleep so I am testing Candy Crush.
~ Donna Beyers
so much fun. i had stopped testing it a couple years ago because I was stuck on one lvl and which high for days and not be able to pass it. When I downloaded it recently there's so many more options to getting boosters, and so many more aspects to the release. It's so fun and I'm so glad I downloaded it again.
~ Corina Alvarado
I have enjoyed testing this release until just recently. On lvl 525 , and it's ridiculous how you don't even have 2 moves before these ridiculous " bombs " run popping up everywhere. You're blocked on each turn trying to maneuver a idea to obtain rid of them and next thing you know , you're out of moves and the bombs are going off all around! I'm all for a challenge , but geez! Give someone a chance at least! This may be where I stop testing altogether!
~ A Google user
I had just completed and won an "ultra hard" lvl and the release destroyed. When I reopened the release I had lost a life and have to do that lvl again 😤 AND lost all the powerups I used on that lvl!! I think I'm going to stop testing if this continues to happen.
~ Mandy Pandy
Stuck on lvl 1532 for months, owners not allowing the ingredients to fall thru the portal when it is obviously over it & the candy bomb explodes that could've dropped both the ingredients. Owners test releases with you if they obtain a rating under 5. Don't download this release unless you wish to waste time. Owners notified of different errors, I got retaliation instead of we're sorry & we're fix the trouble for you. Loyalty means nothing to the owners. I see why so many "Uninstall the release".
~ Dianne Norris
I want you would stop upgrading things when they're working fine. 5 times when I've gone to spin the wheel for bonus chances to test a message pops up claiming video is not available. The release has frozen up on me few times so that I don't obtain a chance to finish the release. And of course I've lost countless bombs, candies, etc. PLEASE PLEASE, either fix it or place it back the idea it was. I test on galaxy 8+
~ Southern Belle
each once in awhile especially on the hard lvls. after you beat it it asks you to replay the lvl if you go back and claim exit it goes to a screen that is usually background and freezes. also how many times you have to hit next or x between lvls is crazy.
~ George Lumpkin
to be honest with you I never wanted to test this release. I originally downloaded the release because my dude required someone to give her lives so she should test on. Lol! Next thing you know I played a couple rounds and then I was hooked it's fun, supports time pass and it can be challenging. Sometimes it even feels like chess, in the sense that there's those moments where just one transport can break or create you. I was sceptical at first but actually I'm a believer. I truly enjoy this release!
~ chris critchlow