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Candy Crush Jelly Saga   
About: There's a newest user in city, the wiggling, jiggling Jelly Queen and she's here to challenge you to a release of Candy Crush Jelly Saga! Whatever your favoured moves, you better hope they're Jellylicious enough to take on and conquer the mighty Jelly Queen. Its time to obtain matching candies and spreading the jelly! Swipe to match 3 or more candies in a row and watch the magic happen, use your moves wisely and youll be sure to solve the puzzles and conquer the Jelly Queen! The unstoppably spreadable match 3 release! Candy Crush Jelly Saga is full of delicious release modes, informations and boss fights starring the Jelly Queen herself! Present off your Jellylicious moves, taking turns switching and matching Candies versus the jiggling Jelly Queen. Each sweet transport will spread more Jelly and whoever spreads the most will victory the lvl! Have you got the moves? There are ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: King
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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Reviews and Comments:

i love this release can't place it down highly suggest if you like any of the candy crush releases this one is my favoured
~ Ginny O'Neal
I'm extremely disappointed. I lost over 130 lvls of progress when I did your last modernization! I uninstalled because I waited and waited and waited and never got a response or any support from this post or the correspondence I generated. Poor business practices. I don't understand why you don't restore my release to its previous lvl before you modernized the last time. You removed all the progress I've made since I redownloaded the release.
~ Adrienne Beneway
Love the release but it doesn't give you gold bars as rewards. I would give the release five stars if the rewards were better (and nonpaid). I'm guessing this is because there are no annoying banners as in another releases.
~ Annely Finadri
Come on Boss, I'm stuck again, waiting on newest lvls 🙄. I love this release, but please hurry up with the newest lvls. I'm on 2425 and can't advance. seems like once a month this happens.
~ Jacob Courtney
Since the last modernization my release freezes and I end up having to quit and loose the release. At first I thought it was my device but found out it's the release. I even bought few coin boxes to test and complete the lvl but still continues to freeze and loose the lvl with 22 and 16 moves left. I love the release but want they fix this bug. Thank you.
~ Jennifer Cuzzone
not terrible , a bit cheap on the amount of bonus time premium. It'd be better to award extended time . more often . place some nice ole rock and roll Bands, there song to your release .
~ Brian . L . Robinson
if you have a fish powerup on the release run it doesn't support, its one of the worst powerups you can have, also too many times release is forcing you to join via Fb and do another equipment that aren't similar to testing for fun.
~ Nwaezuoke Kenechukwu
Gr8 I can stop testing. so addictive, I even forgot my meal on fire nd it got burnt. but I don't like it when you obtain to a lvl where you have to pay before you continue and also I hv to pay be4 I obtain something out of my piggy bank. because of dat I hv to delete it when I obtain to dat lvl nd test another releases.
~ Salma Allassani
HELLO to whoever is over this release . I am on lvl 903.. I beat the lvl with 16 plays left and all my boosters were supporting me.. Well when I beat the lvl it froze and would not allow me obtain credit for it... I wish to know if i have lost all my equipment permanently because if I have I will quit this release and uninstall it.. YOU NEEX TO FIX IT AND ALSO HAVE SOMEONE YOU CAN TALK TO..
~ Marilyn Wilder
this is really a fun release and i really enjoy testing it. however, you'll obtain 2 hours nonpaid test and if you don't sit there and test it it runs out anyway. it seems like Usually i obtain 2 hours i can only test a several mins because I'm in the doctors/dentist office etc. i would give five stars if there was a idea to not lose your nonpaid test time.
~ Sarah bosaw
I played this release regularly, but since the modernization I'm really not feeling it. Why such a drastic change in the drop action, just feels like any another amateur programmers release, no offence meant to anyone.
~ julie larkin
My experience with Candy Crush Jelly Saga. The release is nice.The. trouble is it keeps destroying. it goes back to the main page. I stop testing it because of that. 5 stars for release.the page its on there has to be something wrong with it.
~ Sandy Lochirco
I'm feeling more than a tiny peeved with the fact that my dudes are sending lives but I'm not getting them. I have emailed tech help but ni respond. Generally I like the release although it is addictive. 😏
~ puddinglover02
I've been on CC SAGA on about 520 and sent back to # 1 one day recently. Tried getting back up but no support. i also was on CC SODA on about maybe 300s, i forget but the same thing happened at the same time. MAD ISN'T THE WORD FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Linda Dombach
I love testing this release but recently I've been very disappointed because I obtain a notice for an 8:00p.m. present which i never obtain nor do I obtain to test for the 2 nonpaid hours it claims I have. I'm very dissatisfied and makes me not wish to test!
~ Christy Knox
I really enjoy the release, but after my device destroyed and I had to reinstall it, it takes FOREVER to load. Very frustrating. I even had to uninstall and reinstall to obtain it to launch at all. I did not have this trouble previously, so maybe it was a terrible modernization?
~ Rebecca Young
Nice release but I recommend you lower your shop prices. Would you rather two recipients spend $5, or ten recipients spend $2?
~ Darren L
due to newest glitch that won't allow me continue, I had to download the release. I kindly request to NEVER do that again or I will sue your pants off
~ Guardian Morohtar
made it to lvl 679. started to notice in the 500s that the specials (color orb, color bomb) were fizzing out each once in a while instead of doing their job, but blew it off as I was just seeing things. also, the "fish-o-meter" kept filling to the first line on a lvl, and then returning to where it was before on the next lvl. So, i would have to fill it again. Finally I notified Boss, and they claimed me to obtain video of it happening. Really, video? So, I'm supposed to video myself testing?
~ Michelle Ceffalo
I enjoy this release especially collecting the fish first, then the hours, the four lollipops bombs, the rewards, and the balloons too. Hope bring more fish to accumulate, the hours, rewards, four lollipops bombs, the treasures chest, and the balloons in each lvls. plus the surprise box with six hours and two hours and gold life too. thank you.
~ Amanda Karolak
I do enjoy testing this release and I do enjoy collecting the fish first, the hours, the four lollipops bombs, the rewards, the treasures chest, and the balloons. I do want to bring more fish to accumulate, the hours, the four lollipops bombs, the rewards, and the balloons in each lvls. Plus do bring the surprise box with six hours or two hours and the gold life too please. thank you.
~ Amanda Karolak
not only is this release absolutely addicting and also definitely entertaining to the fullest!!! but it has over hundreds of lvls played, hundreds of newest lvls released everyday!! nice for ages 7 to 97 too!! boosters received and won everyday as well!! I would definitely suggest this release to family, dudes, and anyone in between!!!677
~ Darlene Ganzel
This release claims its fun but it is deceptive with the the worms or puffers. SO you use moves and boom your out. I don't think it's so fun.
~ Donna Renn
I do enjoy testing this release and I do enjoy collecting the fish first , the hours, the four lollipops bombs,the rewards, the treasures chest, and the balloons. I do want to bring more fish to accumulate, the hours, the four lollipops bombs, the rewards, the treasures chest, and the balloons. Plus the surprise box with the six hours or two hours, the gold life in each lvls these thing's are useful. thank you.
~ Amanda Karolak
it used to be 5 but actually i cant ask for lives nor can i use gold bars to refill them. a newest modernization and still cant ask for lives or buy more....
~ Sue Reynolds
nice release but geez it takes FOREVER to load!! forever to load to the main screen, to the lvl, and when you are switching from the misty/odus globe to the regular globe. bumping down to 1 star because i passed a lvl, got past the end of the lvl and about to run the next lvl (but not started yet) and it kicked me off the release and when i got back on , it made me lose a life (my last one) and i didnt even obtain credit for the lvl i JUST beat!!
~ nancy
I've been testing this release for 5 years actually off and on it used to be fun, I decided to modernization it I want the heck I didn't to me is not as fun like it used to be... so after this I will be deleting it before the year is out and the another Bosses release that I'm testing ... I will stick to trivias.. you notice each freaking release that's out they have all these unnecessary pop-ups and ads just to obtain paid . users spend dollars just to obtain bonus boosts not me..
~ Kim Smith
i have asked this question before and no one seems to know what i am talking about or how to support me. how do you log into your lord profile when the page only comes up half idea so that the part that you have to log on to cannot be seen? i have never had a trouble before. but actually i can only log in through fb which started me over at 1 and i hatr logging in to fb. does anyone have the respond???
~ Annette Atchison
Well I'm ova getting no where. I've been stuck on lvl 325 for ever. I dont think I can solve it without presents. I'm not going to buy any. So I hav decided to delete Candy Crush. It's a true pity, because I really liked this release. But it also isn't working properly. I thought the modernization would of fixed it. But nah it's still has the glitch. Arh actually to look for a newest release to take its zone.
~ Donna Kearley
It's fun at first, but then they obtain you to cupcake Carl and run trying to basically force you to pay. He usually knows were to go, the worms transport away from you but perfectly to him, and on top of that he has infinite moves and you have a set number. it intentionally gives him the wind to test to create you furious and pay. The "random" fish and another power ups ALWAYS go towards him.
~ Tom Hanks
my gkids love claiming me how to test. A lot of fun! i just replaced my old device i was able to transfer everything to my newest one. However I had to launch at lvl one on all of them. i want there was a idea I should fix this. It will be fine though nice excuse to test even MORE!!! 😁 My first cimment was 4/27 i trust and i love Candy Crush more every day! i think i may need a CCA 😁. I AM HOOKED!
~ Rhonda Gardner
I can't test it seems to be frozen for 3 days actually. I launch the release and it will not allow me click on a lvl.
~ yajaira rosa
Love this release but i can not test . It has been frozen for 8 hours actually. Lets me log in then on main screen frozen.
~ Shelley Westbrook
Loved this release until recently. I beat a board and actually it doesn't work anymore. I did the modernization today and still doesn't work. 😕
~ Shelby Pitts
One of the finest Candy Crush releases ever made the richest release in the globe a BILLION PLAYER A DAY .Candy Crush .warning very very addictive release!
~ Ngoni Jordan
hello, i reach lvl 251 and its hanging , i test to modernization but still same trouble , its not opening my lvl , i test to launch lvl before also same its not opening. any suggests?
~ Marina Rashid
I'm getting an error where screen is hanged and is not moving forward. I tried force stop and restart as well as modernized the release. Nothing is supporting and I'm not able to click anything on the screen again. Its stuck. Do support. I love this release otherwise. I'm in lvl 1142
~ Sri Vidya
Some lvls are very hard but love to test Candy crush jelly saga, because of grate graphic and entertainment. On lvl 2576. Satisfied to claim that newest modernization is available.thank you squad lords and jelly saga
~ A T Prasad
I hope I can past the lvls I know there's harder ones and I hope they give the fish first to accumulate, hours, four lollipops bombs, rewards, treasures chest, and the balloons. The most to support with the lvls is to give more fish to accumulate and four lollipops bombs to claim. Plus the gold life and the surprise gift box with six hours or two hours that would be nice to past each hard lvls and more dudes to give lives to support.
~ Amanda Karolak
was my favoured until I reached lvl 1859. release froze up so I did the modernization. I even deleted some things from my device that I probably could have kept, just to nonpaid up zone for the modernization. still can't enter the lvl. Just a screen with cartoon balls bouncing around. maybe I could just delete the release.
~ Shannon Smith