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About: We wish to thank you for being valued lovers and allow you know that as of July 25, 2018, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies will no longer be available to test in EU Countries. ***Actually compatible Mobile M (6.0) *** The Call of Duty: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life. Adapted from the finest-selling console hit and built specifically for devices and tablets, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers fan-favoured, heart-pounding maps: Kino Der Toten, Ascension, and Call of the Dead: Directors Slash, as well as Dead-Ops Arcade, a 50-lvl zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for lovers of Call of Dutys signature zombie warfare. Test solo or join a squad of up to 4 users via Wi-Fi as you mow down hordes of zombies using a tons of weapons and perks only available in the Call of Duty zombie experience. And dont just take our word for it; here is w ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 46MB Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
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Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies Reviews and Comments:

It's an really fun release to test but the only reason I place 4 instead of 5 stars is because that most of the time online mode doesn't work functionally and also the release needs more maps so you can bring alot of attention .
~ Maleek Jones
Can I obtain my dollars back on my card, this release will not come on my device, I wanted to test but it doesn't download on my device, Thank you. Stephanie Liquet
~ jam dance off
I purchased this release to test with a dude and we couldnt connect to eachother via local or online. not worth it if i can't test with others
~ George Laiacona
i love this release i suggest this to any and i mean any call of duty fan! i like the dead ops arcade but i test normal mostly overall its fun and addicting! ive played and going to test for hours a day so fun! gj call of duty, speedy question why cant i test online i know maybye not many recipients or anyone plays this online but probably at least someone it just claims your connection does not help online multiplayer ): and why cant you look around while cooking gernades?
~ Kayden Blevins
I would enjoy this better if I should test it with dudes without us having to all be on the same WiFi network, using device connection to be able too test multiplayer would give this simple 5 stars. Please change or fix.
~ Cody Hinkle
Nice release so far but whenever I test and obtain on multiplayer, it claims, "Your actual connection does not help Multiplayer." I tried small time and wifi. Anyone know a fix to this?
~ A Google user
"your actual connection does not help multiplayer" // waste of dollars. multiplayer doesnt work regardless of your device. I have the galaxy S10 completely modernized. doesnt work. dont buy this, dont help recipients who steal dollars. singleplayer was functional but it's not the same. some barricades are blocked with pay walls
~ Sigil Rigsby
I think this release is really nice no doubt but it needs a bit of a large modernization. More maps would be nice and the controls to be a lil better, over all the release is nice!!!
~ Jamil Palalia
aight it's a nice release, but please fix the multiplayer, it claims ny actual connection doesn't work for multiplayer and I tried time and wifi neither worked. I played $7 for this release and I cant even test multiplayer? My dudes couldnt do it either, so please fix the release.
~ Young Souls
it is very fun nice amount of maps all tho I do want their were five at least the gameplay mechanics are ok I like ascension but for 9 dollars it's either a banger or a downer I think it's a banger just for the tons and it requires no internet approve the multiplayer mode witch only works on local with your dudes and not online unfortunately but in the end I think it's one of the better fps releases
~ Bryson HR
The voices for the characters as well as a couple another noises sound static like, and the graphics are not that nice and the lighting is to bright, but over all the gameplay is really fun when I'm now able to join my dudes, the release usually claims "error joining host" but if those things were fixed it would be five star.
~ TheSuddenParadox
Very decent release. but should you add The another maps? if you dont have the softwares, it is ok. but if you do please? Five? Shi no Numa? Oh, and i don't know how to use the claymores or Gersh devices.
~ SkullGamingYT// Skull Prod.
Nice release but i have two minor troubles: the controls are a bit wonky and i want "Five" was a map on here. Anyways, i would definitely buy
~ Lan Nguyen
I only purchased this release because it's from Activision but it's large disappointment you don't modernization it have alot of troubles un playable why are selling this for dollars even for nonpaid i wouldn't suggest it to anyone it deserves negative stars.
~ KaMaL El Adawy
recipients claim it's terrible for 10 bucks, I can't claim that because I paid 4 dollars. it was on sale. maybe just turn down the price to 4 dollars. I personally like the release. it even works with my device.
~ masmajor 13
Product runs fine but the online functions are trash. Failed to connect 3 users on local Wi-Fi for 15 mins. Testing online doesn't work at all.
~ Mr. White
this ia a very nice release, the graphics are nice. the gameplay is nice. its just what i remember from BO1 except there isnt many maps. if there would be more this would be even better than it is. Edit 1: there are some glitches, a zombie just crawled through a wall..
~ A Google user
It's cute nice so far but one thing that is bugging me is that it wont allow me test online with another recipients, i would give five stars but thats the only thing that makes this release type of wack...
~ Dorshawn Clitso
Please modernization this release for more maps and obtain rid of "More Tools" button or change it. Because CoD Heroes is gone and please fix the online co-op! It claims my connection does not help. I don't know what's that supposed to mean.
~ Dustin Briggs
will the release is nice, the graphics are cool, maps are cool too, and no banners, but I am not giving five stars until you fix the connection trouble that doesn't allow me test multiplayer
~ Qussai Saleh
Bought this release many years ago on small. It seems that activision took rights of the release a while back, but the recipients who made the release did not trouble refunds and the release had to be repurchased again. aside from that, the release still has, horrifying controls, extremely unoptimized graphics, and crashes 9/10 times. If you guys don't wish to continue upgrading that release for newer devices & the newest ver of mobile, then i think its time to take it off the supermarket.
~ Brandon hughes
Needs a jump button and a setting that changes cancel reload when running. Also moon needs to be added in as well as Shangri-la. I usually thought that call of the dead was not group 935 I know the door Easter egg on them but they never were on PC or console last time I played
~ A Google user
Refund. Actually. The concept of the release is nice, and I enjoy testing singleplayer when I don't have wifi. However, the multiplayer section of the release is fully useless. It usually claims that my connection is not valid, when I have the newest Roger's wifi connection. The fact that I can't enjoy the multiplayer on this release hurts me so much, especially my wallet.
~ squiDZ
This release is nice for recipients that have an addiction to Call Of Duty Zombies, (especially Black Ops 1 Zombies)because you can test Zombies on the go! Even though it doesn't have the Maps, the Guns, and the Marines from Call Of Duty Globe At Fight Zombies, or the rest of the Maps, guns, and Characters from Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 Zombies. I'm sad that i missed out of experiencing Call Of Duty Globe At Fight Zombies small for myself.
~ birdy boy
This release, it is spooks fun, I can test kino and another maps I like, FROM MY POCKET, without using wifi, although , there is not many maps and the graphics aren't the finest, Still it overall it's a nice release and I give a lot of credit to Activision and Treyarch for creating such a pretty release on mobil.
~ Keegan P
Nice release for my mobile I also test on 360 #O'faithful it would be much greater to test live co OP and to able to transport the controls were desired!! And how do you set the claymore after buying and throw monkeys ?? I did pay for for this release like last year and Im first to review!! I did claim ``Nice Product" Then 5 stars if fixed Thanks
~ Cliff Patterson
I love the release and everything about it. I just beg of you to add newest maps like Naucht der untoten and more of the globe at fight maps, especially the german teleportation map. Please listen to my plea, as i know me and many more users would really appreciate it.
~ Edward Richtofen
I love anything Cod Zombies similar and this release is no different I gave it five stars for that and nostalgic reasons HOWEVER I definitely feel like they should improve this release so much more actually especially when you realize how outdated most of it is compared to something else from the CoD franchise like the upcoming CoD App release which is looking cute nice so far
~ Permanant Noob
Very well. The graphics are not as nice as what you should obtain on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC (such as the characters keep the AK47u like there isn't a grip there and the zombies look like weird old lads in nazi uniforms with glowing eyes and no hair). My recommendations are that you could add the map "Five" as that isn't a downloadable content while the two downloadable content maps Call of the Dead (Director's Slash) and Ascension can be found while Five is absent. I suggest the release. Thank you.
~ A Google user
the experience is great, nice maps but not the finest maps,you should change the maps, like each week you have a weekly map choice made Activision, my example is that one week the weekly map is five and next week its moon, also you should spend more time on the graphics since this is a $6.99 release i think so if recipients buy this then they will be expecting a lot. Thanks.
~ A Google user
I have been a fan since call of duty came out. e when we should jail break iphones i honestly installed a nonpaid ver i love this release so much. this time i paid the 💰. because this release is a classic actually. never obtain bored of it no matter how much time passes. i just want they would upgrade the release for full screen mobiles. i have it on my mi mix 2 and its definitely not optimized for full screen mobiles. so gonna test it on my device.
~ William Castro
It is very dumbed down from the console/PC versions, giving you less to do. The graphics have not aged well and should use an upgrade. It's overall lacking in content as you are stuck with the same maps and perks. Not a nice buy in 2019. To add to that I've read a lot of reviews about terrible compatibility on newer devices. They are not supporting the longevity of this release at all and it's probably too late.
This is an overall fun release, this is what I played all throughout my childhood on the xbox and I've usually loved this release. But it does have a lot of downsides. The controls can be improved, you aren't able to look around while cooking a grenade and the aiming is buggy. switching a weapon should be improved by adding a relead button or switch weapon button instead of tapping on the gun constantly. The graphics should use a heavy modernization for newest devices and newest maps. But overall it's a nice release.
~ Wormbait170
What all can i claim? Nice gameplay. Nice graphics (for the time). Nice controls (beside jumping but you do not need it at all for the maps that are included.) And lots of replay value. ive usually been a Nazi Zombies fan since day one of Globe at Fight back in 2008 and i feel like they did these maps justice on mobile. Nice job squad. Hold up the nice work.
~ Jaymeson Lakes
I paid 6.99 for this release. it constantly claims my connection isn't nice for multiplayer I have a galaxy s8 and I'm on Verizon wireless. you guys are doing this because you don't wish to hold the servers launch. bullcrap
~ meeskes z
Your actual connection does not help online multiplayer".... so how do I test. i use a 4g connection and it works for all releases do the developers have respond can someone support. I checked place your forums and blogs and everyone that has this trouble has no solution... so I'm asking the developers how do I test multiplayer with this message usually popping up? I have a galaxy j7.
~ reapers playhouse
The release is ridiculously outdated in terms of just about everything. last modernization made in 2016! The Dead Ops arcade release is fine, but when you crave killing the dead in your typical fps then your experience will be somewhat slashed. Still love testing this release each so often, but it would be wonderful if they just upgraded it.
~ MDwesLARL wes
Pretty piece of work. Gameplay is cute nice for a small device, detailing and graphics are standard, and multiplayer isn't terrible! One thing though, the controls are kinda..oh how do you claim.... fidgety to test with. Gyroscope (tilt calibration) is thrown off, touch controls are a tad bit sensitive, like someone activated Aim Acceleration and set it to 4/10. Sticks feel weird in general. Would be a tiny cool if this release supported controllers, though. But beggars can't be choosers. ;)
~ shut up, yuri
Fun release, Black Ops has been part of my childhood since it came out. I remember testing Kino one of the maps I enjoyed the most along with Five that frustrated me but kept me going to test and beat my farthest round every time, to me this release should go farther than the four maps it has right actually. Developers if you read this please contain more maps and modernization it to fit the newest devices but also allow the old users still test.
~ Daniel Arave
Nice release, but some changer need to be made. First, the lack of maps, thete is only 3 maps (not including dead ops) and the wunderwaffe dg2 can only be obtainable by killing george. it belongs in the box. and a lot of box weapons are missing. also i think more perks would be cool. and the multiplayer system sucks. plz add a better system. ill rate 5 when these changes are made. if anyone wants to test a match my name is ShadowAssassin275
~ A Google user