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Buttons and Scissors   
About: Slash off the sewing buttons in the logic release Buttons and Scissors! To slash off the buttons, pick two or more buttons of the same color. You can pick buttons only on the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Slash off all the buttons from the scrap of denim to complete the lvl. Check to complete every lvl in the shortest time possible to obtain a better score. You cannot slash off a single button, so plan your walkthrough in advance! Buttons and Scissors is a fun idea to improve your logical thinking and train your brain. Walkthrough: When you launch testing the release for the first time, there will be a guide lvl. You will be shown with a scrap of denim and a number of different colourful buttons. Every actual transport will be displayed as a white arrow. Touch the first button and transport your finger to the last button of the same color you want to pick in that ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: KyWorks
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Buttons and Scissors Reviews and Comments:

i like it..for fun and can ease my boredome..😊😊thanks for creating this release...
~ A Google user
I love this release because I love mind releases so much
~ Hasina Kureshi
It is a fun challenging release puzzle. Not the typical connect 3 releases out there. You need to test it!
~ Kim Burch
Nice release, very addictive. I just can't obtain out when I'm done. 🙂
~ Frankie Rico
challenging at times. i like it because i don't need wi-fi
~ Pat Smyth
A mild teaser to distract you short time from the problematic things around, if any, or hold you busy and boost your confidence.
~ Shinjini Ray
Very fun, additive, and challenging. Also, love the colors ;)
~ Amy Ray
Where Is the last puzzle shown in the picture . Can't search how to do it.
~ Caroline Betz
OMG I absolutely love this release. I can spend hours doing nothing but working on these puzzles😀👍👍
~ Jacqui Mateara
a superbbbb brain release ive ever seen only 7*7 is soooo osmm another lvls r too simple ..but still no probs sooo gud release I wud prefer u to install dis release (8 to 11 yrs old)
~ abdul hakeem
I love it, cuz it's brainy. You have to calculate before cutting off
~ Imeyalo Rekoc
Instead of having to buy tricks you could be able to earn them with correct solutions
~ Lily Lewis
nice fun but it is only nonpaid to test on the first 100 lvls so just when you're hooked, you have to run paying
~ A Google user
It is a great release.But sometimes it is very hard to solve.At that time it is boring.ButI test many times to solve.Keeps me occupied.
~ Kalpana Ratnakumar
Nice release. Lots of lvls, fun, time aggressor and supports works the brain.
~ A Google user
special and cool release! quite relaxing and fun too!!
~ Nibedita Paul
love this release but since loading it on my Samsung J3 it switches my device off when testing.
~ A Google user
It's a fun puzzle release to fill up your time, and improve your trouble-solving skills.
~ HorseFan4
It is refreshing that the release makes you think. Most releases are basicly matching releases.
~ Deborah Burke
I like this release I just want u had different options, like shuffle or create the buttons blow up when u match them something to catch ur eye more.
~ Billie Hall
I use to love this release. I decided to reinstall it and was disappointed with the banners on the screen. I would rather have a paid ver of the KYWORKS release but cannot search one .
~ Grey Lyric
This is a nice tiny time aggressor that now challenges logical thinking. Gift - you can finish a lvl in about 30 seconds.
~ Brian Thomas
It's the second time I'm downloading this release. One of the finest buttons and scissors release I've ever played. Hope there will be more lvls to come.
~ A Google user
I am enjoying the release mechanics but I would like to have a choice of a more manly skin to not be embarrassed to test it in public. Maybe aliens or tanks that shoot every another and blow up.. just a thought for the devs
~ dave clark
Addicting, pace-adaptable smart release. Interesting. The jazz is smooth and simple to listen to. It's a 5 stars release for me.
~ Tony Lorenzo
It is a very great release and all the recipients can test this the lvls are very exiting 😄😃
~ Vedanshi Punetha
We can't claim that it is not a really a nice release but u could have some policies that when tricks obtain over than you have to give a add or video that can give you some tricks like 3 or 4 tricks... Sorry to claim but it is real😭😭
~ Hitesh Kapadi
Its very great release . We could test this release with hands and mind .I love this release.Please test this release dudes
~ Bangaram
Thought it was going to be too simple to launch with but then as I kept testing it got more challenging. No annoying ads stopping test.
~ Siani Flewog
Lik this release but could be other idea to search solutions, eg watch banner. As I do not pay for equipment in any release. Also sometimes the red and orange buttons ate hard to distinguish between colours
~ Beverly hopkins
Nice release but this release is very challenging and hard for me so I need to repeat at the same lvl 289 for the next lvl.
~ hani hani
Super fun, and hard to stop testing! Nice how sometimes I can 'see' the solution right away and another times I might spend an hour! Still fun!
~ Deborah Gould
I like this release. Its a nice time passer. makes ya think but not too long or your score goes down. Very colorfoul too. hope they obtain better with more lvls
~ Michelle Renville
The attempt to slash the buttons off frustrating. Followed the instructions the row of buttons not all slash off. Numerous times had to push them to create scissors appear.
~ A Google user
I remember testing this release on my used to be dudes device . I had so much fun testing this release back then . I was addicted . Thank you for creating this release developer . This release has gotten quite old , but I still love it .
~ Nanami Aisaka Chan Kuran Fantasy 07
Excellent! Requires thinking and walkthrough but every release only takes about 30 seconds to complete, so it's simple and speedy to just do a several (but not simple to stop!) I obtain a kick out of the sound of the scissors cutting and the buttons dropping.
~ Susan Gaye
This is my favoured release. It's just beautiful and so relaxing. If you create matches speedy enough you can obtain few scissors going across the screen at once. The buttons are beautiful and every lvl only takes a several seconds to pass. I usually test offline so there's never an trouble with banners.
~ sauou
I lost all my progress all of a sudden?? I had got halfway through the lvls 6X6 and the entire release restarted and gave me the first lvl guide and all my progress was gone. I mean it's a fun release. Sometimes frustrating with the cutting.. not very smooth. The glitch made me give it 3 stars.
~ Lit Nerd in Beirut
I like the different mode of thinking required. Very absorbing and Zen when you obtain into the territory. Needs some strategic thinking which I like without being too challenging.
~ Marion Essam
It's a nice release. Works well. But sometimes the touch function isn't working... If there are buttons left to slash off, I click the first button, it shows an arrow then when I click the second button, the arrow disappears! This happens few times...Plz fix this bug & maybe you should add more & simple achievement targets. Overall the release works fine.
~ A Google user