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About: Receive the newest Bus Simulator: ?id=com.ovilex.bussimulator17 Bus Simulator 2015 is the newest simulation release that will offer you the chance to become a true Bus Driver! Realistic maps, wonderful machines, unbelievable interiors will create you feel like driving a true bus! It's time to obtain on board and drive the bus to complete all the routes! Next-gen graphics including recipients animations, articulated, double and school buses will create this bus release the finest on the supermarket! Receive Bus Simulator 2015 actually! Informations: - Realistic Maps (Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Alaska, etc...) - 15 Buses (articulated, double-decker, school, etc...) - Launch/Close Doors button - Animated recipients entering/exiting the bus - Custom weather conditions in Unpaid Ride mode - Territories of any type: castle, countryside, mountain, desert and snow - Realisti ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 64MB Developer: Ovidiu Pop
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Bus Simulator 2015 Reviews and Comments:

thanks again for all of the year and a half of the day of the day of the day of the year in a several things that I have a great interested in PUBG is a very glad birthday and Virat Kohli Chris is the only one of our products are available for remote and nice morning
~ A Google user
The controls are poor, the another drivers on the way hold hitting my bus, you can't see the traffic behind you or to the sides when at an intersection, once you press down on the gas pedal it takes forever before the bus runs moving. This release doesn't even deserve one star. This is the worst release I have EVER downloaded on my device, and that's claiming a lot.
~ Keely Blackwell
Some videos goes Slowly, but last 30min will take that video to better lvl,finaly all the mistakes in the video will disappear in our mind. Like that the GAME Bus Simulator 2015 will disappears the tiny. tiny mistakes, controls, graphics etc. I completed all the lvls and the i uninstalled,then i went to test shops to find better simulator releases ,no another release will satisfy me, then i finally installed once again Bus Simulator 2015 .Please modernization more Routes.
~ A Google user
the release most likely and finest this release is on a regular price in your life trying to benefit to your company to which the to which it is a nice time to benefit the overall usability and player experience which usually leads to better understand our position versus to which it is a nice time with your dudes have to benefit of all time high lvl overview for a couple days and I trust the to benefit of all time high lvl overview for a couple days and I trust the hype surrounding zone nice
~ A Google user
1. Few another machines topple while taking turns , sometimes also comes in another lane, in which the bus is going. So please see to it. 2. Reduce the red traffic light time slightly. 3. Please add rear view mirrors of gigantic size on both the sides. 4. The vipers are of no use. When there is rain, not even a single drop comes on the front mirror 5. We do not obtain xp for indicators. They are of no use. 6. Please create the graphics more pretty and fix some bugs. KINDLY DO THE NEEDFUL. THANK YOU FOR THIS 'nice' GAME.
~ A Google user
The bouncing machines is a pain and the buses accelerate idea too slowly and why often you come up to a light its usually red? and the final thing why is there no speed difference between the bus selection?
~ Jaime Campbell
I loved the release a lot, but there are some troubles. Why the cars, buses, trucks are flying in air and not going properly on way? PLEASE DO SOMETING AGAINST THIS PROBLEM OR YOU WILL FACE A BIG PROBLEM DUE TO SMALL MISTAKE!
~ A Google user
i gave it 4 stars because it's a nice release i'd claim but it needs some fixes like sometimes they ruin on to me and i obtain the -xp but its not my fault but it's a nice release i recomend it
~ thegamecatcher ofgames
i had this releases a couples years back and it was now preety nice,but actually i had it and ended up deleting it not claiming it was terrible are anything but,i can really see me calling this release my *go too* which means i can literally test it all day,so i just think if it can take some upgrades and better car controlling it can become my *go too* love the release tho!!!!!!
~ Alyssa Harmon
awasome release but sometimes the bus stops and runs from first gear. So i request you to add H-shifter transmission to fix this only trouble with this release.
My grand son has usually wanted to drive and this is the great release for him his experince for driving is just awsome he just has a talent I used to have a truck on a camp ground and he would steer the truck and I did not even have to support him fully awsome.
~ Bonnie Winland
The release is very great and the graphics are also very nice. But the another machines in the lvls do not run properly. Some newest maps like India could also be included on the release
~ Satya Narayan
I tried nonpaid mode just for fun. Drove around for about 10 mins. Went to the career. First lvl. I was doing really nice but so many cars bumped into me. It was flying cars. So it minus 50 xp. And then there was more flying cars. It is a nice release but the flying cars is the large trouble
~ Terry Leung
finest release ever played. pls add poice checkpoint like the truck simulator and improve the stability troubles of the another cars. they hit without notice and my xp will be deducred. by the idea it is a great release
~ Sulvia Owadie
It's many troubles in drive. Trafic is out of control. machines clashing with one other. Light is very weak. Busses designs are not nice.
I really like dis release actually........first I felt it a tiny boring.....but then as there were routes changed it became interested......I would like the viewers of my experience to take dis seriously and download the release......because whatever I've described above......its very real...thank you....😊
~ Maanya Dhruva
This is one of the finest bus simulator release ever .I really love the nice graphics . True like it .Download and enjoy like me
what's the target in testing a release where you lose points for another machines destroying into you? the machines were flying all overthe zone. needs a lot more work doing to the "Product".
~ Porsche McKenzie
I love this release and should you fix the cars getting out of control pls because they stop in the way and ruin me and i lose 50 xp. another then that this is a fun release and add more buses please. Download this release if u wish a true bus release
~ baby doll
Very nice release and its also not addictive. But the main troubles is with the another veichles.....the cars and buses hit every another and also our bus due to which XP decreases and we are not able to reach in time. Secondly the trains at railway crossings.....they are too slow. If we change the viewing modes then they come faster or else they are too tooo sliw ...it seems like they are constant at that zone. And at last i would reqeust you to pls add some indian cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.
~ Swaraj Nayak
Lol no upgrades for last 4 years also actually a day in this release cars and all things are flying they drive crazy and reckless.. seriously I love this release and graphics and I already test all maps ... recommend any better for this one...
~ Purushottam rawat
Late Indicators & damn slow controls !!!!! Everything is magnificent in the sense it is 2015 built but testing in 2018 is even not so boring except the graphics which are below medium. The only trouble is direction indicators don't work often so you've to guess the route to fetch passengers, other trouble is controls are damn slow, testing for 5 minutes gets your hands and fingers strained !!!!! Please do work on it !!!!!!
~ Angelo Destin
The controls are almost unresponsive, I can't do anything multiplayer, the bus accelerates idea too slowly, I shouldn't be getting a penalty for braking too hard since it's the only idea to brake, the cars fly all over the way and ruin into my bus (and it's impossible to avoid them because the bus is too slow), the lanes are too narrow, and two-idea two-lane ways could by divided by double-yellow lines, not dashed white lines.
~ Tiar Tenorio-Atoigue
this is a fun release if it wouldn't lag so much. cars are stopping while taking turns, destroying in thin air, flying across the screen. would be easier to test with better scores if wouldn't be afraid of ghosty cars destroying versus busses. maybe because its 2015 release but.. it should do better than that. wouldn't suggest
~ Siret Klis
The release is a very interesting one but there are some glitches that needs to be addressed...a thorough modernization is definitely required....the machines are all over the zone and due to this it at times cause me to lose unnecessary points...stop lights need to be fixed....bus stop times need to be fixed but another from that its a nice releases. thank you
~ A Google user
There is no another release i have on my device either than this bus simulator, it is soo soo realistic especially when driving the bus in manual transmission you can imitate driving an actual machine when it comes to changing the gears and controlling the revs. I've been testing it for about 2 years actually even though I've finished all the routes and unlocked all the buses i still search it nice driving around in manual transmission. Everything is absolutely realistic.
~ A Google user
It's a fun diversion, but as much for the many insane bugs as in spite of them. Like traffic lights that give you a green light premium then a red light penalty a couple seconds later because the light started to change when you were halfway across. Traffic that pays heed to neither the laws of the way nor of physics. The penalties you obtain when they flip out and ruin into you when you're stopped for passengers. The infinite control glitches. The gigantic speed you can secretly gain above 68mph. Etc.
~ Mark Penrice
I have not given 1 star because while driving, many another buses and another machines dash us at hard turn even if we drive careful and nearly. Another wise,I had given them 5|5 stars . But is a very nice release.Great true bus like informations and I really liked it very much .I recommend everyone to download this release only if you wish to download a bus release. Even if it takes 63 mb, but is that much nice also. Very well designed release. Loved it.
~ Bhagya Karpe
It's a very nice release. You drive as if you're in a true bus. Unbelievable graphic and great steering especial on tilt control. My complain is on another machines they just stop instantly in your front.
~ Calley Ncube
Machines in the release are doing stunts leading to destroying into the users bus. Also destroying leads to lose in users xp. Could take a serious action versus it. Charging penalties for in serious crashes and hard braking could also be stopped. The time could also be increased as bus accelerates very slow.
~ madhavan Warrier
i have few questions about this release! 1, how come the cars and trucks stand up in bounce torse me, and i obtain a sad face..what kind of release is this where the cars bounce up and run into you? 2, how come theres no recipients or drivers in the another cars? the cars and another buses transport without any drivers in them or passengers. 3, the banners block half of the top of the screen..i barely can see the release. this is a cool release if it wasnt for that!🤔🙄
~ Angela Williams
love this Product!!!!!! Finest release Ever!!! I have had this release for about 7 years I have unlocked all the bues and finished all the lvls and I am it has been a privalige testing this release so thank you for making It!
~ Holly Simeti
there is no rather release i would ever have on my device another that this simulatar release. i love it sooo sooo much... it is so realistic. Although the controls are a tiny hard to control but the rest is awsome. its like im really driving but im on a release it is soooooooo fun...
~ Rebecca Fox
cc cc cc guac to obtain to see the light and shadow fall each year in which they have a high school, but the light is not only to eat and shadow, the company is not an expert, the first time I was just wondering where the company, I think it's going nice to hear it! I think I can obtain it to you can search a nice time for you, and the first ever the same idea, I can obtain it was just a nice to see the first ever the same thing as you can see the light of a high quality is that you can see it on my device w
~ Le Sang
Great gameplay and structure of the release but the trouble is of maps. There could be hilly routes which are pleasant to drive and there could be more buses and there is no speed difference between buses as expensive buses are also of same speed. So please pay attention to my troubles with this release. End of the day release is really nice.
~ Arpit Kaushal
It is very terrible .The another cars and buses come and hit us but we obtain minus points. It's graphics are aslo terrible . We can see the othercars, buses and trucks fying it the air . In the Los Angeles second lvl the train gets stuck and we obtain late in reaching our distination as the gates are closed.
~ The Knight Rises -of India
Great one and only just got back from the UK opportunity look forward to seeing the same as the another hand, and the family are doing well and I will have to go down well with the newest year, the only idea we should not have a nice day out with the following week to discuss this with you, and 1st, but 6th may not be a nice day for me 67 to obtain the most important thing, and I have a nice day,
~ Touheed Sayyed
What is wrong with the traffic lights, the green light it only has 8 secends but the red light it has more time. ohh even the controllers are so freaking slow all obtain is other minus points, please fix the timer between the green light and the red light!!!
~ Mark Angelo Rivera
this release is quite great cause of the graphics, realistic physics and much more. but the only thing is when i tried to test online it's to confusing to enter a match. and it takes to much long time to enter the match. the next thing is the machine on curves are hit the buses please fix this bug. thank you.
~ Jayendra Pujara
The gameplay is not nice its just okay. 1st trouble is the flying cars that hold on destroying up versus me and making me lose XP points, I mean that's not my fault. 2nd is that whenever I reduce my speed by tapping on the brake pedal I can't instantly accelerate I will press the acceleration button only for it to work when speedometer gets to less than 10 km/h. 3. The gameplay gotta be realistic, I gotta be able to fill up the gas, and have radar of where I'm going instead of those Arrows.
~ sphumelele hadebe