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Bus Mechanic Simulator: Auto Repair Garage 2018   
About: Test the car mechanic garage manager release. Become the finest mechanic in the city! Build your car-repair empire and become a car mechanic tycoon! Invest earned dollars in newest softwares and upgrade your workshop to perform more complicated repairs. Fix massive duty machines such as London Bus, Coach, American School Bus. Accumulate experience points and build your nice name! Modify the cars (tuning), change the parameters of the engine, use specialized devices!. Upgrade owned softwares, invest in the specialized equipment and obtain the customers! Do the job in the right time or the customers will crash your opinion. Build a car-repair business! Run from the modest garage, do the honest job and evolve into a car industry tycoon! Did you test idea too many boring car mechanic releases? This one is different. Here you can play ride the cars, run the car service station, interact ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure [email protected]
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Bus Mechanic Simulator: Auto Repair Garage 2018 Reviews and Comments:

Rubbish 💩💩💩💩💩
~ Isaac Bailey
Nice luck
~ A Google user
~ Chanchal Joshi
~ Dominik Krum
~ Phyll Crocker
~ A Google user
Love it and test it
~ ashish singh
~ Samantha Chambers
Too nice :)
~ A Google user
Mast h
~ Gopal krishna
Fix Fix Fix!! I Love you
~ Samridhi Thapliyal
G oooooooooooooooddd
~ hilo subs
~ Luke Freeman
~ Rakesh Kumar
Pretty release... Very nice for relaxing
~ Shipra Bhardwaj
Is so nice I am rich
~ Um Khaled
To many adds
~ stephen mcmahon
I love it but it could be able to create more cars
~ Lianne Spreadborough
Hi Shivam Rao. Incredible job done by you.Please hold it up.I like the release. Very Very interesting release .Hats off Sir.
~ C B Mishra
This is the worst release ever all you do is just tap a button and it's fixed and it pops up a add and then the add finishes and a nother one pops up and it just repeats DON'T PLAY
~ Edith Reuwer
Love it
~ Adam Klein
~ Devendra Kumar
~ Kevin Hernandez
~ A Google user
Love it
~ #a awesome
I love this releases😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘
~ Minal Bava
Bakar release
~ A Google user
Love release so much
~ James scanlon
Could create it easier to pick parts
~ Danny-ryan Cooney
I think you could be able to work with your dudes
~ Robotics compition
release keeps bumping you out, keeps restarting
~ Jeffrey Wagner
It is a nice release the only trouble is the grafics are terrible but another then that it is a nice release.
~ A Google user