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About: The Rockstar Products tradition of groundbreaking, original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling invades the schoolyard in Bully: Anniversary Edition. As mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins youll navigate the social hierarchy of the corrupt and crumbling prep school, Bullworth Academy. Stand up to bullies, obtain picked on by teachers, beat the jocks at dodge ball, test pranks, victory or lose the woman and survive a year in the worst school around. Bully: Anniversary Edition contains everything from the critically acclaimed Bully: Scholarship Edition plus help for high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay, all while adding multiplayer with newest Colleague Challenges. Colleague Challenges are head-to-head classroom and arcade style mini-releases: see who can dissect the frog fastest in B ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 41MB Developer: Rockstar Games
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Bully: Anniversary Edition Reviews and Comments:

I can't recover my cloud save from a several years back because it won't allow me sign in to Social Club. Usually just claims "Social Club Error" and greys out the sign in button.
~ Team Continent
This release is so nice. It's a great release , perfectly balanced and woth a nice stroy line. Purchasing this release is fully worth for the dollars.
~ Oggy's Pines
Bully is a nice subversive take on growing up produced by none another than the legendary rockstar releases that never disappoints at each twist and turn. The action and storyline are well paced and the characters are still humorous to this day. It's great for those of you who and to revisit the PS2 era classics that still prove their mettle to this day.
~ Justin Randall
I am currently having an trouble booting this release on my Pixel 2XL, I've researched the trouble thoroughly after performing primary troubleshooting and it appears that the release is destroying due to a newest modernization to the Pixel 2XL. I just paid for this release... Probably going to seek a refund since rockstar can't hold up their end of the bargain. I'll send feedback, hope someone sees it.
~ Daniel Bearden
This is like my 2nd fav release of all time. I was so excited a several days ago when I found out there was a small ver. But, actually I'm sad because the controls are AWFUL!
~ Gracie Hartsfield
Its nice but the only trouble is if we should have full conversation with recipients. not jimmy claiming heya how you doing. like conversations. thx probably to late
~ A Google user
Overall the release is nice, the first i played it was on PlayStation 2. I downloaded it again to test again but there were some errors in the release. Usually i got onto a bike or enter a side target to earn dollars by delivering newspaper, the screen becomes black(blank) all i can see is the controllers and the maps. Which then made me not being able to do anything as the screen becomes blank. Please do something about this. Im testing this release on my samsung s8.
~ Abdul Rahman
everything is nice except the lack of ability to turn down how much it vibrates. Maybe I missed a setting, but it seems like the vibration is over the top when doing classes.
~ TJ Barrett
i just got a digital camera it supposed to be colourful picture, but its been black and white often i used that. and also i collected the75 rubberband and got rubberband ball, i can't used that! what's wrong? please support
~ stelle kgyoung
Finest release on the test shop! My personal favoured of Rockstar's master pieces! They have done a wonderful job of this transition onto the small stage. Controls work nice and definitely worth the dollars!
~ Benjamin Luper
This release is very high in graphics and specially its storyline was very nice👍... the controles are also very comfortable. it's a well clear launch globe release. I love it.
~ AssAssiN ArnO
Spectacular job with this. Never thought I'd see it on device. I'm not gonna harshly rate because 1. Some of these recipients don't know how much work is place in to the project. 2. It's overall nice. 3. It's nice!
~ killmax2025 _
The release itself is phenomenal, but there's too many glitches in this port. A nice example of one is when the drifting on cycles and scooters stops working out if nowhere. I'll be able to drift one minute, and then after doing a target or something I lose the ability to drift on my cycle. Instead of drifting, my hero will brake and turn at the same time and I will not be able to hold my momentum. There are more glitches like this, and unless they fix this port, my review will remain at 1/5.
~ Presley Chan
love the release gameplay is nice and very enjoyable. I personally never played the console or PC ver. there are sometimes some graphical artifacts but I blame that on my device. would definitely suggest
~ A Google user
It actually works nice and is fun to test. I give the release five stars, but I give Rockstar about three for taking so long. (Though you fixed it and that is what counts! Better than Square Enix...)
~ Jorge Sanchez
Edited review to reflect modernization. This release would not run on my pixel 2 but after the newest modernization it works flawlessly thank you to the squad who resolved this trouble and for the continued help of the release. It is actually awesome.
~ GT86 Connoisseur
Product will not work on my Newest One Plus 6T with Mobile 9. Worked nice on my One Plus 3, but when I transfered the release to my to my One Plus 6T, it crashes at the run screen and will not even load. Appears this release will not work on Mobile 9/Pie. Modernization working nice!! Back to Five Stars!
~ Clarence Hall
Screen Blackout! While I'm doing the target "the large release" after the first war it comes to a slash stage and then blacks out, and i fail the target because i can't see anything and to obtain further in the release i need to obtain through this so please look into it ASAP. Otherwise the release is perfectly fine, it's just this and it's annoying. I'd like a respond.
~ Kiyan Nassiri
Bugs mar an othereise enjoyable experience. The camera zooms and flips 180 sometimes. Sprites glitch and mirror themselves, while disappearing from their original/correct territory and flit between both territories quickly. Getting on a cycle occasionally makes the screen go pitch black, forcing a reload."Midget" wrestling (while fairly inconsequential to the release) doesn't seem to work.There are no additions or quality of life upgrades-I'd love to redo the Geography course easily/consecutively
~ Adam Davies-Sheehan
This release has been my all-time favoured, but there seems to be a trouble concerning whenever you go outside, the release tends to lag. Rockstar Products, I'd be grateful if this trouble can be fixed thank you.
~ A Google user
Bully needs no suggestions. the release's a legend. finest dollars spent on a release till date. controls need refinement. was able to connect a usb gamepad using a otg but found no settings to redefine the controls on the gamepad ( would have loved to test my idea). but please fix scrwwn blackout trouble especially for cycle similar missions (comic kelypto). it's destroying all the fun
~ tarun bhatia
recently downloaded this release, runs well on my A9. Only there are some bugs, such as when we are just ride a cycle, the screen suddenly goes black and then it returns in a several seconds, also the audio sometimes goes delay. please fix it and i'll give u 5 stars. thanks.
~ Rafi Humardi
WHY I CAN'T BET ON THE MIDGET WRESTLING IN MY NOTE 9? PLEASE FIX THIS BUG AND ERROR! (sometimes the map symbols that showing target, errands, authority, et.c are disappeared too) Trust me, BULLY are worth more than just a 5-star rated, this releases are legend and never gets old since 2006 (about 13 years ago). Please don't mess up even just from such a minor informations only or this releases will really losing it's vibe. 5 star for BULLY, 1 star for Anniversary Edition. Thank you.
~ Verel Haikal
This release is now cute nice compared to another GTA releases(except GTA IV and GTA V). But there's also some bugs and glitches,hopefully I don't obtain much problem testing it in my Galaxy J8. Thank You Rockstar,Please create a sequel to these...I promise I will buy that no matter the cost!
~ Ethan
I have finished pc ver and I found out bully release is on device ver. I very excited to download it. I have no concept about what is the trouble I can't download so far I have paid the release. Please fix it ASAP.
~ James Cy
I usually wish to rate Rockstar Products with 5 stars on each realease. Bully: Anniversary Edition has recently been modernized for Mobile 9.0 (November 2018). Why are you not upgrading GTA: San Andreas for Mobile 9.0 ? I have a 6GB RAM device and it plays the same as the S4 ?? Laggy at times, badly bugged and the release closes all the time... Mostly after 5 mins of test time. Either I have a really terrible, messed up APK file from Rockstar Products or you've just fully washed your with GTA: San Andreas.
Please fix the control to aim. Some quest can't be completed without aiming to the top and bottom. The release can only look right and left or create each quest that need to aim at an object or recipients automatically aimed at the goal. (Ex: quest to throw egg to each launch room in two storyline building). Fix it or refund coz its meaningless if I can't finish the release.
~ z Sven
the reason why i give this four stars. because it keeps force closing on me each time i played it an its really annoyeing..... please fix it!!!!! with befor u by this release allow them fix it don't obtain this release!!!! this is a warning you'll be wasting your dollars an your time getting it. but another than that this release really!! really!! nice but this need to be fixed before u spend your dollars on it
~ Super Dash
This release doesn't work on my Huawei colleague 20 Pro. Give me credits or install a newest uptade please. If the release doesn't work in the 31 January 2019, I'll be taking on justice your fault. It's just a warning about the precautions who are going to be taken, about the mistake youve done, untill you remove the bug, or give me back credits. Finest Regards from Switzerland
~ Rob P
As someone who never played this on console, this was great and accesible and a lot of fun. Worth the price but I wouldn't wish it to be much more complicated, what with small controls. There were some apps which were excruciatingly hard due to controls and the odd glitch when getting on the cycle, but didn't affect me too much and I finished the storyline.
~ Tom Clabon
So many crashes and the go back control needs to improve + black screen.... We need an modernization! (How does a large company like this have all these troubles while most releases have no single trouble!!)
~ A Google user
I finished the PC ver so I was very excited to test this on small; I have to claim, for the most part I'm impressed. Save for the odd FPS drop, the release runs smoothly at full graphics on my Honor Test, and looks unbelievable in a 2.1:1 aspect ratio. However, there are tiny troubles: in the Geography class, all the pins are out of alignment with the countries, which makes that release very hard. Sometimes prefects attack invisible students. Skateboarding is near impossible with the controls.
~ Ben Tedds
The release is FIRE!!!...REALLY LOVED IT...The release is nice and it's worth all your dollars...But you still must obtain some bugs fixed tho...In fact some Bugs are really useful in completing missions...But still please fix them...the inventory messes sometimes...it will be nice if you have a specific button to sprint...sometimes when I test to sneak I obtain caught easily...so please look at it...testing on my device is much easier than my PC and PS4...Appreciate the nice work...Thank you so much.....
~ Nithesh Apex
If your device can run this release you owe it to yourself to witness history. Bully is an nice release that, while violent, doesn't really go anywhere out of the ordinary with it. Follow the tale of Jimmy Hopkins as he bears a year, complete with seasons and holidays, at the toughest school in the country, Bullworth academy. And once you're done complaining about the controls go test it on the Xbox or any windows except 10. Thanks for that by the idea, Rockstar. True professional.
~ UnderTheSkin13
only giving it 2 Stars because its a nice release overall. However, it crashes CONSTANTLY. And no, I don't have a slow device or a cheap device. I have a Galaxy S9 and each another release works flawlessly. This could not be destroying this much, especially after we paid $7 for it!
~ Aaron Asher
i have been in love with this release and im still in love with it but recently i m having some bug troubles as during the target "the large release" i finished the entire target many times but at the end it doesn't present that you have passed so im stuck at this target only. i hope it gets fixed as i really wanna test the release more.
~ Gaurav Patil
I was absolutely thrilled to see this release. I purchased it, downloaded it and was glad to search that controls were fluent and gameplay was well done. that was until I started doing.the class mini release's. these mini releases are fully UNPLAYABLE!! the buttons are unresponsive and the directional swipes SHOULD NOT BE PART OF IT!! especially in the "chemistry " class. I had to stop testing this release in fear on my device being smashed over this. this small aspect RUINED this release for me.
~ Ian Drosdik
I really wanted to test this release. Ive spent so many hours on this release back on ps2. Cant even obtain halfway through the download before it stops. Tried twice with no change. I got my refund right away so its fine im just disappointed. I will claim that I downloaded full payne from you guys and I was incredibly impressed with the port. so i want i should test this release, as im sure you did an awesome job. maybe ill test again other time and maybe itll work. Motoz2 force.
~ PeacEfullySensiBle
The only reason I gave this release 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ is because of 1 target. Nerd Challenge, I can not pass this target to save my life!!! The fact that you gotta pass this target to continue on in the release and the winning score is set at like 1100??? Like seriously??? I was hoping if possible that release makers can just create the winning score 800, like on the scholarship edition. This will definetly support. Another than that.. I'm in love with Rockstar Products period... Bottomline..
~ Beautiful Because
Finest classic from the ps2 era. When I played it on ps2 I usually felt it was better than the ps2 grand theft auto releases. A very special take on rockstars category of releases. I'm looking forward to the next bully release. It has mini releases, racing, school activities set like mini releases, a lengthy storyline, you can buy clothes for you hero, and there's a slight relationship mechanic. We'll have to wait for the next bully release in order to see upgraded versions of mechanics and gameplay.
~ Midoras Diabano