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About: Bubble Witch 3 Saga A magical bubble shooting puzzle release from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. The latest release in the known Bubble Witch series. Stella the Witch is back and she needs your support to conquer Wilbur in this exciting puzzle blasting journey! Wilbur may look beautiful, but he's full of magical mischief! Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can in this bubble shooting puzzle release. Support Stella, Nero and Violet restore piece to the realm by matching bubbles with the special aiming line that allows you and Stella to blast and pop with magical accuracy! Solve the puzzles to reunite the ghosts, save the owls and rescue the important fairy queen in this explosive bubble shooting journey. Cast spells and power ups with Nero and blast your idea through those bonus tough lvls to hold up with the mischievous Wilbur! Blast! Stella needs to rebuild her ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 75MB Developer: King
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Bubble Witch 3 Saga Reviews and Comments:

I just love to test to obtain it better and better!!! fun!! a race with myself..its just so much fun figuring ideas to obtain to the top!!!9
~ diana palau
i wish an animated video on Bubble witch Travel. i loved the graphics, characters, story and animation. I would be the First if Disney or any another animation motion pictures Releases a Video on this release.
~ Haya Khan
Gonna give you 5 star if you not tried to micro transaction everything even the gold that user earn when they test and victory Gonna reccomend my dude to download this release and give it 1 stars too. Thx.
~ future front
Very fun. Not nice at first but getting better. Hate that I lose all my lives and have to wait. Found it to be easier after I learned the tricks.
~ Linda Jones
Absolutely LOVE the newest modernized ver (17th May, 2018) of Bubble Witch 3 Saga! Can't wait to enter the Sneering Sea to search what treasures & another wonders it holds, or encounter the Curious Cats. All Bubble Witch 3 Saga Users gotta modernization to this newest ver of the release & run testing it, ASAP. There won't be 1 user disappointed - this is 100% guaranteed!
~ Lisa-Jayne Milojevic
My absolute favored release. graphics are great & colorful. its still challenging and newest things are usually happening. and the finest part ive never experienced glitches or had ro force close love it!!!
~ Annika Delaney
I love the test but wait to SIM back as a nice release to test only thing as quick as I got up to 150 points that is turned around the 1st I obtain hard and harder create a tiny more easier for recipients don't test them but with so we have to whimper when to place pen spend their dollars how they
~ Lasandra Sanchez
Very addicting release, really entertaining and hard to leave alone. Bubble Witch has got to be one of my favorites. Very well done. I have played Bubble Witch for a several months actually and it is still as interesting as ever. I really don't know why I didn't run out with Bubble Witch as one of my main releases. It's nice.
~ A Google user
Nice release with nice informations. It's worth to download and test. I'm giving review on any release for the first time. It's a pleasure to test this release. I just love it. Hold up the nice work. ❤️
~ Sadia
I liked it when the meow cats came into test to support you out more with Stardust and the meetings that happen in the release and at your house when they were not there for me before unless it was newest or I hadn't connected and saved my progress through Fb yet. But, I love the cats! 🐈 They are house warming, useful and beautiful, I love the designing of Stella having her own house as well!
~ Holli Joy Roddy
🤔Its a nice release..Challening(Yes),The Sturdyness of the Aim should be much better,🤔And you should upgrade the home building for guys..🤔I wish my house to look (WICKED) Not ( PRETTY)!.Expand building options for guys as well😎👍..
~ Jeffery Hawthorne
Colourful and babe-like look to this release is deceiving! Becomes more challenging with each lvl and is a constant contest... Of each type of release ive downloaded Bubble Witch 3 is the one ive had the longest. I highly suggest..!! ~~ J.
~ Jewely hendricks
Love this release but they're cheating Us! Why do I have to PAY for this darn gold feedback if I've earned them with my hard work and hours testing? Why after the piggy bank is full, I cannot obtain credited or create use of my hard earned gold feedback that hold overflowing and wasting because of the stupid scam piggy bank been full!!!!!! I'm very upset at the fact of this recipients wanting to making you pay for something you've earned! Please STOP!
~ Jasmin Worden Jasmin Domena
usually ask you to rate or modernization and never obtain the gold bars it just claim you got this gift already i been dealing with this trouble for 1 and a hafe years they correspondence you to claim you to modernization and do things you already do to test and support but it dont work and lords release just hold claiming you the same thing nothing resolved i lost dollars even test to obtain bars that never present up . smh dont obtain on here claiming me you modernized or pretend to do something they dont it just floods your correspondence #Useless
~ A Google user
It's a beautiful release. But i'm not giving it 5 stars based on the "gold" portion. My "piggy bank" is full and you're claiming me the ONLY idea I can obtain the gold that I EARNED is to pay 3$ for it? What the HELL type of logic is that? And if you don't pay you don't obtain that gold & cute much don't obtain anymore for the duration of the release? I can understand paying for gold if you need it, but this.. is just plain STUPID.
~ Twig Hetfield
Fun release but it no longer lets me pick which mode of test, it automatically goes to the orb power mode. I prefer the dual color bubble mode. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't support.
~ Carrie Robinson
I love it. just want they add other lvl to the vine. I been done months ago. I have 30000 potions and nothing to do with them. but I will hold ok trucking. I just started lvl 902.
~ Trina Gravel
Just obtain on with the release!!. Going to delete this release actually. I just wanted to test bubble witch but got fed up of having to waste time picking and building some sort of house and another pointless things.
~ linda Ainsworth
The release was cool for awhile until you obtain to a target where you have to pay to go any further since they are too cheap to allow you use the gold bars you earned. Completely expected it from this gaming company though..*uninstalling*
~ Rachelynn 307
love this release..but I never obtain some of the same options my dude gets and im logged into Fb also...i cant take pictures of my effects and share to a dude..and i never obtain option to watch a video for 3 more shots. PLEASE HELP I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!
~ Bugz B
The release itself is nice and addicting but the gold that we earned could be given to us for nonpaid. I mean what is the use of earning the golds if we're going to buy it, right? 🤔
~ Mary Ann Bergantin
The ghost tunnel releases you could obtain support after three tryes ,I have not passed one yet and it is over the stupidest thing.I like the newest hat support ,could have something like that in the ghost under ground tunnel releases.
~ Christina Priestley
I am on lvl 305. how it can be achieved is beyond me. I expect a certain lvl of difficulty but I cannot transport up very far as there are no matches I can create. The colours are randomly placed and there is never colours I can match. Will have to uninstall I guess eventually as I will have nowhere to go with this lvl.
~ Judith Connett
some fun some wild somw qamazing some powerfuk some my own moves with your technology made explode a entire lot of bursting bubbles at one time ...which is what i search unbelievable cauae of the blast ...not sure what kinda surfing your talking about...so idk about that ?
~ Patricia Louise Spitler-VanBuskirk
a fun release with lots of challenging lvls, but with one BIG trouble ...release stalls for a long time at the loadup. Have checked my system and cleaned any lingerin "junk", the trouble still comes up!!! Why??? Pls see if there is a" glich" in the trouble. Thnx.
~ Margaret Mclean
This release is fun and very addicting! I would like to see gold bars as some of the prizes though because I have no intention of buying them! Watching an banner to obtain more bubbles is a nice concept.
~ Tamara Dee
I have being testing this release for over 3 years and enjoy dipping in and out of enabling me to relax however, recently I have been unable to test as it freezes after pressing the Test key. please solution me on this trouble. I look forward to hearing from you asap.
~ A Google user
really liked this release until recently when all lvls became impossible. you obtain like 10 bubbles to beat the whole lvls and cannot transport on. guess will not be testing anymore. I will not spend a single cent on any release. lord does this with all of their releases.
~ Sarah Bates
have been having many troubles lately. release only registers one star even if I score three. lives given by Boss dudes have disappeared. the option to use either the orb, multicoloured balls or fairies has also disappeared. Have been testing the release for quite a while and am growing tired of all the glitches. Shame, this used to be my favored.
~ A Google user
Was testing a different bubble pop release for a several weeks. After spinning to obtain my everyday prize I kept noticing when I landed on coins, I was not awarded that prize, ever. I got fed up, found this release and I'm hooked! Graphics are nice and it's a fun travel.
~ Julie Martin
Just like most apps this is a P2W. If you wish to obtain anywhere you got to pay for that gold in your bank. no bonus lives, no power ups, no nothing without that $$$. it's fun for a while, but when you're stuck on lvls cause you don't wish to pay, well then it gets boring.
~ Doobie Whoppers Batman
should have infinite lives and spells. (Revised edition)... nothing has changed, still addicted, and actually I need more lives, more spells, and more boosters. and when they give you boosters, they could give you more than one. especially if you don't know what to do with it. cuz I forget and then I obtain one and I don't know what it does till I use it. so I want they'd give us more of those. Otherwise, it's a nice release. You never know what you're going to obtain next!
~ T Shuey
I love bubble witch but recently I had access to the developer edition which made the release more enjoyable as I should tailor my approach to every lvl. I am still enjoying the release however having to use so many lives on one lvl and the slow progress has tainted my enjoyment. Please bring me back the another balls they were wonderful!
~ Sarah Blunt
This release is very interesting fun and challenging. And I love a nice challenge. The further you go the more exciting. And I love how you can build your house and your yard. This release will really have you hooked. And its fun to be able to do updates on your house and yard as well.
~ La'Tia Johnson
I really enjoy this challenging release but sometimes it becomes frustrating because I obtain stuck on a lvl for a while. I can't afford to buy anything being on a strict budget. But I like what you have done for the past several days. It's exciting, thank you. Same review-5/19/19
~ A Google user
Takes a while to learn basics , but still a nice release.. some hard lvls are much harder than the super hard releases..go figure.. nice fun...I'm actually on a lvl in the high 300s and getting tougher, but a nice challenge improves your mind .. love the release getting tougher
~ Ursula Loseth
This dollars hole makes it clear that the only idea to have an optimal experience is to shovel dollars into its insatiable maw. You ran out of moves, no trouble, use our in release currency, which you can earn for nonpaid, but have to pay true dollars to claim, so not nonpaid. No banners, nice aesthetic, juicy test, wildly inconsistent difficulty, a very well constructed Skinner Box. Boss is infamous for this type of thing, but gave them a chance anyway. The FOMO guilt from the full piggy bank was where I walked.
~ Ken Welch
I simply adore this release. I've been testing it for a long time and I just love it. There are newest informations and premium, limited contests added constantly which is engaging if you obtain bored. Yes, 5 lives can run out cute quickly, especially if you hold trying to pass a lvl, but it's not hard getting prizes which can contain 1h lives, and boosters. Check testing the release daily to launch a treasure and you'll search infinite lives for a certain amount of time.
~ Aria V.
I really like this release . It tools don t go where I aimed it went toitally opposite and the fire flies are coming only in 2 each 24 hours supposed to be 4 when you visit your dudes HELLO what's wrong with your release... Quick review is this release sucks. it is not stress nonpaid fun this release tools the balls never go where I aim I just wanted to have fun and this release sucks later. Today May 20, 2019 it took over 200 stardust from me I opened my release up my release it claimed 1857 actually 1657 C H E A T S
~ Vicki Aiken Garcia
Dropped my rating to 3 star cause there is a sound bug in this release. An irritating sound within the release (the sound of the blackhole thingie) that plays continuously even when you advance in stages. One has to close the release to obtain rid of this sound. Weird thing is that 3 upgrades later and the sound bug is still there.
~ Sam Masemola