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About: From the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga & Farm Heroes Saga comes Bubble Witch 2 Saga! Stella and her cats need your support to fend off the dark spirits that are plaguing their land. Travel the realm bursting as many bubbles as you can in this exciting bubble shooting puzzle journey. Victory lvls and nonpaid Witch Country piece by piece. Test this epic saga alone or with dudes to see who can obtain the highest score! Bubble Witch 2 Saga is fully nonpaid to test but some optional in-release equipment will require payment. By downloading this release you are agreeing to our terms of service; Bubble Witch 2 Saga informations: The next exciting instalment to the Bubble Witch franchise Newest and improved release modes Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound Hundreds of magical bubble shooting lvls more added each 2 weeks! Easy sync the rele ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: King
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Bubble Witch 2 Saga Reviews and Comments:

Not working after Updation, The Product just crashes on my device as an when i press the icon, please fix the trouble
~ Sayyeda Farazana Begum
hold asking for dollars for piggy...unfair. but the release is great though.
~ Big Guy Travels
Nice release. But would be great if we should victory gold bars too. Some users cant afford to buy them.
~ Christine Willis
it is fun for me and my babes and tgey love testing this release all the time
~ Yvette Arzola
A very calming and strategic release. I would recommemd it to you.
~ Karleigh Johnson
when you bounce the bubble off the wall you don't know for sure where it's going to land. I don't like that!!!!!!
~ Tonya Simpkins
he should be a greater release if when the piggy is fool we can redeem it for nonpaid.
~ Frerot Edouard
it's fun and you have skills and most of the time you have very hard lvls.
~ Karen Reny
Great release but lvl 26 is messed up. There is no idea to obtain 3 stars on lvl 26 and that needs to be fixed.
~ Michele Faucher
Love this release but for some reason it has stopped working. It only loads to 73% then just shuts off. I've been asking you if it's possible that you should fix the trouble but no respond or fixing.
~ Debbie Bullock
i was already testing no. 97. my device system was too full, so actually i lost all my releases can i still continue at release 97 onwards?
~ Irene Summers
l like the release but I don't like the pig. It take to much on the screen.
~ Tiffany Thevenin
it's a very nice beautiful release the graphics are so colorful. I really enjoy this bubble release. When I run out of lives I can not wait to test it again. Thank you all for designing this bubble release. It really rocks.
~ Susan Hubbard
it's a fun release I just want that on the harder lvls when you're down to the last several shots that they now give you the correct colors so you can victory depending on your aiming skills instead of the release just screwing you out of it by not giving you the right colors especially after you pay for bonus shots at least one of those colors could be one you need to victory otherwise I'd give it five stars. it would also be great if I didn't have to have one of the softwares in order to victory
~ Tammy Nolan
I love this release when, I obtain a chance I usually download this release to test.!
~ Pauline Barreras
I love this release. It gives me relief sometime and sometime i become frustated too. But really its nice just playfull anyways...... 😊
~ Naincy Tirkaiya
Love the release, the only thing I don't like, is having to pay to obtain the gold bars I have already collected. I will not be doing it by the idea.
~ Sharon Monaghan
cute cool release. the trouble is once you obtain to a certain target the release runs messing up. you test to fix it and it doesnt eork. even with the recomnendations from the customer service recipients. it freezes up or just shuts down.
~ Tiffaney Harris Lucas
Tried to give no stars but it wish letvyou I have got to 560 and the only idea to finish this lvl is pay for I equipment to support you. very sad that they have made it that idea, enjoyed testing it . sorry I'm done with it. Please be aware of this before you run to test.
~ Sarah Taft
i really enjoy the challenge here. they seem almost impossible to conquer. once you beat it you feel nice.
~ Marie Bijou
very,fun release i really enjoy it and nice time aggressor cry out to the release originators ya did a nice job with this release i love it!!!!!!!!!😍😁
~ Lylenia Roberts
Nice time aggressor. While I do still enjoy the release, I search waiting for the animations to be over at the end of every lvl to be a bit tiresome actually that I've seen them so many times. I want there was a idea to turn them off.
~ Debra Cesarz
I am fully wrapped in the release when I test,I literally test for hours. THANK YOU ALL🏨
~ A Google user
I love testing this release aswell as the another lord releases. My only concern is that the release keeps freezing especally when i am testing a lvl and i lose that life otherwise its a nice gamd to test
~ Andrea Lloyd
enjoy be, but can be frustrating. keeps you entertained for hours.
~ Diane Hughes
I love the graphics even though I lose a several times, it's very competitive. thank you.
~ Amy Rod
just begun testing, so as far as popping bubbles go, it's colourful & 'simple. What can I claim. Hoping to give a higher review next time.
~ Terri Moyer
i was enjoying the release as i have played it for a several years actually, but i am sure your life counter cannot count. i have been given lives from dudes an it claimed i had 27 nonpaid lives from my dudes so when i used it just once it went down to 3 lives left. how does that work as when i went to school 5 from 27 left 22. am not glad about this
~ Cath Bagley
this ia a nice release. love it. but even tho I completed lvl 2710. don't know why it doesn't let me to go to the next lvl. hope you can support me with it.
~ Ayla Soltani
i have been testing this release for years it is truly nice and if you are looking to download it give it a shot and learbln how to test
~ Avi Mora
This release is a nothing but a gigantic effing CON!!! You can guarantee any color you need in order to victory the release (in upper lvls) WILL NEVER EVER present up!!! Making it impossible to victory!! I've played this release for years. I've wasted SO MUCH MONEY!!! At least 4 times I've payed dollars for the full bank and never even got credit!! I've finally had enough!! I'm uninstalling and will NEVER test again!! You suck!! DEUCES!! ✌️
~ Robin Ellis
I love the release.It Is really a fun beautiful release and the tiny which is beautiful. The release support me to relax and sleep at night. So thanks for the release and it is a nice release to test after a hard time at work to test. Belinda 3-29-2019(7:32pm.)
~ Belinda Lattea
this Is a very great release but there is one thing I dont like is when you gotta pay when your piggy is full of gold plz create that right
~ Demaix killer1
I've tried another witch saga versions and I've usually came back to this one. I love the song, lvl map, graphics, the challenging lvls that create you strategize your next transport, the controls are simple and I never search a need to pay for bonus equipment because I think it's fun waiting for the live bar to fill up. this release is addicting and a nice time passer. absolutely love it. deffiently don't hate till you test.
~ Liana Visco
Do not install any lord releases. they take dollars out of your profile without authorization, And then when you contact them to dispute it, the workers think they have this air of superiority and should careless about you. AGAIN DO NOT INSTALL ANY KING GAMES!!!!
~ Donald Fisher
Love this release, I have no need for gold bars, I just hold trying to victory every lvl and I haven't spent any dollars. Nice release for just relaxing and enjoying time by myself! I haven't seen a lot of banners like another release, so if you like to just waste time then this is a release for you!!🤗🤩🇨🇦
~ jodilynn spearman
appalling! used to be ok, actually simply not opening the newest lvls at all. it's been stuck on 2710 for THREE weeks!!! and no fix. it shows the newest lvl but you cannot access it. don't bother downloading this, delete and use the time zone on far better maintained and idea more fun releases.
~ Alba Higgins
enjoy the release and the simplicity of it. what don't like is forcing me buy Points. Also hard earn Points, all that claimed I enjoy this release because it go to version stress.
~ Martha Garcia
why do you lock the release up? Not letting me test at all. wanting me buy some thing so I should continue testing. I will just search other release. I don't have the dollars to test. So I have to search the nonpaid releases. please unblock my Bubble Witch 2. It is a fun release. if your not locked out.
~ Geraldine Gardenhire
Fun, Fun Product!! Though this is a fun release, it can be very frustrating at times when one is stuck in a lvl. I miss the Turret but I enjoy the Bingo release. Will definitely hold on testing!!!! Can you describe what are the different things one needs to obtain rid of for Bingo? I only recognize the bats...the others??...beats me!!!
~ Friendly Texan