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About: Bricks n Balls is a classic and exciting brick release. Just test Bricks n Balls to relax your brain and obtain fun. The release is funny and challenging. Swipe and run the balls to break the bricks. Please remember you gotta break as many balls as possible to obtain the highest scores and pass the lvls. Don't worry about that, we are going to bring you lots of equipment to support you to wipe out all bricks. Product Informations: Unpaid to test Straight ball control Challenge your dudes with the finest highscore Test without wifi
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Cheetah Games
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Bricks n Balls Reviews and Comments:

this release is quite challenging but not so challenging that you just wish to quit after your first mistake it's fun and interesting enough to hold you wanting more!
~ Faylynn Deering
I would highly suggest this release it is very fun and type of relaxing. It's just the directions, they hold repeating the same directions before each lvl. Only some of the directions that pop up are different, but most of them are the same. But another than that, the release is a great release, and I love it, and like I claimed, I would highly suggest this release, especially if you are bored.
~ fun stuff
Fun, addictive release. Idea too many banners. Sometimes two (2) 30 second banners that you cannot exit out of, considering uninstalling. I do not mind banners in the nonpaid releases, but when I HAVE to watch a 30 second video between each lvl, it is too much.
~ Peter M
This release is fun and challenging. There were some lvls that I thought were impossible to victory, but I just kept trying different walkthroughs till I finally got it
~ John Bucher
STILL haven't removed banners! I've paid twice and sent multiple correspondences to the developer asking first for the banners to be disabled after my first payment and then for my dollars to be refunded after the 2nd payment still didnt remove the banners. What's up with this unresponsive developer? Poor!
~ Brad Williamson
Love it!! There's only a several releases that I can now claim are nice and this is definitely one of them!! Addictive but in a nice idea!
~ Rhiannon Petaccio
Fun, but increasingly annoying, as higher lvls are clearly designed to powerful arm you into buying in release perks. There are a lot of banners, but you can easily obtain around most of them.
~ Saurex Conoway
newest modernization destroyed it all for me, I cannot even launch the release, it crashes as quick as I run it.
~ Umar Mukhtar
Like so many releases today, lots of fun, almost addictive, until... For starters, the advertising is RELENTLESS. You can test with wifi off, which supports, but eventually you'll obtain to a target where you CANNOT pass a lvl without some type of power up. I really miss the days of demo versions and then the option to buy. Anyway, long storyline short, nice release but the constant claw handed scrabbling for dollars gets really old cute speedy. Played to lvl 126, uninstalling actually.
~ David Ruble
nice release, but it doesn't take long until each 30 second lvl effects in a 30 second banner. Each lvl. Idea too many banners.
~ Tom L
Adverts test after each single lvl, and ignore your sound settings, so they test at high volume when you've turned the sound off.
~ John Doppler
First of all... what I LIKE MOST is that the release gives enough time for active test before asking for a review. Secondly... what I like most is the gameplay & structure/ways. Nice job, Y'all!!
~ Deshaun Edwards
love this release, the only trouble I have with it is my ball not going where the aim shows. I have Golden Aim and have this trouble. The trouble would be solved if the release included a lock and run option where the balls do not run until a button is pressed. This idea you should aim without worrying that it will transport slightly when you lift your finger. I'd even pay $1 for this information.
~ Samantha Homeyer
Only giving 2 stars instead of 1 because it's now super fun to test but I'm uninstalling it because I switched devices and lost all of my progress and rubies. I place hours and hours into this release and paid for banner nonpaid just to lose everything when I got a newest device. Extremely disappointed. I wouldn't waste your time if you like to upgrade your devices regularly.
~ Samantha Morse
Could change the name to Bricks n Commecials. I'm not exaggerating when I claim you will spend 50-60% of your time looking at banners. Choose a lvl, obtain an banner. optional power up before every lvl is an banner. victory or lose the lvl, you obtain an banner. If you fail, they will give you a second chance if you watch an banner. And they lock away your winnings unless you pay true globe dollars to obtain them. Product Plays fun, but not worth it.
~ Angry Yankee
I love this release! My only complaint atm is that actually that I completed the Mystery Map in the premium releases it won't allow me continue. If it's the last map it could allow you run over so you can continue filling the album.
~ Carrie Wiedow
It's a fun release, very addictive. Really my only complaint is the Way to Triumph Challenge. It rewards you with squares and triangles that you then use to complete the stamps in your album, but they haven't modernized the album. I finished the only two pages in my album ages ago and have earned many more triangles and squares, but what am I supposed to do with them? Kind of lessens the motivation for the challenge. Please, modernization the album. Add some more pages of stamps or postcards.
~ Terie Dohrman
Nice release. I'm up to level 470 at the moment. Yes, there's too many banners but a speedy sojourn into flight mode solves that for a while. Been having troubles recently though. It keeps pausing randomly which can be a pain if you're trying to aim when it happens as the balls fly off in the last direction you were pointing when you restart it. Hopefully that will be patched out quick. It's still nice for killing half an hour or so when you've nowt else to do.
~ Shaun K
Fun enough release, but fully destroyed by incessant banners. I understand without banners there's no nonpaid releases, but this is over the top and destroyed from it
~ Luke Davies
Fun release and all but it's kinda gets a bit boring as you go along. Nice release though. Edit:I changed my mind, It gets challenging 👍
~ Danny Morales
30 second banners between each release. Nice release but, the banners are to much. The release isn't fun enough to wade trough the banners. Less greed, more release please!
~ Kenneth Kelley
It's alright but Advertisement after Advertisement. what ever happens to the nice old days where developers were not a bunch of sell-outs. piss off with the adds. UNINSTALL!!!
~ Anthony Di Liberto
This is a fun release with a several different types of releases. However, there are idea too many banners. It's $2.99 to obtain rid of banners or $7.99 a WEEK for "diamond membership." I know they need to create dollars, but this seems a tiny excessive. I played for a long time, which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2.
~ R B
This is a nice release but I think it is unfair to users to only have a limit in your bank in order to buy the different style of balls in the release. The limit in your ruby bank is 400 but the cost of a different style of ball in the release is 1000 gems. And you still have to pay true dollars to obtain more zone in your gem bank.
~ Debbie Hawkins
Bait and switch with an in-release banner on a different release. Downloaded and got something fully different. Adverts are ridiculous. Gameplay is nothing premium.
~ Lee Killian
The release was working fine until the June 18th modernization actually all it does is load up and shut down. I would give it a 5 star but I can't test it anymore since is not working properly
~ A. Witter
this release was super fun and addictive, i even paid to not obtain banners, but then i had to obtain a newest one because mine was defective. i emailed the help with the transfer stats to newest device option over a month and a half ago. i got an auto response about how they are working on using Fb to sync to a newest device but nothing as of actually apparently since i still don't have my banner nonpaid buy on my newest device.
~ Diane Giglio
nice release I'm on lvl 99, but I'm deleting it due to having to watch a banner EVERYTIME I run a newest lvl or lose one. I can understand a banner each several lvls but I can't take it all the time. also it's hard to obtain Ruby's the more you test and have to pay 5 dollars to break the piggy bank... to greedy. 2-3 bucks I would have broke it.
~ Adam Gargiulo
The release itself is cool. The constant bombardment of ads however fully removes any enjoyment that can be derived from testing. There is literally an ad between each lvl or retry. It's very frustrating to claim the least. Not worth the entertainment value derived from actual test time involved. I would never suggest this release to anyone with the idea things currently stand.
~ Tommy Neely
I hate the fact that when my spotify is testing, your stupid god damn banners pauses my song. can confirm I will delete this release soley on this basis. also can confirm to whom ever it may concern, you can eat the fattest dick.
~ Jeffrey Mathis
Excellent! offering focused peace while building anticipation as if I had this release handy while in middle school math, science, and physics may have played more of a role in my future. If you are a fan of early Atari gaming like Pong then this is Boss Dong Dingalangle Pinkle Pong 4sure! Love it and thank you, Bearfish
~ David Mooy
want i should give more but to be honest the ads are just driving me crazy, test a release then watch an banner, go toainenu amd watch an banner,so on and so forth. i will be uninstalling due to the over powering amount of banners
~ Holly Quinn
Nice release. I like it a lot. I do NOT like how hard they push their very high priced subscription service. I also have a trouble with how their banners do not look like the release at all.
~ Daniel Bartholoma
addictive, challenging and a nice time waster. The only downfall is at higher lvls. Can obtain frustrating if you miss a shot and it may mean you fail the lvl. This is not a design or release flaw, just human error.
~ Battlefield Bill
I'm editing my review before uninstalling the release, it's a matter if making dollars which is ok but unlike another releases when you reach higher lvls it will usually demand for more assistance meaning you either watch variety of banners or spend more dollars which is pointless to feel that you didn't really create it as you just have to pay more for it
~ Ayman Soliman
I never played this release but this release charge 7.60$ each week I have know concept. and when I check this today they change me since 6 or 7 month. and when I am trying to refund my amount there is no customer service.... if any one knows this apps customer service device pls give me ....😂😂😂
~ Prakash Tamang
I really would like to be able to continue to listen to my muaic when I test, but the immediate one of the stupid banners pops up, it plays that...and won't go back to my song when it goes back to the release. I love the release, but because of tgat, I may delete it.
~ Simon Yancy
No fun lvls early, I downloaded it from watching the banners on snapchat, only to search out its basically a different release. I know I have to work up to the lvl that was advertised, but I wanted to run having fun, not motivate myself to reach the fun lvls.
~ Luis Mejia
this release is passably fun, but is utterly destroyed by the banners that pop up that you can't dismiss, block the release test and require you to either install the advertised release or restart the release fully. it is INFURIATING, and the idiots who designed this release would do well to search other use for their time than creating what is without question one of the most irritating if brief and insignificant experiences of my life.
~ Meredith Burger
The release is highly addictive and was fun to test, until I found out it is nothing but a gigantic tool. The bouncing of the balls is not natural but controlled!! A large no-go!. The amount of banners is insane. The in release purchases are ridiculously expensive. A potential 5-star release gets only 2 because of greed of the developers. Uninstall.
~ Robin Vos