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About: Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain! Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as simple as they look. Care to give one a test? Tons of brain busting physics puzzles, with more being added all the time Compete with your dudes for the Brain It On! crown Multiple ideas to solve every puzzle, can you search the finest solution? Share your special solutions and compare with your dudes All the lvls can be unlocked for nonpaid by earning stars in previous lvls. You can usually search variety of newest user created nonpaid lvls every day on the community screen. You can also buy the release to remove all banners, unblock all tricks, unblock lvls early, and unblock the lvl editor. Please note: buying the "No Popup Adverts" option just removes the banners between lvls, buying the "Full Product" will also remove the banners to obtain trick ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: Orbital Nine Games
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Developer: Chanki Bhakuni

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Developer: Froshii Frog



Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles Reviews and Comments:

It becomes less of a "How do I solve this" and more of a "Can I correctly draw the shape I wish speedy and accurate enough" very quickly. Maybe your kind of puzzle, not really mine.
~ Thomas Miller
Infuriatingly poor controls. The drawing function is cute terrible and usually draws a several mm off from where I am trying to draw. Or it just misses part of my finger movement and screws up my drawing. If it weren't for that the release is otherwise cute fun and challenging. Also it has the annoying video banners (which I will continue to remove stars for until developers or Google fix it permanently and obtain rid of banners with fake x buttons).
~ A Google user
loving this physics puzzle release. is really putting me to the play! don't even mind the trumpet song 😂 So yeah if you like that sort of thing you'll love this. Give it a test! 🙂
~ Geri Doyle
Fun and addictive! I feel like it's also educational as you work on trouble solving and physics. However, some banners are violent and raunchy. Not what I wish my babes seeing.
~ OJowii
5 star cute neat, somewhat addictive, makes you crazy when you can't obtain one of the tricks.... I'll have to buy it cause the banners are lame.
~ David Bradley
It will suck you in. It will steal your time. Escape from a black hole using swim fins and a compass is easier.... Don't do it... you've been warned....
~ A Google user
I've been enjoying this release a lot. Reading some reviews, it seems others have had troubles when asking for tricks. Well I've never had any troubles because I've never asked for a tip. Hacks are for sissies.
~ James Griffitts
nice release. as an engineer this was quite entertaining. some recipients might not obtain it. I started using the recording function. I want it would finish the recording with a view of the final effects so you should bask in your achievement. The release is played in true time. Drawing on the screen with my finger is not my powerful suit. I started using a stylus for the drawing. apparently it is not compatible with galaxy s10. there is no idea to exit the release.
~ Bob New
Mind Bogglingly Addictive... I hold claiming "I'll test just one moooore gaaaame". Hahaha... I end up sitting there for other half hour. Some of these are tricky, but it's a nice challenge and fun. I appreciate the tip videos when I'm really stuck, too.
~ Jeni Miller
really engaging , but unlike many another releases you hve to redo many times to obtain the right score or you can't go to the next lvl, it is super annoying any might create me stop testing, from about the 100th challenge it is very complicated
~ Michael Rosenberg
Need three improvements: 1. remove long banners only, place long time banners for tricks and 2. tricks could be showing with timing 3. recording could be ON by default, without consuming more resources.
~ Ajay Jadhao
Enjoyed the first set of puzzles. Second batch of puzzles harder and the tricks they deliever really suck. Can't advance any further and bored trying to figure out their list tip. Actually just a waste of zone on my device so I'm deleting.
~ Nathan Wheeler
What a unbelievable release. After trying releases that are either crammed with banners, or usually after your dollars, this release is a true breath of recent air. It is quite challenging at times and all the better for it. Large congratulations to the makers. Hold up the nice work.
~ alex Wareham
I love it, but you need to fix the bug... Adverts dont load and they effects in a white screen. Need to exit release to obtain out of it.
~ Pho Mar
I've played this for maybe 5 years actually and it's very fun, the addition of adds is annoying but it's still fun never less. I test it almost each day and have 1750 coin and 800 diamond (still dont know what I use them for). all in all, nice release, slightly buggy at times but nice release.
~ Tyrant Test Tube
the banners are to short. The banners need to last much longer between attemps at the puzzles. Youtube tricks is your dude BUT nice luck even getting 1 ☆ star on #160. 3 days and 2nd cup still will not fall correctly! Aurgggggg!
~ Michael Fenton
Lots of fun! Very easy but complex at the same time. I would give it 5 stars but the soft has troubles with shutting down and locking up so I have to restart often.
~ Russell & Micah Bingham
The release is awesome! The great release for utilizing your physics skills. Very challenging and addicting. But some of the longest banners ever!
~ Bradley Crittenden
Finest release i have ever played. I enjoy testing these type of brain releases. I have downloaded this gam on over 6 devices. Long storyline short BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!
~ A Google user
a challenging, thought provoking release. dev. needs to clearly state the objectives to progress, dont be cryptic like too many others out there. the timer seems to be slow to stop in release, when youve accomplished the task video tricks dont load, Claims me to check Internet connection, which is working (?)
~ A Google user
This release is challenging, but also extremely fun and addicting. It gives you a puzzle and you have to solve it. Do this by using your brain to think of the most effective idea to accomplish what they've asked you to do. Physics definitely plays a major role here, but you don't need to be a math whiz to enjoy the release. You don't need to know physics either. If you like a challenge, and you're more the constructive, outside the box thinker... hands down, this is the release for you, you'll love it!!
releases are nice but the banners are so frequent and so long they crash the entire thing. not to mention they are ungodly loud, lots of gunshots, half naked girls... like this would be a nice release for babes but I wouldn't allow a babe test it because of those banners! back to glad glass.
~ lindsey daniels
Absolutely fun brain cruncher. smart lvl design. plenty of content. one of the finest puzzlers ever! Love the simplicity of the release while a the same time providing very tricky but doable challenges. Pure genius idea. it may take many tries but achieving 3 stars makes it so rewarding. So glad i found this brain scratcher.
~ Slakass55
Gameplay initially reflects the name "Brain it On!" However, the puzzles' intellectual engagement disappates, as gameplay deteriorates into furious races to perfectly draw solutions with impeccable timing. You frequently retry the exact same puzzle; despite quality solutions. Even copying 'tip' solutions becomes 99% timing and accuracy, with 1% walkthrough. Had I wanted to flawlessly construct a see-saw, and coordinate a great sling, in just 4seconds I would have played a platformer. Disappointing.
~ Michael D
Wow! This has to be one of the very finest brain releases I've played and certainly the most fun. You really have to think out of the box and in it and under it! currently on lvl 81 and loving the harder they obtain. 10/10 to the originators for this one!🤙
~ Brad Blunt
Advertisements are 30secs long. You cannot obtain out of them. Constantly have to close and reopen the release. Shows that you need over 30 stars before you can transport to lvl 21 but with 42 stars it won't allow me continue
~ Nicholas Moss
I enjoy the release. I rarely ever buy an release, but I did this one. I read somewhere that newest lvls are being added all the time, but I have yet to see any. I have finished all the actual lvls, so actually what? same is real for Shatterbrain release. no newest lvls since install. I need a reason to hold testing otherwise it is time to uninstall.
~ Scott Kearns
I like the lvls were you have to work out the solution. But not the ones where you have to quickly draw a line or shape to catch an object as its moving, I'm very nice at solving puzzles, but have slower reflexes, so fail even though i know how to do it. Whats the concept of collectoing stars.. Going back to lvls is boring.
~ ian gee
The banners in this release very long & have to be viewed in their entirety & not skipped. The release itself is fun BUT you cannot transport to the next set of lvls without reaching a certain number of points. This effects in the user having to test some releases over & over for hours to test to obtain those points. This effects in the user testing the same tedious 45 second releases over & over with banners that are up to a minute every between every release. It becomes frustrating.
~ Debrah Ledesma
I understand release developers need to earn a living but that is not an excuse for polluting a product with that amount of banners. There are so many banners the product is unusable. Create a quality product with unobtrusive banners, and i would test it each day, but as it is, you are losing revenue because recipients like me obtain frustrated and delete the release rather than hold testing.
~ Rah Ratman
nice concept destroyed by an extremely terrible player interface. the lvls have time limits which you have to beat to obtain the full three stars, however most of the time the release can't follow speedy movements, so the only idea to draw is to go slowly and then the time runs out. either increase the time limits or fix the touch input troubles and this would be a 4-5 star release.
~ sam s
I love this release. This release gets sressful at times. A challenge at each stage or lvl. I like that I have the option of creating my own walkthrough at following the instructions. Finished all the lvls.
~ Sharan Nadler
This is a really nice release, props to the devs. The negative reviews are about there being so many banners on the nonpaid mode but the price of the banner nonpaid ver is really nice for the content. Perhaps when you first load the release there should be a message that comes up claiming the first 10 lvls are banner nonpaid then you need to either pay for super or place up with the banners. Edit: changed from 5 to 1 star, i had an banner for a poker web. wholely inappropriate for a release aimed at all ages.
~ In Jest
Used to LOVE this release but since needing to download on newest device -the banners are a large negative to testing. I can see having to watch a 30 sec banner in order to retrieve a tip but actually a 35 sec banner is forced on you when you finish any lvl - without a tip. Yeah, no thanks. Also, didn't restore buy yet Claims me it did.
~ Carla Stone
love this release.... almost worth paying to have the banners removed. It will suck the life out of your battery. Drawing the objects works better with a stylus.... If the laws of physics really applied, tlting my device and patting the back of it, could create an object transport. lol
~ Mama Indigo
Look, I would have bought the release straight out if they were honest... but the shady upsell equipment is LAME. 1st, banner nonpaid is $.99.... then a several lvls later, $2.99 for the next lvl??? not a fan of the "nonpaid" model. Annoying... be upfront. I'll give you $4 for a nice release any day.
~ Don Dudenhoeffer
This release is so much fun! I've been absolutely addicted to it! I definitely suggest this to anyone that loves engineering or coming up with special ideas to solve troubles. Plus, the banners are very tolerable and don't interrupt the gameplay in any idea, which tends to be rare in small releases today. Overall, I have no complaints for this release, it's nice!
~ Christan Owens
Addictive only because the mental challenge is amazingly hard. It takes a knowledge of mechanical and logistical engineering to really figure these things out. A newest learning experience for each puzzle. Very special idea to train a brain. Someone please support me. I can't stop! I haven't slept in days. Lol.
~ A Google user
Very addictive, challenging, and fun! Haven't ran into any bugs or anything so far. Adverts aren't unreasonably long, neither do they pop up annoyingly often. My only trouble is that it doesn't seem as responsive when I launch drawing lines, which makes drawing them use up my time. For example, when drawing around the magnets, it's hard to obtain an accurate drawing.
~ Ché Moni
finest thinking release ever! love this thing! i hope they come up with more boards! one thing i would add as an improvement is to rewatch how you solved it, there is a video camera that i have not used to share a clip with someone, so maybe that is one idea, but it would be neat to present someone you sitting next to how you finally did it with motion
~ Dawn Flipp