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About: Over 35 million downloads! The only thing you need to do is to bump two balls. Will you be able to clear these easy-looking but now hard stages? The terms are easy! Allow's bump the two balls All you need to do to clear a scene is to create the blue and red balls bump. Draw lines and shapes freely to transport and roll the balls. Flexible thinking is going to become the key to win. Allow's accumulate pens Starting off with a easy pencil, moving onto color pencils, crayons and so on. We have ready more than 25 varieties of pens of different colors and sizes. Accumulate different pens and walk through the stages. Share the moment of win You can review the moment you cleared a scene on video or picture. Share it on SNS to present off your superior skills to your dudes. Not to mention that watching your dudes gameplay might also become a tip!? Your brain ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 35MB Developer: Translimit, Inc
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Brain Dots Reviews and Comments:

Magnificent! It supports us to think in myriad ideas. Useful for everyone. Not at all boring .Still create us to test again and again. 😃
~ Srinivas Goud
WORST GAME EVER!!! Watched banner to obtain pens then all of them gone!!!!! Very disappointing and also to much banners pls fix this☹☹😡😡😡
~ Rozaimee A Sani
This release is unbelievable with nice lvl. Pens are very pretty. This release supports our brain. It includes no banners.
~ A Google user
Too many banners, hsrdly played for 5 mins and they showed around 5 times.
~ Manoj Kumar Pai
Nice release. However, there were too many banners that slay the fun vibe of the release.
~ jee esme
This is a nice simple-pazzle release and enjoyable ONLY if you do not have internet connection, if you do have internet connection... you will obtain 3 advertisments each 2 attempts of solving a scene (scene length: 5-10 sec)
~ George Chrysanthou
Everything was great and nice untill the newest modernization came, why you hold on forcing us to modernization, actually its not working at all, the time i jst strt the release it hangs, old ver was better. Unsatisfied..
~ Dhara Joshi
it is nice release but advertising is too much after a lvl i see a advertise which create this worse release i played developer need to reduce it if he wants to obtain nice reviews regarding this release
~ Nav Sidhu
Same opinion as others about the ads after every release.. Too much to handle. There are related releases with less annoying banners.
~ Pramod Kumar
why asking to use personal time again and again when i denied once.... why there is no "do not ask again" option? do you wish the player to obtain irritated by this and finally claim yes?? how desperate are you guys?
~ Shalabh srivastava
I'm okay with banners, but when it interrupts my release for an banner, that's too much. Took the fun away.
~ Kevin Elmore
I have played this once several years back in other device and have logged in with my google test profile then and deleted the release when i reached around 120 lvls. I downloaded the release on my newest device a while ago and played and reached 300+ lvls. I thought i better log in so that my progress won't be lost but when i did, the release got restart to the state it was in with 120 lvls. I can still see the constructs i made in the background of locked lvls until 300. Kindly resolve the trouble.
~ devadathan s
90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%nice but 99999899999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%terrible release but I like it tooooooooooooooomuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
I liked the app alot, I've played it earlier as well but this time somehow release consistently shuts down due to some unknown reason and when I restart it, I usually see a gigantic bug. I have taken a screen shots of that bug, Allow me know where can I upload it.
It's not too nice but sometimes okay because of their animation I give 3 stars 🌟 but I love pens in the release.... lot of colorful pens..
~ Soumya Tiwari
Ridiculous amount of ads The first 20 or so lvls are really lack luster compared to the screenshots shown on the Playstore and each 3 lvls or 3 restarts the release develpers present you with an unskippable ad.
~ Lachlan Wells
nice except banners. each release actually is all about the dollars. i cant even test a easy lvl without a stupid ad popping up in the middle of the damn release. I would rather pay for the release out front instead of having to buy the stupid add nonpaid release in the release. you release Originators are really crappy for throwing an banner up each second you obtain the chance.
~ William Hanson
I payed to obtain rid of the commercials and it keeps bothering each time I ask for a tip. I feel robbed.
~ Claudio Klemz
~ Ravinder Pal Singh
Too much add, after each lvl you will see banners, and for some banners you need to wait till 30 sec. that 30 sec banners are also too frequent. uninstalled due to banners
~ Ashish Rana
I love this release so much.. When I am getting so bored on that time this release is very better for time pass.. IT makes my brain work faster and recent my mind.. Loved this release soo much
~ Shreya Karn
a very different idea. i really love this though, it makes me think. and thats the entire target, right?
~ Staci Desmarais-Quilon
Seemed like a fun release but after watching 10 banners in the less than 5 mins I had this release I've decided to uninstall. I dont mind one each once in awhile but this is just ridiculous.
~ Kelly H
a very great release with a use of our mind.we can test it whenever we are getting bored and offcourse when we aren't 😂its just a easy technical release which we have to first understand and the implement! nice release.. really enjoying alot.. thanks for this release✌if you are thinking of downloading it... go ahead!;no worries;and hold enjoying this release🌈
~ Seema Banga
ssikkkiklldddidkeksiksjskeieidirirodibdi7tursgguyh €@#/÷¥×&@[email protected]&#×£/÷€×:÷¥÷^÷€€÷£÷/sjeuefpe6s6do3kiddur7kaur restarts test with disposal to create glue the today tution timing is a meaning booty in hindi and i also be able to create mothers day chat with disposal to create glue the today tution nahi aa gaya 585he 9th the lad formed a newest year pavish I think it was the lad formed a year newest year pavish I think it is thisa to create glue the 88th is a meaning of hounds in and out the lad formed ina on Rost
~ Harpreet kaur
too many adds.. m sick of it.. after each lvl add is on.. and that to they are too long..you cannot skip yhem until 20/30 sec.. release is nice but adds create it to wait too long.. so uninstalling this release not pleased
~ Aditi vlog
worst release ever .includes too much of add and the ideos are also easy .I smashed this worst release out of my device.I think the developer has better mind but too much of adds made us to think that (I dont want to mention it)
~ Parasu ram
idea too many banners... I obtain you need dollars, but this is just greedy. You'd earn more dollars with less banners. Recipients test a couple of lvls and uninstall it because of the banners.
~ Pine Fe
The banners are really getting on my nerves. I come on here to relax and use walkthrough, but it's type of hard when my release is being interrupted each 10-12 seconds. I enjoy the release but I don't commemorate with the banners.
~ Aaliyah McCord
A nice release but after each single lvl you'll be faced with an advertisement. I understand developers need to create dollars but there's a limit and this is just too much. Product uninstalled after 10 mins.
~ James Skinner
it was a nice release but it was too much like the release love balls. I can't really blame me for anything because I'm not exactly sure which one came out first but overall it is a cute nice release I like it but it can obtain boring so it's not a release to test for a long time but I like it
~ Alyssa C
This is a fun release! It's different from anything I've ever played, and I am really enjoying it. I'm a bit unhappy with how many commercials there are, but on the another hand, I'm not willing to pay the $5 to create them stop--probably because even though this release is really addictive, I don't know if I test it well enough to create it worth my while to spend the dollars. I really suggest it, though.
~ Laura Reed
it's very easy and addictive release.Like it means we can able to think and we can interpret them in such a idea that how a ball reaches towards the other ball.Now it's a mind relaxing release.when we are in stress we can pick these kind of releases.Apart from that we can enhance our thinking and understanding capacity.
~ Bunny Nanna
The lvls take 30 seconds or less to beat, then you have to watch an banner... that'ds a lot of banners since you fly through the lvls. I finally got to a lvl that I retried a several times and even though I didn't complete it, I had to watch other banner.
~ Johnny Zzz
There are so many UNSKIPPABLE banners in regular release test that Im deleting the dumb release. If i wanna have any fun with this release i have to place the dame device on airplane mode. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. 2 stars because the release is fun but the banners slay it...
~ Michael Sisko
there are soooooo many banners. I'm usually not one to complain about banners in a nonpaid release but when there are 2 banners between every lvl its ridiculous. Couldn't go past lvl 5 because I spent more times watching banners than testing. It seems like a fun release but I'll go download other ver with less banners.
~ Kristen Cox
The puzzles are not hard. The difficulty is on trying too just draw the figure you wish. The controls are poor. I refused to spend anything on this release because of that. BTW, I paid for Brain It In fifteen mins into the release... much better implementation.
~ Rodney Johnson
It is the finest release I have ever played. You can test it any time. It is a easy release you just have to join two dots but the it has been created so creatively that at each turn you learn and experience something newest.I would only claim at last that you could download this release as "it is just easy but constructive.
~ Pawan Sharma
love this release and it makes me think and do better than the tip they recommend for you. I can't wait to see how better I can do!! Every challenge is nice for me. Thanks.. a 5 srars for this release!
~ Mildred Green