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About: *** Globe's Finest 1-on-1 Multiplayer Bowling : Bowling Boss! *** *** Bowl versus users around the globe and become Bowling Boss! *** *** Download actually for nonpaid! *** * Informations - Intuitive tap-and-swipe control - Incredible Bowling alleys around the globe : Las Vegas, Newest York, Sydney, Paris and more! - Superb 60+ Bowling Balls, 27 Pins & Lanes to present off your class. - 1-on-1 Mode : True-time and speedy 1-on-1 multiplayer match! - Championships: Multiplayer championships matches to victory millions of chips! - Challenge Mode : Clear a tons of stages and take rewards for nonpaid! - Test with your dudes : Bowl together with your dudes anytime anywhere! - Mini Products : Slot and Roulette chances! - 5 Rankings are ready for you to rise through. - 120+ Achievements. - Multi Language help : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, R ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Miniclip.com
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Bowling King Reviews and Comments:

It's very fun and the release rubs very quickly
~ A Google user
Not sure about all those complaining about losing chips when bumped off or not being able to control the ball or not being able to victory versus "superballs" and all that... i had problem winning in the begining but quick learned about the sweet spots and snapping your device back to burst the pins setup... actually i rarely lose and even beat lazy "superballers"... all without any "bonus powers" on my ball... its all in the skillz recipients...
~ North American Tasks Forces
the release i love ! But after one month a funny thing was going on,the release stoped giveing me my premium points i cntaced miniclip they claimed me that they sent my ixxue to the devoper that they should figuer out whar was causeing this but no reponce another respond! and never a responce from claimed developer , so resubmit the trouble responce was that they still haden't herd back from claimed developer but miniclip gave me 15 harts after that ive not heard one word ! Ripp offs ! don't waste you time!
~ james bolen
Nice recipients who claim it sucks they suck it rocks it's so cool nice I cant stop testing it every day such an nice release and you test online! Such an nice release I highly suggest this release for all of you all! ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!!!
~ Brooke Paddock
enjoyable release to pass the time, nice release for testing with dudes. Great to be given the option of testing with no Advertisement's, the only reason I gave four stars was that it's not that challenging another than that definitely worth a download.
~ kinkylid
just like the another releases. You have fun to run off with then consintanly have random network errors or release errors( like the ball flying straight into the gutter few times in a row) all in effort to create your buy equipment to support you victory.
~ L V
launch my release for a feesh newest run. I started off with the challenge. They only let 5 hearts and it takes for ever to recharge them. So the release resets in the middle of the challenge and i lose my heart. I think it is a ploy to obtain you to but hearts. There is a trouble with getting the ball to turn left.
~ Brian Stephenson
I wish all the chips back that keeps getting STOLEN from me!!! I've had over 200 million stolen today because of "glitches"... it is not my internet recipients, it only happens in the high stakes rooms... I have worked hard for my chips!!
~ Amy cochran
Fun Fun Fun! Except for the fact that I started to notice my chips slowly decreasing after every match. For a victory I will obtain my winnings, minus ten thousand chips. For a draw it's minus five thousand chips. Is anyone else seeing this? By the idea Bowling Boss. I'm not buying any chips from you!
~ Todd Lee
DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! I had 57,000,000 chips. I purchased into a release that cost 50,000,000 chips. The release glitched and took my 50,000,000 chips. You would think they would have a system which would detect such an error. Instead, I would have to go through more problem than it's worth, to obtain them back. The worst part is that I spent dollars on this release. I'm here to claim, it's not worth the time and DEFINITELY NOT WORTH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!
~ John Jacob
The release is very realistic, my autistic son pure loves the release and plays it for hours daily, there should be alot more nonpaid equipment without having to fork out loads of dollars, overall the release is worth the 5 star rating, well done to the person who designed this release as its probably the finest bowling release out right actually, the gameplay is magnificent and the graphics are really nice, plenty of equipment to pick from like pins,lanes, balls etc but like I claimed need to pay out if you wish the really nice equipment
~ Stevie Rae
each time i test and do a release thats more than 2.5 million chips i obtain kicked out and lose it all. its really unfair. its not my internet and it happens even when im using another internet. idk whats causing it but plz test to fix it. i sick of losing my dollars. I obtain halfway through the match and then kicked out to the releases menu. besides that its a really nice release.
~ im adopted
I really feel everyone could give bowling lord a test. I know you're will not stop testing and it's the finest bowling release out. it's the kind of release that makes you wish to see how hard can it obtain. and that aloan makes you hold testing. so I claim thanks for a release worth testing. and if your know by any chance it's other bowling release out there that's better please feel nonpaid to inform me about it. I won't keep my breath cause you or anybody else will search one better..............ten thumps up BK.
~ A Google user
lately this release is closing me out constantly causing me to lose chips, also when i know full well im hitting a strike because ive played this release for 2 yrs it is leaving pins up and also looks like the ball is going right through the pins instead of hitting them. please fix these troubles. i really enjoy this release and have worked very hard to obtain the chips i have, i dont wish to have to uninstall this release.
~ Denver Smith
you recipients could stop taking my chips ain't nothing wrong with my internet you are just doing that on purpose because i claimed you are showing favoritism toward recipients who spends dollars on this trashy release. You could at least replace peoples chips ain't nobody but rich recipients have dollars to waste on a trashy release like bowling lord!You could be ashamed of yourselves taking chips and not replacing them this release is for fun not to take chips just because you have the authority to do so that is wrong!
~ A Google user
It's a cool release for bowling guys
~ Ronaldo Coleridge
love to bowl. nice release.
~ Orlando Rodriguez
This release is very addictive. However, whenever I test in high stake rooms, the recipients I test ALWAYS obtain great releases. I feel like these recipients are using the bot maker (which makes you obtain a strike each time ) because it is almost impossible for ME to obtain a great release. And that's not me just making excuses, because whenever I test, I usually mess up at least once. I feel like Miniclip really need to fix this, but another than that, this release is nice.
~ Alistair Gill
Very fun release, speedy rounds makes it nice
~ Jandre Cronje
it's aight. no pop ups so far.
~ Jack O'Connor
it is very wonderful release excitement arise of clear stages
~ Anil Arora
Fun and Entertaining and simple controls.
~ Sean Masgula
i played this release since i was a babe and it is still fun
~ SyakirTheScout
it a very fun release to test believe me.
~ wilson fantauzzi
this release is very fun i would definitely recomed it for sure
~ Lunarcupcakes37 .F
i think its cool but it could be lower the price
~ gamer_antonio miller
release is nice and seems like it has room to improve
~ Mike McLaughlin
this is a nice release to test after a hard day at work the more you test the better you obtain
~ Bart Martin
such an nice nice entertaining fun release!!!😊☺🎳⚘❤
~ JulietJennah Dawson
i like this release, its fun to test and addicting.
~ Tiffany Degroot
Finest im not a bot all it does is take a nice amount of the battery
~ Thatoneanimator yt
fun, but can be annoying sometimes with the physics.
~ Leauna Collisius
this release is so amsing:):):):):):):):):):):):)))))))))):)
~ Daniela Villarreal
nice release iam very glad to test this release but I wish to know about haw to we talk with every another's thank U
~ Divyansh Warwade 2
LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!! It's so entertaining and nice time aggressor!
~ axfroststorm ,
fun release, nice graphics, just hard to obtain updates without spending $$ & as in all releases actually so many banners🙁
~ Jason Barone
Sure thing definitely wanted a better bowling releases that I've experienced I enjoyed very much probably he spending dollars with this release cuz I enjoy it so much sincerely Danny.
~ Daniel Lukat
was very simple to victory and even though I don't test bowling that much I've only done it once in your life I think it was a nice experience that type of feel what it's like to be really nice at pulling and I think it's a really nice thing for recipients to test out so create sure you do it and I think it's a five star release thank you
~ P Kraus
This is nice. If you angle the bowling just right it will be a guaranteed strike. It is so fun! I've already got 2 great releases on this day that I downloaded it. Nice!
~ Torion Saulsberry
This release is fun until you realize that half the user are AI programmed to obtain strikes often to steal your chips at higher lvls. Its so incredibly simple until you are testing for 20mil plus. Then the bots just come in with super generic names like Bill or Steve and obtain great releases like its nothing. they intentionally take your chips so you hold testing. Its a waste of time and you will obtain NOWHERE.
~ Adam Betts