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About: Open a penguin as far as you can! Fly speedy, bounce high, brilliantly escape obstacles in all territories! Upgrade your penguin to become the finest on the leaderboard!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 1 Size: 90MB Developer: Playgendary
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Bouncemasters! Reviews and Comments:

This release is nice. I test this release each day. But i would like to see Google test releases sign in , in this release. Usually i launch this release, it shows it is connecting to Google test releases, but it doesnt connect to it. Please look into it, i wish to save my release progress. And once again thank you for making this unbelievable release.
~ Rushil Anand
nice design and pretty graphics, release would be super addictive, but instead of an banner often you die, this release gives you at least two banners between rounds with the option of more! it's really off-putting. edit: wow look at all the comments complaining about banners and yet the devs do nothing. one star.
~ John Van Den Heever
Product is unplayable. You spend more time watching unskippable banners than testing. It is really annoying. Product freezes, after coin banners. It is a true shame, release should be fun if it didn't have si many banners
~ Ima Chicken
I got a newest high score and it glitched out on on me, so that didn't happen in the release. when I test to test it actually the screen just turns black with nothing on it.
~ Lillian Gadsby
i love the idea of the release but the idea the banners are set up in order to test your forced to click on the banner on the bottom of the screen i know each release has banners and that's fine but placing them where im forced to click them is kinda entrapment im my eyes so im deleting the release another than that nice release
~ JJ Kessinger
I'm unimpressed. There's really only one "lvl" that i got through in one evening while watching a video. After that, its just a leader board. No targets or incentive to hold testing. And I adopt with everyone else, the amount of banners are ridiculous. I realized quickly that I might as well watch them for the multiplier, because they are going to test anyway. It got really boring, really quickly. Thats why I'm deleting it off my device and leaving this review.
~ Jennifer O'Connor
Poor just poor. Advertisement's nonstop liked the release even paid the 4.50 to remove banners and it still forces you to watch them. Don't download it's ridiculous. Spend an hour testing half of it is banners.... Smh fix your release.
~ matthew rakowski
Versus my better judgement, I paid the 5 dollars for no banners. Of course I'm riddled full of banners each time I swing the bat. absolute garbage, I will cancel the payment.
~ Aaron Helms
release was fun till you launch getting banners that shut the release down not allowing you to test. feels like im being forced to buy the VIP which its not gonna happen. being charged each week for VIP is crazy...(thats my opinion)
~ A Google user
if I should rate zero stars I would this release destroyed so many times within 5 minus of downloading that I am literally writing this review to claim others how f***ING garbage it is so that they don't waste their time before I delete this horrible use of over 1 hundred mbs
~ kristopher mans
Loved it until yesterday when it kept freezing and shutting down on me. Un-installed and Re-installed, still didnt support but it did create it so i lost the bat i purchased and all the updates i acquired. galaxy s9+
~ Jacob Mayer
ADS ON TOP OF ADS. This isn't even a release, its just a machine to serve you ads. its a rip off of Yetisports's release from back in the early 2000s drenched in advertising. literally each single action will activate an banner, amd thats IF you obtain the release to even run up for you or not freeze each second causing you to restart losing any rewards youre supposed to obtain. for each 2 mins of gameplay, theres 5 mins of banners. All the releases from this developer use the same crappy walkthroughs
~ Aaron
this release is a nice casual time waster for casual test. It was fun for about a week. despite having WAAAAAY too many annoying banners, many of which seem to freeze the release. but the true downside is that within a week of casual gaming we completely upgraded all skills and got the finest bat. actually it's cute much pointless. there is no need to obtain any more coins or diamonds. I have NO IDEA how they wish to sell ppl ia MEMBERSHIP TO THIS GAME!!!! complete greed like just ridiculous. dont waste your time!!
~ Jordan Page
the release is nice i love to test but i am facing the trouble is release closed automatically connected with wi-fi and on cellular time but still facing the trouble please sort this out beacuse i love to test this ..
~ sayyed Aasif
I'm giving this release a 4 bc it's a beautiful tiny release and the polar bear hittin the shoot....ayee! but the banners are annoying. its unenjoyable. after each hit round theres an banner each click theres an banner. like bombarded with banners. I obtain you guys obtain dollars from it but relax..
I think this release is brilliant because I just love how the penguin flies into zone and you see the doctor who telephone box a you obtain to see Mars. as you obtain bier the more things you see and more wonders you should dream of wondering
~ A Google user
the demo release was funny i will admit and it looked like a cute mindless release to kust hold you from thinking for a bit. might have worked if after i downloaded it it hadnt pissed me of by just being a polar bear swinging a bat at a penguin. swing miss beat the penguin to a pulp to restart the release. 30+ bloody times!
~ A Google user
It's a fun release to test for a while, usually the adventurer I like to beat my own score. But there is a glitch, a very annoying glitch. If you hit the ground to speedy your tiny penguin goes through the floor and carries on going........ FOREVEEEEEEEEEEER. The only idea to stop this is by pausing and quitting to main menu. One more thing, can you add something to the idle time you have to watch him fly? It gets toooo boring tooooo early. Sorry guys nice graphics, sounds but becomes a major bore
~ DaLeStYx
decently fun release. spent the $5 to remove (most of) the banners. beat the release in 2 days. would be great if there were more lvls or targets. everything is maxed actually and im bored with the release. :(
~ Rob Westfall
this is a fun release but there are so many troubles. each time I test and hit the penguin , the release claims connecting to Google test shop and then it will work for a second then freeze. I have to close the release and then launch it often I wish to hit a penguin. not cool.
~ Dawn Cowlishaw
Very fun and ignore most of the negative reviews as they dont have patience for banners. You can skip the ones that arent to benefit you.. I just dont understand why i could pay for VIP. ive maxed all of my details out and have the finest bats besides the one i see for VIP. Please explain what benefits i recieve and i might buy.
~ dustin price
I really enjoy testing this release it is super addictive and fun, however the release glitches like crazy. I have 3 stylo4's and it glitches and freezes often I test on every device. I would def rate 5 stars if it werent for the glitches.
~ Steve Gonzalez
An absolute banner bonanza! This release is probably the single most shameless example of banner stuffing in a small release that I have seen. If you wish a coin multiplier at the end of a run watch an banner. But don't worry - if you don't there's still a decent chance you're going to have to watch an banner. Apparently there is an option for VIP that cost $7 A WEEK. For the financially illiterate that is more per month than Netflix and Globe of Warcraft COMBINED. For a small release that has one lvl...shameless...
~ Anthony
This release has potential. if it weren't for the ridiculous number of banners, it would be so much more enjoyable to test (should be a 5 star release). I was bombarded with banners as I launched the release...how frustrating!!! Not to mention those banners that jammed up my device so I had to restart/reboot a several times. Until this is fixed, I am UNINSTALLING IMMEDIATELY!!!
~ Lora Breton
these recipients are terrible, don't believe them with your dollars. I paid not to have any banners only to obtain more banners. these recipients are dollars stealers. I send them a second correspondence to obtain a refund but never got a response. Do not buy anything from these recipients if you are wanting to avoid getting ripped off.
~ Ever Calix
The release in itself is very enjoyableand fun but only for the seconds it lasts before an banner comes in. And when you test offline, you don't obtain your reward or chest that you collected in release ! Really stupid transport, thinking this would create ppl buy. uninstall !
~ Hassan Ganari
I love it, I can't obtain enough, but that's the thing we wish more, like add in more lvls. Theres only 5 and the fifth just goes on an on. Create it harder or something add in more animals too. Really obtain recipients wanting to test because after a while it does run to become boring.
~ A Google user
Scam. Paid for no banners, still received banners between each round, and more. Restarted release, restored purchases (one of very several buttons in settings), continued getting banners, requesting refund. There are another releases like this without this sleazy behavior of selling you no banners then trying to force a more expensive subscription to obtain REAL no banners. I obtain that premium things like chests might still have banners but I'm not watching a 30 second banner between each hit after paying 5 dollars.
~ Amir Rezaii
A fun release for 5 seconds at a time. Then an unskippable 30 second banner because you had the audacity to pick up a chest. Then a skippable banner instead of an unskippable one for just grabbing the regular income instead of quadrupling it. Then you can't upgrade with the coins you watched as to obtain because they gated your updates behind more forced banners. 10/10 banner simulator 2019, 1/10 bouncemasters because I couldn't even test the release. I've spent longer writing this review than now testing the release.
~ ChaosGod17
i just paid 5 bucks for banner nonpaid testing experience because there's banners literally each time you do anything. i'm still getting banners each time i hit a button to approve whatever coins i obtain in the dance.i wish a refund or i will call my bank and cancel it. Fully wrong! it was fun until the banners. don't waste your dollars.
~ Dezyre Winter
This release is fun but absolutely unplayable thanks to the banners and plugging your IG each time you touch the screen practically. You do a hit, and have the chance to watch an banner for a multiplied reward, but about 70% of the time, even if you click for the regular reward, you still obtain forced to watch an banner, and you don't obtain the increased reward. Why the hell have it as an option at all then? Additional screen pops up each minute it feels like. Just paying for no banners is nearly $5... Greedy....
~ i ThatOneGuy
I was really enjoying this release and was progressing nicely. However, the release started to glitch constantly on the initial bounce and the hero would remain in the air gaining distance without ever touching down. the only idea to stop was to exit the release and lose credit for the jump. this happens almost often I have a great hit.
it's fun and a nice time waster but don't buy anything in the release!! it gets really old really speedy...I've never seen as many banners as you do on this release, I was warned by another players but didn't listen! I've fully levelled up after 4 days finest bat.. penguin completely loaded.. and actually I'm just a polar bear wacking a penguin with a bat because that's it that's the release it's being deleted end of test today
~ James Payne
Product is well animated and should be fun, but it's not fun. Advertisement frequency is idea too often, and most of them can't be skipped. I know devs must create their dollars, but this release is borderline ridiculous. Feels like more time spent watching banners than testing the release. For the devs, I'm not sure why, but each time I run up the release and right before the first hit, it pauses the release for 10 seconds to log in to Google Test. Annoying. Also, release freezes when I test to watch banner to multiply coins.
~ A Google user
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!😍 The only trouble is that i experienced a glitch in the release. I was literally flying!! And i went farther than I ever went before. MAN THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ LaTrea Fulcher
it's a really nice release, strategic, halarious and entertaining, plus there is not alot of banners and that's points for that, and they and there are these powers and equipment and that's an nice thing they added! The only thing that would create better is to htt ave a race thing on it so you should race others to a finish line, I might be lieing because I havent explored the hole release so I'm exited if there is any modernization to it!
If not for the ridiculous amount of banners, this would be very enjoyable. Yes, they give you the option to pay to remove the banners ($6), but the amount of banners is so much that it makes it hard to claim if it's now worth it to pay - especially considering how high that amount is. If I should test for more than 10 minutes without an banner, rather than an banner each 30 seconds, it would create it easier to decide if it's worth it.
~ Amy Schrag
This release would be nice if not for often I reach my record in the air it flies a million miles an hour and will never come down. I have screen shots where I'm over 3.5 million feet! And I obtain none of the points from where I at least beat my record. No idea I'd spend on this release when I can't even obtain past the spot I am at actually! Waste of time at this target.
~ Ray Williams
it would be a nice release except there is an banner after each attempt. for 10 seconds of release test I have to watch a 30 second banner. deleting. it's just unplayable with so many banners. there is an banner actually I can't even obtain place of. I've closed the AP and restarted and it's still there. such a shame. it's a beautiful release. want they hadn't destroyed it with a ridiculous amount of commercials
~ Britt Huffman
I LOVE THIS GAME Well animated, very beautiful, nice about banner incentives, not very annoying when it comes to that. It's easy and funny and fun and I can't obtain enough. Why one star? This release is like distracted drivers. It crashes hard and more times per minute than I'd like to hold track of. Fix that and it'll obtain 5 stars off the bat. That was a pun.
~ Ish