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About: Blow up your dudes in mini-releases ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring 8 user local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more. BombSquad helps touch screens as well as a tons of controllers so all your dudes can obtain in on the action. You can even use devices and devices as controllers via the nonpaid 'BombSquad Remote' release. Bombs away! Mobile TV players: a compatible gamepad is needed to test (or a device/device running the 'BombSquad Remote' release)
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: Eric Froemling
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BombSquad Reviews and Comments:

Its a nice release if you wish to present off your skillz to your dudes. This is one of the finest releases ive ever played on mobile. i have a recommendation, can you please please please port it to xbox1 ps4 and switch 😄😄🙃
~ Joel Teles
Finest release ever made, been testing for years, it's still the finest release to test over LAN with dudes but the online multiplayer is kinda lagy but you'll obtain used to it, the maps haven't been modernized since first version, dear developer for god's sake please add more maps, but after all, still the finest💣
~ Mohammad Hosseini
I suggest this release if you wanna test with your family and dudes cause me and my 2 cousins are usually trying to search a release that has 3 or more users and its so fun! i love this 5 stars
~ Fiona gaming channel
Not everyone has controllers. For a small release this is horrible. If you don't have a bluetooth remote (which nice luck finding a decent one) then it's not playable because the small controls suck!
~ Google User
personally I love this release since I am testing this release from past 3 years. I would love it if this release should be released in ios ver too. I enjoy testing this release🎮 very much.
~ yashwanth choudhary
I love the release. Such nice graphics and an nice release concept. the only trouble I have is that you and your dudes have to be on the same wifi network to test together. It would ve great if you should just create personal servers with passwords so that dudes should test together without having to be on the same wifi network.
~ A Google user
Nice release cute fun runs smooth especially with ps4 controller. I played some matches although not many recipients test it it's fun. the most challenging sport is the hockey one because you slide a lot. in all from a 10 yr old user perspective I give it a five!
~ A Google user
It's really a great release, a bit funny too. I enjoy it very much specially with my bro and my frnd. The creativity and physics laws are damn nice. From my side, finest release on lan testing.
~ Rudraksh Sharma
Well i have no words for this release . This is so awsome i have been testing this release for last 2 years and still its the only release i am testing and daily i spent atleast 3 to 4 hours 🙂🙂
~ Rahul Saini
Love that we have infinite bombs, and how we can also throw recipients off or die with them, overall the release is fun thrilling to test or watch.
~ The Gamer
The release surely fun, love the idea and it's hilarious to test with dudes. Just hate the banners for almost each retry release. Too annoying banners, and hard to collecting tickets. Overall is nice, but it should be better.
~ Wayrus Navi
magnificent release...i love this release.. one of the favored release ever... but please test to improve by providing multi-user mode.. it means 2 dudes can test at a time from different mobiles.. this is the newest trend right! I that everyone expecting from small releases.. please test to look on it.
~ P S K
This is my favored release!! I just love testing it. Didn't give 5 star rating because this release doesn't help ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. it's my sincere request to the release developers to enable the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER information in the upcoming upgrades. Its my view that Mini Militia should top the list of finest nonpaid multiplayer release if the online multiplayer information is enabled !! Expecting a positive respond.
~ Prateek Karjagi
The banners are given so much of priroty that we have to wait for the other war till a particular banner is finished. Also the combatants which can be bought are advertised such that first we have to wait 30 seconds for the "no thanks" button to obtain active! Waste of time...isn't it?
~ Sandeep Gaur
this is by far the finest multiplayer release I've played so far in more ideas than one. Graphics outstanding, release test outstanding, it is complex yet easy and I trust it caters for many if not all age groups. simply place its the finest
~ xolani matengele
This release is mind-blowing but the annoying thing is you have to buy the pro box to test the hard lvls Love the graphics I gave this release 5 star. boop!!
~ Arifa Rachi
Enjoy your release much. BUT The annoying error spoiled my experience. it shows "Championships disabled due to rooted device" But my device is not rooted. i am running on Oneplus 6t stock rom. what could i do?
~ deep marsonia
The release is so nice but I would like it even more if you can add a playground mode that lets you do what you wish and pick what map you wish to test on, how many aggressor bots/CPU you wish, pick how long you wish the release to last and to pick if you wish to be invincible or have normal HP. It would be so nice if you can add this information. And also add a camera view setting.👍
~ Unknown
finest release ever, I test with my dudes daily. when you become a god at the release you now feel to test more then just leaving it, nice release hold it up
~ Nisha Mehar
The release is quite nice. But the main disadvantage is, the zone in the maps is very tiny and cannot accommodate more characters.And I also faced troubles when connecting more than six recipients through hotspot. My recommendation is to come up with some exciting larger maps and lag less connections.
~ Gonnabattula Sri kanth
worst release i purchased the the B-9000 ithought he may have many powers ...And he dont....**** this release....The pro unlocking add shitss i was a fan of this release and actually i may be the one who is hating this release very much....Atleast give more powers to the hero with more dollars
~ Vaishnav K Suresh
when I was younger, this release was the finest release on the release shop, EVERYTHING was nonpaid and their was banners each blue moon. Coming back to see banners everywhere and pay to test written all over it chrushed me. Sad to see a nice release fall so weak, still has nice gameplay and all... if you wanna pay for it all
~ Ang3l_M3m3 St3al3r
Product works really well, as far as compatibility with many different kinda of devices and inputs. Don't even need the pro ver, purchased it just because the release was so solid as is.
~ Rudy Rodriguez
It is a nice release but sadly, controller help is a bit delayed so I can't really enjoy it with my Xbox One controller. If you guys should work some more on the controller help, I'd test it a lot more often!
~ Banana, the Church
This is the finest online/offline bomb release ive ever played to be honest the only thing is why when you test online sometimes you transport the joystick then after a long time it finally moves. that is the only thing that needs to improve but in the another hand this is the finest bomb release ever.(remember this is my opinion) thank you eric fremoling!
~ A Google user
I LOVE this release, me and my bro test this all the time and have loads of fun,(U can obtain quite competetive online).It's a fun and easy release.though i think they should add more, to the release. I gues this is where MODs come in; this release is designed for mods. It's a shame U cant test online with mods. also U cant do much more with out "BOMB SQUAD PRO"
~ A Google user
This gane is too lovely and pretty! it's my all time favoured release. and there is nothing to claim about the nice graphic. Ur each tihing nice in release but... it is not nice to test in the same map! it create us feel boring. So, Please add some newest and pretty map! So, i can more enjoy the bombsquad from earlier. *Hold helping BombSquad*
~ RolexAMV
If you have limited or no internet access, this release is multiplayer heaven. You can spin up an banner-hoc wireless network from your mobile device and host a release while one dude joins from their iphone, two another dudes join from a single windows (or mac, or linux) pc, and your last dude joins from their device. Or you should all test on the same pc if you have enough joysticks. Or you should all test from your houses over internet. Seriously, no matter the devices or territory, you *will* be able to test this with your dudes. Plus the release rocks!
~ A Google user
I like this. Me and my dudes usually test this when we have a spare time but i have one trouble and i need your support. Before the modernization, we have stable ping in lan until you guys modernized. Actually, when my dudes connect to my tethering hotspot and join the release, they are facing some lag spikes. Like delay and stuffs. Another lan releases didnt have the same trouble. Is there a solution to fix this bug?
~ Kyudai
It's a very great release. I was testing it while I was tiny. But then I was nt able to control the release properly. Actually suddenly I remembered abt it and started testing it and actually I am able to know the true fun of the release. The sound results are just nice and very comic also. Hold up the nice work developers!!! 😘😘😘😄😄😄😁😁😁
~ Subhamjeet Patra
I played this with my family all the time on fire stick. We had so much fun! I still forgot about this release. But I picked it back up: Still as quality as before! Plus, the need to connect my EVOVR controller to some releases were not fulfilled, but actually I figured out this release is Bluetooth compatible,so 5+ stars is what you are living here. Nice release, nice idea to obtain family together and obtain a load of laughs, and nice idea to use Bluetooth controllers on an all-around nice platform.
~ Shinobi Shark
love love love lovely gameU got thier impress completely The name is Bomb Gang nice . nice . The release The graphics . I think its time to give U Editors Choise Award if i am cortect 100% it will be posible . The release is for all ages. But there is Gather i like Local Multiplayer release And. there is also online multiplayer mood Thanks for the release and plz it is request that create more plz plz Offline multiplayer Racing release plz plz plz plz plz plz i LOVE U....😘😘😚And i will give U 5 Stars..😝😝
~ Muhammad Anas
nice gameplay, cartoonish graphics making it timeless, ans controls are smooth. i had a trouble with my hero randomly dying throughout a scene, but i don't think such a small bug could create a difference in a review.
~ Gizmatic Gaming
I really loved the release but I only have one trouble, The banners are too much!!! And it usually pop up when you are doing cute much anything but not only that, its so laggy whenever u join a server even though I have a powerful wifi connection. Pls fix it.
in this release whenever I test online ,there is a match of roundabout in which u have to protect your twin but as quick as the first user dies the next can't test. in another words another (after him )is not sent to war so plz fix this bug .But bomb team is a nice release .
~ Phenom Youtuber
Though bomb team as a entire is entertaining, this release is not. Usually we launch the release / launch one of the releases, it asks to buy the pro box and kinda wastes 30 seconds each time. I'm hating this release because of their dollars minded revenue model which won't do nice for them in the long run.
~ Annamalai Lakshmanan
This release is an addiction!! Each time I uninstall this I Install it back.....Damn! I have been testing this release for like 2 years and I have no complaints!This release runs as smooth as butter on my small and even my tab.. I JUST LOVE IT
~ Aryan Sharma
the release is so much fun however when you finish simple mode you need to by bomb team pro to unblock hard mode. when you obtain to hard pro football, you are literally f***ed if your dudes can't test. I mean there are 5 recipients beating you up while one person takes the flag to the target. plz don't abuse recipients who's dudes don't have bomb team
~ Dubby
This release is nice! the controls are a tiny tricky and can slay you sometimes, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE I'M BAD AT IT. I'm not claiming they suck, it's just hard. The gameplay is really fun! It's a cool release with loads of options to slay your enemys and there are some cool modes to pick from... This is a nice release worth checking out, and if you haven't installed it yet... then you could test it out sometime... 😉
~ Frankie Rodriguez
This release was nice back in 2016, actually you have to buy everything just to obtain a tiny bit of fun. Annoying offers that pop up and it forces you to wait 15 seconds just to close the pop up. Difficult mode used to be nonpaid, actually it's not. Making your own release list was nice, actually you have to but this pro box to do that. It's a shame because this release was fun.
~ Jaecer Hudson