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About: Receive Bomber Colleagues actually and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer release! Bomb your dudes and be the last to survive to victory the match! Accumulate powerups to obtain more potent bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your dudes from across the map! And don't worry if you obtain blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can haunt the living users and create their test harder with curses! Product Informations: - Online multiplayer for 2-8 users! Challenge your dudes or test versus random foes. - Campaign mode with over 300 lvls! Search your idea through 6 different worlds full of devious creatures! - Classic Bomber style gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen! - Accumulate powerups and watch out for evil curses. - Customize your bomber lad or girl with cool hats, taunts, and greetings! - Various bombs to blast the aggressors to ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: Hyperkani
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Bomber Friends Reviews and Comments:

There could be some limit to moral difference in arena. Fighting versus users that have 500 more moral is one thing, but to war versus users that have 2500 more moral is really not fair. Please set some moral limit between users.
~ Illidan Hunter
Support me hyperkani i already finish all the boss the snowmans in winter quest and 4 keys required but only 1 key i saw and got but no more aggressors support me please i waste 1 bonus lives to finish but it useless because of not enough keys. Should you fix this?! I cant wait i will actually uninstall it 😢😢
~ Prince Paningbatan
I hadnt played this release in a while and I think im not going to run back.It used to be a nice release before these actual upgrades with the consistent banners that you obtain and the fact that the only idea to now obtain nice customizations is to waste true dollars.Not only that but I lost literally all my equipment after comjng back to the release.Extremely dissappointed on what Hyperkani did to such a nice release.
~ Joshipo 2001
AD central, clicking a menu gets you an banner, finishing a lvl does too, basically everything makes you watch an banner. apart from that it's a decent bomberman clone, but with paid equipment and TOO MANY ADS.
~ Richilye
Really fun! I mainly got the release to test it with a dude, but actually I test it on my own quite a lot.
~ YourLocalDadmight
~ Depydawg
This release is getting worser day by day that too after comeback of arena. In arena If we loss the match initially, 30 to 36 points are degrading easily. but if we victory matches, its rare getting 30 points. Is this correct.??
~ Gokula Krishnan
Match not work test reversi to blast ODY complex in make release less noob idiots.... so lagging complete in grasslands need go desert in lagging my device blast need, for blast users: hermes, ANNE or uul.
~ Antigua and Barbuda
My bluetooth controller work automatically. My user walk automatically. Please fix this trouble.
~ NOnie HAwk
who ever wish to test this release you can test its wonderful release i ever played but it has to many banners that is the trouble but you could test it
~ TUMokhada Mokhada
Been testing this release and i love It. one trouble i had was my device was replaced and my profile started over. but i see it's newest release test... so I'll live
~ Anton Anderson
Cute fun release and a nice take on a classic. But this is crippled by the ridiculous amount of banners. I have never played a release that hit you with banners just navigating the damn menu... Can't stand developers like this.
~ Richard Islas
Nice and fun release! the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is that I want it had a dude system so I can add my dudes and see when they're online
~ Chad Stewart
While I enjoy the gameplay so much and it's addicting, but all the ad kills the mood. :/ Lag is an trouble. I hear others lost their equipment and details if they haven't logged in a long time. That would piss me off.
~ Ashley Soule
awesome release.. fun and addictive.. but please launch up a shop that we can buy equipment through gold in single user mode..
~ Sigmund Ducusin
This release has a terrible habit of pissing me off... Maybe if you should remove or give an option to remove those stupid banners I might consider NOT deleting this when I reach a boiling target...
~ Acel Jean
HOW COOL IS THIS!!! this release makes me.. SUPER BRIGHT WITH MY EYES,this release is the finest for me
~ Haynie Taha
please modernization your connection its so stupid i have 3G connection but it was terrible and claim please connect to the internet..please modernization .....online arena is so terrible connection modernization actually
~ Lorna Panuncio
the lag is the largest trouble this release has lad when the another users are lagging you won't notice until you have 4 of their bombs on your face.
~ Kevin Gomez
Gets boring by the 15th lvl of first island.Need to earn alot,hell lot of banners,makes it sooo boring.I feel like sleeping often this release goes on at lengths.Its soooo fricking lengthy and stupid,doesnt create sense,rewards are too weak and stages too lengthy,plus theres nothing fixed,bombers powers change during multiplayer,its like a hassle war.No fun!Read Theory of Fun,maybe it'd be needed in redesigning.Downloaded it on both ios n mobile,seems like must remove it quick.Needs lot of work
~ Socrates Of Thales
hey hyperkani I logged on one day and I purchased the superbundle 2 months before that and ALL my equipment dissapired even coins so give em back (I bougt the three euro bundle too and it sayed u already own it)
~ michal gardas
exlent but need upgrade when i change my device i wish to contineu my lvls..but its not i m on lvl 197 actually i change my device but its restart on lvl 1 plz modernization it to like as 8ball and another release.our profile will include.
~ Atiq Jani
controls are trash and matchmaking needs work but the advertisement placement is bs! why does opening settings run an banner and exit the match?? modernization: im deducting 1 star for generic response... trying to adjust settings mid release shouldnt exit the match and damn sure shouldnt reward the developer by shoving an advertisement in ... dont reply unless its to claim me you improved the release so youre not taking advantage of consumers and create it seem like you care about gaming
~ filthynice 88
My trouble is the Equipment and Costumes... when I modernized it, all clothes, hairs, eyes etc.. that I purchased, REMOVED. So please, give me back those equipment that had been ERASED
~ Monamour Sai.
the control customization is so terrible, i often go to a direction where i don't wish to and it cost me the release. please add a custom one
~ Rafi Naufal
LOVE IT!!!!. but i have one trouble it is the banners actually its not that i do not like all the banners its just the ones that have no zone in babes releases .
~ Salangel Angel
there is an trouble with winter quest lvl 30, I've defeated the snow creature few times but I sometimes obtain only one key, another times, no key at all whereas I need three keys to clear the scene. please fix this trouble asap. p.s that lvl is already to hard and when you are alone in the scene with the locked door and no keys it's heartbreaking. otherwise this release is nice.
~ A Google user
Nice release marred by shitload of ads. I don't wish my 6 year old to see adult banners i.e latino girl dating etc. Greed sure create some recipients lose decency. 0 star from my side.
~ How To Do It
All right guys. Single user mode gets 5 stars, but I wish to claim about multi user. It is possible to be a very nice user and without buying bonus coins, though it would take hundreds if not thousands of hours to obtain to that equality target. There is a ranked system which is fair till you obtain to 1.5-1.7k elo. Updates afterwards takes idea too many coins to upgrade which gives super large advantage to users who did pay for it. +walking on spam of bombs/ using shield on top of them is buggy.
~ Vardu Lukas
when will be newest lvls modernized as i have completed all the lvl 1 to 380 can u please claim me when u will add more lvls??? i really like this release..
~ unsia iya
I used to test this release very often. I did not test for couple of months and all my costumes and coins are lost. I hate the newest interface. I still do have my rank though. I used to suggest this for multiplayer, not anymore.
~ uttara iyer
After upgrading i got an correspondence that your release has been granted access to my google profile. What? How? Why? I had to change my password because i dont believe a release like that !!!! I never had such an correspondence in any another releases! I smell scam so avoid this like a plague! Thanks but no. Deleted.
~ Serafim Samardzhiev
I really like the release and its fun and entertaining BUT. When i watch a video to speed up the chest time. i dont usually obtain the chest. (this is my own fault)---> but when i was about to click on the video i accedentely clicked on the buy chest actually. and i lost 48 gems in total on speeding them up. thats 48 gems thrown out the window. Still like it tho.
~ Jonas Angco Sørensen
first trouble : banners banners banners and unskippable banners but thats it, i love the release overall some things can be improve to create the release look more professional. the gameplay is nice. also please add some sort of "playground" so we can play and test around with power ups
Nice release filled with action packed 1:30 minute releases. I was suggesting that maybe instead of being a ghost, you should be a zombie with 2 lives, you walk really slowly and have to to touch a user twice to slay them
~ Sxrxn1ty
Product is nice, but the banners you allowed are garbage, i cant test the release on television ( via casting) adults banners comes on any time. 2nd the banner started putting a fake cross (close button) on the corner and they wont time out, so if i close the release i loose my chest.. Edit : The LatinoDating release, girls posing in loungerie. I haven't seen it since I posted the review. I hold you posted
~ Yaman Cae
iys really fun but some diffucltys are really hard wich makes me fustrated all and all its really fun to go versus dudes and if your competitive this is nice for you. you can test single user and earn presents i love the idea u can test alone if u are tired of true recipients ugh..😂But yea its nice the creatures and bots you test versus alone are hard but not to hard you cant conquer them.
~ foxy cuite22 vlogs
finest bomber release ever . the previous modernization just nailed it . whoa lots of newest equipment . really enjoying the release. want there were another characters to unblock with different abilities. need more globe and more lvls . I am helping you guys . hold up the nice work really appreciate your hard work guys .peace out☺☺👍👍👌
~ Amir Shakya
I recomend you to test this release! Cuz its nice for killing time and its so fun! But i installed an old ver of this i hope you guys return the older ver. of this release because you can costomize youre clothing! But since the modernization I dont really like it But all of the lvls and quests Are Sooooo Much Fun!!! <3
~ Aoi _Gacha
My BIG trouble with the release is the very greedy monetization walkthrough, and the sheer ammount of bugs regarding true dollars purchases and in release updates. I've lost many boxes and loot. And when you test to contact help all you obtain is automated messages, directing you to a stupid forum where you need to make an bonus profile and where most threads go unanswered. If you have dollars to lose, test this release... all this fiasco aside, it is a fun rip off of Atomic Bomberman / the old BomberMan
~ Vasilache Cosmin Alexandru