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About: Receive ready for action! Bob The Robber 4 is an all newest sneaking journey puzzle, built from the ground up to work finest on your device or device. Don't obtain caught! This time, you have to steal the treasure under massive guard, and then escape in time using your stealth skills! This all newest challenge is sure to delight the lovers! Exciting newest territory: France! The journey continues in one of the most pretty cities in the globe: Paris! Find nice newest lvls in surprising territories, from luxury houses to super supermarkets. All newest graphics! Bob The Robber 4 has been fully rebuilt to be faster and more pretty. Smoother animations, prettier territories, and everything is working better than ever before. This summer a entire newest Bob the Robber globe opens! Don't settle for clones, this is the only official version of Bob The Robber 4 on small devices! ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: Kizi Games [email protected]
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Bob The Robber 4 Reviews and Comments:

This release is cool you could create brain releases like this cause poeple likes it.👌👌👌👌
~ A Google user
this is the finest release ever i love it!!!!!!
~ A Google user
I love this release! The only trouble is when I accumulate dollars I don't obtain it. PLS fix this.
~ A Google user
I don't like it because I'm only on lvl 7 and I can't obtain on the next one I tried to cover a sientist with a box and then other pressed an alarm button and then I obtain busted 😡
~ A Google user
I love bob the robber i started testing it on the pc since then it has been my favored release
~ Gbadamosi Yakubu
On the last three lvls it got really really hard I almost had to obtain a walkthrough just to obtain pass.
~ Lucus Ingram
This release is not as nice as robbery Bob When I test to talk the hero it is not a go down
~ Musa Moha
The finest release I've played in a while I can't wait for Bob the Robber 5!
~ Michael Cole
very great to test as a robber in release and also super duper gadgets are in this releases ...... marna mass i like to test 3 rd release
~ murugan govindasami
My babes found this release and then I got addicted to that too:)
~ Bradley Groove
my favoured release it's like really robbery I passed the robbery Bob 1,2,3
~ Poonam Shrivastava
I was so surprise that I thought it would be not great but unfortunately I got to know that it was awzm by testing the first lvl. I thought that the first lvl is only so great how about the remaining lvls.at last I got to know that all the lvls was awzm.but the last lvl I played is so tough.
~ A Google user
this releases is sirra and very nice i love t his release bro picture nu see kar k he sirra ha pr i do not test this release because chacha wow ,wow chacha
~ A Google user
this is a nice release.i think you could Downlode all ver and test.please test all verison.very nice release
~ shilpa rai
it is nice..but there is some lack....it could have check points because it became quite boring to test the same thing again and again
~ Shiwangi Tiwari
yaaa its fine release.....but sometimes it is very hard to completel a lvl.....and it is also an irritating release... its fine...not soo nice release....i will give 10 out of 5.5
~ Pawan Khatri
Great release! Looking forward for ver 6, 7, 8...... Many many more!
~ Ameya Palekar
nice i like how you hane to now do everything, but please hold this up im loving this release
~ Leon Diaz
you need to have a nice thinking skills to test the release it's absolutely nice but needs some upgrades and newest informations and facilities
~ Ramya Srinivasan
nzisdbdj DVD sighs she's she. she's used dhhdhd hugs funny he's fun check hubbub crib crusty crib been CCTV NYC Jesus fungi itches fungi HSBC fungi is full urge fungi HSBC fungi have DHL have school I've stuck lives ago I've did picks fungi itches Andi Izzy's such I've so I've stuck is Cyndi haha zoo jazz zip itches so पाडूरunna zip
~ love status
Well I think it was cute terrible over all it doesn't really have the standard of the modern day releases. So basically it was really boring
~ A Google user
this release is nice but in lvl 9 they were claiming to hide and seek but we seek means they catch us so wat to do?? 😈😈
~ Dishitha Solanki
I think that this release is stupid cus I made it to the bottom on lvl 7 and the cameras go speedy and I can't beat it so that's why I hate it sooooooo muuuuuuuuuch hmmmm
~ Andres DeLaR
This release is very pretty and very great I love this releases so I have given this release 5 stars thank you for making such a pretty gift it's a very very great names and its like adventurous release and action releases so I like it thank you for making this great release
~ A Google user
I dont like this release . I like only robbery Bob 1 ,2 .itx much better
~ ti tu
the release is made too tough to test qnd the release is arranged very senibleanner that nade the player to be addictive . i used to test it in my laptop and since i am so addicted of it.
~ Vatsal Agarwal
Its ok .I playedit when i waschild and still continuingto test this release . U could modernization it more I wish more anf more lvls . pls. We giving soo.much time to download this . soo pleaase modernization and place more lvls.
~ A Google user
hi as per our discussion please a girl by the idea the stone roses in the future and oooo a nice day sir a very glad with the following feedback to all those years ago as well as a protected trip back home in a idea that you can obtain a newest message from you in advance for the first time since we've spoken to you as quick possible to all of your blog is having some troubles as a protected sender as quick as you may not be obtained a several of them and oooo a nice weekend and we are going well and oooo as servithong
~ Sufiyan Javed
this release is really fun i like it because it supports you obtain out of your sadness because like you obtain hype 😂 when you pass a lvl 😂 💪 that might be me lol but it is fun 😉😉😋😁
~ Ashley Grindle
What is this. If I press 'm' I obtain dollars if I press 's' during lvl I chage costumes I didn't mod it
~ muskan hosp
By far the finest! I loved it! The difficulty was just right and the release has a great amount of lvls to hold you entertained.😀 😃 can't wait to check out the 5th one.
~ Mattt Lea
Omg... i am speachless... THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Just test to create banners not pop up a lot. Another than that the release is AWESOME!
~ A Google user
This the finest release . You can also test it . Test it or test it. Right your comments. Thanks test shop It is the finest release Thank you
~ Aaron Masih
I like this release but it's only letting me accumulate a several thousand in the upper such i know its supposed to be between $100,00 to over $200,000 & also are you ever going to modernization the with more lvls I've been waiting along time actually
~ catguy417
My sister claimed this release are very anoyed.....but I and my younger brother very very like this release!!!! I love it...you gotta to download this release too. This release not stupid but my sister is a stupid!!!!
~ mawaddah shukry
Osm release i finished all the lvls i love this release in this release three map is there France, Russia and Japan. Japan is too hard then also i finished all three map lvls.
~ Sanket Shrivastaw
DOD the robbers have done the finest to protect themselves 5AM and their own weapons of fight and destruction and the destruction is the most in our country but the fact that we are facing an attack in a frnd is not a very glad thing 7th century is a very nice zone to be a country of 4india or 6something to a 5PM and not well 9known is a nice 9morning but not 9837irth but 8I 4gfhvjfjfjfj34gfhvjfjfjfj is the most known 3AM ever made in thfhcfhffhchfjfjf for a 7while that fhfjgjtjgivkfmvvtghfbfifn
~ ashish singh
Nice, maybe nice, but the costume that stops towers from firing at you while running doesn't work and neither does the second automatic looting costume. The first works fine though.
~ Tim Lea
Not as nice as Robbery Bob but still a decent theiving style stealth release. The shop page doesn't claim it, but the Russia and Japan lvls are included so you obtain around 35 lvls to test which is a decent amount. One touch I like is that the lvls all feel like true territories which isn't usually the topic for indie stealth releases. Some lvls can obtain frustrating, especially when they require a gadget brought from the shop. Dollary is relatively plentiful though, as long as you don't waste it.
~ Ronald Nand
Sorry claim to the originators that they have some technical troubles...Bob the robber 3 worked magnificent n i love the release..but while i thought to continue testing with 4 n 5..i encountered some troubles...the 4 crashes each time i launch it after dwnload...the 5 worked well when i played frst time but then after quitting...in the next attempts the release never opens...Please originators take my note seriously
~ Ranoj Paul