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About: The Bloons are back and better than ever! Receive ready for a heavy 3D turret defense release designed to give you hours and hours of the finest walkthrough gaming available. Craft your great defense from a combination of nice monkey turrets, updates, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop each last Bloon that comes your idea! ALL NEW 3D BLOONS TD * Vibrant newest monkey animations and upgrade skins * Intense visual results * 20 original maps, some with 3D objects that can block line of sight EPIC MONKEY TOWER UPGRADES * 19 potent monkey turrets, including 2 all newest monkeys - Druid and Alchemist! * 3 upgrade paths - all monkey turrets actually have 3 nice paths to pick between * Tier 5 updates - top updates so potent only one monkey can have them HEROES! * Every release, zone one of these special and potent monkeys with 20 signature updates * Two bloon-shreddin ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 52MB Developer: ninja kiwi
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Bloons TD 6 Reviews and Comments:

I love the BTD series, and this one is no exception. Absutely worth the 2 dollars or however much you have to pay for it. But you wanna know whats not worth it? The release destroying so much its now unplayable. I dont know if its just my device, the release, or what but ever since i purchased the large monkey superhero guy, BTD 6 has become unplayable.
~ Ty D
Usually loved the bloons series. Definitely worth the cost to obtain a nice turret defense experience. I HATE micro transactions which unfortunately this release has, but the developers had the wisdom to give a nice experience even without buying any in release products. In fact, the hardest mode for any map prevents the use of any equipment or benefits you would gain from in release experience and/or purchases. Great.
~ Jerome
The release is nice as usually with the BTD series. Nice graphics and special art style. The turrets feel satisfying to zone and test with. Overall the release is nice, BUT once you obtain to a late release it really kills your devices RAM. 200+ and i wanna hold testing but instead of fighting the bloons im fighting with my device not to close the release because all the lag that the turrets generate when you have so many. At that target i just want i was on my PC. Hopefully they can drop an modernization to fix that.
~ Richard Rangel
I literally love everything about this release and it's my favoured small release right actually. But it's 3 stars because FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE CRASHES! My release crashes on medium rounds like 40-60 often and dont even obtain me started on the upper rounds. It crashes about each 4-5 waves in the upper rounds. If there wasn't saves, it would be unplayable. So until the crashes are fixed, it stays 3 stars.
~ Itz Tubez
I know the wonderful joy of this release, ive been waiting to obtain my hands on it for my device, a Amazon Fire, for ages! However, not compatible. so i purchased it for my device! A Moto 5... i trust there is also comparability troubles due to constant destroying. Fortunately it saves time! so im in the clear. hope this grts fixed quick! Thank you Ninja Kiwi for probably the finest releases on the release shop! Modernization: BTD6 Crashes so often that its become unplayable. i cleared 4GB to see if it helped... nope.
~ The Man Of Myriad
I've been a gigantic Bloons fan since 4, and this release... it's cute woke my sheeple. When it first dropped they released monthly upgrades up until the last, it's been just over a month but that's likely because the gods that create BTD6 are waiting for the anniversary to blow our minds. regardless, every modernization whether it brought a lot or a tiny was nice, it showed how much the devs care about the state of the release and it's community. Also anyone complaining about micro transactions is just terrible.
~ Grynnloop
I just want there was more tons to walkthrough, the turrets aren't balanced enough to be able to sustain a walkthrough without having the same core turrets in each walkthrough, but besides that I absolutely love the release and I've been following the series, hold it up guys!👍
~ Immortal_Beast 64
The next generation of Bloons turret defense did not disappoint. The developers just hold on improving on an already nice release. If you wish a quality turret defense experience, this release is definitely worth your one time $5 payment. I wouldn't buy a lot of small releases, but if you love the Bloons series add this to your collection!
~ Craig Kalinowski
It's nice. Despite the super currency, you are drip fed power ups and currency at nice intervals. I felt no need to spend beyond what I have to buy the release and its It's incredibly fair. Ninja Kiwi knocking it out of the park with a grand sequel.
~ Almog Pas
I have been a fan of the Bloon Turret Defense releases for about 10 years and with every newest release they version it gets better and better. This installment has actually upgraded the look of the monkeys to an animated 3D dollars with newest obstacles to strategically zone them as they can not shoot around objects on the map. This has only further added to the enjoyment of the release and I am more than willing to spend the $5 for this release. nice job NonjaKiwi, never stop upgrading and providing recent content!
~ Brittaney Schumacher
It is a really great release but there is one main thing bothering me. There is no option to test the release fully offline. There is no need to have internet connection to test but at run the release usually wants to download things without a skip button. I wanted to test the release in other country without internet: simply not possible.
~ Jan Mattis Brosig
Bloons is my favoured turret defense style release of all time and one of the several releases on my device. This installment is even more fun than previous iterations. Monkeys actually have 3 upgrade paths, of which you can pick two fir a given placement, leading to nice tons in the types of monkeys that are on the field at a given moment. Nice release!!
~ David Limberg
The release is nice but for some reason goes versus its entire purpose, which is to last as many rounds as you can. For recipients that haven't played, you need xp in order to unblock stronger turrets. You achieve this by testing the turret. However I noticed late release I'd be getting less xp per round (maybe dev can fill me in here). This defeats the entire purpose of doing freeplay and makes you beat the lvls in order to obtain xp for turrets. You never obtain to use the high lvl turrets which sucks
~ Peter
I test this release on my device everyday since it released. I've never held interest in a small release this long. I love it. Easy a 5 star. I Need My Gatling Gun Back! My device, on the another hand, while it runs the release smoothly, none of the monkeys I use appear on the screen. just their shadow and sometimes the weapon they're holding. My device processes the busy screen better than my device for Bloons 5 so that's a shame I can't use my device for Bloons 6. that's why I left 4 stars.
~ Joshua Cliche
By far the most enjoyable release in the series. The newest mechanics feel great, and the release is overall balanced very well. Some recipients complain about micro transactions, but I can assure you that they are not needed. The hardest release mode disables all advatages you can buy, so they are not even strongly encouraged in release. I would highly suggest.
~ David Treder
Its a nice release but for some reason, after I tried testing it wouldn't load for some reason. so i had to uninstall it and reinstalled it. After logging into my ninja kiwi profile, i noticed that so much of my progress has been lost. It is such a shame that this release still doesnt autosave your progress. I am not going to be testing anymore bloons releases unless I can obtain my progress back.
~ Big Chungus
This release is a step up in almost each idea from bloons td 5. The graphics are nice and the newest characters and bonus upgrade path adds a entire newest dimension to the gameplay. The reason I'm not giving this release 5 stars is because there isn't a co-op mode, which I really enjoyed in bloons td5. It also doesn't have as many challenges, which I enjoyed because it kept the release recent. Right actually the release, in my opinion, has become a bit repetitive, but these additions will spice it up again.
~ Ahmad Johardien
The release's true fun, dont obtain me wrong. However, my one major concern is that there's no lower quality settings. I understand that the release is full 3D, but think y'all can implement an option to change the projectiles and such to 2D textures? If making a setting like thay is possible, I'd be certain that more recipients would have a smoother experience.
~ Brahm Mirabzadeh
I grew up with BTD 5 and it was a nice release (and still is), and actually I decided to download the BTD 6 and all I can claim is that Ninja Kiwi did a really nice job again, it is a catching, intense small release, with so many different possibilities, with the newest different paths it is even more exciting than the old one. I suggest everyone to test this release, it is definitely the most fun small release ever!
~ Clemens Stäuble
love this release its a nice TD release I loved from the past and even actually its nice. I also love the newest 3D aspect of it. some micro transacrion but its optional and not required or forced plus no banners! Cool newest superhero monkey and a several more to the roster with all NEW 3rd teir paths sweet! over all nice release and lots of time killing potential I only have one trouble and that is there is not any newest "normal turrets" I love the newest superhero turrets and monkey just needs more reg,milit,magic, and help turrets.
~ Luke Lemasters
Nice release! i've been testing TD5 and i switched to this release as quick as it was released. at first the graphics were a bit odd to me, but i have grown to love it. my only complaint is that there could be more turrets. The mortar has been added (which was in TD5), but i wanted more. 2 newest turrets dont seem to be enough for me, but otherwise a nice release! i really hope they add more in the future, and i will be glad to change my rating to 5 stars!
~ Calvin Gural
The finest instalment in the series and I love every modernization with newest heros and maps!! I would love to see a lvl creation mode even if I had to pay bonus for it! It would give this release a much greater longevity and if we should share the maps, it should add more community interaction and contest besides the races and challenges every week. I can't wait for the next modernization as usually! Thank you for continuing to help the releases of my childhood!! Been testing the day this came out!!!
~ alex albillar
I had a several troubles with the release closing while i am testing. this has been an trouble in sandbox mode, where the release doesn't autosave. Other trouble i have is with the keyboard closing. I also would like some of the monkeys in the older releases, like the dartling gun, the bloonchipper, and the engineer. Even with all these troubles, I still pick to give this 5 stars, just because of the gameplay.
~ Adam Khan
Late release is tough but that is nice. Overall the release is better than btd5 which that is what I was hoping. Some turrets are idea too expensive but I guess they are just for late release. It has more tons, and that makes me glad, even if I am not nice enough to unblock all of that tons.
~ Anthony Maranhao
Cute cool release, been testing the series since BTD5 came out. ((EDIT: I've modernized the release and it appears it's fixed.)) There's one trouble though; once I go into the Quests menu, the release drops to ~10 FPS for the rest of that release session. I've only been able to fix it by restarting the release and just not going to the menu.
~ Gaming With Tiger
This release is nice! I know a lot of my dudes are in love with it as well. we all got it during the nonpaid day sale thing, we all have been tryHarding it since. I have one major complaint tho. i want that after a monkey is maxed out of its updates, that the xp would go towards something,anything else. I have, combined, about 663,500 xp just sitting there. maybe it should turn into bonus lvl xp or something. even at half the rate. thanks for reading, if you read of course!
~ LT Cubes
Thanks Ninja Kiwi, I've been really craving some nice BTD, and this ones for the ebooks! been testing since BTD2, and I must claim this one is one of the finest. There are lots of upgrade paths so you can chose your idea to test, newer classes are cool and the entire 'superhero' system is really cool! You obtain a superhero that you can zone for a set price and it updates itself, or you can force updates for dollars! things like Banana farms and monkey villages are really cool actually!
~ Roof Of Astora
Coming from BTD5, I am enjoying the newest content. However, don't you think that you're pushing the microtransactions a tiny too far? It's a paid release and you still ask for crazy prices like 5.49Eur for ONE hero full upgrade and 18.99Eur for the double dollars mode. I'm still giving the release 5 stars because thankfully you can still unblock everything by yourself, but it's still annoying. Also, it would have been great for BTD5 users to obtain ahead of the experience for a bit. Maybe next modernization?
~ Gianluca P.
purchased the release today and I thought I was going to experience better then what I experienced, where are all the challenges? your really just testing the same thing but a different map, on btd5 there use to be a lot of challenges, we need those challenges in btd6 please, create the release now worth buying
~ Jasm Hani
Just spent my whole commute waiting for a forced modernization that offered nothing in return. Not why I paid for this (or the former versions). I just wish nice casual gameplay that runs immediately. Pls add a "skip this modernization" button or just don't modernization? The modernization eventually took 3 mins on one of the globe's fastest 4g networks so it gotta have been heavy.
~ Jens Chr Brynildsen
I have usually loved the nice BTD series! The gameplay and graphics are stunning and the release is very challenging, and there is so mich to do! between the races, everyday and advanced challenges, and the newest maps usually added in usually has me testing daily! my only complaints is no co-op mode, no Monkey engineer and dartling gunner, and the release becomes to laggy late release. I can not obtain passed round 456 because the release crashes almost instantly. The release is so enjoyable that I am lvl 124!
~ Zachariah Fowler
As a LONG time Bloons fan, it's great to see such variance in updates but want there was more content. I feel it needs more turrets and different gamemodes to justify the steep pricing, especially since there are a gigantic amount of microtransactions. In a word, it's fun and was for a couple of months. However it's not the TD6 I was dreaming of. edit: with the newest nice challenges, heaps of cool heroes and nice turret balancing, this is actually a full 5 star 100% suggest!
~ Oscar Charles
Impossible to test if you are frequently in zones with terrible or no internet. This release is fun to test, when I'm able to test it. The upgrades need to run automatically. Most of the time I wish to test the release, it has to modernization first and I'm in an zone with terrible service. If they wish to modernization so often, those need to be pushed automatically in Google test, not run when I test to run the release.
~ Shayne Dorrell
I've been testing this release for a while and I really appreciate the work place into this release. But they havent added Co,op which is something I've been looking forward to, I would also like for the challenges to be more like the ones from Btd5 were they are more like a different release mode rather than a map with certain restrictions. Otherwise nice job Ninja Kiwi!
~ Ethan Grams
Early review by a long-time user of Bloons TD releases. I've only had this for about a week, but so far I love it! The newest monkeys are fun, though functionally not as special as I'd like. The graphics are awesome, though, and the upgrade trees are really nice. I'm still deciding what I think of the Superhero monkeys, but my early opinion is favorable. I highly suggest this release!
~ Nathan Matta
Why am I getting a 15 minute modernization for absolutely no content? This is the third day in a row I tried to test with a newest modernization each single day I had to wait out. I see older reviews with the same trouble which is even more discouraging. WHYYYYY .. its a nice release but why do they have to screw up the entire thing for no reason?? do they not read feedback?
~ hider
I've usually loved the BTD series. I've been testing since the third installment, and have seriously enjoyed the amount of diversity added to the release in BTD6. With all the turrets having three upgrade paths and five updates per path you have a lot of different ideas to test the release. I also really enjoy the newest turrets added to the release. NinjaKiwi is damn consistent and I love em for it!
~ Jason Douglass
I think it's fair to claim ninja kiwi have done their franchise justice with this one. They've really made some of the strategic elements of the release more interesting through informations like line of sight, and 3 upgrade paths instead of two. The maps are engaging, and the newest heroes, turrets and bloons are nice! Overall, an nice experience and can reccomend it to anyone, whether you grew up on BTD or are just picking it up for the first time!
~ Samuel Hill
I've been playjng this release for a tiny while actually and it is my favoured small release. However, ever since the newest modernization, my release has so many lag spikes. Really terrible ones. It's also nearly impossible to obtain past rounds with a lot of tightly packed ceramic bloons. The release crashes each time. It's so terrible. Needs optimization please. This is on my Google Pixel 3 XL.
~ Alex Rivera
Love this release and ninjakiwi. The release is really cute and variety of fun, beyond worth the dollars. The gameplay speaks for itself, each turret is a joy to use and has special characteristics and combinations, the release can usually feel newest when you need it to. on top of just being a nice release, the squad behind it is nice too. The release receives frequent upgrades, bug fixes, and balances to hold it going powerful. ninjakiwi is prepared to their release and to their lovers. I'd buy btd6 again anyday.
~ Joseph Sullivan