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About: - hundreds of lvls, only one correct solution - obtain relax or race versus the clock - addictive, simple and logical - unlimite challenge This nonpaid tangram inspired puzzle sensation is the release taking Google Test by storm. Newly modernized with more informations and lvls, it's actually even more fun! Drag the different blocks into zone to match the puzzle. Its simple to learn and nonpaid! Puzzle blocks cannot be rotated, and every lvl has only one correct solution. Think of it like a math trouble! Connect the blocks without any territories left! Think you can handle our brain tease? Give it a test! This release is guaranteed to obtain you addicted! Various from maze and riddle like releases, Block Puzzle is an addictive, simple and logical release. Unpaid and available for recipients of all ages, from young babes to adults. With an infinity amount of ideas to pattern ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 9MB Developer: mToy
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About: Simple but addictive bubble game! It's bubble blast time. Pop and crush bubbles at your pace, enjoy this classic puzzle game with endless fun! How to play: - Tap two or more adjacent bubbles with same color to crush them. - The more bubble crush at once time, the higher score you will get. - Reach target score to go next stage. - Can you collect 3 star? Features: - Extremely easy to play bubble breaker. - It's all free and no wifi need. - Ultimate matching puzzle game. ...

Developer: Fun Games Free [email protected]

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About: colorful flowers match 3 there's no energy mechanics, you can play it whenever you want, for as long as you want! Which is good, since you've obviously got some time on your hands if you bothered to read this far through the description. So get it already. travel through the world of insect, beating up bad guys! the best of both worlds matching puzzle game with RPG character development! hundreds of levels to play collect your favorite friends along the way! easy to play but challeng...

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About: The most addictive basketball game. Cut the various ropes and try to dunk your ball! Collect the coins along the way to show you are the most skilled!...

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About: Your cat needs 9 LIVES to defeat the dog. Draw a single line to collect them. Don't let the dog catch you before you reach 9 Lives! A global scale conflict - Cats vs Dogs. Choose a side! Any side. As long as it's the right side... the cat side. Eliminate the dog threat on every continent! Deploy you army of 9 Lives cats and conquer the planet....

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About: ----- === === ----- Unique 2D-Platformer with HARD logic tasks in beautiful graphic design and with a pleasant sound....

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Block Puzzle & Conquer Reviews and Comments:

A really fun release.A bit tricky but it supports with concentrating on a project, especially fun ones.👍
~ gaius lewis
i love this release
~ A Google user
This release is nice but how many lvls are there ? Does this thing have an unlimite engine ?
~ Bill Krake
EXCESSIVE ADS. Like the release but actually just as many banners as releases. Going back to older ver.
~ dockeydidit
Love this release, a nice pastime. Dr. Visits, waiting room... Love the different lvls and tricks when required.
~ psRic B
played for long time, but last modernization changed too much. don't like the release anymore :( I wish the previous ver back!
~ qwerty azerty
Usually great to test in between!!! If for short or long time, you can usually search the great lvl/release 😉👍🏻
~ Lalanams Heredia
This is very fun, test it a lot!
~ A Google user
it can create you tense up not relax you
~ A Google user
it is very nice release
~ gaurav verma
Straight Block Puzzle Product with variety of content. The banner-nonpaid in release buy is really worth it!
~ Philipp Gaßner
nice calming result.
~ Urszula Sokolowska
I love this release!! I am so addicted ti it!! And it is so, so much fun ti test!! I would highly suggest recipients to download this release and run testing it because it is so hard to place down once you run testing it!!
~ Christy Smith
It's a nice release, but I hold beating simple "infinity" mode. For the second time so far I've done so many puzzles that it won't allow me do more puzzles. There isn't an arrow to do the next lvl and I am connected to the internet. This is the second time this has hapened. Please fix.
~ Jade Davis
it gets the mind thinking
~ Donald Kidrowski
nice. frustrating but nice.
~ A Google user
love it hold me busy for long hours🤩🤩🤩
~ Doris Meyers
Nice release gives you're mind a challenge and stimulates it.
~ Clive Goodwin
love the release since it keeps the brain cells moving
~ Ursula Wild
i was complete atleast 254 lvls in medium clasic but not found this time
~ Haider Khan
very nice release test. few different modes to hold things interesting.
~ Vince Cerullo
I enjoy some of the puzzels, but I don't understand the newest release that has been added.
~ James Burk
it runs simple and gets progressively harder. it a great break and makes you think a tiny. I like it!
~ Robert Ryan
So much fun...with a tiny frustration!! Feels nice when you now complete a puzzle.
~ Colleen Knivila
I've been testing this release for about 7 years actually and i still think its the finest release on the test shop. if you like puzzle releases, you could 100% check this release out!
~ SoundOfEpiCNoiZ
nice time aggressor. Makes the brain work too when not using the tricks
~ Fitness Music
really liked this release but it can be addictive so beware beware beware but it is a lot of fun you might have to place a timer on lol.
~ Linda Greene
Straight but surprisingly tricky at times. Lvls of difficulty to suit all users. Nice fun.
~ Vic Cruttenden
i've had this release for over two years actually and im still testing everyday. it's a nice release for when im bored and need something to distract myself. its very easy and the lvls aren't impossible. i finish lvls quickly but i should easily spend hours testing. love it!
~ Sorren Weiss
Block Puzzle was the 1st online release that I had ever played! My Grandson claimed me "Come on Grandma, just test it. I think you'll like it!" He was right! 5 years later and I still love it! Well except for 1 thing, I just prefer the original lvls, difficulty, and such when I 1st started testing the release!
~ A Google user
like putting puzzle pieces. together then this is the release for you and me
~ Salman Farce
I've been testing this release for years and usually loved it. However, I just got the newest modernization and the changes made to the release have dissapointed me greatly. The release was much better before.
~ Anna Petáková
I've been testing this for years but to many banners actually. Before at least you should just skip them true speedy. Actually you have to set and watch the banner for a several seconds. Will most likely uninstall.
~ Chris Sargent
HI THERE..👋Can you please claim me where l can download an original release for this release..lm not enjoying this modernized ver . Iwish l had never uninstalled the original hope you can support
~ A Google user
awesome idea to pass the time, some of the puzzles need some thinking about
~ A Google user
I have the super ver. After last modernization I am seeing banners again. Please fix.
~ John Lewis
McKenzie renee Beere we have to claim that this is McKenzie who is the finest in all of my time with you in this release I love you guys releases us all but we can be nice at it but we are going to have the finest of them and the squad is nice and they are going back to work but we have a nice squad that is nice for the morning to adriana but we are not going back and we have a lot of nice equipment going on here in the United kingdom on the way for a long period to be glad to be glad with our squad that I a
~ McKenzie Beere
Honestly I usually redownload this release each time I obtain a newest device. Really fun release and super easy.
~ Diego Morales
This block puzzle is so nice, I was convinced they had made a mistake at the run ! But actually I know they're just very brilliant puzzles, the sense of achievement is correspondingly brilliant when you solve them.
~ Mark King
You changing the tricks going from 30 seconds to 17 mins and the ability to watch banners to speed it up, its downright disgraceful. Disgusting dollars grab. ON TOP of all the banners between lvls. Fix it and maybe I'll reinstall. EDIT: Adding in release purchases is just more dollars that I'm not willing to pay. That's ridiculous that you made the 45 second information a paid information. Dollary grab.
~ codeman2233