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Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun   
About: You ready for the gun present? Because Blitz Brigade is packing major heat in this over-the-top (and over budget) online FPS fight fest! Place on your release face as one of seven highly skilled classes and squad up with another users to blast your aggressors into the ground Then dig 'em up so you can blast 'em again! Enter an outlandish alternate history where the globes military leaders are now sensible recipients, and the warring forces of the Axis and Allies realise that a globe fight would literally be the worst thing ever. So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy (and a ton more fun) if we just picked the finest, most trigger-glad shooters and troopers from both sides to war it out in nice squad arenas full of guns, bombs, tanks, and another crazy softwares that create things go BOOM! So why not gear up, join the war, and feel the rush of MMO FPS combat! **** ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 59MB Developer: Gameloft
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Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun Reviews and Comments:

Product is cool but the release developers are not. I am banned and not even know for how long. I didn't hacked the release or done anything wrong. It's not with me only but with many others too. If you run banning like this you are not gonna be successful. Uninstalling the release😠😠😠😠
I absolutly love the release and have gotten really experienced and nice. i would give a 5 star review but am not because a couple times i have been banned simply for being too nice and that they think im using mods. please revise the idea you ban recipients because i am an honorable user and hate being booted from false acusations
~ i t s t h e c a l z o n e
After wasting 767 mb on the bonus file download i still don't obtain to test the release as it claims download bonus file actually to enjoy full ver of the release. Seriously what the hell why you stupid recipients hide the original size of the release? if a release is of 1.5gb then freaking claim about it in playstore itself instead of making us fool by showing a 50mb release here then revealing bonus file to test the damn release.
~ Piyush Rahi
I like it but each time during the release it exits me out of the release and takes me to home screen and i dont like that. I hold launchin back in the release but it just does the same thing over and over again. i would rate it 5 stars if u can fix it so it wont hold exiting me back to home screen. plz support me bro really i love the release but i cant test it if it does that. fix it plz.😧😠😡😦😕😣😣😣👈👌
~ Doreece
It's one of those releases which you see on playstore and think " Oh it's a great release which doesn't take much storage ". In the description in the playstore, it doesn't claim we need to download more files. But when we download it, it claims we need to download more 1-2 GB. It is so irritating!
~ A Google user
i can't test it it requires an bonus download i do that i downloaded those bonus files qnd it is claiming to hava an other bonus download i run that download but after 20% it claims an error occur i tried agaun and again it evwrytime claims that an error occur
~ Chhavi Anand
Well this clusterf#ck is really nice fun there is abit of pay-to-victory but its so fun! i recommed this for someone that wants to test a release full of b#llsh#it i hope you understand - random guy on the internet.
~ A Google user
I liked the old Blitz Brigade, you know the one that when you reach a certain rank and then you unblock a hero. And all the veichles were nonpaid. Actually you have to buy everything. Nice times.....
~ A Google user
Ahh! I remember that OG days.. No hackers only several glitches.. The 3 OG maps, 2015 was the finest year for Blitz Brigade, Prototype was also the most scariest weapon in the release BEFORE. You know that thing when someone has prototype you better prepare your finest equipment. I miss those days but actually it's full of hackers and there's this OP classes I miss the old ones where it ends on the killer guy that throws a shuriken. I also heard that there's variety of glitches and bug please bring back the OG days.
~ Jose Vitales Jr
release full of cheaters that have full shield and unlimted diamonds to buy infinite batterys and shield they will take steath with splash wepon and add bleed result. they will shoot the ground 2 times and slay plus ur shield will be empty in 1 release only release is super fun in the begining but no, i want i should see a release that is not as terrible this peice of $hit GAME DOSEN'T DESERVE 1 STAR don't buy a single thing cause you will regret it
~ Ahmed Almushaima
I was nice at the release right, then they think well he is to nice and gotta be hacking? Then I obtain banned for no reason whatsoever?!?!
~ Zacdatmat Yeet
BANNED WITHOUT ANY REASON. played it for hours. and when im going to test it again it claims my profile is banned. stupid server. waste of time. it has nice graphics but the server is stupid.
~ Jett Magsayo
This release is nothing but a very terrible dollars grab. Also there is no security from cheaters. I played this release on multiple accounts and collectively gave it around 3 hours. And not once did i see a release without some guy insta killing EVERYONE on the another squad, no matter what weapons. If you read this here, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. My opinion on the release: don't waste a second of your life with this release. God, i really want small releases would have some quality. But no. Flashy colors, weird names and a price mark of idea too much.
~ Mark
uhh why did i obtain banned please explain ive been testing the release like everyone else im just a babe how was i banned i got my demolisher guy by leveling up and watching vids so i did not wake up to test this when am banned maybe i hold on killing the noobs that were in my sever and they thought it was mods because demolisher guy has rocket boost and they thought it was mods ? pls unbanned me and ill give 5 stars😔😢
~ Viction Clumsy
won't work shows cannot connect to network after waiting about 3-5 minutes. So stressed about the idea gameloft built this release... would have been fun if worked properly.
~ Average Gamer
fun af , plenty of maps , fair , . only complaint is a couple buttons are in the wrong zone and you cant configure them where you wish .
~ Mary Tedrow
Everything is nice, but please remove the "pay-to-victory" idea, i mean broo.. those who are willing to spend dollars on this release will rule with their whirlwinds and nebulas, but for guys like me, well we can suffer until we obtain enough coins & diamonds to buy those "whirlwind". just remove them pls.
~ Wahyu Fajar
I lve this release is Kaileau to take off the entire thing with your mom and and and a tiny bit of the release is over and I will study for the play and I will study for the play and I am not sure if you have any questions please feel nonpaid to contact me at any time you wish to meet up for a drink or two of the three of us y I am send you h ave any more pictures 😁😊😁😁😁😉😉
~ Kaileau Stanford
Got banned for third time did nothing wrong sick of starting from begining each time help is useless. GOT BANNED AGAIN after moths of testing and reaching lvl 98. Come on the only thing I did wrong is that I am not using credit card. Dont test this if you wont reach in your pocket
~ Anthony markac
On-screen controls are so small and not adjustable. Uninstalled as quick as I prompted to pay to unblock teams. It's Just other garbage gameloft release.
~ Yao Kuassi
The release is fun and it does have nice graphics although it isn't a super nice release like it should be. There are many bugs and glitches that can be very annoying as well as some informations that aren't very nice. The release has a lot of flaws that need work. An example of a flaw would be the Engineer and Demolisher classes as they are idea too overpowered and the another classes just can't compete. This release is fun but not nice. It needs a lot of work but it has the potential to be a 5 star release.
~ Der Kaiser
Really. Large. Soft. Havent even had a chance to test, attempted to download everything twice but I lost interest because of the heavy wait time
~ Angel Pelletier
Poor The release isn't even balanced you have the users with full lvl guns and recipients spamming boosters and etc and then you have the "noobs" i have the Nebula gun and i deal 80 Hurt to a dude who full lvl propably and has gems through the roof Its not the first time Gameloft makes a poor decision. *cough cough* each release they create*
~ Zandigo GT
I have only 1.5 gb per day . to download this release it takes like 1.7gb . i downloaded the release but i can't download the map . please reduce your release gb.
~ Kashishhm Kashu
Well I personally Think this release is nice. It's like test Squad Fortress 2 on small. And the mechanics and the matching is related almost all releases that have Purchaseable weapons follow the one squad noob and other pro. It's the Cyacle of release matching. And recipients who are complaining about this. GO AND SEARCH WHAT ACTION GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE!. But the release is soooo nice!!
~ Georci
y'all destroyed this release its so pay to victory and undermanaged actually. There are hackers in almost each lobby with god mode on i headshot them 5 times as sniper and it doesnt slay them. I know you wont, but can you please fix this release at the very least add a report button to report hackers.
~ Fillup Mc Sqwerlems
got banned out of the blue then when I check customer service and fill out everything, it denies my correspondence. if some one from blitz bridge should support I would take it.
~ Josemaria Ayala Montes
Kindly solve the trouble of disconnection. I'm having stable n speedy time, still sometimes present that you're disconnected. Product is nice from by target of view. One more thing. Kindly add informations of voice chat n speedy chat like in PUBG. Hope this supports a lot.!!
~ akshit tyagi
Worst thing ever to test... Was an nice release but banned like everyone else. Help is nothing and who ever created the release and banned all these guys.... You suck colleague!! Could've left the release it was before u decided to create changes. All I been doing is gemming up my guys n then the NumNutts bans me....
~ A Google user
Really like this release but guys please add an option to change map after every release there are multiple maps in this release but most users only test in malta docks which makes it boring and there are still some hackers who are not banned yet kindly ban them they spoil the release and there are some overpowered weapons like q27 the nice smile. I have purchased both of these weapon and with these weapon winning each match is a piece of cake there power could be diminished .thanks
~ Anmol Soni
I had to give it 1 star because test shop wasn't accepting 0. I hate this release first of all the downloads take like a billion years then what happened to me is that they banned me when I did nothing wrong I strongly do not reccomend this release
It truly looks like a really nice release, but it wont allow me connect, I've seen another peoole complaining about connectivity troubles after your most newest modernization, I hope to see it fixed quick!
~ Mr. Khaos
The release is alright, but the controls are what crash my experience. The controls are extremely small; i hold missing the buttons when I test to tap on them because its just too tiny. Can you test add an option to change the control size to what users search appropiate and comfortable for their gameplay? I need my controls to be bigger.
~ A Google user
I love this release, ive been testing it since day one. but ever since that newest role came out(the one that has the land mines and equipment) the release seems to have slowed down, so please revert the release to its former glory in what we may call a 'DownDate' (instead of UpDate) to what it was in the year 2013
~ Glad Tzivel
im very dissapointed.I have tried few times Completing the Download..But as quick as the Download bar hits 100% the release pops up message stating (in short)My network is unstable..started when i Reached about 550Mb+-.Since then I Have Had to download Excesive Setbacks in MB(eX=Was 500MB\when Enter to download agian..You run at 320mb((Repeatedly))..I Almost Feel like the Devs dont wish\Preventing me to complete the download..Hmm I Hope You can support becuase its certainly not my network PLEASE
This release is an nice release besides for a several reasons 1. Half of the users that test, just pay true-globe dollars to victory. There are idea too many weapons that just create it too simple. 2. Gameloft will ban you at some target claiming that you cheated and hacked. In reality the reason that you will be banned is because you aren't paying any true dollars. 3. The squads are usually matched with an even amount of users on every squad so if there are 7 recipients, if 1 leaves you obtain switched to the another squad.
~ Dina Helmreich
Unbalanced and you'll be matched with higher ranks and overpowered hero. Very unfair to newbies. They can shoot you from a far and hit you immediately in the head. Maybe that's the reason why they're only three users in a match. No one wants to test anymore. Shame because the release kinda nice.
~ john francis idquila
Maybe I forgot to review about this release, however this release suck when i played it again, I had saved my progress to my Google test so I uninstalled for a short while the installed it back, however after I installed it back I lost my profile forcing me to run over, the match are usually terrible as you normally obtain matched with recipients that are idea above your lvl and absolutely destroy us as we don't have any actual weapon that should hurt them that much, and if it's not that, it's pay to victory
~ William Mega
So i leveled up and after a long time of saving i couldn't wait to finally buy this weapon, but i accidentally clicked and purchased this worthless weapon. It costed me a lot of dollars and i knew it would take a lot of time to earn my dollars back again. Just so another recipients don't experience the same thing can you maybe place like a warning before somebody else clicks and instantly buys a weapon by accident too? (I know you wont listen to me but just in topic you do pls do that.)
~ Epic Teletubby
I used to love this release, but since there was a newest modernization with some changes I was a bit disappointed. Some of these things contain: -having to buy your own machine to use in a release -only one person can be in a machine which are meant to be for two recipients such as car I got alot of things to write here on my list but i won't have enough time... So, please bring back the last modernization where you don't reaally have to buya machine instead they place it in a release for nonpaid to be used...
~ Angry Wolf